teen vampires undead and horney

teen vampires undead and horney

Teen vampires, Horney and undead.

This is the story of how my 18 birthday was beyond anything I could have ever imagined, at 17 I was red headed fiery 5 ” 2 with c cup breasts and a slim uk size 10 with a seductive curvy figure. My boyfriend Dave was 5 “9 brown hair an dark eyes almost black.
I was pale even for a red head deathly pale, you see I had a secret I would never become 18, I was a vampire and I had been for the last 109 years. I was staying in a small town in Alaska; permanently overcast I had no reason to fear sun exposure. The younger I claimed to be the longer I could stay in one place, and as I liked Alaska I decide to go to high school. As a senior I wasn’t exactly popular, the humans instinctively stayed away from me. My reputation for wearing black and shades didn’t help matters. But there was a similar outcast in my year (minus the thirst for human blood) his name was Dave and despite the fact that mixing with humans is stupid I was instantly and irreversibly attracted to him. His blood sang to me in a way id never experienced before. But it was more than that I wanted to fuck him right here in front of everyone, I wanted to feel his hot fat prick in my tight fuck tunnel, I wanted to feel his hands over every part of my tight body. I felt human emotions I hadn’t felt in nearly a century returning to me.
Lust! I needed him in a way id never needed anything else before.
I knew what I’d do seduce him…

He was walking home when I silently ran quicker than any mortal to catch him up; he looked so beautiful in the gloom, his lips perfectly smooth. So I went up and pounced on my unsuspecting victim and quicker than lightening I whipped his clothes off with mine, the next second we were in my flat on the floor fucking like rabbits. I’d mind washed him he thought it was a dream and boy from what he was shouting he was enjoying it!

His thick muscular backed gripped my butt tightly as he pounded in and out of my unused hole and I knew than I loved him I loved what he was doing to my body, I rocked my hips against his impaling cock as it rubbed against my clit sending me waves of lust filled pleasure, I was near top orgasm now and so was he aaaaaaaarrrrrrr god that felt good. I felt his baby juice flood my womb.

After two more rounds of intense and varied sex that lasted well throughout the night I returned him to his house and made sure he’d think it was a very realistic dream.

I woke up on my bed, omg that dream was fucking amazing, Indigo well she was the tightest cunt he’s had in a while, wait what was he thinking it was a dream, nothing really happened and he didn’t really fuck indigo senseless last night.

Did i……………

well i certaintly wanted to and if i got my way we'd be fucking for real within the week.

what i didn't know was that indego had similair plans only they included blood lots of it…

in school i couldn't stop thinking about him, or his prick with its purple veins throbbing that had given me so much pleasure last night.
and he was there standing by the canteen. then he did something weird he came up and said hi to me, something no one had done so far.
shit i thought he'd remembered what i'd done to him.
few no he didnt he was just saying hi and then well i, thought he asked me out and well i said yes,
but no that couldnt be happening, could it?

it did happen and yes me the vampire was dating, a mortal, one with a amazing cock but a mortal, oh well watever.
if he found out i'd get a free meal right.

he took me out to a movie but i wasn't concentrating on the screen but his bulging erection into my tight and already dripping pussy.
we hurried home to my flat as quick as we could and as soon as we were through the door we were pulling each others clothes off, i could feel his penis against my leg through the thin material of my shirt. i had to have him.
i guided him up the stairs and he pushed him on the bed as i rode his erection, arrrrrrrrrrr shit that was it, i could feel it hit my cervix again and again. he plunged wile i rocked against him. the i was on bottom he thrusting more violently, fuck me fuck me you son off a bitch. i could feel our orgasms were near as he erupted within me i felt his warm cream fill my insides as my pussy egarly milked every drop. arrrrrrrrrrrr i felt multiple orgasms tingle my spine and i thought i'd passed out, my god that was something.

indego led me to her flat, i wanted to fuck her right her e in the open, rip her cloths off an fuck nice and nasty. but somehow i manged to wait until we were inside, were i ripped her cloths off, she lead me upstairs i watched her ass wiggle. my god my pecker became harder if that was possible. it was heaven as she rodmy dick arrrrrrr i was close to cummin as that devilshly seductive angel smiled at me as we fucked. then somehow suddenly she was on the bottom and my god if it were possible it was even better as i pounde her twat harder and faster. arrrrrrrrr fuck me you bastard she screamed as we came togeather, fuck as i stopped she just kept cumming with multipole orgasms, god i was in love with my sexy angel.

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