Tentacles (part 9)

Jazz Bishop had been piloting her ship when her unit was captured. The light transport had been stripped of defensive weapons in the hopes of outrunning enemy ships but a fortunate blast by one mondagi pilot crippled it and left its occupants to the mercy of the aliens. Her captors had not shown her commanding officer any kind of mercy, however..

She was led away from her group after watching the enemy ravage her captain and leave the woman in a heap of quivering flesh. She felt some excitement watching the woman she respected beg the alien to ravage her like a cheap whore. She felt dirty just thinking about it and that only made her more excited.

The mondagi interrogator and his commanding officer met her in a smaller, dark room. She saw some metallic objects under a spotlight and figured they would torture her to get the information they sought. She would make them work for it, she thought.

The mondagi captain instructed the other green skinned alien to strip their prisoner, binding her arms behind her with a single tentacle arm.

Jazz swallowed her surprise as the mondagi's movement was so fast it startled her. She breathed heavily and glared at them defiantly, her breasts heaving as she sought to control her breath.

Captain Marn ran one of his tentacles through the prisoner's purple hair, flicking his thin tongue in the air between them.

"You know what we want," he said, a guttural, gurgling voice. "We will let your people live if you comply."

"Fuck you!" Jazz spat.

"Yes, that we intend," Marn said.

The subordinate began to run his other tentacle between the woman's legs, threatening her quivering mound with his wet skin. On the captain's command the interrogator thrust his tentacle hard inside the prisoner's pussy. Without a movement's hesitation he withdrew his appendage just as quickly.

Jazz fought hard to keep her legs beneath her. She had never felt anything so incredibly stimulating, the alien's tentacle was a perfect fit inside her and the wet skin provided just enough lubrication to make it a pleasant feeling. She tried to keep her defiant expression, tried to fake a look of disgust. She tried but she wanted to feel that sensation again.

Marn smiled, or what appeared to be a smile, as he gauged the woman's reaction to the probing tentacle. He reached out to touch her quivering flesh and saw the desire in her face.

"Your captain ached for it, too," Marn commented. "She was easily aroused. Seems you all share the same animal instincts."

"She is a whore!" Jazz shouted, trying to muster her strength.

Marn quickly shot a tentacle inside her pussy again, thrust once and pulled out of her.

Jazz could not contain the moaning that began as her aching flesh wrapped itself around the alien arm. The moaning tuned into a whimpering plea when she was deprived of the hot, wet alien flesh.

"You are a whore, too, aren't you?" Marn asked in a slow, patronizing tone. "You're the whore and you want it more than your captain ever did, isn't that right?"

Jazz could feel the other alien delicately run his tentacle over her aching cunt, sending a chill up her spine. She cursed herself, then cursed the mondagi. "Fuck you! Fuck you and fuck me!"

That mondagi captain nodded and instructed the other alien to release his grasp. He stepped back from the prisoner and stood silent before her.

"You may leave," Marn said. "If that is what you wish."

The other alien opened the door and stepped away, giving the prisoner a clear way out.

"Or you can stay with us," Marn offered, removing the protective straps that covered his genitals. "We can give you want you want."

Jazz turned her head toward the door, then to the aliens and back again. Her loins ached to be filled with their green alien flesh, their smooth, wet skin. She wanted to flee from the room but she wanted to stay where she was. She struggled with the decision, falling to her knees, sobbing in frustration.

Marn stepped forward, stroking her purple hair softly. He felt the woman's hand take hold of his member and put it in her mouth. He threw his head back, stifling a laugh.

Jazz pulled the alien cock out of her mouth long enough to say, "Fuck me with your tentacle, alien scum!"

The prisoner spread her legs apart a little more as she continued sucking the green alien dick. She squirmed a little as the other mondagi began to thrust his tentacled appendage in her pussy, then moaned softly.

"I think our new whore would appreciate another one in her asshole," Marn speculated.

Jazz managed to make an affirmative sounding muffle with the alien member in her mouth. She tried to push her ass out, arching her back. She felt a rush as the tentacle slid inside her ass and just seemed to keep going until she thought she was about to pass out.

Jazz cupped her breasts in her hands as she bounced on the alien's tentacles, sucking hard on the captain's cock. She pushed her large round breasts together, then let the green skinned shaft fall against them. She parted her breasts just enough to allow the alien cock to squeeze between them and then began to stroke it as she moved her hips on the thrusting tentacles inside her.

She turned her head to suck the other mondagi's hard dick. She raked her teeth along the tip of the alien cock, causing him to convulse reflexively. Jazz smiled and repeated the maneuver, this time her efforts were rewarded with a mouthful of sweet tasting white cum. She swallowed hard before sucking the alien dick.

Marn wrapped a tentacle around her tits, squeezing them tightly until she yelped. He began thrusting his body harder as he neared orgasm.

The other mondagi grew closer to climax as well, the woman's teeth having sent him into a frenzy. He thrust his tentacle farther up her ass and increased his frantic pace. The woman's pussy began dripping with cum and urine as his other tentacle pounded her mercilessly.

Jazz wanted to scream but she didn't want to stop. She felt like her body was on fire but she was so close to orgasm she could taste it. She could also taste the alien cum in the back of her throat.

"Cum all over me!" Jazz yelled. She wanted to feel their hot alien cum wash over her body.

Marn threw his head back and moaned loudly, a gurgled echo reverberating through the ship.

Jazz felt a hot stream of cum hit her jaw as she sucked off the other alien. She let the green dick fall out of her mouth as she turned her attention to the ejaculating member. Her teeth had raked the other's cock one last time, enough to send the mondagi into a violent convulsion that wrenched his body as he began to shoot a stream of cum on the prisoner's face.

"Yes!" Jazz shouted. The hot alien cum washed over her face in waves. She opened her mouth to swallow as much of the hot, sweet tasting juice as she could. Her purple hair was soaked in alien cum as the two monster cocks shot lad after load over her body.

The mondagi pulled his tentacle out of her asshole quickly, causing her aching pussy to contract and shudder. Jazz cried out as her body shook, succumbing to the thrusting tentacle that violated her womb. She lost control of her body, a flood of urine running down the tentacle as she began to cum.

"Oh god yes!" Jazz moaned, collapsing onto the alien arm. She licked at the cum on her face, hungrily swallowing the thick, white mondagi fluid.

Marn pushed the human away from him, sending her to the floor as he turned away. "We won't get anything from her for a while," he said, a hint of disgust in his voice.

"What about the other?" the interrogator asked, pulling his tentacle out of the prisoner's reddened mound. He licked at his appendage, tasting her unique flavor.

"The males have nothing we need, but they may prove useful bargaining material in the future," Marn said, thoughtfully. "We'll keep them alive, for now."

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