New Beginnings – Pt 3 Ch 04

New Beginnings – Pt 3 Ch 04

“Jake and Béla; Frank and Tanya; Macario and Lisa; Jake the Chairman and Tabatha. Alicia is unattached, as is her oldest daughter, Jackie. Strangely enough, although their bodies are altered by vampire blood just like ours are, those two seem to have lower sex drives than Béla, Tanya or Lisa. Why is that?”

“Well, Alicia and Jackie are really smart,” Murielle replied, “like us – you and me, I mean. For example: Holly and Haley? Total fruit loops, know what I mean? And Tia and Tara? God! How horny can two girls get?”

“I like sex,” Miranda protested. “Remember that wake we held for Lisa? Wow! I still feel tingly just thinking about that!”

“That’s what I mean,” her sister replied. “Except for Macario, that’s the last time we had sex. And Horry and Harey were always hogging Macario – at least until Lisa came back.”

“We should have offered to do Jake and Béla,” Miranda murmured.

“Tia wanted to seduce her matriarch, remember?” Murielle reminded her.

“Oh, yeah,” Miranda remembered.

“I think we should try to make better friends with Alicia and Jackie,” Miranda suggested. “They’re brainy, like us, and who knows? Maybe we’ll end up with better partners.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” her sister agreed.


“Me? Brainy?” Alicia laughed, looking from one twin to the other. “You’re very sweet, but I’m not all that smart!”

“Sure you are!” Miranda insisted. “Who made the Grotto? You did. Who had the foresight to know that people would need an underground hidey-hole like Solar City? You did.”

“You weren’t even born then!” Alicia exclaimed.

“It doesn’t matter!” Murielle insisted. “We want you to train us for the Femme Fatales. We want to be your students.”

“I’m just a student, myself,” Alicia laughingly reminded them. “Wouldn’t you rather have Béla? Or perhaps Lisa? She was your guide and mentor, before.”

“Lisa’s training Tia and Tara!” whined Miranda. “Besides, her lessons have a lot of bloodshed that goes with them. Even Holly and Haley couldn’t handle it and quit on her!”

“I see,” Alicia replied thoughtfully. “So, you want all us timid ones to stick together, huh? Force in numbers and all that?”

“Well, I suppose, if you want to look at it that way, you can,” Murielle said, scowling. “But we’ve thought about this really hard. And you are the most intelligent and the most creative of all the Femmes.”

“Yeah,” piped in Miranda. “And you have other things on your mind besides sex!”

Alicia laughed, thoroughly delighted with them, now. “You have no idea… Darlings, I think about sex all the time. But I’ve already had the best – and I don’t care to hunt up some male body just to handle my hormonal urges.”

“See?” Murielle said to her twin. “She likes guys. We’d be safe with her!”

“What?” Alicia asked, her eyebrows rising. “Is someone molesting you?”

“Well,” Miranda replied, her voice sounding meaner. “Everyone has ideas. People look at us and think we’re Lisa’s and that we’re all sex crazy.

“Well, she taught us a lot, especially about sex. Now, we’d like to learn something else – maybe something more important.”

“Me, too!”

“Alright, girls,” Alicia replied, caving in. “I’ll represent you. Both, if you want. But you’ll have to share quarters – I assume you don’t have your own?”

“Well, no,” Miranda replied, concentrating. “The six of us always shared. But the Necrogirls is… as a group, anyway, um, breaking up, I guess. Tia and Tara moved back in with Mac and Lisa, which is where we were, too, but we want to move out. It’s getting too crowded.”

“Yeah,” Murielle agreed, sounding somewhat surly. “This morning I woke up with a skewer stuck in my rump!”

“A skewer?” Alicia asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah! You know,” exclaimed the girl, “one of those long wooden things you put meat on for, uh, grilling? Tia thought that was ‘ooh, sooo funny’!”

“She stuck a skewer up your ass?”

“No! She stuck it…” Murielle fumed, not knowing how to explain, then stuck her finger into her thick, meaty rump on her right side. “Right there! She said I was snoring! And I certainly don’t snore!”

“Oh,” Alicia grunted, trying not to snicker at the image Murielle unknowing projected. “That must have… (ahem!)… hurt, huh?”

Glancing at Murielle’s twin, Alicia noticed that Miranda was being very quiet, and her mind was shut down tight. She suspected that Miranda didn’t really share her twin’s upset about being so hilariously skewered. But, she noticed, Miranda was supporting Murielle in her decision to leave the group.

‘Well, that’s what sisters are for, right?’

“Listen, um, Murielle,” Alicia replied. “You girls all love each other. And I know you like the relationships you have with them – especially the sex part. I understand that the dynamics of your group are changing, and you two are upset about new alliances that your sisters are forming.

“You feel left behind by your best friends,” Alicia continued. “I understand that – more than you might think. I’ll take you in, because I adore you both. But I don’t want you to build a wall between you two and the other sets of twins. If I notice any stress or strife between any of you, you’ll be getting extra lessons in social etiquette. And that, girls, is something with which I have a great deal of expertise.”

“Forewarned is forearmed,” Miranda quipped, smiling nervously.

Almost simultaneously, the girls dropped down, one on each side of where Alicia was sitting.

“May we kiss you?” Murielle asked.

“What?” Alicia said, surprised by their actions.

“We want to kiss you,” Miranda answered. “Isn’t that part of the bonding ritual? You agreed to take us in, so now we show our appreciation.”

“By seducing me?” Alicia asked, still surprised. ‘Oh my God, Lisa – What did you teach these girls?’

‘What? … What do you want? I’m pretty busy…’ (heavy sexual undertones…)

‘Murielle and Miranda are trying to seduce me!’

‘Oh, Is that all! Well, have fun, Step-Mom – Lisa out!’

“… So seduction is part of the bonding process,” one of the twins was saying as Alicia came back to reality.

“But we won’t if you don’t want to,” the other one said, obviously nervous about being rejected.

“Oh, God,” Alicia groaned, hugging both girls to her bosom.

‘I think this means ‘yes’,’ she heard one twin think to the other.

‘Good! Now we can show her we mean it,’ the other answered.

“Wait,” Alicia called out as the girls pressed her back and began working their hands under her blouse.

As her mind was flooded with erotic images of what the girls wanted to do to her, Alicia realized that Lisa had, indeed, raised them with the intention of taking the place of a fallen Femme if it ever became necessary. Lisa had also given them the power to persevere while accomplishing that task.

Then soft, feminine kisses were caressing her bared breasts and her nipples were getting all tingly as Alicia’s body reminded her that it hadn’t had any sexual adventures since she was arrested for treason and those unclean ruffians had tried to gang-rape her in her jail cell.

Her mother had rescued her then, but Alicia didn’t think Tanya was going to show up and rescue her this time. For one, she obviously wasn’t in any danger, and for the other, she was actually beginning to enjoy these two with their extremely expert lips, tongues and fingers. (Aside from the fact that she’d been terrified of the idea that her jailers were going to execute her, she had just been getting excited about being gang-raped when her mother showed up, but that was a secret she didn’t plan on telling anyone.)

Murielle gasped with obvious arousal, raising her head to stare at Alicia for a second. “Wow! She blew them up with a hand grenade?”

Alicia stared down at her new lovers, suddenly realizing that they’d mind-linked with her so as to better experience her sensations and share their love with her. But because of that, her thoughts and secrets were no longer her own. These two were as telepathically powerful as Lisa had been during their first (and only) tryst.

Her memories of a young Lisa trying her best to learn how to handle her sexual needs mixed in with the twins’ memories of having sex with Lisa for the first time. Alicia realized that these two were going to need a lot of ‘UN-training’, if they planned to stay with her very long.

Then she could see the twins’ memories of a carefree life where they would tumble with their friends whenever they felt like having sex. They weren’t used to any kind of restrictions. She could also see they were beginning to think they’d made a mistake in trying to ally themselves with her instead of trying to make up with the other girls.

Alicia grinned. “Of course you made a mistake – not in coming here, but in not making up with your dearest friends. They love you, and you obviously love them. But you didn’t make a mistake in coming here. I’ll help you get through this, I promise.”

‘And maybe teach you two a little self-control along the way, hmm?’

The twins sat, one on each side of her, uncertain, now, of what to do. Alicia smiled and held out her arms, beckoning them down to her. Both of them radiating gratitude mixed with sexual ardor, they returned their lips and fingers to Alicia’s breasts, continuing where they’d left off a moment earlier.

Alicia lay back and enjoyed their sensual message, realizing that this was how they intended to repay her kindness to them – they were Lisa’s prodigies, after all, trained by Lisa since childhood on how to survive in an unfriendly world. They were taught to rely on their sexuality and seductive abilities to get them what they wanted.

The twins licked and kissed their way down to Alicia’s navel. Then Alicia felt fingers caressing her lower belly and one leg. The new sensation caused her to gasp and her body began to tingle all over. Almost unconsciously she spread her legs slightly to allow access down there.

Then she was no longer in the chair she’d been resting in when the twins had arrived – she was lying in the sun. A soft blanket was spread beneath her to keep dirt off her skin. The odd buzz of a thought dampener told her she was in the Grotto – hopefully on the adult side of it.

“Surprise,” Murielle grinned.

“We thought this would be more romantic,” Miranda quipped.

“You’re also more accessible when you’re flat on the ground,” Murielle added, still grinning.

“And we really like you being accessible,” Miranda laughed, finishing her sister’s sentence.

Then they both ran their fingers down Alicia’s rib cage from her armpits to her sexy, soft middle, making her giggle as they tickled her and lips, tongue and fingers once again attacked her breasts and sensitive nipples while another warm, breathy mouth began sensuously caressing her inner thighs. Magic fingers created little runnels of pure pleasure up and down her lower stomach.

Alicia did her best to lie still without twitching, not needing to know who was doing what to her, but several little whimpers and gasps of pleasure escaped her throat as the twins brought her closer and closer to completion, even while some small part of her mind was ever busy analyzing their actions and what they were doing to her.

The main difference between these two and her first sexual contact with Lisa was her experience regarding Lisa, herself. While she considered that Lisa had overpowered and raped her for her own gratification, she thought of what the twins were doing as more or less normal behavior for one of Lisa’s ilk. It wasn’t really rape, although they initially overpowered her with their combined mental energies, and they were doing this with the idea that there was an exchange involved – not to say they weren’t enjoying making love to her; they were.

The other thing that didn’t quite mesh was that they’d both complained about being unpleasantly targeted, sexually, but they had moved in and psychically assaulted her sexually at their first opportunity. But, again, this was the result of Lisa’s influence. So she was right on her first assessment of the girls – they had a lot to unlearn.

A warm, ticklish tongue probing her nether regions brought her attention back to the present as she felt the resulting jolt rush right through her breasts, then up her spinal column to the back of her neck. A satisfied tinkle of laughter came from somewhere down there, but Alicia was reluctant to open her eyes to view the two sexy minxes working her over. It was more pleasant just to feel them – both with her body and in her mind.

An interesting point about the girls right now was that they weren’t requiring any return on what they were doing. Alicia didn’t feel any desire from the girls for her to kiss them, lick them or do anything to them. All they wanted her to do was lie there and have a few orgasms, the first one of which was coming – right, about… Oh God… I’m coming… Noooooww!! Yes! Jesus! Christ, she’s good… Oh, my… here comes another one… Yes… Yeeeesss! Oooooooohhhh GOD! Damn! Don’t bite, girl! Oh SHIT! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Jesus, that’s three! What are they doing to me? Ow! Oh! Oooohhhh…

Alicia’s hips dropped down on the blanket, her body covered with a thin sheen of moisture after three wonderful, mind-blowing orgasms and another lesser one as she fell back to earth. Her gasping breaths gradually returned to normal and her heart began to slow down from its breakneck pounding.

She could feel the girls, though, just now getting their own juices flowing. The efforts they’d been putting into her, they were now putting into each other as they knelt next to her, Miranda kissing and licking at Murielle’s cum and saliva-soaked face. They were both kneading each other’s breasts and pleasant little animal sounds were coming from both their throats.

‘Well, they certainly don’t need me for sex,’ Alicia realized, not knowing if she should feel upset about that or not.

She decided not to be upset and was glad that it was Miranda cleaning off her sister and not her, as she didn’t really care for the taste of pussy juice. But she did sit up and pull her legs out from between the loving sisters, surprised at how weak her legs felt and the unusual quivering deep in her belly that didn’t seem to want to stop. That had been a hell of a multiple orgasm – one of the best in her life, in fact.

“Thanks,” Murielle said, laughingly trying to talk while trying to keep her sister’s eager tongue out of her mouth. “Glad you… pfffth… liked it.”

“Want to join us?” Miranda asked, ignoring her sister’s wet face for a second.

“No, thanks,” Alicia replied, grinning at the pair. “I’ll just watch.”

“Good. I like being watched,” Miranda grinned.

“You just like to show off your hot body!” Murielle quipped, then lay back on the ground, half off the blanket, showing off her own, identical body.

Miranda quickly followed and began kissing her twin’s breasts while kneeling on one side with Murielle’s arm between her legs. As Miranda expanded her exploration of her sister’s body with a hand stroking her belly, Murielle raised her arm and began gently caressing her sister between her legs.

‘They’ve done this before,’ Alicia mused, still watching. ‘They’ve already got all the angles and those special touchy-feely points worked out… Who does what to whom and when. I wonder how it would feel to be that close to someone…’

‘Give us time and we’ll work something out…’ Alicia heard in her head.

She chuckled at the very thought of a female lover moving in with her – let alone two of them – and sisters, yet! Twins! This was going to be groundbreaking for awhile, establishing rules of proper decorum for both public and private behavior.

The twins had worked themselves around and into a sixty-nine position, now. Alicia wasn’t fooled, though. Although she could tell the girls really were enjoying themselves and each other, she also realized that this was how they made love when they knew others were watching. She could easily see in their minds that, when they were alone, their activities were much less… structured… and much more casual – and often continued, with breaks, of course, for days at a time.

Jackie was lying in the sun on the public side of the lake in Lisa’s Grotto since Lisa and her Necrotwins were practicing fireworks on the adult side. She was just about to roll over onto her back to even out her tan when someone thumped down on the ground beside her. An instant later, someone dropped down on her other side.

“Hi!” said a cheerful female voice. A second “Hi!” immediately echoed the greeting from her other side.

She opened one eye and squinted at the young girl gazing at her from six inches away. “Hello…”

“I’m Holly,” the girl she was looking at said. “I’m Haley,” said the voice from behind her.

“We noticed that you aren’t paired off with anyone,” Holly continued.

“And we thought maybe we could keep you company,” Haley said from behind her.

Jackie pushed herself up on her elbows, just incidentally arching her back in a very sexy manner that she was completely unaware of.


“We want to make love to you,” Holly confessed.

“And we want you to make love to us!” Haley continued.

“You were with Béla and Jake when Lisa went missing, weren’t you?” Jackie asked, curious now as she pulled herself up into a sitting position.

“That was Tia and Tara,” Haley said, able to look at her face, now.

“They moved back with Mac and Lisa,” Holly continued. “It’s kind’ve crowded, now.”

“So…” Jackie said, thinking for a moment, “you’re looking for a new home?”

Both girls nodded. “We can make you really happy!”

“And you won’t be alone any more!”

Jackie grimaced and gave a low laugh at the same time.

“I like being alone,” she informed them. “I enjoy my privacy. I can eat what I want when I want to eat it; I sleep when I want – Well, usually, anyway – and I can bring anyone into my bed that I want.”

“So you’re available then?” Haley asked brightly.

“Just lay back,” Holly insisted as they both put a hand on each of Jackie’s shoulders, “and we’ll take care of everything.”

“What? Wait!” Jackie yelped, then stopped as the girls flooded her mind with more erotic thoughts than she’d had for several years.

“This is… public side…” she managed to gasp. “Not… appropriate here…”

“No problem,” one of them murmured into her ear.

Jackie felt the contour of the ground beneath her change as the girls teleported her across the lake. Nearby, but not too near, Jackie heard a shriek from a female throat as someone down the beach was stabbed, burned or just had an orgasm. Pick two out of three…

Perhaps some girls were just playing, but Jackie seriously doubted that. Lisa’s Necrogirls pretty much ruled this side of the lake, and they rarely ‘just’ played. For peace and tranquility, Jackie preferred being tripped over by young children playing tag while she soaked up diluted sunlight from the wormhole above the waterfall. She was comfortable with her hormones at a low ebb and tried to keep them that way most of the time.

This, however, wasn’t one of those times. Oh, it had started out with a nothing plan of just lying in the sun and letting the sound of the waterfall sooth her to sleep, but that was before the invasion of these two Necrotwins into her mind, flooding her ignored body with sexual urges that she could no longer put aside – especially not with an opportunity like the one these two provided.

Holly grinned, knowing the tug of war going on in Jackie’s mind was going their way. With a quick glance at her mind-linked sister, she bent down and began kissing Jackie’s breast where it mounded up over her bikini top. Haley gently attacked the soft, sensitive skin stretching down from Jackie’s lower ribs to her extremely flat and very sexy tummy. Jackie moaned and shivered with pleasure at the dual assault of the twins’ soft, warm mouths.

‘Who would’a thunk I was a bisexual,’ Jackie thought to herself, luxuriating in pure animal pleasure for a few moments.

‘Once a girl finds out how soft and kissable other girls are, being ‘bi’ is easy,’ one of them thought into her head.

Jackie realized that the twins had mind-linked with her now and could read her thoughts, and feel what her body felt, as well. Stretching out with her own infant mental powers, she sought the mind behind one of those tingling, lapping, kissing faces and was suddenly mind-to-mind with Holly.

‘Wow! Hello! God! I have both of you in my mind!’

‘Actually, you’re in ours, but it’s all the same, anyway…’

‘Do your bodies always tingle like this?’

‘Not always – only when we’re hungry’ … ‘You mean horny, sister!’

‘Hungry, horny; horny is hunger – the need to be fulfilled!’

‘You catch on fast, but you seem to be a beginner at merging. Aren’t you a Femme?’

‘Only by association… Oh, that feels good! I attend their meetings and help plan stuff as a scientific adviser, but I never… Oh! Right there! Yesssss! … Just pull on the string and it all comes loose…’

Jackie moaned louder as Haley’s tongue, which had been licking and probing against her bikini bottom now touched warm, moist, very aroused flesh that tried to shove itself into Haley’s hot, hungry mouth as Jackie orgasmed.

“Oh, God! You girls are really good at this…” Jackie gasped as she relaxed back onto the ground.

“Practice makes perfect,” Holly murmured as she moved up to kiss Jackie on her lips.

“And we practice a lot!” Haley added, then continued gently kissing Jackie’s labia and inner thighs.

“I’ve been seduced,” Jackie murmured as Holly’s lips tried to lock themselves against her own, “by a pair of lovely young witches…”

“We only want what you want,” Holly murmured into her mouth as her hair draped down and lightly brushed Jackie’s cheeks.

“I can’t say ‘no’, can I,” Jackie asked, smiling up at her new lover.

“No,” Holly informed her, smiling back. “You can’t.”

She kissed Jackie again. This time, Jackie returned her kiss.

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