Hyori's last peformance

Hyori's last peformance

am a secret multi-millionaire who lives in a huge mansion. No one knows who i am and I want to keep my indentity a secret because I make my money through illegal means, mainly through importing illegal drugs. Because of my overwhelming wealth, I can pretty much afford to buy anything I want. There is one thing though, I am hideously ugly. My face is extremely disfigured and no girl can stand to look at me. Often times however, i hire people to kidnap certain girls i find rather attractive. They bring them to me tied up, and give the kidnapper the cash, i rape the girl or do whatever my sick little mind pleases to do with them and then typically i think of some very sick way of getting rid of them.

One day i was flipping though channels on my television and accidently flipped onto a korean channel. i was going to flip right back to whatever it was i was watching, i think it was football, when the girl onstage on the TV caught my eye. it was a korean pop singer's concert. she was very young, extremely beautiful and pretty, with tanned skin, a thick behind, an some nice sized jugs, not too big, but nicely sized. She was so damn cute. Her name was Hyori.

I did research on this Hyori girl. She apparently was an extremely popular pop star in Korea, a good little Christian girl, and probably the most coveted virgin pussy in all of Asia. She was beautiful and i knew that i had to have her no matter what the cost. i could just imagine her screaming as i carried out my fantasies on her. I asked around to all the men i knew that were experts in kidnapping, but they all said it was too dangerous except one, who agreed for a million dollars. that was a lot of money, but i needed that pussy.

The kidnapper i hired was named Wayne. Wayne knew that Hyori's next concert was in a few weeks, so he flew over to Korea. He also did his research and found out my beloved Hyori had a boyfriend. luckily, he had not had the opportunity to fuck her yet cuz she was a christian virgin girl. i wanted to be the first to fuck that sweet innocent beauty. Wayne found out that this boyfriend was going to pick her up after the concert in a limo. The night before the concert, he killed the boyfriend.

I watched the performance on TV, knowing that this would be the last time young Hyori would be a virgin or be performing forever. She was so sexy. She would sing her songs, shake her rump around a little, damn. my licked my lips and my mouth was watering. I couldnt wait. After the show, Hyori went backstage and waited. a black limo pulled up and the door opened.

"Hey, you're not…" she began before Wayne pulled her into the car and tied her up. she screamed and kicked around, but Wayne finally had her all tied up. He brought her to me that night. She had not changed from her performance attire either. she was still dressed in a pair of extremely short daisy duke pink gym shorts and a matching pink tight little top that didnt cover her belly button. Her soft hair was so silky and smooth and her thighs shook a little everytime she tried to struggle. Fortunately, Wayne had tied her pretty tighty. I paid Wayne the cash and he left. It was Hyori and I alone in my dark cellar. This was what I wanted.

"Who are you?" she asked in a frightened voice. I smiled, walking behind her. She shook with fear. I came up behind her, pulling her body towards mine. I felt her warm bottom through her shorts and my cock became hard. Wayne had done a good job tightening her arm behind her back. She was so damn sexy. One of my hands moved back and forth and up and down her inner thigh while the other one cruised her belly, gripping her to me. My mouth sucked on her neck. Damn! She tasted good!

"You can call me master," I said with a sick smile. I licked the side of her cute little Korean face. She quivered.

"Have you ever been spanked?" I whispered into her ear. Her eyes open wide with fright.

"You mean to tell me," i asked, pulling her ass deeper into my crotch area, "that this nice thick Asian ass have never been spanked before?" i saw a tear slide down her cheek. I forced her into a bent over position and pulled her pink little shorts up so that her ass cheeks were showing. She was struggling now, but I was entirely too strong for her.

"No, pelase don't!" she creid out. My hand spanked her right cheek. Spank! Spank! Spank! Then her lef one, spank! Spank! Spank! she cried out in pain as my hand spanked her nice ass. Her ass cheeks jiggled a bit after everything strike y hand made on her ass. Spank! Spank! tears came out of her chinky Korean eyes. Her tan ass skin moving around. Spank! everytime my hand would leave a red mark across her beautiful ass cheeks.

"What did i ever do to you to make you want to do this to me?" she asked in fear. I spanked her again and laughed sadistically. Spank!

"You are so cute baby," I said, "Good little girl. I saw you on TV and knew I needed to fuck you. I need to spank you! I needed to hurt you! God made you for me to toture! I want you to fuckin feel the pain of my wrath!" Spank! she begged. Spank! she cried out in pain again. Spank! Spank! Spank! Her ass cheeks were pretty red now, like an oversized cherry. I smiled at my art. Spank! Spank! I relentlessly continued the spanking assault on pretty little Hyori.

Spank! I finished my spanking episode. She sobbed, tears rolling down her cheeks. I pulled her bautiful body back to a standing position. She had much more curvature than I had expected on TV. She was a lot more thick in the rear, and her flesh was even softer and tastier than i had imagined. She stood there, quivering.

"Okay, you're done spanking me," she cried, "I don't know who you are, but let me go now. You had your fun." I laughed and pushed her over so she fell back first onto the hard concrete of my dark cellar. She screamed out in pain.

"You thought that was all I had planned for you Hyori?" i asked, "No, no, no, master has so much more he plans to do to your sexy little ass." I gave a sadistic little chuckle. I unzipped my jeans and pulled the down, then took off my boxers.

"No!" she screamed out, "No! I am a virgin! please don't take the one thing given to me by God himself. It's a sin!" I smiled at her innocence. What a nice little girl. I pulled her shorts to her ankles and revealed her sweet pussy. I could tell instantly she was a virgin from how tight it looked. I doubt if a neddle could fit through that little openeing. Thats the way I liked it though, sweet and tight.

"No!" she screamed as i crawled over her body. She couldnt fight back cuz her legs were tied at the ankles and her arms her fastened behind her back. All she could do was beg, beg for her virginity, beg for it all, but it was no use. Her sexy voice begging me to stop only turned my perverted dick on more. I slid it into the pussy lips was brute force. She screamed in pain and i felt the tight pussy. Damn, it was tight. I shoved it in hard. She screamed out.

"No! Please No!"

"Yes Hyori! Yes!" I said, "Im gonna fuck you, you little bitch!" I locked lips with her and my dick slide all the way in. I felt a rip as it did. Damn! Her pussy juice felt good around my cock, thicker than lotion! I could tell she was a virgin! Rip! I felt the walls of her coveted pussy tearing up. This is how I liked it. I knew she was in pain. she tried to scream, but my mouth was locking her, my tongue was down her throat, so it was muffled.

Im not sure how long it was, but I finally let go. I busted a huge nut into her pussy and i felt a final rip. blood leaked from between her legs and spread down her inner thighs, her nice tan inner thighs. Yes. Since her legs were tied together, her struggling smeared the blood across the flesh of her upper inner thigh cuz her legs were pinned together. looked so hot.

i smiled. she was so pretty. i turned her over so she was face first to the hard concrete now.

"No!" she screamed. I plunged my cock into her tight little asshole too. Damn! It was tight too! It wrapped around my dick so warm and inviting. She screamed in pain as i felt the hole riping as well the give way for my massive cock to penetrate. She screamed. My cock pumped into her asshole and she couldnt take it. tears swelled up in her eyes.

"You will go to Hell for this!" she screamed out. I laughed.

"You are already in Hell Hyori," I laughed, "My Hell!" My dcik ripped open her asshole too and blood leaked out.

"You won't be able to shit right for a week," I laughed. then i leaned in closer to her from behind. She was still lying face first in the ground and i was on top of her. i put my lips to her ears and whispered: "but dont worry, you wont live that much longer." i chuckled and she screamed.

"Did you know Hyori," i asked, "That knives hurt?" she screamed loudly and cried, begging to be let go.

"You already stole my blessed virginity," she complained, "no more, please! let me go. I dont know who you are and i wont tell on you! please! please!" i took out a knife. she screamed.

i lightly dragged the dull side of the knife down the back hard of her upper thigh. She closed her eyes thightly and whinced.

"God! Please…" she began praying, "You are my father, grant me the serenity…" I plunged the knife into her thigh. She screamed in pain. I dragged the knife down her thigh, ripping it open. I laughed and she cried.

"…to accept the things…" she continued her prayer. I put my mouth to her thigh and where the wound was and began to eat. I took massive bites and chunks out of her flesh at a time. she was the most tastiest meat Ive ever eaten ever!

"…i cannot change, the courage to…" she continued. I took another bite! yummy! she screamed out! delicious! have you ever eaten chicken that was so tender and juciy? thats how she tasted. i took another bite and she cried out in pain. I feasted on that thigh.

after the thigh had been nearly demolished by my perverted hunger, i continued to the hindquarter of her leg. It was even tastier. right below her ass, her thick leg flesh was so damn tasty. delicious! i gobbled it down as she cried and prayed to God. I was having my way with her. I finally gobbled down a lot of her leg. Now it was tiem for desert!

"Hyori!" i smiled, "You have such beautiful eyes!" I turned her around so her back was to the ground again and crept up to her face. my tongue licked around her cheek bone and her nose. She was crying. I loved it. desert…what should i eat for desert! I placed my hand on her head and my pointer finger and thumb peeled her eyelashes back. her eye was fully exposed now, looking back and forth frantically, not knowing what i was about to do.

"Desert!" I screamed, fainlly finding what my desert would be. I put my mouth to her eyeball and chewed it up, eating it and swallowing it. Yummy! She cried in pain! I had just devoured her eyeball! I looked at my art. she lay there, scared as Hell. I though about finishing her off now, her breasts, her other leg, her other eye…and so forth. but then i thought i still have tomorrow. it took me forever to get this girl…why use her all up today?

so i left her in my cellar. tomorrow she would still be there, slightly alive…and i would have another fuck-fest and a feast! yay!


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