Waiting (part 10)

"We're going to die!" The soldier was freaking out. He paced in the tiny room, banging on the walls. "The aliens took the captain and the pilot and they're going to kill us when they come back!"

The other soldier sighed. "We've been in worse," he said simply.

"No we haven't! We've never been in anything like this!"

"Just calm down, Cal," the man said, putting his hands on the frantic man's shoulders. "We're going to be fine. Just remember your training."

Cal breathed deeply, attempting to calm himself. He ran his hand over his head, wiping the sweat out of his short blonde hair. He turned to face the other man and said, "You always were the cool one, Ben."

Ben nodded. He let his dark hair fall over his face. He had remained quiet during their captain's ordeal but something about it made him uneasy.

"You know something," Ben said as casually as he could. "When the captain was being," he paused, leaving the rest unspoken.

"I was getting turned on," Cal said. "I'm sorry, but seeing her fuck those monsters just did something to me."

"I had such a hard on!" Ben exclaimed, relieved to find out he was not the only one turned on by the show. "I could fuck a horse!"

Cal laughed, "I hope it doesn't come to that!"

Ben smiled, the tension easing for a moment. He sat down on the floor of the bare cell, resting his arms on his knees.

Cal put his hand on his friend's arm and said, "Ben, if we are going to die, or worse, I want you to know how I feel."

Ben looked into the other man's eyes, "You're in love with me?" he exclaimed. "Pervert!"

Cal stepped away, shocked and ashamed. He felt foolish and cursed at himself before stammering, "No! No, that's not it!"

Ben rose to his feet, laughing. He turned the other man around to face him and spoke softly, "It's okay, Cal. I wouldn't mind if you were."

Cal smiled and leaned into the other man, kissing him softly. "I don't want to die without telling you. We've worked together for a long time and…"

"I'm not gay," Ben explained. "I'm just okay with this. Because it's you."

"I'm not gay, either," Cal added. "Just for the record." He kissed the other man harder, wrapping his arms around the larger man's body.

Ben reached down between the blonde's legs and said, "Still excited, I can tell."

Cal smiled, "Fuck me, Ben."

Ben took of his trousers and began to remove his shirt. He paused to watch the blonde man drop to his knees and sighed as he felt the man's warm mouth on his hard cock.

"Oh my god, that's so good!" Ben exclaimed. He put his hand on Cal's head, enjoying the touch of the young man. He let his head swim in the moment, feeling a million miles away from himself.

Cal slid his mouth down the shaft of his friend's dick, taking the rock hard member to the hilt. He moved his tongue around inside his mouth, tasting every inch of the man's shaft. He put his hands on the other man's ass and pulled him closer, holding on tightly.

"You're going to make me cum like that," Ben said. He felt the pressure building and held on to the blonde's head as he continued to suck his dick.

Cal didn't stop, instead he tightened his hold on the other man's but, moving his head quickly back and forth until he tasted the first drop of cum in his mouth.

"Oh, Cal! You're making me cum!" Ben shouted as he felt the cum travel up through his cock and burst into his friend's mouth. "Don't stop, Cal! Don't stop!"

Cal moved his head back further, increasing the length of his stroke, swallowing every drop of his new lover's cum. He kept the aching shaft in his mouth until he felt Ben's body relax, then let it fall out of his mouth. He stroked Ben's cock lightly and ran his tongue over his balls.

"That was incredible!" Ben said. He dropped to his knees and kissed the other man. "Do you want to fuck me now?"

Cal nodded and kissed Ben, then licked his body as the other man turned around on his hands and knees. He ran his tongue down between his cheeks, tasting the sweat from Ben's body.

"Lick my asshole," Ben said. His breathing was heavy and he arched his back slightly. "Get me nice and wet."

Cal did as he was told, running his tongue over the larger man's asshole, flicking it inside.

"That's so good," Ben moaned. He clenched his fists as the blonde's tongue darted inside him. "I had no idea!"

Cal rose to his knees, his cock was hard and red. "I want to fuck you so bad!"

"Stick it in, baby. Fuck that ass!"

Cal pushed his cock inside Ben's ass. He had dreamed about that moment for so long he nearly feinted at the realization it was happening. He nearly came in his lover's ass as he began to thrust, causing Ben to moan and writhe beneath him.

Cal reached his hand around Ben's broad body, searching for his cock as it grew harder with every thrust. He took hold of the man's cock and began to stroke it in a rhythmic motion matching his anal pounding. "You're getting so hard, Ben," Cal moaned.

Ben pushed his ass against Cal's pelvis, focusing on the hand that pumped his cock. "Make me cum, man. I want to cum with your dick in my ass!"

Cal tightened his grasp and pumped Ben's shaft faster. He felt a trickle of cum run down his fingers as Ben began to make his body rigid.

"Just like that, baby!" Ben said loudly.

Cal could feel the man's body seize as his cock starting to spray hot cum on the cell floor. He kept stroking him and pushed his own dick harder in Ben's ass. Cal bit his lip as his body was wracked with an orgasmic wave that delivered his load into the man's tightening ass.

"I can feel you cumming inside my ass!" Ben shouted, dropping his head to the floor. He strained to keep from screaming even louder as he felt a load of his own cum hit him in the face. He licked his lips, tasting his hot cum on his tongue.

"I love it, Ben!" Cal exhaled. He could feel the cum move its way up his shaft and into the other man's asshole, then move down the length of his dick and drip down his balls. He clenched Ben's hips tightly and withdrew his cock slowly.

"Lick my asshole again, Cal," Ben said. "Please?"

Cal knelt behind the large man and ran his tongue between his cheeks, licking cum out of his asshole. Cal moaned in ecstasy as he tasted the results of their coupling.

"Everything's going to be all right, Cal," Ben said as he relaxed. "We're going to be fine."

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