The Vine pt2

The Vine pt2

Jill comes down from her orgasm and tells me that was great now it’s your turn. As I lay back and surrender to her. Jill parts my legs and kisses up my inner thighs. Jill sucks on one puffy lip then the other running her tongue between them. Then parting them with her fingers then going deeper with her tongue and sucking on my clit. I arch my back and play with my nipples as she does. My breathing is getting harder as I grind into her face. Jill puts one finger inside me then two, three, four. Jill then starts fucking me with her fingers. I cum hard flooding her fingers as she then put her whole hand into my pussy past her wrist. In and out, half turns wiggling her fingers inside. Jill then pulls her hand out and takes my vibrator, turns it on and plunges it inside me as she starts to suck on my breast then the other. I shake and quiver before I cum hard pushing the vibrator out. Jill lies beside me and we caress each other as we rest and I explain to Jill about the vine. Jill says show me and I call the vine in to officially meet her. Jill tenses up a little but I tell her it is all right and she calms down as the vine caresses her inner thigh moving up to her pussy and runs between her lips, she gasps as it enters her. Finding her G spot as she lays back on the bed the vine wrapping her legs up and lets them fall apart opening herself fully to the vine.

The vine spreads her lips apart then starts to suck on her clit as it enters her more. It wraps up her body and out her outstretched arms. The vine then squirts her down with liquid, and then caresses her all over attaching to each of her breasts sucking hard on her nipples as she arches her back. Jill’s orgasm is close as the vine inserts a larger vine into her wet pussy and starts fucking her harder and faster until Jill screams as her orgasms. Her pussy wildly contracting milking the vine as it explodes deep inside her. The vine lets her clam down but stays in her as Zeta speaks to her. The vine will please you, all it needs is the juices from you and the vine can keep you young and can improve your body tell it what you want. Jill says I would like larger breasts and nipples, fuller lip a fuller ass. Zeta says we will start tomorrow lets go to bed and let the vine drink of our juices tonight. My breast are full and need milking as they lay down and cuddle up to each other as the vine enters Zeta’s wet pussy and attaches to her breasts and slowly milks them and drinks from both slowly as they sleep releasing them before the morning. They both wake up refreshed and jump in the shower. They take turns playfully soaping each other up and rinses off and go to the kitchen for breakfast before starting to work in the garden. Jill asks when the vine will start to change me. Zeta tells her later today if you want to. How do you want it to do it? Do you have a fantasy you would like? Hume yes I do and I will tell it to the vine later today. I need to go and check on my house will be back in a few hours.

Jill leaves after helping Zeta with the garden. Zeta then gathers her produce and heads to market to sell her goods. As Zeta is at the market Jill returns and goes to the bedroom and calls the vine. The vine comes in to her as she stands in the center of the room. Jill tells the vine that she would like to be taken long and hard and above the floor. No mind numbing but I want feel everything. The vine brings a flower up to her face and she inhales deeply. Jill can feel it working making her senses more sensitive. As the vines start wrapping up her under her clothes. Starts cutting her clothes from her, and they fall to the floor. Up her body out her arms until it has her spread eagled as she stands. Then lay’s her down on her back above the floor. It sprays her down with fluid as it runs all over her body. Running over her wet pussy between the cheeks of her ass and parting them. The vine then shows her two very large vines over two foot long and round like a coke can and tapered. A mouth flower quickly attaches to each of her B size breast as one vine thrusts into her pussy; Jill gasps as it enters her hard and wastes no time fucking her with long hard strokes. Each time the vine pulls out Jill’s pussy lips tightly surround it, inviting it back in. her pussy is supper wet as the other vine enters her tight ass and starts half rotating as it pumps both hard and fast in her. Jill’s body quivers and her breathing is labored, she can feel her orgasm building. The vine keeps her on the edge. The two flower mouth vines squeeze her breasts as the smaller vine attaches to each nipple.

The bard like needles pierce her nipples, she gasps again as she can feel it releasing the fibers and they run through her breasts and ooze out fluid filling her breasts she can feel them tighten. The vine in her pussy and ass explode releasing smaller vines that make their way on up deeper in her ass and pussy. The vine in her pussy starts teasing her cervix. Then pushing on into her womb, feeding more of the vines in, slowly her womb expands. We can see a small bump on her belly getting bigger and bigger. Jill then looks nine months pregnant. The vines in her ass continue up inside her until they reach her stomach then start flooding her with fluid. then they start inching back out pulling the fluid from her stomach through her cleaning her out completely retracting into the larger vine that start thrusting into her ass and sucking the liquid from her.

The fiber like vines in her breasts has now made their way through her entire body oozing fluid to change her. Now the vine and her are one and allows her to go over the edge as the vines retract from her womb filling it with its liquid and starts thrusting in and out of her pussy fast. It raises her legs up over next to her head, you can see the fibers moving under her skin like waves on water as she screams and jerks in orgasm. The fiber like vines retracts out of her. The vine has fucked Jill for over four hours and as it slows down. It starts sucking the fluid from her breasts and pussy until it has drained her and lays her down on the floor releasing her but staying in her pussy and on her nipples as it slowly stimulated her until sometime in the morning and leaving her to rest as her body changes.

Zeta came in earlier as the vine was ravaging Jill and watched for a long time before going out to the back yard. The vine comes up to her and caresses her leg. She stops and sits with her legs spread out on the ground and talks to the vine telling it that she would like to fill the house with women. As the vine starts caressing her wet pussy, Zeta then lays back and pulls her legs up and letting them fall to each side. The vine slides in and Zeta gasps’ saying fuck me hard and lays her arms out from her surrendering to the vine. The vine starts thrusting into her deeply her breasts move with the rhythm of the vine. Zeta’s orgasm is building with each thrust her breathing is very labored as she arches her back she orgasms hard shaking all over her body flooding the vine with her juices. The vine hungrily sucking inside her pussy, as her orgasm stops the vine pulls out and speaks to her that it wants to understand women more and would like to tap her mind if she will let it. Zeta tells the vine that she will have to think about it. The vine also tells her that she will have more pleasure in doing this and to talk to Jill about it also. Zeta says ok and goes to check on Jill which is still in bed sleeping.

Zeta goes in the bed room and looks Jill over, she has changed but not completely she is lying on her side. Zeta can tell that her ass if now fuller and her breasts have gotten way bigger as she gently sits beside her and caresses her leg up to her ass. Jill rolls over and with sleepy eyes say hello. Zeta kisses her deeply on the lips and enters Jill’s mouth with her tongue. Jill kiss back the same as she reaches up and caress zeta’s breast and rolls her hard nipple between her fingers as they melt into each other. Zeta pauses for a bit to tell Jill what the vine wants to do. They agree and Zeta calls the vine in and says yes. The vine tells Zeta that it will let them enjoy each other first then will start. Zeta and Jill then continue by getting into a sixty-nine and start tonguing each other dripping pussy. Each is amazed on how wet the other is and how sweet the other tastes. They start teasing the other with a finger going faster and faster on the others clit before inserting inside each other.

Jill reaches under the pillow and takes out two vibrators and gives Zeta one and they each turn them on and start running each between the others wet puffy lips, each gasp as they enter each other. Harder and faster they go. As each play with one their own breast and nipple. Zeta and Jill explode at the same time as their juices push out around the vibrators. They lay next to each other and think about what will happen next as the vine comes into the room. Zeta and Jill smile at one another as they quickly get out of bed and get on the floor on their knees and lay down with their asses up in the air. The vine moves in and raises a vine above each girl like a snake going to strike. Then each pussy is penetrated hard and fast as the vine wraps them up filling each pussy up with fluid as it pumps into each. The vine then turns each girl over and puts their legs up to their shoulders and pulling out each girl then quickly placing the large flower mouths over their entire asses to the top of their pussies .then raising them from the floor and attaching to their breasts then turning them to one another so they can watch each other. Then darts fast into each pussy and ass again and start thrusting hard and fast as it sucks on their breasts before penetrating them and filling them up until they hurt. Each sees the other tied up and enjoys what is being done to the other. Each girl is drunk with pleasure and doesn’t see the vine come up behind the other. Like a scorpion’s tail and strikes each girl at the base of her skull both feels no pain as the barb enters the soft spot and makes it heal behind leaving no scar.

The barbs then erupt releasing fiber like vines that move through each girls mind, exploring them looking for the best places to attach. The vine knows to get the best results on finding the best places are to keep the girls in constant orgasm until it is complete. A small vine enters at the corner of the mouth of each and makes its way into each lung and releases the sense enhancing smell. Then coming out to the mouth and oozes fluid for each girl to slowly drink. Then it starts to pump each pussy hard and fast as they orgasm hard one watching the other cum. They jerk and quiver and gasp and scream as they have one after the other. The vine catching their juices from their flooding pussies, as the connection with each girl is complete it detaches from their breasts and they squirt on each other as the fluid flows from them and the vine squeezes them until they are not over full and releasing them to the floor facing each other out of breath and having after orgasm shakes until they fall asleep.

The vine reads their dreams as they sleep. Each dreaming of the past months events, the vine learns much about them and their desires before they awake in the morning. They sit on the floor as the vine gently milks each breast as the girls make plans for the day. Jill says the she has a buyer for her house and has to go and sign the paper work and will be getting her things from it and moving them in. Zeta says great I need to go to market to sell more goods and will be gone most of the day when she gets back she will help her. The vine finishes with them and they get up and get dressed and take off to do their things. The vine can still feel them and read them. Zeta sells her produce and browses around the market looking at different stuff. She notices a nice looking young man eyeing her which makes Zeta wet as he undresses her with his eyes. She is teasing looking back at him and motions for him to come to her as she goes down an alley. He follows her in until they can’t be seen and turns to him saying, you want me don’t you. The young man says yes. Zeta says I want you and now and kisses him as he melts into her roaming his hands all over her through her clothes. He lifts her short skirt up and grabs an ass check and says no panties and runs his finger along the crack of her ass before turning her back to the wall. Zeta says to him one less thing to remove as he rips her shirt apart. The buttons fly everywhere freeing her breasts, and hungrily sucking on one hard nipple, while rolling the other between his fingers as. She grabs his hair and holding his head to her breasts. He loosens his pants and lets his hard cock spring free as he lifts her up by her thighs and she wraps them around him as her drives his cock deep into her wet and waiting pussy. Zeta says give it to me. That’s it harder, make me your bitch. As she runs her fingers through his hair as he pounds her pussy. Zeta gets louder and he places his hand over her mouth as Zeta orgasms hard, locking her legs around him pulling him into her as he climaxes. She can feel him each time he squirts in to her hungry pussy, as it milks his cock of every drop before putting her legs down. Zeta tells him thanks I needed that and starts home leaving the man there in the alley as she ties her top up and leaves.

Jill goes to her house to sign her paper work and to arrange to get her stuff. She meets the man that gives her the bank check as she signs all the paperwork. Jill then thanks him that all her things will be out by the end of the week and starts to leave. He says wait stay a little bit tell me more about the house that I just bought. Ok Jill says and starts going through each room. She walks ahead of him as he drinks her in with his eyes. After going through the entire house she stops and tells him. I would love to have one more fuck here before I leave as she unzips her hooded jacket that she was wearing. Lets her tight shorts fall to her feet and step out of them. He eyes her from top to bottom. Very nice large DD sized breasts and hard nipples at least a half inch long. As she runs her hands over her own breasts and sucks on a nipple before roaming on down her body. Jill then lies down on the floor and spreads herself wide putting her legs out wide and says come get some.

No man would think twice and hurrying takes his shirt off, and kicking his shoes off. About falling as he takes his pants off and then dives in between her legs to give her open pussy a licking. He licks her to the brink of orgasm. Then stops coming up to her as he looks her in the eyes and lets his hard cock slowly slide in her lips open up as he enters her. Jill gasps as slowly goes all the way inside her and starts grinding with hips in half circles. Jill runs her finger nails down his sides causing him to gasp as he starts thrusting into her faster and faster until you can hear him slapping into her hard pop, pop, and pop. Just as she starts to orgasm he stops and puts her on her knees and enters her quickly pulling her hips to him as pounds her pussy. Jill screams don’t stop as her orgasm hits hard, the walls of her pussy squeeze and try to pull him in deeper. He slows down until he withdraws completely then goes back in. he does this a few times then feeling her relax in one stroke enters her ass. Jill gasps as he does then starts pounding into her again causing her to orgasm again causing him to explode in her ass. Jill can feel each pump his cock makes as he shoots hot cum in her ass. He then lies next to her and they catch their breath. He tells her that was wonderful. Jill says, it was but I am not done with you yet. As Jill starts sucking his limp cock back to life. She sucks on him like no woman has ever sucked him before. His legs go numb, and the room spins. His body jerks as he begs her to quit. Jill pays him no mind as she continues until he screams and shoots into her mouth not just one or two small squirts but twelve big ones. Jill takes it all and then sucks him dry, and smiles up at him with cum on the corner of her mouth saying. Now I am done and gets up, and gets dressed says bye and leaves to go back to her new home.

Zeta and Jill arrive back home about the same time each saying to the other you look like you just got fucked and smile and go in to meet the vine which has felt everything they have and read their thoughts. A vine goes up to Zeta and enter her pussy to sample of cum the man has left her and to Jill and enters her ass to sample her. The vine speaks to each girl saying. You each had fun and enjoyed the man each of you had. Your feelings were different than with me and you each had feeling of wanting to have their child. The girls tell the vine yes it is the feeling that most women have during sex. The vine says I can help you feel that if you want me to. It will take me a day to change for you to carry my child but you will have to leave this place to go elsewhere or you can get a man to impregnate you. We will get a man to do that for us we want to stay here. The vine says ok but I will lure other women her for that then. The vine retreats and the girls go to bed after a hard day.

The next day the vine enters the bed room where the girls are sleeping and gently milks then as they awake enters there pussies to drink of them there and tells the girls how it has changed for the ones that want to remain here they won’t be pregnant but the ones by chance meeting will be half pregnant by the vine. Until they find a man they want and have him to cum inside then it will be complete. They will carry a vine inside to take and have for their own. It will know all it knows. The girls say ok and please fuck us both now we need it bad. The vine then starts to squirt its fluid on them as it moves in to take then. They say stop we are going to take you this time and they each grab a vine and start to suck on it deep throat it before shoving it into each other’s pussy using it like a live dildo until each has a orgasm hard before letting the vine take over. The vine raises one leg up and plunged in hard and fast until the vine explodes in each before drinking of them. Leaving them exhausted, then goes outside to try out its new smell.

The vine goes out and releases a new smell one that attracts females. It isn’t long until one comes by sniffing trying to find the source of the wonderful smell. As she nears the vine she is under its spell as she removes her clothes. A nice plump little brunette, the vine can read her hormones and can tell she is might be ready to carry a seed. She pauses at the vine as it runs up her leg and tastes her juices to make sure she is ready. She is as the very small vine enters her womb to harvest her egg and to combine it with its seed. It wraps her up and cups her ass as it attaches to her breasts to suck on her nipples. It lets her collapse to the ground. It pulls her legs up and they fall to the sides opening up her pussy that looks like a flower its self. Then shoots straight into her pussy, and starts pumping hard and fast into her. She gasps as her breasts move with each thrust. The vine changes her egg and adds it to a seed about the size of a golf ball. As it moves up the vine you can see the budge get closer to the girls pussy. The girl now starting to enjoy what the vine is doing to her as she gets closer to orgasm. The vine thrust in fully entering her womb. She screams as her orgasm shakes her all over, and places the egg in her womb. Leaving a little of its fluid as it pulls out. It detaches from her breasts and implants a thought in her head if you want a vine of your own to please you. You must find a man of your choice and have him to please you as I have to complete the process. She groggily gets up and dresses herself and leaves not remembering where she was but she enjoyed herself.

The vine comes back to the bed room and lets the girls know what has happened and to look out for the girl. They agree and can’t wait to see her. We see the young girl on town the next day. She has a hunger in her eyes as she checks each man over that she passes, to old, to young, needs to be taller. Bingo she finds one that she likes and goes up to him and starts making small talk. Zeta and Jill hang back out of sight watching her talk to him. Jill says oh my …that is the same man that bought my house; this is going to be good. As the little plump girl takes his arm and goes to his place. Once inside she slowly removes her clothes as the man removes his. They eye each other naked the man likes the little plump girl. Her full breasts and plump ass, the girl eyes the man and gasping at his semi hard cock it must be eight inches so far as she reaches out and takes him be the cock and leads him to the bedroom. She pushes him backwards on the bed and climbs on top of him. She looks him in the eyes as she sits on his now rock hard cock that has grown to ten inches and slowly takes him into her wet pussy. Then starts to ride and grind her hips onto him hard. He reaches up and grasps her breasts and rolls her nipples between his fingers. As her juices flow around his cock she leans forward on him so that her breasts hand in his face. He then grabs her waist and sucks each nipple as he pulls her down onto his cock. He can feel her orgasm building as well as his. They lock eyes as each climaxes the same time she can feel each time he squirts deep inside her. Zeta and Jill watch through a window and Jill counts as pumps into her over twelve times. The plump girl lies down on top of him still inside her while her pussy milks the last drop from him. She then rolls over and they sleep in each other’s arms. The little plump girl has the man for more times that night to make sure she has enough of his cum in her but the first time was enough as the seed inside starts to grow in size.

Over the next few months the little plump girls belly grows in size. Zeta and Jill invite her over and they make small talk. The vine comes in and startles her a second then she remembers everything as zeta and Jill caress her belly where are you going to have it at. The little plump girl says I have a large estate about one-hundred miles from here of over six-hundred acres. Her belly rolls as the vine moves inside then her water breaks. It is time as she starts labor. Which by surprise isn’t a hard labor you see one small vine push out her pussy and waves around as more of it comes out she takes one of the vines and places it on her nipples as it attaches and starts to suck. Another one comes out and finds her tight ass hole and enter her as she gasps as more enter her and another one moves up to the other breast and starts to suck. Having drained both breasts return to her womb and wiggle around inside her causing her to climax hard before settling down. To her surprise the vine is still deep in her ass wiggling around keeping her wet as the vine feeds on her. She can feel it has grown in size. She tells the girls that I have to go home. But will wait until after the weekend. Zeta and Jill smile and suck on each breast. The vine inside the plump girl liking what it feels comes out and caress zeta’s inner thigh before inserting into her wet pussy. Jill wanting some attention moves closer and a vine enters her. The baby vine has all three girls dripping wet and feeds on all three. Each lay on their backs with their legs spread wide .as the vine moves from the plump girl and enters Zeta. She gasps as it fills her womb. Then wiggling her to orgasm and feeding from her before moving on to Jill. Doing her same then returns to the plump girl now larger in size that it has to put more of it in her ass. It then attaches to a breast again and stays there slowly sucking her breast as they all fall asleep. The weekend has passed and the plump girl takes her leave. You can no longer tell that she is pregnant for the vine has balanced itself throughout her for the trip to its new home. But that is another story altogether.

The vine comes on and gently wakes the girls by sucking on their hard full breasts and feeding on their pussies as they wake up. It tells them about having a vine in side you and takes with you as you go to town. Of course the girls are game and say yes as the vine inserts what seems to be over six foot of itself in side each then snaps off. The vine tells them that it can live as long as they are one to go and have fun. They are about to put clothes on the vines exit their pussies and change to metallic green purple color that flows over their bodies hugging all their curves like a living spandex. Leaving much cleavage and showing off their hard nipples. Wow they say the vine says I knew you would like as they go to town to play. They walk into town and the looks they get as girls come up to them and ask where you got that outfit. They smile and say do you want one come with us. Each picks out a girl to bring home. On the way the girls touch the outfits, which seem to have a mind of their own. Saying it seems alive as it moves with your bodies.
As they get halfway home the girls go to an out of the way spot. And stop saying you like our outfits come here and we will give you a time you will never forget. The other girls take off their clothes and get close feeling how warm they are. They each kiss and pull them tight to one another as the vine outfits start enveloping the young women. They start to panic as Zeta and Jill say go with it and you will orgasm like never before. As the vines roam their bodies they lie down and let the vines, zeta and Jill please them. Zeta tongue kisses one and gently sucks her breast as she slides a finger between her legs and teases her clit as she opens up for her. Zeta moves between her legs as she burry’s her head between her thighs and gives her tonguing to the brink of orgasm then stops and moves up her body think I would love to fuck this girl like a man the vine one with her. Extending out of her pussy like a hard cock. About eleven inches, round like a coke can. Hanging from her as they both see it and grin at one another as zeta runs it between her pussy lips to her surprise she can feel it as she does and they both gasp as she enters her gently.
Oh my, is this how it feels when a guy first enters me. I can feel how tight she is, and how wet her pussy is. As she is squeezing me as I start slowly thrusting in and out of her.

I am working on a part 3 if everybody likes so far. My writing will approve thanks for reading and comments, ideas are welcome.

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