New Beginnings – Pt 4 Ch 06

New Beginnings – Pt 4 Ch 06

At university, Jake Hedron had studied the history, the information available on those wondrous flying females who called themselves goddesses, with avid interest ever since his arrival here inside this hollow metal shell called ‘New Eden’. Although these special beings called themselves ‘goddesses’, he determined that they were more akin to an artificial life form, their DNA having been taken from other species and redesigned in a lab rather than something that had evolved in nature.

Further studies of the technology that had created the ‘goddesses’ found him cross-referencing recently added history of the Viragoans as a species. The Viragoan’s fascination with altering and improving the DNA of any species found in nature probably made them the least xenophobic race in the entire universe.

Virago expanded into the universe, exploring and creating new species and life forms limited only by their imaginations. It was easy for the Viragoans to do, as their own redesigned DNA could ideally mesh with almost any alien life form. A specialty they developed was to create a new life form which looked exactly like the original, but was especially enhanced in regards to rapid healing and extreme longevity when mixed with their own DNA. On occasion ways were found to allow for shape changing, as with the human-appearing ‘goddess’ hybrids, who could reform their bodies so they were actually capable of muscle-powered flight.

A few thousand years before Virago ever encountered Earth, however, they encountered a colony of Arcadians, whom they discovered to be rather aggressive when the initial contact party was wiped out to a man. Concerned about the possible threat of this dangerous new species, a landing party collected several locals of the colony and created a virus that modified the Arcadian DNA so that they reacted in a more peaceful manner, then returned the virally-infected creatures back where they found them.

Within a year, new contact was made and the Viragoans rewarded the ‘enlightened’ Arcadians of the colony with Viragoan super-healing abilities and extended life.

Unfortunately, Arcadians were even more xenophobic than most species and, upon discovering an entire colony of Arcadian/Viragoan hybrids, quarantined, then wiped out the entire enhanced colony, along with anyone of their species who had been in contact with them and any who had been in contact with them!

Once the unholy alien viral contamination of their species was eradicated, a holy war was declared against Virago. Eventually, the widespread but peaceful Viragoans were beaten back to their home world, which the Arcadians bombed until the planet itself was shattered and no life of any kind could be detected.

The demise of the entire Viragoan civilization had only recently become known. That information was contained in the Praetor that Elaine and Annalisa had recovered from deep space just a week earlier. Elaine was still in seclusion and wasn’t holding court or even attending the evening meals in the goddess’ manor.

And now, Jake Hedron had just witnessed, he believed, an extraordinary evolutionary step by two humans who had been ‘enhanced’ with Viragoan blood.

‘Vampire blood,’ Jake thought, his numbed mind trying to put together the event he just witnessed. ‘Creatures of the night who can turn fly like a bat and turn into smoke at will…

‘Except the twins hadn’t been able to fly… Only the vampire-like goddesses could…’

“What the hell’s happening up there?” Jake heard Frank yell from the pit behind him.

After a few moments, Frank finally got Jake’s attention and saw him approach the rim of the trap the twins had created. Jake almost teetered down into the hole before catching his balance at the last instant, his senses finally coming back into focus.

“What’s going on?” Frank yelled again. “What was all that fire?”

‘We’re sorry,’ Frank suddenly heard the twin’s voices in his head. ‘We forgot about you. Let us free you – It’s our fault you were trapped, after all…’

“Whooaaoo!” Frank yelled as he felt his body rising up.

Then he was standing next to Jake Hedron, who still looked like he could apply for and get the job of village idiot. Jake was naked and covered with blood. There were scorch marks on his legs and he stank of blood and sex.

“You look like you’ve been through hell!” Frank exclaimed, his eyes traveling up and down, taking in Jake’s condition. “Where are the girls?”

Jake mumbled something, but Frank couldn’t hear. “What? Talk louder!”

“I… They’re dead… No, they went away…” Jake murmured, still barely able to focus his eyes on Frank. “They’re… gone.”

“Gone?” Frank yelled. “Don’t be stupid! I just heard them talking. Where are they, dammit?”

‘Stop picking on him!’ Frank heard, recognizing Tia in his mind. ‘We’re not corporeal beings anymore. We’ve evolved beyond needing bodies.’

“What do you mean?” Frank asked, looking around in the air. “You don’t need bodies? Why does Lisa need a body, then?”

‘She doesn’t,’ Tara replied. ‘It’s just never occurred to her. That’s why she’s been so unhappy.’

‘But she isn’t unhappy, now,’ Tia laughed into his mind. ‘She was alone – a being of pure energy trying to interact with meat and mud. She has us, now, and soon there will be more of us now that we know how to do this. She won’t be alone any more.’

“I think I’ve been insulted,” Frank muttered to Jake. “Come on, let’s go find the others. Hopefully, they were more successful than we were.”

‘Bye, we’ll see you around…’


‘Let’s do that merging thing again. God – that was sooo incredible!’

‘I know! Sex with bodies is so… limiting!’


Tanya was beginning to feel that wonderful warmth flooding up into her body from that tightly stretched opening surrounding Macario’s thick, long cock. In the heat of orgasm, she forgot about wanting Jake Pestova and was more than satisfied with Lisa’s lifemate.

Then she forgot everything as her orgasm roared through her body, making every cell in her body feel so completely alive that she believed she was on fire. Her nipples were hard and filled with sensation – almost too much for such small bits of flesh. Her magnificent, long, blond hair flared out as her body filled with static electricity. Then she cried out, unable to contain her emotions any more as physical sparks emanating from her nipples and her fingertips burned jagged designs into Macario’s chest.

“Wow, I feel jealous,” Tabatha murmured as she sat and watched everybody getting fucked except her.

Jake was still fucking Lisa – his cock ramming in and out of his daughter’s body, causing her to almost appear animated as her limp form absorbed his pounding assault. Then Jake came, pumping deep into Lisa’s cooling pussy while he held her tightly against him. Afterward, he collapsed, still squeezing her body tightly against his own as if that alone could bring her back to life.

Then Lisa jerked once, and her body began to heat up. Jake, having had this happen before, quickly shoved her away from him, giving his darling phoenix as much room as she needed to rejuvenate.

Lisa arched her back as her body ignited into a deep red flame. Her gunshot wound healed while she radiated an intense orgasm through the group. Then her body settled down, becoming solid once again.

“That was good, Daddy,” she grinned elfishly at Jake. “Wanna shoot me again?”

Two lively forms of bright light began dancing around Lisa.

“What?” Lisa cried out into the air, obviously yelling at the dancing lights. “My God! What have you done?”

Then they seemed to settle down and converge, coming closer and closer to Lisa’s body. As they approached, Lisa stopped backing away and began to flame, her own body becoming brighter and brighter to match the brilliance of the two fiery life forms obviously intent on seducing her.

With a sudden radiated burst of orgasmic energy, she became a ball of pure fire and merged with the other two. Dancing in and out and through each other, all three fiery forms rose into the air, radiating pure joy and sexual excitement.

“What’s happening?” Jake cried out, staring around to see Mac and Tabatha staring at the incredible light show.

“It’s Lisa!” Mac cried back to him. “This is her true form!” Then he added as he saw Jake simply couldn’t comprehend, “She's really just a ball of highly charged, sexual fire! She really isn’t human anymore!” Seeing that Jake still didn’t understand, he added, “She's evolving!”

Jake turned back to gaze at what he realized now were three beings made of pure energy. They were merging, and they seemed to radiate extreme pleasure with definite erotic overtones which flooded him with pure lust.

“Yeah,” Jake agreed, “but she’s your ball of sexual fire. If she’s evolving beyond humanity, what will you do?”

“Jake,” Mac replied, sounding a little sad, “I don’t own her. I’ll take whatever she offers me. I only hope she loves me enough to stay. But you can’t see the joy in my heart when I look at her the way she is right now.”

Jake looked at Mac and saw that Macario was opening crying. His eyes were flowing tears, but his face was joyful and happy. Bitter jealousy filled Jake’s soul for a few seconds, knowing that this was the kind of love Béla had needed from him, and he had been unable to give her.

Then Annalisa was by his side, landing behind and beside him, hugging him fiercely, and Jake knew then that his love for Annalisa could easily match Mac’s love for Lisa.

They watched as two of the dancing lights far overhead separated out and darted away. The single bright light remaining floated back down to the surface, gradually taking the form of Lisa. Her body seemed not quite solid as she reached for Mac. Stroking his tear-stained cheek, Lisa’s fingers left fiery marks of light where they touched, but Mac didn’t seem to feel the burns, or, if he did, they didn’t hurt.

Becoming more solid, Lisa floated into her beloved Macario’s arms and they embraced. Over a period of only a minute or so, Lisa began to flame again. This time, she took Mac with her, turning both their bodies into pure energy. Jake and Annalisa could feel the love and sexual energy radiating from the elongated ball of fire that Mac and Lisa had become.

Then, the ball of fire disappeared.

Jake blinked, trying to make his eyes focus on his surroundings. Annalisa had her arms wrapped around Jake. Her eyes were closed and she was trembling, unable to keep from radiating her emotions, which ranged from grief to joy and raged through her body, flipping wildly from one intense emotion to the other.

Finally, she got control of herself and began to weep, silently. Tanya was beginning to recover from her own orgasmic delights, having missed the entire show except for her own part in it.

After a moment of lying on the ground and simply enjoying how she felt, she sat up and looked around.

“Where’s Mac?” she asked, then smiled when she noticed Annalisa. “Hi. You missed all the fun.”

“No,” Annalisa replied, her voice surprisingly shaky. “I really didn’t.”

“Wow! What happened to you?” Tanya asked anxiously. “You look like you’ve been crying!”

“You have no idea,” Annalisa replied, sounding extremely happy although tears still ran down her cheeks.

She sat down to tell her. Tabatha sat nearby and listened, tears running down her own cheeks, needing to understand what she’d seen as well.

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