The Indian and the snake Oil Salesman

The Indian and the snake Oil Salesman

One day a Man, selling snake oil, spies an inidan coming into town with his dog, his horse and a flock of Sheep.

walking up he tells the Indian "Buy some of my potion, it can do anything it can even make your animals TALK!

The Indian, wise in his ways shakes his head "Animals no talk"

"Why sure they do" replied the Salesman "look I'll give you a free sample" so he pours a bit in a saucer, the Indian's dog laps some up and the salesman asks the dog "So dog, how does the Indian treat you?

The Dog barks and then begins to speak "Woof Woof geerr..o..o.k. he..he pets me..and gives me food.

The indian looks startled, but suspecting a trick he shakes his head "animals NO talk!"

The salesman is not one to give up..sighs and says "how about another demonstration" so he pours some of the liquid in the horse's trough and asks "horse, How does the Indian treat you?"

The Horse whinnies and then begins to talk Nuhhhh huh h o.k. he..he rubs me down..g gives me oats, and grass….

Again the Indian looks startled, but affirms firmly "ANIMALS no TALK.

Sighing the salesman says look…one LAST demonstration Let's ask your sheep…

Before he says another word the indian grunts "SHEEP LIE!"

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