Lunk (part 7)

Molly wrapped her pink silk robe around her body, letting her hand trail behind as she walked toward the door. Her girlfriend sighed and propped herself up on the couch, turning her attention to the buzzing coming from the comlink outside.

"Heya, babe!" Lunk said loudly, announcing himself. "I bet you're surprised to see me!"

Molly nearly jumped out of her skin as she leapt backward and quickly scanned her room for a weapon.

Amy jumped off the couch and covered her naked body with her clothes. "Who the hell is this?"

"Relax," Lunk said. He smiled broadly, a big toothy grin on his face as he was obviously pleased with the young captain's reaction. "They let me go, all free and clear and thick as thieves."

"What," Molly gasped. "Let?"

"Well," Lunk began as he stepped into the room, letting the sliding door close behind him. "I was in the process of breaking out when I got the news so I was shocked myself."

"Mol," Amy said loudly, interrupting the big man. "Who is this?"

Lunk stepped closer to the blonde and tried to peek around the clothes she used to cover her exposed parts. "I'm the big bad pirate that showed your little sweetie here the time of her life."

"And they let you go?" Amy asked, incredulous.

"Yeah, with a message to my people that everything is fine and dandy just as long as we got the same enemies," Lunk explained.

"An alliance." Molly said, understanding the pirate's rambling.

"Yeah, and we get to play in the sand box together, babe." Lunk laughed. "And your girl can ride the wild Lunk, too."

Amy stepped back, a look of disgust on her face as she watched the big man begin to dress.
"Nobody wants your dirty ass around here," she said.

"Oh, I'm sure your pink haired honey wants a little more of this before I got to leave," Lunk said, taking hold of his huge penis and waving it toward Molly. "She loves it."

"Molly, tell him to leave!"

Molly licked her lips, she could feel her muscles flex in anticipation. Her eyes were fixed on the man's giant penis and she slowly began to inch her way closer to it.

"What are you doing?" Amy asked.

"Just one more time, Amy." Molly pleaded with her eyes. "You have to try it."

"Everybody should try it," Lunk said encouragingly. His smile broadened as he began to stroke himself, stimulating his growing manhood.

Molly let her silk robe fall to the floor and pressed her body against the man's giant frame. She pressed her forehead to his chest and dropped her hand to his, moving it along the shaft of his hard cock.

"Molly, no!" Amy said, louder this time. She dropped her arms to her side, forgetting to cover herself.

Molly looked at her lover and said nothing, just dropped to her knees and began running her tongue over his huge, throbbing rod. She arched her back, leaning in to the man's pelvis, showing her delicate ass to her girlfriend as she sucked the giant's massive sack.

Amy's face reddened and her head began to swim. Her mouth became dry and she could only watch as her lover ran her tongue all over the man's genitals. She watched Molly work intently, unconsciously fingering herself.

"Looks like the blonde likes the show," Lunk observed.

Molly turned her head to see the blonde masturbating furiously. She smiled at her, all the while never ceasing to stroke the giant dick she held in her hand.

"I bet she'd like to see you get fucked," Lunk said. He bent over the young woman, pushing her on her back and dropped to his knees. "Is your sweet little pink pussy wet enough, baby?"

"I don't care," Molly moaned, feeling the tip of the giant cock tease her aching flesh. "Just shove it in me!"

Amy shuddered, "Mol!"

Lunk pushed his swollen cock all the way inside the petite captain's pink mound, her flesh bulging visibly as it accepted the massive rod.

"Yes, I love it!" Molly shouted. Thrusting her pelvis against him as hard as she could.

"Molly!" Amy shouted, her body convulsing as she was overcome by a violent, climactic wave. She shuddered again, sinking to her knees, breathless. "Oh, my Molly!"

"Fuck me!" Molly screamed over and over. She moaned loudly and reached out for her friend. "Kiss me!"

Amy crawled across the floor to the young space captain, bucking wildly under the giant rebel's maniacal pounding. She grabbed her lover's breast with one hand and thrust her tongue into the woman's mouth, forcing her to take her tongue in her mouth just as the big man forced her tiny pussy to take his monster cock.

"You're such a fucking slut, Mol!" Amy said. "You'd fuck anyone, wouldn't you?"

"Yes!" Molly agreed, her face red and her eyes wide. "Don't stop!"

Amy grabbed her girlfriend's breast harder, pinching her soft pink nipples as hard as she could. "You like that too, slut?"

Molly moaned louder, her eyes rolling back.

Amy watched as Lunk's cock pounded the pink pussy relentlessly. She ran one hand down the woman's body and began to rub her pussy, seeking to increase the sensation. "You are so wet!"

Lunk laughed, "She likes it all right!"

Amy bit her lip as she watched the man's giant cock work her lover's pussy in a way she never could. "Put it in her ass!" Amy commanded.

"No!" Molly managed, remembering how sore she had been after the first time. "Please?" She whimpered.

"Fuck this horny bitch in the ass!" Amy nearly shouted.

Lunk pulled his dick out of the gaping, red pussy and easily flipped the small women around. He let his giant meat rest between the soft, pink cheeks.

Amy quickly put her hands on her lover's ass and spread her cheeks apart hard, doing her best to accommodate the giant dick. Molly's asshole had dilated as much as it could, almost as if it were begging for the cock, too.

Lunk pushed the head of his dick inside her slowly, letting the drops of pre cum fluid lubricate the way in. Amy spit on his shaft and licked it as she urged him to fuck the woman harder.

"Oh, god!" Molly cried as Lunk pushed the full length of his cock up her ass. "I can feel you inside me, all the way!"

"Fill her up!" Amy said, forcefully. She began to finger her own asshole as she watched the woman she loved spread her hungry ass for this strange man's cock. "I want to see cum shoot out of her ears!"

Lunk grabbed a handful of Molly's fine pink hair, arching her back so her tits dangled just off the floor. "I'm cumming!"

Amy began to bounce on her hand, shoving three fingers up her ass as she watched the giant explode inside her lover.

"I'm going to cum!" Molly shouted. "I can feel it! He's filling me up!"

"Drown the bitch in cum!" Amy shouted, bringing herself to another climax with her fingers. "I want to see her eyes turn white!"

Lunk shot load after load into the young captain's tight, round ass. His cock pulsating, he pulled the dark red rod out of her ass and let the last stream of cum leave a trail from the back of her head down top her asshole.

Lunk turned to the blonde and slapped her, sending her reeling backward and leaving her exhausted, sprawled out on the floor. "Crazy bitch for a lover you got there, captain," he said to the woman writhing under him.

Molly didn't say anything, she just moaned, enjoying the feeling of her aching asshole.

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