New Beginnings – Pt 2 Ch 7

New Beginnings – Pt 2 Ch 7

The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl
Book 5: New Beginnings
Part 2
Chapter 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amber snuggled up against Roland as she slowly woke up. Almost automatically, she ran her fingers down his muscular, if no longer young, stomach searching for his morning hard-on.

As she gently awakened her darling husband’s cock, she thought back on the years since they had crash landed in the Colorado Mountains. Roland had driven that under-powered sports flitter while she and her twin sister, Ember, huddled together in the trailer, clinging to each other in terror for their very lives. Now, she was the Bridge Officer and Ember was the Chief Engineer of Earth’s first interplanetary spaceship.

Roland sighed in his sleep and his cock seemed to grow with each loving stroke of Amber’s experienced fingers. She had to be careful with Roland, who was now pushing seventy. Even in this light gravity, she could easily injure him with her exuberant bouncing up and down on his cock. A couple of years ago, she’d broken two of his ribs collapsing down on him just a little too hard after an incredible orgasm. Although that had been on old heavy-gravity Earth, she was still more careful, now.

Curling her lithe body down toward her favorite suck toy, she touched her lips to the end of it and swirled her tongue around its tip several times. Still asleep, Roland groaned in pleasure and shoved his pelvis up further, hoping in his dreams to get a better connection with that warm, wet sensation.

Chuckling to herself, Amber sucked the whole thing into her mouth and moistened it quite thoroughly. Then, careful not to use Roland’s stomach for a springboard, she mounted him, holding his cock in one hand while guiding her landing down and skewering herself squarely and right on target. Well, almost, anyway. Rising up a bit, she reached between her legs and pulled one of her pussy lips out that had folded the wrong way when she landed on him.

Now, she was ready. Amber began a gentle back and forth motion – one that moved Roland’s cock deeper inside her on the forward stroke, then pressed her clit against the root of his cock on the back stroke. All in all, it was a pleasant way to wake up your very favorite person in the whole world… well, the whole spaceship, anyway.

As her legs and stomach began to burn from her morning exercise, Amber leaned forward, carefully placing her hands one on each side of Roland’s chest, and began a more up-and-down motion. Roland was awake, now, and put his hands on her waist to help hold her up. He also began matching her movements, stroke for stroke and the crude, loud sounds of their bellies slapping together made them both laugh.

In another couple of moments, Amber was ready to come, and lay down on her loving husband; her entire body lying straight as a board on top of his. She even straightened her legs out behind her, closing them together and resting them on his so that even their feet touched. Now, even the tiniest motion went right through her clit as it pressed against Roland’s hard cock buried inside her.

“You know I can’t move when you lay like that, Darlin’,” Roland whispered into her ear as she gently rocked on top of him.

Amber kissed his hair on the side of his head and squeezed her pussy against his cock. “I can… but not much…”

Spreading her legs and sliding them up alongside his hips and underneath her again, she began her earlier gentle fucking motion, still pressing her clit against his cock as best she could.

“Umm, much better,” Roland whispered, then held her tightly against him as she shuddered in orgasm.

Roland let Amber lie on top of him for another moment while she relaxed and recovered from her morning play, then gave her a gentle push.

“Up, Baby,” he chuckled. “Your replacement should be here soon.”

As if on queue, the hatch swung open and Ember climbed into their sleeping quarters. She was already naked, and soaking wet. Amber wasn’t surprised at her sudden entrance. She’d felt her sister’s mental greeting as she strode daringly naked up the passageway a moment earlier.

“Didn’t miss your morning swim, I see,” Amber teased her twin sister.

“And you didn’t miss your morning cock,” Ember teased back. “Hope you left some for me…”

“That’s for you to guess and my pussy to hold in until I can find a bathroom,” Amber laughed.

“Gross!” Ember replied, although she laughed, too. “Just make sure to wash before you go swimming in our drinking water!”

She grabbed a small carton of juice out of the cooler and guzzled it down in two gulps, then demanded, “Come on! Get off! You’re hogging the goodies!”

“You’re soaking wet!” Amber complained. “You’ll drip all over the bed! And Roland!”

“He likes me wet!” Ember responded. “Now, scat!”

Amber climbed off the bed and kissed her sister as they passed each other. Ember climbed up on the bed and checked to make sure Roland was still hard and willing, then, without any preamble at all, climbed on and began fucking him.

Amber watched them fuck, grinning as her sister shook her wet hair out all over Roland’s chest and stomach and making him laugh and cry out in mock protest. The stark contrast between the youthful looking, buxom blonde and the long, thin, older man beneath her was not lost as she gazed at them.

Years ago, both twins had been exposed to a lethal dose of radiation when the Phoenix III (before it was coated with a layer of clear liquid lead) was caught in a solar flare. The Femme Lisa had sponsored them during their admission to Solar City and was unwilling to see their natural empathic abilities become lost simply because they were going to die, so she supplied them with samples of her blood so they could inject each other if they so chose.

Amber’s earthbound husband Roland, however, wasn’t interested in extending his life beyond what ‘the good Lord’ had granted him, although he was excited and quite happy to have a pair of hot, twenty-year-old twin blondes at his beck and call whenever they were rotated down to the surface.

Amber wasn’t too upset about her husband’s decision, knowing she probably had quite a few years, believing that when the ‘Agues of Age’ began to make themselves known, he would change his mind. So far, he was sticking to his original decision, and both Ember and Amber were beginning to realize that they might one day have to console each other without him.

With that depressing thought, she turned away and pulled her slacks and blouse out of their tiny, shared wardrobe. Climbing through the still-open hatch, she closed it behind her and dressed in the narrow, still-deserted passageway.

She carried her shoes down to the mess hall and, once there, sat down to put them on. Quickly checking over what was available, Amber settled for coffee and a roll with some orange lumps in it, then carried them to the bridge to eat when she started her shift.


Alicia was almost to the shore. She had swum the entire length of the tiny lake underwater and was feeling exuberant. It had taken her almost four minutes to cross it, which meant that her stamina was getting really good. As her hands struck the muddy shallows next to the shore, she pushed upward and took a great gasp of air, greedily replenishing what she had gradually let bubble out on her way across the lake as it turned to carbon dioxide.

Shaking her golden blond hair out of her face, she flopped backwards into the water, causing a long, shallow, slow motion splash in the one-quarter gravity. She floated happily, taking deep breaths to satisfy her oxygen starved cells while she mentally checked over the area. There had been an odd flash of light moments earlier when she was about halfway across the lake, so Alicia made sure to check over Tabatha’s special ‘wormholes’ twice with her mind.

The displacement fields were firmly in place – sunlight and water were flowing normally. Air was coming in through a portal that connected to some mountain in Asia. All was well in the Grotto.

‘Lisa’s Grotto,’ Alicia thought, her mood darkening just a little at the thought of her favorite pest of a stepdaughter not being around to pester her any more.

‘That flash was probably my imagination,’ Alicia thought to herself. ‘Oxygen deprivation can do funny things to your senses, after all, and I was really feeling it about then.’

With a deep sigh, Alicia rolled over and dove to the bottom of the lake, then swam through the clear water along the shoreline, her breasts just inches from scraping the bottom. As she swam past a tree rooted near the edge of the bank, it moved, seeming to follow her. Completely startled, Alicia back-paddled to a quick stop and darted straight up to take a look.

As she broke the surface, the tree leaned down toward her. Alicia flinched and looked up at it. All she could see was an enormous mouthful of teeth, and they were closing around her head! She shrieked, radiating terror throughout the entire ship as she was pulled right out of the water.

Long, dagger-like teeth sliced into her stomach and back, nearly biting her in half as she was swung high into the air by the monstrous beast. Holding her almost straight up over its head, it opened its mouth again to let the rest of her fall headfirst into its gullet. It growled in annoyance as it realized she was stuck on its teeth, then squashed her face and chest with its rough, muscular tongue, pushing her against the roof of its enormous mouth in an effort to dislodge her. It worked, and her belly and back tore loose as her mashed body slid farther down its throat.

Alicia shrieked again, the sound garbled and muffled in the mouth of the great beast, then began to whimper and cry and her body was constricted and forced into the monster’s throat.

Finally remembering through her terror that she could teleport, she relocated on the far shore, as far from the beast as she could get and still see it.

Sobbing hysterically with each wild exhalation, she felt her body all over and realized that she was completely intact – no rips and tears in her belly where she’d been bitten nearly in half – no bruises where she’d been crushed against the roof of that creature’s mouth – no monster standing on the far shore wondering where its lunch had gone.

“Oh-my-God!” someone shrieked with laughter from behind her. “You should have seen your face! Ohhh, Jesus! You were so fucking terrified you pissed yourself!”

Alicia whirled around to face the prankster, already red-faced with fury and embarrassment.

“Lisa!” Her fury turned to joy and astonishment as she recognized her most annoying but favorite pest. “You’re really here? Oh my God!”

Grabbing her stepdaughter happily, Alicia hugged her greedily and tightly, deliberately forcing all the air out of the girl’s lungs in revenge for that horrible prank she’d just played on her. Every few seconds she’d pull back and look at her, just to make sure Lisa wasn’t turning into an anaconda or something wicked and squeeze the life out of her.

“Hey, Step-Mom,” Lisa finally grunted after being mauled for a moment, “You have some serious trust issues there!”

“I was just eaten by a Tyrannosaurus!” exclaimed Alicia. “Forgive me if I don’t fully trust you right now! Where in God’s name have you been?”

“God didn’t have anything to do with it!” Lisa protested. “I was thrown into the future by that fucking missile!”

“Jeez! We figured that’s what happened, but we couldn’t get through the explosion to get you back!” Alicia replied exuberantly.

“If you were trying to get back through the explosion, you were going the wrong way,” Lisa pointed out in her typically caustic manner.

“No, that’s not what I meant!” Alicia replied, suddenly on the (very familiar) defensive. “Tabatha tried to go back to ‘before’, and pull you out. But she couldn’t get through. After that, we didn’t know where you’d gone.”

Alicia sniffed, surprised that she would be so grateful to see Lisa that she’d actually cry.

“You’ve done a lot with this place,” Lisa noted, changing the subject as she looked around. “I detect your personal touch in most of this…”

“Yeah,” Alicia grinned, “but the other Femmes helped. We wanted to…”

Oh, God! How was she going to tell Lisa that they were standing in her memorial park without Lisa getting so upset that she’d tear it apart?

Then Béla and Tanya, along with Tabatha, were there beside them.

“What’s all the yelling abo…” Tanya began, then her mouth fell open. “Lisa?”

“Oh my Darling!” Béla cried, and once again, Lisa was joyously mauled in greeting.

“What wrong, Baby?” Béla whispered as she held her daughter almost too fiercely for either of them to breathe. “You’re different…”

“New body,” Lisa replied. “The old one got vaporized. That happens when you get blown forward in time. It’s happened to me, twice, now.”

“That’s what it is,” Béla said, recognizing the feeling. “You’re not a… you’re not part of me, anymore. That’s not the body I bore for you.”

“No,” Lisa admitted. “This is made of pure nuclear fire, forced into matter in the shape of my last one. Since its shape is defined by my thoughts, I could probably change it if I wanted.”

“No shit!” Alicia exclaimed, figuring out what had happened. “She was a dinosaur a little while ago… Scared the living hell out of me!”

“That’s not all…” smirked Lisa. “You left a bad taste in my mouth, too!”

“You were a dinosaur?” Tanya asked, almost laughing in disbelief.

“No, not really,” Lisa admitted. “I just made the image in Alicia’s mind – kind of my way of saying, ‘Hello!’ You know? How ya been?”

“Ha, ha!” Alicia pouted. “Very funny!”

“Well, you managed to wake everyone up, anyway,” Tabatha said, smiling at her old teammate. “So, catch us up, will you?”

“Later, guys,” Lisa said. “I’ve still got a husband to find.”

“He’s fine,” Tanya told her. “He’s with all those twins you recruited.”

Lisa grinned. “Oh, good! That actually worked? Good ol’ Mac – I knew they would keep him happy!”


He was holding her tightly from behind with one arm cruelly wrenched up behind her back, forcing her to hold still. He felt her react as his gang leader, Juan Verdugo, viciously slashed her breast with his blade – the quick hissing intake of breath, the sensual shudder, the whimpering moan that no one else heard because they were too far away and Juan was shouting so loudly.

His cock nearly exploded out of his shorts – did, in fact – as he amazingly felt everything flowing through the young girl’s mind. He was amazed at how aroused she was, and even more amazed that, although she surely faced death as she stared into their gang leader’s cold eyes, she wasn’t the least bit afraid.

‘Foolish girl,’ he thought as his heart went out to the innocent angel. Over the years, many of her doomed sisters had come seeking fun and adventure on the sunlit shores of the Pacific. And like this one would soon discover, each one found more adventure than she was willing to experience.

Then his cock ripped through his shorts and the girl trapped in his arms somehow managed to impale herself on it – in her ass, yet! Could that be an accident?

It only took a few seconds with his mind somehow merged with hers so that he could feel her every sensation – even the knife slash in her breast – and she was coming even as he pumped his semen up deep into her ass. Then she was being yanked away from him – dragged down onto the sand and leaving him open and exposed. And mind-numbingly alone!

Surprised, ashamed and embarrassed, Mac turned and slipped away before anyone noticed his cock dangling out in front of him, covered with his juices and her shit. When he was clear, he fled down the beach until he was too far away to hear her yells of indignation become shrieks of terror.

Finally too breathless to run any further, he knelt down at the edge of the ocean and dropped facedown into the cold seething foam of an incoming wave. He pulled himself upright as the water receded around him, dragging his legs down into the sand.

He washed his cock in the sandy foam until all the damning slipperiness was gone, then walked home, his mind filled with thoughts of the girl who would die this night on the beach for Juan Verdugo’s entertainment.

He was surprised when he fell asleep so easily, but, after all, he was physically and emotionally exhausted. He dreamed of his cock slipping into the doomed girl’s ass and the gentle tension as she forced her body to stay still so no one would know she was being reamed as she was displayed in front of his gang of hoodlums.

It was a secret fucking that she would take with her to the grave this very night. In fact, she was probably already dead; her body cooling after the repeated raping and the stabbing or the stomping or whatever means of execution Juan was using these days.

There was a warm, wet, lapping sensation of someone licking up and down on his cock. As he awakened, Macario realized he had a hard-on and that he wasn’t the first one to discover it. He smiled, knowing there were no secrets when he lived with a harem of three sets of psychic sisters who called themselves the Necrotwins. Then he remembered where their gifts had come from, and that even though they mind-linked with him and shared their love and their grief with him, they still didn’t take Lisa’s place. No one could ever take her place; not even six beautiful, psychic, devoted girls. They could only try.

The warm, wet tongue stopped licking up and down his cock. “Well, that’s nice to know,” a familiar voice said. Then the licking began again, this time with a gentle scraping of teeth every few seconds as though the girl was grinning at him.

It took Macario’s mind a full minute to realize that someone had spoken to him just a moment ago. It was a familiar voice – caustic, yet caring, with a sense of humor tinged so heavily with irony that it often sounded sarcastic…

“Lisa?” Mac asked, sitting straight up and bumping his head against another girl who was also starting to sit up, awakened by the brief dialogue.

“Ow!” they both yelped, then the tiny room was filled with waking bodies and, a few seconds later, shrieks of surprise, joy and welcome abandon.

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