a fantasy_(0)

a fantasy_(0)

I am taking out the trash. I am fourteen. I am on my way to a friend’s house for the weekend and I have to drop the sack in the can before I am able to go. I have my bag with me so I don’t have to go back inside and be told yet again about all the things I must avoid and must follow. I let go of the plastic and hear a thump.

Then my ear suddenly hurts and everything went black. I can see, its just dark over me. Someone has covered my head with something. I am hurting from the blow, but I am alright. The person picked me up and put me in the back seat of a car. I can feel the person buckling me into the seat with both buckles so that I can’t sit up. I feel the car moving away from my home and I wonder if my parents saw anything. I cannot tell how far we travel because it is so long that I fall asleep.

When I wake up, I am on a bed and being undressed. My eyes are a little blurry, but I can see it is a man undressing me. He is older than my father, but I don’t think by far. His eyes are looking so intently at me. I feel my face flushed from the way he is looking at me while he is taking off my panties and bra. I am stunned by the events and feel numb inside, so I don’t even try to fight him when he pulls me into the bathroom and puts me in a tub of warm water.

He tells me to call him Daddy as he begins washing my back. He uses a large soft sponge and plenty of soap to suds my whole body up. He washes my hair and pours water over me to rinse. He moves down towards my pussy and sees a small amount of hair. He tells me to hold really still and be a good girl and uses a razor to shave off my hair. I am starting to feel at this point. I feel scared and a little turned on. No one had ever touched me like this before. It made my body tingle in ways I was unsure of.

When he finished shaving my pussy, he continued his work and shaved my legs. He washed and cleaned gently every part of my body until he was satisfied with his job. He then instructed me to stand up and hold my arms out. He said that I must behave as a little girl should and let her Daddy take care of her.

After he dried my body he told me to lie down on the bed. I obeyed him, a little frightened that he might harm me if I didn’t. He took out a bottle of lotion and started to apply it. He rubbed it all over my skin from head to toes. He told me how lovely my tiny tits were and how much he was going to care for me. He caressed my naked skin lovingly and kissed my mouth as I lay obediently for him.

My body was tingling so much from the massage and affection I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I wanted to explore the feelings he was provoking in me, but I didn’t even know him and I was truly worried that if I did one wrong thing this man may yet prove to be more than dangerous. My body betrayed my mind. I couldn’t control the way he was making it feel with his touches, and he could tell. He said it pleased him that I was so responsive.

He pulled out some white panties and a white camisole and told me to get up and step into them for him. I again just obeyed him without really thinking about it. As he slid the panties up my legs, his fingers grazed my bald pussy. It flinched from the feeling of his finger. He smiled at me and pulled up the back of the panties, pulling my ass cheeks apart and touching the tiny hole. “Very nice, little one.” My face went a deeper shade of red than I had ever seen on a person.

Next he pulled out a lacy little girl’s nightgown and placed it over my head, pulling my arms through as if I could not dress myself. He told me I was a good girl and took a brush from the bag he had all the other things in. Then with one arm he picked me up, his hand on my bottom and a finger wandering between my legs. He sat down in a chair and started to brush my hair. He put it into two braids and tied ribbons to the ends. Then he pulled me close to his face and told me that he loved his new little girl very much. He said he would only ever punish me if I disobeyed him and that I must always show respect and love. Then he kissed my cheek and sniffed my neck.

He told me I smelled so nice and clean from my bath. He said he liked clean little girls and started stroking my nightgown. He looked at me intently. “Do you love your Daddy too baby?” I wasn’t sure what to say. I felt so frightened not to anger this man that had quickly swept me away from everything I knew. “Yes, daddy. I love you so much.” I said. Hoping that was what he wanted me to hear. His eyes lit up. He hugged me close and kissed my neck. This time though, he started to nibble at my neck. His hands pulled the bottom of my nightgown up till he could see my panties. He touched the outside of my panty right where my clit was, as if he knew my body better than I did. I shuddered from the excitement of his touch, and the fear that he may truly defile my body in ways I was yet ready for.

“What’s wrong baby? You want to help daddy feel better too? Oh I knew you would be a good one. I am so pleased with you.” He pulled his fully erect and terrifyingly large cock out of his pants. “Here baby, you can hold it so you don’t feel all alone.” He put my hand around the shaft of his hard on. “You can squeeze it a little, but be gentle when you do.” I moved my hand as he indicated and pumped his throbbing member even though my hand was quickly tiring from the action.

He was rubbing my asshole and my clit with his fingers through my panties, and he kept telling me how good I was. What a sweet little girl I was, and how he was going to teach me everything I would ever need to know. I was a little worried at that thought. It sounded like he wasn’t going to let me ever go home. At least he didn’t threaten to kill me. My body was still reacting without my approval to his touches. My panties were seeping wet from my juices.

He slipped the crotch of the panties aside and slid his pinky finger into my pussy hole. I moaned ever so slightly at the entry. I had not yet found a need to use it. He was very pleased at the tightness he felt and said so repeatedly. He started sniffing my crotch and licked his finger. Then he slid his two middle fingers in and started sucking on my clit. I arched my back involuntarily and let go of his cock while he sucked on my clit till it started to hurt. His fingers working furiously at my hole. He stuck his tongue inside my pussy and licked up all the wetness and I felt like my body had burst into his mouth. He told me I was a very good girl and that he was really proud of me for that.

He said it was ok that I let go of his cock that time, but next time I had better not forget what I was doing. He would give me one chance to fix the problem and then he was going to have to punish me. I quickly found his cock and started squeezing it again like he had showed. I thought he would say I was good again, but he slapped my face hard. It stung the way it struck me so sharply. He said, “No, I want you to fix the problem. You are not returning my gift. You will open your mouth and take my cock into it immediately.” I was shocked, tears were welling in my eyes for the first time and I wished in that moment someone would break down the door and find me here forced into this obscenity.

Instead I got another slap in the face. “I said NOW!” His voice boomed so loud I jumped. I opened my mouth and took in his cock. He shoved it aggressively into my throat as soon as I had it inside my lips. He grabbed the back of my hair and started moving my head and fucking my face. My eyes had watered up and tears started to run down my cheeks. I thought I would die with his dick in my mouth. Finally he let me breathe. He pulled it out of my mouth and told me that I would never hesitate again for him. Then he slapped my face with his slobbery cock and asked me if I wanted to have it in my mouth again. I didn’t hesitate to tell him yes. I opened my mouth and looked up at him. He flicked my tongue with the tip of his cock and said he wasn’t convinced I really wanted it. He said I had to ask nicely for it. “Please may I suck your cock?” I said. He slapped me. He said he didn’t believe I meant that and that I was to call him Daddy at all times. “Daddy,” I started, “please let me make you feel good like you made me feel. I want to make you happy. Please?” He smiled at me. “That was better,” he said, “but I think you will need to work on how you talk to me more extensively in the future.” He shoved his cock back in my mouth and face fucked me till he was ready to cum.

He pulled my head back and told me to keep my eyes open to watch him. He squirted his load in my face and on my open mouth and tongue. He covered my face with his goop and told me that I should thank him. I did immediately. He used his cock to rub the cum all over my cheeks and face and spread it into my mouth. Lick it up he told me so I did. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, but I didn’t really want to be doing any of the these things he had shown me since bringing me here.

Daddy told me I was a good girl. He said I was doing really well learning, but he wanted to make sure I understood my place with him so that I would never disobey him even a little. I was scared when he said this. I didn’t know what he meant. He stood me up and pulled down my panties. He turned my body over his knee and told me to hold very still for him. I started to cry. I knew what this was. I had had enough spankings when I was a kid to know at this point what was going on. He told me I had better keep quiet until it really hurt or he would do it longer and harder from the start.

The first whack stung, the second whack felt like it bruised me, but by the 15th or so whack it was feeling less like a sting and more of a deep burn. He gave me a good ten more while tears poured silently out of my eyes. Then he stopped and rubbed my bottom. He said it looked nice and red and that I was doing a good job behaving. He stuck a finger inside my pussy and pulled out some of the juices I had again developed. He rubbed the wetness all over my ass cheeks and started to spank me again. He gave me at least 20 more whacks before he stopped. I was breathless and sobbing as quietly as I could when he stood me up.

“Spread your legs baby.” I moved my feet apart for him. He stuck his finger inside me again. “I want you to tell me how much you needed that spanking now. You owe me a thanks for taking such good care of you.”

“Thank you Daddy, I know I deserved the spanking. I am so happy that you are here to teach me how to be a good girl. I want to be good for you. Please help me more.”

He smiled at me again. He took me into his arms and kissed my mouth deeply swirling his tongue around mine. You are a good girl he breathed into my mouth. He pulled my panties off all the way now and turned me around and set me on his lap. I could feel his large cock thumping against my ass crack. He grinded his body into mine and told me to move like that. I grinded back into him and soon he was picking me up and positioning my pussy over his cock.

“Tell daddy how much you want this baby.” He said

“Please Daddy, put it inside me. I want to feel you inside me, please.”

He told me I was a good girl and rested my body on top of his cock. It took a moment for it to get all the way into my pussy. He had to pull on my shoulders to get all the way through, even with all the wetness I had. I cried out in pain when he was able to move me down the entirety of his shaft. He said I would get used to it. Not to cry out except in pleasure. I shut my mouth and tried to make my moaning sound like I enjoyed him moving my body hard up and down on his cock.

He soon became tired of this position and told me to get up on the bed on my knees. I cooperated and he stuck his dick in me and fucked me doggy style. His thick hard cock pumping in and out of my pussy was bruising my inner flesh. I knew I was too small for this kind of sex, but there was nothing I could do about it.

He wanted a change again; he had me lay back and pulled my legs up so they rested over his shoulders. He kept fucking me in a hard rhythmic way. I felt my body build up wave after wave of pleasure through his pounding. I cried out to him and he slapped me again. My body kept shuddering as he pounded away. I thought I could take no more when he finally pulled out of me and told me to open my mouth like before. I did what he asked and he squirted his goop all over me again. He told me to suck his cock and get all of the cum out. I drank what I could get out of it and asked him for more, hoping that would make him be a little gentler. He told me I was very good indeed and that I would do better next time.

Then he told me I had to get ready for my bath because he was expecting company and he wanted me to look extra nice for his friends.

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