Babysitting the Twins Again

Babysitting the Twins Again

Babysitting the Twins Again

I’ve known the twins, William and Robert, for a long time. Of course, everyone calls them Billy and Bobby. They call me Debbie. When I was 14 and they were 7, I first started to babysit for them. I’d bring over some games and crafts, and we’d have the most fun. When they started with cub scouts, I’d help them with their scouting activities. As they got a little older, I’d help them with their homework. I would also wrestle the two of them at the same time, but they were never a match for me, though they loved all the body contact. We got along so well, they wouldn’t want any other babysitter, and the money sure was a lot of help to me at that age. I was like a big sister to them. The mother was nice, and the father was quite tall and handsome. I had a bit of a crush on him and I think he liked me too, but he was the faithful type and I was the shy cautious type, so nothing ever came of that, but my fantasies were memorable and nice.

It came to an end when I went off to college four years ago on the other side of the country. I was 18 and they were 11. They seemed so sad to see me leave. I knew that they’d be OK. They wrote me silly love letters when I was at college. Billy was always sweet, and Bobby too, but he also had an adventurous and naughty side that sometimes came through in his writing. I, of course, wrote back in kind. I went to college at a top school and rowed for three years on the varsity team. At 6’0”, I became a proverbial Norse goddess. I had the perfect athletic body at 140 lbs with smooth skin, pert B-cup breasts and long golden hair. My code name on the team was “Black Mamba”. As one of the lighter female athletes on the team, I usually rowed in the bow seat, and we were pretty good.

I recently returned to my old hometown after graduating and I was planning to visit the twins when I heard the very sad news that their mother was just killed by a drunk driver on Memorial Day weekend. I dress in a black formal dress and go to the funeral. The boys have grown quite a bit. They are now typical 14 year-old teenagers, almost 15, but on the tall and thin side, and handsome like their father. They seem glad that I am here, but it is strange. The father and the boys seem so sad and lost. At the end of the service, I hug the twins noting that they were almost my height, and I also hug their father hard and say “Edward, if there’s anything I can do to help, just call”. I just put him on a first name basis for the first time.
“I think we’ll be OK” he replies.
The twins are dispirited and say very little. The spark just isn’t there this day.

It is two weeks later when I get a call from Edward.
“Yes. Hi.”
“I need to go out of town this weekend and I’m a little worried about the twins. They’re old enough to stay home without a babysitter, but they seem a bit lost and I think they may need help getting back on track after their mother left… umm died. Could you babysit for them again?”
There is a pause.
“Maybe you could bring over some of your games and things, perhaps cheer them up and maybe help them with their homework and help them study for their finals. I really value your skills as a tutor and I know how well you did at college. I can pay you what you are worth. It would mean a lot to all of us.”
I pause and think for a minute. There’s more silence on the line. With both trepidation and enthusiasm, I give up my weekend plans and say “Yes. ok.”

On Friday afternoon, I fill a box with assorted junk and old games hoping to find something the twins might like. I laugh when I put in that old Candyland game that I used to take to their house when they were only 7. They are a bit too old for that now! But who knows what fun we could have reliving old times. I also threw in a silly colored wig saying “Tonight I can be Queen Frostine again.” I pack an overnight bag with long button up pajamas and assorted clothing for the next day and a cute but modest red bikini for their pool, since summer was about to start and I hope that their pool is ready for swimming.

I arrive exactly on time, as the father is getting ready to depart. Edward hugs me and thanks me and says that he will see me tomorrow evening at about 11PM. He is really glad that I am there. I don’t ask for any details about his trip and none are offered other than when he expects to return. I thought he looked sad and lonesome and just needed to get away to clear his head. The boys are studying upstairs when I arrive, and I don’t disturb them. I just start to fix a really nice dinner. They have really good ingredients, and I am hoping to impress the boys with my cooking skills. They finally discover that I am there and keep me company and set the table as dinner becomes ready. They do a lot of talking about school and stuff, and I tell them of my stories of college, and rowing, and of my dreams and aspirations. Once or twice their mother is mentioned and an awkward silence ensues and maybe a tear or two, but we manage to get past that. There is a lot to catch up on, and dinner goes very well. I really like these boys.

After dinner, we decide to study together. (On a Friday night? Sure.) The twins are really good 9th grade students taking the best classes. Finals are coming up, so we spend two hours going over geometry and biology. They readily pick up on the concepts and they tell me that I do a much better job of explaining things than their boring old teachers. We cover a lot of material and need a break of sorts.

“Let’s take a break. What would you young men like to do?”
“How about wrestling us? Just like you used to…” queries Billy with excited eyes.
“Do you think you can still beat us? We’ve been practicing.” brags Bobby.
“Oh. I’m pretty sure I can easily handle either of you. Don’t forget that I am still in top condition.” I respond confidently showing my long arm muscles.
“I mean both of us at the same time, like we used to.” clarifies Bobby.
“I… I’m not sure… but I think that I still can.”
“We challenge you!” taunts Billy.
I am not sure this is such a great idea. Those boys are lighter than I am, but they are also loaded with hormones that they didn’t use to have, but I decide to play along fairly sure that I can maintain control of the situation.
“We’re going upstairs to put on our wrestling clothes.”
“I don’t have any wrestling clothes.”
“Didn’t you bring anything? How about shorts? You can borrow some of ours.”
“I don’t think your shorts will fit me. I did bring a bikini for the pool tomorrow. Maybe I could wear that.”
“Cool. That will be great!” enthuses Bobby.
“Yea. That’s perfect! See you on the mat in the basement.” echoes Billy.
I’m not sure why I offered to wrestle in my bikini. Right after I said it, I wished I hadn’t, but I’m not one to back down easily. So I drift off to the bathroom and change into my red bikini and put an X-large T-shirt over it all, just as I would at the beach.

By the time I get to the wrestling area in the basement, both boys are waiting for me with sheepish smiles. They seem disappointed that my body is still covered. Not much is said as we all step onto the large mat.
“Are you going to wrestle in that baggy T-shirt?”
“I’m modest and shy. Give me a minute.” I plead. I pull the T-shirt off and suffer their stares for a while. Becoming impatient, I grab Bobby and throw him to the mat. Before they can respond, I’ve also thrown Billy to the mat. They are not pleased.
“Hey. Tell us when you’re going to start.”
“Yea. This isn’t street fighting.” They admonish. Perhaps I was over the line, but I didn’t like the way they were staring at me. It seems that their egos are easily bruised.

So, we start properly. They are quick, but not very strong. It will be an even match. I grab Billy and drop him onto the mat, as Bobby wheels around and jumps onto my back, just as I am attacking Billy with the intent to pin him quickly. Bobby is in an awkward position on my back, and his hands seemed to grab at both of my breasts as handles. At first I think he is being out of line, but I realize that he really has few options if he doesn’t want to go flying. Bobby apologizes and blushes and quickly lets go. He now has no leverage with his hands, which are dangling free in front of my breasts. I take advantage of his embarrassment and quickly pin them both. No mercy. They look a little dejected. I guess they thought I would be easier to subdue. So, we start again. This time they are more cautious and are actually working together. They have me in various holds with their limbs all over me. My struggling at their holds seems to light them on fire. I feel two very hard little dicks poking me at various places through their pants as we thrash about. These guys are very horny and loving it. I don’t want this to be a sexual thing. I don’t want to be a tease. I don’t want to lead them on with any unattainable expectations or hopes. I always hated other girls that would tease. I will do as well as I can here. I eventually wiggle out of their holds and prevail again, defeating them as a pair.

I taunt them a bit and insult their manhood. Their egos are a bit bent, but they clearly love all the body contact. I wonder if they will revenge their bent egos on me in some twisted manner. I’m sure that with some more practice on their part, I’ll be at their mercy at this game. I should be careful what I start…

We go for a third round. They go for similar holds, but also now seem more willing to grab at my bikini top and bottom for additional leverage. This is new. With their new technique and their loss of fear, I expect to lose this time. They seem to be less restrained about where they put their arms and legs and there’s a lot more contact with my breasts. At one point there’s a leg and then a foot, and then even a hand rubbing by bikini bottoms at the point of my vagina. I push the hand away, but I certainly could feel it, and I’m also getting quite wet. I wonder if the boys know that they’re not the only ones with excess sexual energy. How much of the touching is accidental? I really don’t know, but they’re clearly trying to pin me now, and win. Their egos demand it. I am in an awkward position now. They are on opposite sides of me and each is pulling at my bikini top trying to twist me onto my back. My top is not designed for this sort of wrestling, and it suddenly fails at the point of my sternum just between the B-cups. About 200 milliseconds later my tits are flying free exposed to cool air for both to see. They stick right out with no discernable drooping and my nipples are both somewhat erect. They both quickly notice and stop wrestling, but they don’t let go of me either. It’s like they’ve been stunned. But I’m still being held by the two of them and Billy’s mouth is about 4 inches from my left breast and Bobby’s hand is about 6 inches from my right breast. Bobby dares to touch my nipple. Billy watches, then hesitates and then suddenly places a small kiss my left breast. That’s not like him. He’s usually the more reserved of the two. The feeling on my chest is electrical. I am so aroused. I could so easily give in to them and they would both fuck me senseless right here and now on the mat. I am getting seriously wet. Is this what I want? Is this the relationship I want to have with these boys? No. They are just too young. I could get into serious trouble and get my face plastered all over the internet as just another sorry-ass cute female sex offender and maybe even go to jail. I am taking too much time thinking this through, so the boys are kissing me again. This time both of my nipples are in a mouth! It feels great, but it must stop. “OK. OK. That’s enough. LET ME UP!” I insist. The boys capitulate and I am free.
“We didn’t do it on purpose.” pleads Bobby.
“You didn’t do WHAT on purpose? Those nipple kisses seemed rather intentional.”
“We didn’t break your top on purpose.” offers Billy pleadingly.
“Well, you don’t kiss a girl’s nipple without her permission!”
“Sorry. We’ve never kissed a nipple before.”
I should be more angry at them, but I’m not.
“Yea? OK. OK. All’s forgotten. Let’s go watch a movie or something.” I suggest.
“Maybe you can forget, but we’re going to clean up and take a shower… a cold shower.”
“I could use shower too.” I echo.
“You can use the one in Dad’s room… …”

We all go off to various showers. I’m guessing that there is masturbation in all three. There certainly is in mine… I suddenly feel a draft. Are they spying on me in the shower? Did they see me manipulating myself and hear me having an orgasm? I should have been quieter. By the time I dry my eyes and look up, there is no more draft and nothing to see. Perhaps it was just my imagination.

In the master bedroom, I dress in my button up pajamas and then put on a bathrobe. I look presentable enough. I take time to look around. It’s a very nice room with an elegant four-post California King-size bed with a very nice solid headboard. I think of tall Edward and my old fantasies invade my mind for a minute or two. After drying my hair a bit, I head to the family room and look through their DVD collection for something that might be interesting to watch with the boys. It’s mostly crappy kid stuff. Where’s the rest of the movies? We can’t watch this stuff.
“The good movies are in Dad’s room” speaks Bobby from behind me. It seems he read my mind.
“I didn’t see any movies there.” I protest.
“Look in the bottom drawer on the left side of the room.”
“Are you allowed to watch any of those?”
“Some of them. It’s not what you’re thinking”
So now I’m wondering what kind of movies are there.
“OK. Show me. I’m certainly not going to rummage through your fathers drawers.”
Bobby and I go and take a look. Sure enough, there’s a wide assortment of movies and on the far side there are some very explicit ones. I’m suddenly sure that these boys have more of a sexual education than I gave them credit for. I pick up the movie “V for Vendetta”.
“Have you seen this movie?”
“No. But I’d like to.” said Billy. I was wondering if he was on the level with me.
“OK. V it is.”

They’ve got one of these ceiling mounted projection systems with an 8’ flat wall screen and a really nice surround sound system. This will be fun. I select a nice bottle of pinot gris for me, and some soda for them and I make some popcorn for all of us. I turn off all the lights in the house except for the scatter from the large screen. We all settle into the soft couch, with me somehow getting stuck in the middle. How did that happen? Oh yea. I had to get everything ready. So, the three of us are sitting under a large comforter with popcorn and the movie starts. I get a little warm, so I open my bathrobe and undo my top two buttons on my pajama top. It’s a little disconcerting since the boys are watching me do this instead of the movie. The boys become entranced with the movie. The popcorn is quickly finished. I sip my glass of wine slowly, but notice that my glass doesn’t seem to get empty. When the scene comes on of the girl tied with arms stretched above her, and helpless, and being tortured, both boys groan and squirm a bit and then they both lean into me. I put an arm around each of them and they nuzzle in closer into my bathrobe. The symmetry keeps me from falling over with equal pressure from both sides. I’m soon having trouble keeping awake. I know I should retire to bed, but I’m so comfortable here. It seems that I drank almost the entire bottle (how did that happen?), and I’m warm and I am tired and I’m in my pajamas with two cute boys pressing me. I am falling asleep…

When I wake, the sun is shining in the window and I am still sleeping on the couch with the large comforter over me. I’ve really got to pee. When I jump up, my pajama bottoms start to slide off me. Is seems that all 4 buttons have become undone. At least my pajama top is all buttoned up. But wait… All the buttons are somehow off register. Did I button them incorrectly last night? I don’t think so. I smile thinking “boys will be boys”. I wonder exactly how far they went last night while I was sleeping. At least there’s nothing oozing out of me that shouldn’t be… something like that would surely wake me. In the bathroom, I noticed two encrustations of sorts under my pajama top, one on my left side (Billy?), and another on my right breast (Bobby?). It looks like a bad cleanup job. I wish that I had been awake to watch this. What should I say? This was just too obvious. Did they want me to know? Do they think I’m stupid? I decide to say nothing and act normally and see what transpires. I shower and wash off the gooey mess.

I start to make a nice breakfast, and with the smell of sausages in the house, the boys soon materialize. We have a really nice breakfast, but the boys are somewhat quiet.
“Did you enjoy the rest of the movie? I think I fell asleep.”
“Yea. We really enjoyed ourselves.” Billy said with some meaning. Bobby kicks him under that table. My suspicions are confirmed. Changing subjects I ask;
“So, what are we doing today?”
“I dunno.”
“Is your pool ready for the summer?”
“No. Our Mother…. No. We just haven’t done that yet.”
“How about if we do that together this morning and enjoy the pool this afternoon?”
“That would be OK. Swimming would be fun.”
“It’s too bad my bikini was ruined.”
“You can go topless.” offers Billy.
“Dream on boys.”
“Actually, we got this for you.” says Bobby holding out a small bag for me.
I open it and it’s a very sexy and very expensive blue bikini. It will show a lot more skin than my modest red one.
“When did you have time to buy this?”
“We didn’t it was our mother’s. She never got a chance to wear it. She wouldn’t have minded you having it.”
“Thank you.” I was touched.

We put on work clothes and get to work. The twins really are good workers. They are both eager to do their part, even for the less enjoyable cleaning tasks. After a few hours, the pool is clean and ready for use. I try on the blue bikini and it fits well. The mother apparently kept in pretty good shape. The boys are hungry and lunch is on its way. I still have on the bikini, and I can tell that the boys were enjoying more than just lunch. I guess I’m just getting used to their stares. I’ll teach them manners some other day.

After lunch we all go for a swim. The fresh water is still quite cold. It has an immediate effect on my nipples, which fails to go unnoticed. We play tag. We horse around. We playfully grab at each other. They seem to want to put their hands all over me and throw me about. Their willingness to grab at my top and touch my breasts starts to worry me a bit. When it gets a little rough I end the game with;
“One bikini top failure in a weekend is quite enough. I’m going to warm up in the sun and work on my tan. I’m going to do this ALONE. You guys can find something else to do.”
I lay out a large towel on the lawn in a private part of the yard beyond the pool and out of view from the house. It is quiet and relaxing. I start off on my back, and after a few minutes I roll over. I look around and see no prying eyes, so I unhook in back and relax face down. My back will get an even tan today. When it’s time to roll over again, I again check for prying eyes. Seeing none, I risk working on an even tan in front. My chest is completely exposed and I roll my bikini bottom down a bit too exposing a few well trimmed pubic hairs. I close my eyes. The next thing I know, I hear these clicking sounds. Those little bastards brought their cameras! They’re taking pictures of my perfect tits and my long exposed torso.
“Hey. You don’t have permission for that! Give me those damn cameras.”
The boys run off with their prizes. I decide to take another swim. I don’t see the boys for a while. I wonder what they’re doing?

When I’m done swimming, I go in and call for the boys. They tell me they’re looking at pictures on their computer. They can hear me coming so I expect them to hide what they are doing, but when I see the computer screen… SHIT! …there’s a very nice topless picture of me and my long torso filling the entire large screen, and both boys are grinning at me. They have no shame. I am tempted to assault their computer, but I curse at them instead.
“You guys have a hell of a nerve.”
“Do you want a copy?”
“You better not go around sharing those pictures. We could all get into big trouble.”
“Not even with Dad? I think he would like this one.” teases Bobby.
“Oh please. No.”
I storm off to read a book.

In the late afternoon, we are all upstairs in Bobby’s room just lounging around doing nothing much. They are showing me their things. I come across a bunch of smooth thin ropes piles on the floor
“What are they for? I ask.
“We’re working on our Pioneering Merit Badge and we have our test with the counselor next month.” answers Bobby.
“Can you check our knots for us? We need to know quite a few.” pleads Billy.
I look at their checklist and the pictures and say “Sure.” We sit at the table with Bobby on my left and Billy on my right this time. Each has the end of a rope and is starting to make knots.
Square knot – check check
Bowline – check check
sheepshank – check check
sheet bend – check check
roundturn with two half hitches – “Uhhh… We need a pole or something for the roundturns. Can we use your arms?” And without thinking through all the possibilities, I hold out my arms.
Roundturn with two half hitches – check check
The last knot is a Turk’s head knot. It seems too fancy for boy scouting.
“That’s not an official knot, but it’s the emblem of our patrol, so we are learning it.” Billy offers. The roundturns come off and they start making Turk’s head knots on my wrists.
“What are these knots for?” I ask, and Bobby replies;
“They are mostly decorative, but they are also useful in that they won’t tighten and they are anti-chafing when worn. These knots won’t hurt your skin if the ropes are pulled.”
At that comment I am tempted to stop them, but it is spoken with such innocence that I allow them to continue. These are beautiful elaborate knots and in the end, they are exquisite decorations.
Turk’s head knot – check check
“That’s great. You know them all! May I keep the Turk’s head knots for a while as bracelets? They look so cool.”
“We would be honored. Consider them presents from us to help remember this day.” speaks Bobby with significance.
“But we cannot just cut the rope because it will fray. We need to cut them and melt the ends of the rope. We can do that at the stove later.” Insists Billy.
“Yea. OK. That’s right.” I affirm. “I’ve seen how these ropes can unravel.”
I head off to the bathroom with ropes dragging behind me.
“We’re going downstairs for a quick snack.” and they run off. On their way down, they shout in unison, “Let’s play Candyland!” I am pleased.

I haven’t played Candyland in years. It’s good thing the rules are simple. I put on the silly Queen Frostine wig and setup the game on the table. When the twins get back, they are enjoying my new look, take some more pictures, and then take their places.
“We need to play for stakes.” Billy enjoins.
“How about strip Candyland?” snickers Bobby.
“No way! I’m not taking off all my clothes for you guys.” I asseverate.
“Well, how about just one piece of clothing?”
“Just one piece?” I don’t fully trust them, but I examine what I am wearing (jeans, an attractive blouse, an elegant bra, and fancy panties), and decide that I can sacrifice any one piece without losing too much modesty.
Billy enthuses “Yea, the winner gets to tell each of the losers to remove one article of clothing.”
“OK, but only if I get to go first.” says I.
I pulled a black on my first try, and the boys groan. They pull ordinary colors. I am winning! We play for a while. My luck is changing. There is also something funny going on when the boys are pulling their colors. I suspect that one is somehow warning the other when they start to pick slow colors. The little brats are cheating at Candyland!!
“Queen Frostine says play fair!”
“OK. OK. We’ll be good”, but the damage is already done. They have passed me. I pull out ahead again, but then I get stuck in the Molasses Swamp. At the end of the game, I need a yellow or orange to win, but no luck. I pull a red. Bobby passes me pulls a winning piece and sits there grinning at me. Damn… Billy is grinning just as hard, and he lost too. I guess they don’t really care which of them wins.

“OK. OK. You get one piece of clothing.”
Billy says “I’d like to see her tits again.”
I started to unbutton my blouse, and Bobby stops me.
“That’s no good. She’s got a bra on, and it’s a fancy one that’s no better than that bikini top.”
“How do you know it’s fancy?” I ask before I realize it is a dumb question. They’ve been looking at me from all angles for hours.
“Actually, I’d like you to remove your jeans.” demands Bobby of me.
Billy starts to protest, but quickly stops and they both look at me smiling. Yes. It was time for me to perform for them in manner with sexual overtones. This was new territory for me and I was beginning to regret going along with the whole idea. This is the first time that I must do something deliberately to arouse them.
“You know boys. I’ve also got on fancy underpants too.” I offer hopefully.
“OK then, let’s see it” reiterates Bobby.
Resigned, I slowly stand up and unbutton and unzip them and slowly remove them.
The boys stop to look and stare at me intently.
“Turn around. Let’s see the back too.” pleads Billy. I reluctantly comply.
“Bend over.” commands Bobby. I don’t know why, but I do that too.
My legs look great, my panties are laced, my ass looks great, and I can feel myself getting wet between the legs. What WAS I thinking! This had to stop. Maybe if I had sex more often, I wouldn’t be so horny. I stand and face them.

There is a long pause where no one does or says anything except stare. Finally, I want to move on to another sort of activity, and I offer;
“What about Billy? He also lost. What piece of clothing are you going to ask him to remove?” I say making an exaggerated leer at Billy.
Again there is a long pause. Bobby seems to be thinking it over. Billy just stares at my legs and crotch.
“Billy, I want you to remove those lacy panties.” pronounces Bobby while pointing in the direction of my reproductive organs. I am dumbfounded.
“Wait…. No. No. That’s not what we decided. It has to be one of his things…”
“Where was that established?” Bobby disputes.
“But that’s what the stakes were.” I insist.
“We said ‘the winner gets to tell each of the losers to remove one article of clothing’. We never specified where that clothing was to be found.”
“But that’s not what was implied and that’s not what I agreed to. I simply refuse and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
“Fair maiden, I am honored bound by my unfortunate loss to remove your fancy panties.” Billy declares with a chivalrous flair. “If thoust refuses, I shallst be compelled to wrest thy panties by force.”
“And I am honor bound as the virgin queen of the realm of Candyland to maintain my virtue and modesty.”
“With regrets, your Majesty, thy modesty hath been wagered away. Constable assist me in their just removal.”
“As you wish.” responded Bobby, and both moved towards me.
“Ha! Well last night, you guys didn’t fare to well on the wrestling mat. Do you think that you can frighten me into exposing myself to you?”
“You are mistaken. The situation is very different. If we play, you cannot win.” insists Bobby. It seems he is warning me and offering me an out…
“You’re bluffing. You’re bluffing. What’s so different?”
“Shall we show her?” says Bobby to Billy, smirking. They both seem to know something. What am I missing? I start to worry. The boys run out of the room.

What the hell??? Where did they go with those rope ends? Fifteen seconds later, the ropes attached to my wrists suddenly become taut and I am being jerked towards the open door. I suddenly realize what’s different. Those Turk’s head knots are perfect. They do not tighten around my wrists, and they do not chafe, but try as I might, I cannot get them off. Damn it! Why did I ask to keep these knots? They tricked me and then distracted me. I stumble into the hallway and then finally behold the object of their actions. A sense of dread and panic comes over me. I look down the corridor and 30 feet away in the master bedroom, the California King-size bed has been stripped of its covers. There’s just the one sheet and the pillows. Each twin has one rope wrapped about a strong corner pillar at the head of the bed and both are pulling with gusto. Bobby has the rope connected to my left arm on the right side of the bed, and Billy is on the left side. Both are grinning wickedly as they see me stumble forward. I have no purchase. There is nothing to check my forward motion. This is going badly.
“OK guys. This isn’t fun any more.”
“Oh. Give it a chance. We promise that you’ll have more fun.”
“Yea. Give it a chance.”
“You bastards! Let me go now.”
“I lost the game I am honor bound to remove your panties. You had your chance.”
That was Billy. I could see that this was going to continue, but to what end?

As I approach the door to the master bedroom, hope returns. I brace all four of my limbs against the doorframe, and pull as they might, I am going no further. They cannot get me into the master bedroom with simple pulling. They pull for about 20 seconds and then stop and look at each other. It’s like they’re communicating in some secret silent language. They both wrap their rope around their post three times and then Billy gives his rope to Bobby, and Bobby starts to pull both. Of course nothing happens. I take the opportunity to use the transfer as a chance to escape. But the effect of the triple wrapping around the post is that Bobby doesn’t have to pull very hard to keep me in place. I’m stuck.

Billy walks over to me and says; “Queen Frostine, I am thy steed.” I remember that I’m still wearing that stupid wig. He turns his back to me, and starts walking backwards towards me while holding the ropes over each of his shoulders. As he backs into me the top of the back his T-shirt meets the front of my blouse between my breasts, and he squats, and leans forward and starts to lift me. My feet come off the doorframe and off the floor too, and when he pulls the ropes onto his chest, my hands are forced to follow. I am getting an unwanted piggyback ride, and I cannot prevent myself from entering this dreaded bedroom. I am impressed with this boy’s problem solving abilities. Regretfully, I am not too heavy for him. Bobby is again pulling with great energy and this is helping Billy to move forward. I try to catch my feet on the doorframe in desperation, but this fails as we are already moving forward smartly. The piggyback ride continues until Billy falls onto the foot of the bed at its center with me still on top of him. My wig has fallen off… so much for being the queen. My arms are forced over my head with more pulling by Bobby. Billy wiggles out from under me, and I am in a position with my arms overhead and crossed, my tits pressing down on the mattress, my knees on the floor, and my ass sticking off the end of the bed. I do not like this position at all!

I feel Billy’s hand touch my ass and then rub the smooth material of my panties. He is obviously planning to remove them. This will not do! I quickly jump up and crawl to the head of the bed and sit on the pillows facing Billy who is still at the foot of the bed. Bobby is now off to my left, still pulling my two ropes. My two arms are angling down on each side of me and are useless, but my strong legs are free. Free to kick anything that comes near. Perhaps I can thwart this attempt after all. Billy goes back to his original position, takes his rope, and both boys tie the ropes securely, but not tautly. I can defend myself, but I’m here on this bed until they decide to let me go. They clearly know this and they leave the room. I am not uncomfortable, but the waiting and the not knowing is killing me. Maybe that’s the real torture. I’m debating how best to deal with them. At least they haven’t gagged and blindfolded me.

The boys return about 10 minutes later with a box of stuff and more rope. Lord knows what they’ve got in the box, but it’s clear that they’re well organized and they’ve got a plan. Perhaps I’ve underestimated them. I start in again and risk a threat;
“You guys are going to be in so much trouble. When I call the police, they’ll drag the both of you off to reform school. You think I wont tell your father about this???” They stop and think for a minute. Do they believe my threat? I think I’m bluffing, but that depends on what they do to me.
“I am honor bound to remove your panties. Talk to us after that.” intones Billy.

Billy takes a rope and makes a small lasso. Bobby comes over and grabs my left foot and tries to present it to Billy’s lasso. I see their game. A swift and hard push with my leg sends Bobby flying across the room. He’s not hurt, he’s just really surprised at my strength. They look at me from afar and whisper to each other. Bobby comes over again and grabs my left foot as before, and again I send him flying, but as my leg is extended. The lasso is thrown and hits its mark. A quick pull and it tightens around my ankle. This goes badly. The lasso rope goes around the post at the foot of the bed several times. This time Billy pulls the rope as Bobby grabs at my foot and both are pulling me down the bed. My ass comes off the pillows, and despite my earnest struggles, my body slowly becomes stretched out and flat on the bed. The lasso rope is tight around my ankle and is hurting me and cutting off the blood flow to my foot. They hear me whimper.
“Give us a few minutes and we’ll make you comfortable.” I remain silent. This is NOT what babysitting should be.

At this point, I sort of just give up. Resistance is obviously futile. I let them lasso my other foot, and in one more minute I am tied tight spread-eagle on the bed. At least it’s a very comfortable bed, but both ankles hurt. Then each takes another rope and starts tying another knot, one at each ankle. Sure enough, it’s another pair of Turk’s head knots coming. They work diligently.
“We’ve got more nice knots you can keep as souvenirs.” suggests Billy.
“Yea… We hope you really really want to remember this day.” teases Bobby.
“You little bastards. Little bastards.” I didn’t know what else to say, but I was thankful that those lasso knots would be coming off. Sure enough, the new ropes were attached securely to the bed and the lasso knots were removed. I was actually tied quite loosely to the bed. I could lift my knees about two feet off the bed. They didn’t want me taut and constrained and in pain, but loosely restrained but wholly helpless to prevent their pending attacks and probes of my body parts. They clearly want me to be able to thrash about. Am I going to enjoy this? I don’t know, but I do know that if I start to enjoy it, I won’t want to let them know it…

“OK. Time to remove the panties.” pronounces Bobby. I am wondering how they think that my panties are going to be removed when there’s an unresolved topological problem involving ropes. I see them go to their box and come out with a pair of pinking shears. Damn these kids are good. They have all the right tools. Billy holds them up for me to see and says;
“It would have been easier if you had just gone along, and you would have saved your fancy underwear. Now it will be ours to keep.” He goes to my left side and cuts my panties at my hip. He runs around to the other side and makes a similar cut: Topological problem solved. He pulls my blouse up a bit exposing my bellybutton and then takes the front of my panties and slowly lifts them upwards and towards the foot of the bed for dramatic effect. I can see four eyes glued to my nicely trimmed mons veneris. In another few seconds I see four eyes glued to my vagina in its entirety. Instinctively I try to bring my legs together, but I am wholly unable to hide anything from their view. I can feel that my outer lips are spread wide open and they can see much. I also know that I am quite wet. Do they know this? What do they really know about sex?

My severed panties are pulled out from under my ass, and I am naked below the waist. The two boys start to fight over it, each hoping to claim it as a prize. The pinking sheers are used once again to cut it right across its most wet spot. Each boy brings it to the face and smells it and touches it. They both now know that I’m very wet.
“You guys are disgusting!” I ejaculate.
“Not disgusting, just curious.”
“We’ve never seen anything like this before.”
“Can you teach us about sex?”
“Yes. Please. We really like the way you teach us stuff.”
“No. No. Not sex. That’s the job for you father and moth…” I stopped and felt some pity. Damn it. Not pity. These horny boys have me helpless and half naked on this giant bed.
“Oh please… Teach us something. Is it true that when a woman is really wet down there that she really wants to have sex even if she says no?”
“No. I assure you that I do NOT want to have sex. At present, I am not even protected.”
“Protected from what?”
“Oh. I thought you might have been talking about disease. We have no diseases.”
“Then why are you so wet? Are you sexually aroused?”
“Uhhh. Well… My body is aroused, but my mind wants no sex. It’s sort of like your penis. Do you control it when it becomes erect?”
“No. But we listen to it. If it says it wants to ejaculate, we always help it along.” laughs Bobby. “Maybe we can help your pussy along in a similar way.”
They both reach down and get their fingers wet. Bobby slides a finger into me.
I just groaned and offer “OK. OK. Let me up, and I promise I’ll teach you all about sex.”
“No. You threatened us. We don’t believe you. We don’t want to go to reform school. …”
It was clearly now a game. My ill advised threat just gives them a good excuse to continue the game to its conclusion.

“Can I have a half bra to match my half panties?” asks Billy. I suspect that he wasn’t really asking, but I respond;
“Yes. There’s a very nice inexpensive bra in my bag downstairs. You may have that one.” and I chuckle to myself.
“No. We want one as fancy as the panties we have. Perhaps the one you are wearing?”
“It’s not for sale.”
“How about as a gift?”
“No.” The conversation continues with the boys talking to each other.
“I think we need to steal it.”
“Yes, let’s one of us steal it.”
“But she’ll see who does the deed.”
“Then we must blindfold her before one of us steals it.”
“Then she cannot accurately accuse.”
Into their box they go and out comes an exquisite blindfold. This one wasn’t cheap. I am resigned and let them place it over my eyes and secure it. I cannot get it off even if I tried. I can see nothing.

Soon there are lips pressing against my lips. Someone is kissing me. It’s a gentle kiss, but very inexperienced. I suspect it is a first kiss. The kiss continues. A tongue is offered to my teeth. I decline to let it into my mouth, but this kiss becomes more passionate anyway. I feel the buttons on my blouse being opened. I am unable to prevent this too, but I think about the topological problem of the blouse and the ropes and wonder if I will lose this nice blouse too. I go back to concentrate on the kissing. I wonder who it is. I notice that I am kissing back. Why am I kissing back? Do I want to encourage more kissing and god knows what? I continue to kiss back as a full-scale war goes on behind my mask between my upper brain and my lower brain. The kissing is very nice, but suddenly stops. I can feel my blouse being pulled open to my bare shoulders. I can sense four eyes bearing down on my really fancy bra. I then hear the pinking shears special sound, and I know what’s coming next. My left bra strap is severed, and then the right, and finally, the thick part between my breasts is defeated and I can feel it spring opening releasing my erect nipples once again for the boys to enjoy. There is silence for about a minute. I can imagine them just looking at me. The rest of bra is then pulled out from under me as one boy lifts me and the other pulls.
“I want that half.”
“They’re both the same.”
They seem to like the look of the open blouse, and make no attempt to remove it. I guess they are satisfied with my look and their access. Then I hear the clicking sounds again. The little jerks are taking pictures of me in this state! I hear the camera from lots of different directions and distances. They must be taking over 100 pictures. I decide to say nothing but to hunt down those cameras later instead. The room becomes very quiet, and I suspect that they have left. Minutes go by. The suspense is infuriating. I thought young boys did everything impetuously and quickly.

“We’re back. Did you miss us?” I groaned loudly. We went to put our prizes away and do something with our computer and to get drinks. Do you want a drink? We brought you something to drink.
“Yea. I am thirsty.” I lean forward and smell a good red wine. I take a few sips.
“Are you trying to get me drunk?”
“No. We already know what happens when you get a little drunk.”
“Yea. You fall asleep and let people play with your body.”
“You nasty boys! What did you do to me last night?”
“We enjoyed ourselves.”
“Yea. It was better than the movie.”
I imagined them grinning again.
“But the movie was really good. We didn’t play with you until the movie was over.”
“Yea. I noticed stuff on my skin and pajamas. What did you do?”
“We unbuttoned all of your buttons on your bottoms. And when you didn’t object, we played with your pussy and put our fingers inside of you. You were sound asleep. We also opened your top and played with your tits and kissed them lots of times and then we rubbed our penises all over your skin and your tits until we came.”
“Yea. It was really fun.”
“Today we want more.”
I groaned as a complaint, but their description was also very arousing.
“So. You see me as a sexual object and I am doomed to play that role?”
“Yes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”
“Yes. We love you.”
What could I say? These boys clearly did love me in their own special and twisted way.
“But I feel more like a sister to you, and what you’re doing to me feels more like incest.”
“We can live with that.”
That was a conversation closer, and I feel hands on my waist and on my breast. Another pair of lips meet mine. Another kiss commences. This is another very inexperienced first kiss. I’m sure it is the other boy, and I’m guessing it’s Billy, but I’m just not sure. It’s hard enough telling them apart without a blindfold. Another mouth joins my left nipple. There’s a hand fondling my right breast, another hand on my hair, and the fourth hand has found my pussy and is pressing rhythmically into my clitoris. God! How do these boys know what a clitoris is, and where to drive me crazy? Oh my god… too many mouths and too many hands. I am breathing hard, and kissing hard. I can feel the bodies of the boys start to press up against me too, and I realize that both are stark naked. They must have removed all of their clothes while they were gone. I am squirming around. I cannot control my emotions. I am frantic. I start to come hard on the hand touching my pussy. They know I am coming.
“She’s coming again.”
I am not quiet. I blush in embarrassment.
“What do you mean again?” I pant.
“We saw you come in the shower last night.”
“You knew that, didn’t you?”
“I guess so.” I’m not sure whom I am talking to.

“Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” I asked pretending to be dumb.
I feel my hips being raised by four hands and a pillow inserted beneath my buttocks. I think I know what’s coming. Lips are once again pressed to mine, but there are no hands on me. We are again kissing passionately. The body connected to these lips pulls close to me and then lifts up and over on top of me. His arms are wrapped around my narrow waist and back, and I feel a very hard erection touch my upper thigh near my vagina. It’s only a matter of time before he finds the right spot. I weakly say;
“No. Please don’t. Don’t make love to me. Don’t make me come any more. Don’t make me pregnant.”
“I need this. You need this. We need this.” is spoken as a penis rubs the outer folds of my vagina. I am getting this penis rather wet. It pulls back and stabs forward, but too high.
“Oh. Please don’t rape me.” I gasp between kisses. Maybe if I wasn’t passionately kissing the boy, my words would have some meaning. Once again, the penis pulls back and then forward again, but this time it hits its mark and slides part way into my tight and wet vagina. Our lips are still locked and this time, when the tongue is offered I let it into my mouth just as penis enters me again with a second deeper thrust. With a third thrust, it is all the way in. I am expecting a really good fuck, but 20 seconds or so after entering me, I can feel the tell tale jerking of his body followed by squirt squirt squirt squirt squirt. I can tell that this boy is wearing no condom and I am full of his sperm. As his dick goes limp, it is removed, as are his lips from my face. Five seconds later the lips returned to my face and another body is presented to me coming from the other side. Again, I can feel a very hard and small penis explore my outer lips. Two thrusts later and I am stuffed again. Maybe this time, it will last longer, but alas no. These boys are too much alike. Again, there’s the jerking followed by squirting and more squirting… lots of squirting. I’ve been fucked for less than a minute total, and I’ve got more sperm in me than ever before in my entire life. I’m frustrated and I wonder what’s coming next.
“We’re sorry we came so fast.”
“We couldn’t help it. You felt so good and you’re so pretty.”
“Can you teach us to have stamina?”
“Yea. What do we do to last longer?”
“Just wait a bit and try it again. You’ll last longer the second time.” What was I saying?? I should want this to end. And it’s getting late. The father should be home tonight, and I certainly do not want him to see me like this, or do I? I’m so confused. The room becomes silent. I wonder where they went.

After 20 minutes or so, the boys return. I guess they are ready for more. They’re arguing about something. I am at a loss as to what they’re up to. Do I ask? I decide to listen.
“You squeeze it out of the tube onto her asshole.” I hear.
“Just do it, and stop complaining.”
“Yea. OK. I’ll ooze it up and just watch.”
Oh. Oh. These guys are going for anal sex. I’ve never had that before. I’ve always been the one in control and calling the shots, and I’ve never been curious about anal sex. I try to dissuade them.
“So you want anal sex? How are you going to turn me over for that? If you let me up, I’m getting dressed. I have zero interest in anal sex. Just forget it.” There is no reply. A minute later, a boy is lying next to me, both of us face up. I’m guessing it’s Bobby, but I’m not sure. The both boys are now lifting me up, and the boy next to me scoots underneath me and wiggles around with the help of the other until he is exactly under me. He is bearing my full weight. His two arms go around me and his hands go to my upward facing breasts and he starts to fondle them gently. I am more or less helpless to prevent any of this, and I resign myself to endure this as best I can. The hands on my breasts are feeling mighty good. With a little more wiggling, I can feel a hard little dick between my spread ass cheeks. I then feel a finger at my anus applying lubrication of some sort and then the finger enters me pushing in more lubrication. I curse. It is withdrawn.
“She’s ready.”
“NO I’m not.”
“Help me guide it in.” says a voice from beneath me.
“Yea. OK, but you owe me one.”
I feel the penis at my anus. The aim is perfect, and the thin and hard dick plops into me and then drives further and further into me until I am well plugged. The thrusting continues, as does the fondling of my breasts. It feels really nice, but I’m just not going to orgasm like this.
“OK. I want my debt repaid now.” says the boy at my feet.
“What do you mean?” says the boy beneath me.
“I want to invade your time with Debbie. There a vacant hole I’d like to fill.”
“Yea. OK. Deal.”
“Does anyone want my opinion?” I ask.
“No. Shut up and get fucked!”
In a moment, there’s a boy on top of me too, and his dick is soon sliding into my cunt and his tongue is sliding into my mouth. We are kissing, and I am very full of penes. The sensation is quite new and quite exciting. These boys are working up an alternating rhythm and they’re stimulating me in a major way. My cunt, my ass, my breasts, my mouth, smooth naked skin on both sides, and there’s even hands pulling my shoulders down increasing thrust pressure on my clitoris. I try to thrash about, but both boys are holding me firmly in place. God… It feels good. I can feel myself building to a major climax. I’m starting to come and it’s one hell of an orgasm. I go with it, and I’m making all sorts of noises. The boys know it too, but they both just keep on holding me firmly and keep pushing into me. These guys have found their stamina. After another few minutes, I feel another build up, and sense the boys are soon to be done too. All three of us come in a frenzied crescendo. All three of us are panting as their dicks go limp. The two escape and run off. I am, once again, alone with stuff oozing from my holes. They are gone for a while and I start to doze off.

When I awake, I am alarmed and have no idea what time it is. I start to get up, but feel that I am still restrained. I start to panic. I’ve also got to pee. I can’t see a damn thing. When is the father coming home? Where are the boys.
I start to yell and curse. In short order there’s a boy or two at the door.
“Can you let me up now?” I say pleadingly.
“Why? Had enough?”
“Yes, and I’ve got to pee.”
“Cool. Can we watch?”
“No. Let me go to the bathroom.”
“No. We want to see you pee.”
“Why? It’s just urine.”
“Because we’re curious. We’ll get a large towel, and you pee onto it.”
“Can’t you just let me up?”
“Not until you pee on the towel.”
Shit. Shit. Where’s the damn towel?”
“You said a bad word. The towel is ready.”
“I don’t feel a towel there. My pee will go all over the place.”
“OK. Wait a second.” The towel is shoved up and under my ass. I start to pee and I wonder what the boys are seeing.
“Oooh. There’s and awful lot of it.”
“Cool. Oh oh. We should have gotten a larger towel.”
“How are we going to hide this from dad if his mattress is all wet?”
“Here’s are more towels.”
I finally finish, and feel quite relieved. They clean me up and dry me off. They even wipe up all the semen that’s leaked all over me. I think they have a washcloth too.… so considerate of them.

“How long are you going to keep me tied up?” I enquire.
“We haven’t decided yet. What else can you teach us?”
“You’ve learned enough today.”
“Isn’t there anything more we could enjoy together?”
“Uhh. There is more, but that should wait for another day.” I suggest.
“What more? You mean oral sex?”
Ugh. I was hoping that I was done, but it’s clear that there will be more dicks and orgasms in my life today.
“… What do you want to know about oral sex?”
There was no answer, but there was suddenly a dick in my mouth.
“Wha…” I tried to talk, but it was difficult.”
“Didn’t you mother teach you that it was impolite to talk with you mouth full.” teased one. I tried to curse and then started to bite down on the penis in my mouth.
“I’m sorry… It was just a joke.”
I relented and go on improving the quality of my blowjob hoping to get this dick off quickly. I then feel two hands on my hips, and can feel a breath on my open pussy. It isn’t long before that breath is replaced by a tongue. It is an inexperienced tongue, but what it lacks in experience, it has in enthusiasm. This tongue is very active and very quick. The owner of this tongue knows what a clitoris is. My hips started to roll and squirm as if it had a mind of it’s own. It is just too much for me, and I come hard adding more moisture to the mix below my waist. I was focusing so much on my own orgasm that I have to catch my breath when I feel my mouth being filled with more liquid from the overexcited dick from above. I swallow and swallow again. The dick goes limp and exits, but suddenly it returns hard as a rock ready for me. I thought I was done, forgetting that there was the second course to this meal. Sure enough, there is also another inexperienced wet tongue on my vagina with some probing fingers to assist. I wonder if I was going to come this time too. I decide to try and again wiggled to exhaustion as I come yet again, but not with as much force. The dick in my mouth is done too, and I, once again, swallow it all.
“Thank you teacher” They chimed in together. I laughed despite my desire to get up.
They remove my blindfold and I can finally see the two naked boys that gave me so much pleasure today. I stare at them and their limp penes and it’s their turn to blush.

“Will you let me up now?”
“We’re afraid to let you up.”
“You’ve got to let me up, you father will be home very soon.”
“We decided to confess all to father…”
“What do you mean!! He can’t see me like this! What will he think?”
“Don’t worry. We’ll take the blame.”
“It’s not about the blame. Let me up!”
“No. Be patient.”
“I am vexed. Let me up.”
“No.” and they left the room. I squirmed around the bed a bit trying to set myself loose, but their job was just too good. It was hopeless. I’m vexed.

About 30 minutes later, Billy comes into the room alone to check on me. He’s fully dressed. I’m still nearly naked. He’s concerned about me being angry. He comes over and pats my hair and comforts me. He’s talking, but they’re just comfort words. He leads me to believe that keeping me tied is all his brother’s idea. He kisses my forehead and then my lips. He kisses my lips again. The he touches a nipple as he kisses me. I groan to myself knowing where this is going and what will come next. I know before he does. He is still so innocent. One minute later he is kissing my breasts, in another minute he’s kissing my vagina as I am thrashing about. In another minute he is removing all of his clothes, and one minute after that he is on top of me with his lips kissing mine as he starts to thrust into me. It’s very sweet, and this time I can see his face as he’s making love to me. His young face is so cute. He seems so “in love.” He goes for about five minutes pushing into me in a most delightful manner. At each thrust, I respond with a strong counterthrust and I squeeze his penis repeatedly with my pubococcygeus muscles, and soon we orgasm together. He whispers in my ear “I love you.” He kisses my nipples before collecting his clothes and departing. Bobby catches him leaving the room, and says;
“You can’t fuck her more than me!”
“She’s all yours” Billy replies. Bobby quickly strips and jumps onto my body. His penis is already erect and he slides it right in like and old pro. He’s fucking me in earnest, but unlike his brother, he’s not kissing me while he fucking. He’s looking at my face and at my tits, and really enjoying the view. Then he starts to kiss my nipples while he’s giving me his all. This is a new one for me, as I discover that shorter boys can do some things that taller men cannot. I’m giving him counterthrusts and squeezing his penis too. He lasts about three minutes and fills me once again. I wonder how long these guys can keep this up? How much do they have in their seminal reserves? Bobby collects his clothes, and also runs off leaving me alone. I am tired and well fucked. Billy come back to look after me again. This time he gets the sheets and blankets and covers me to make sure I’m warm and comfortable. He leaves quietly and I think I doze off again.

When I awaken, I hear the front door slamming shut and Edward calling out for his boys. I once again try to get up on the chance that they might have freed me while I slept, but no such luck.
The bedroom door was left wide open and I can hear everything below.
“Hi Dad!”
“Hi Dad. Did you have a good trip?”
“I guess so. But it’s just not the same without your mother tagging along.” He said sounding a bit sad.
“We had a great weekend.”
“We had a really really great weekend, but I think that Debbie is mad at us.”
“What happened? Why is she mad?”
“We didn’t do what she told us to do.”
“What? Why? Where is she? Why isn’t she here?”
“She’s upstairs in your room waiting for you. I think she wants to talk to you alone.”
“Yea. She wants to talk to you alone.”
“What happened? What do you guys do?”
“We’ll let her tell you. We didn’t know what to do after she got upset.”
“OK. Why don’t you guys watch TV and wait here for me while I talk to her.”
“You might want these.”
“Why would I need wire cutters?”
“You’ll see.”
“You guys are really starting to piss me off. Debbie? Where are you?”
I can hear footsteps on the stairs and then he pauses in the hallway as he can see me lying in his bed. He comes into the room and closes the door with a puzzled look on his face.
“What’s going on? Why are you in my bed?”
“Umm. Well. You see… Your boys tied me up, dragged me into this room, tied me to your bed, and then raped me repeatedly all afternoon. I am still in your bed, because I am still tied up.”
He looks as if he doesn’t believe me. He comes over to the bed and pulls down the covers exposing my torso down to my waist. He sees that my arms are over my head and secured to the posts. He sees my open blouse and he stares at my perfect pert breasts and nipples for a good while. With the cool air, they become erect while he is looking. He looks at my tired face and says nothing. He then pulls the covers down even further and stares at my open vagina. I’m sure he can see the little puddle of cum oozing down my ass and onto his sheet. He then pulls the covers back up over me. Silence.
“How did this happen? Did you encourage them to do this?”
“I don’t think so. I should have seen the warning signs, but I didn’t ask to be tied to the bed like this. I did try to fight them.”
“Well, my boys and I have been though a lot lately. I suspect that this was some sort of emotional release.”
“Yea. Well they released a lot into me.” I joked. We then both heard snickering behind the closed door.
“Go to bed boys!” yells Edward suddenly opening the door.
“Yea. Off to bed with the both of you. Your OWN beds.” I shout.
I can hear them scamper off. I imagine they were very relieved by the tone of our conversation. The father smiled.
“Please don’t go to the police. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my boys too.” I had no intention of going to the police, but I didn’t reply.
“What will you tell your boyfriend? Anything?”
“I don’t have a boyfriend at present. I’m also not on the pill.”
“Oh… What part of your period are you at?” expressing concern.
“Probably a fertile part. I’m not exactly sure.”
“Oh…. Sorry. May we compensate you for the day you’ve had?”
“Well you do owe me for the babysitting. What did you have in mind?” I was wondering why I was still tied up during this conversation.
“Edward? Why don’t you release me and we can continue this conversation.”
“Let me think…” he replies looking rather distracted. “I have some cash in my safe… Let me count it.” he seems to say to himself, and he drifts out of the room. He comes back seven minutes later, with a wad of cash in his hands;
“I can give you four thousand dollars if you forget everything about this room today.”
“Uhhh. OK. OK, but I don’t need to take so much money from you. I’ve been through a lot, but I also enjoyed it, if you must know the truth.”
“Thanks for being so honest. But please, take the money anyway. It will make me feel less guilty.”
“Guilty? How could you have known that this was going to happen?”
“I didn’t… I’m going to feel guilty for a rather different reason.”
“What do you mean? Why…” I saw him start to undress, and it dawns on me.
“It’s for something I am going to so. I’ve been so lonesome without my wife. I really need this release.”
“How could you?” I chided.
“What do you mean? Don’t we have a deal? I’m just getting my money’s worth.” He grins.
“Oh. You nasty old man.” I say in a teasing manner.
“I’ve always liked you. This is a dream come true for me.” he confesses.
“Do you know I had a major crush on you as a teenager?” I offer in response.
“It was obvious. I always loved your looks and your personality, but you were just too young for me, and I really loved my wife.” He says as he finishes removing all of his clothing. He pulls the covers from me and climbs right on top of me. I look down and can see an erect penis very much larger then the ones that filled me earlier. He doesn’t wait long after taking in all of me with his eyes. He pushes his erection forward and my pussy lips are already parted and already gooey. He slides it in slowly and yet easily despite being so thick. He allows me enough time to relax to his presence.
“I really wish I could hug you and wrap my legs around you.” I entreat as I squeeze his dick with my pubococcygeus muscles. He groans with abject approval and he responds with thrusts that are giving me great contact and great pleasure. I am pushing back hard.
Like his boys, he also seems to like kissing as he is making love. I am kissing back, and soon our tongues are also wrestling. This feels great and I really want to hug him, but I am forced to let him do the work of hugging, which he does so well. We’re both working up a good sweat and we’re both panting for more air. God it feels good.
Five minutes after we started, we come together with exquisite orgasms. We kiss again.
“Thank you Debbie. Thank you.”
“Did I have a choice?”

He then pulls up the covers and climbs into bed with me and hugs me from the side. He started to fondle my breasts, and then kisses my cheeks and then my lips again.
“These ropes just don’t work for me.”
“Please release me. My arms are stiff.”
“So, that’s why the boys gave me the cutters.”
He moves the cutters in place to cut the knots off and I stop him.
“Please cut the ropes well above the knots.”
“Why? Are you saving the knots?”
“For now, yes. I’ll decide about them tomorrow.”

He pulls off the covers and exposes me in all of my glory again. He then quickly cuts the four ropes that have bound me to the bed all afternoon. Instead of trying to get away, I pulled up the covers and allow him to get close to me again. We kiss and make small talk for about a half an hour. We kiss some more. I then get on top of him and I am glad to be able to wrap all of my limbs around him. I push his rather large penis into me again, and I am in heaven. It just feels so right being here. Despite the excessive fuckings of the day, I ride him hard and we both have wonderful orgasms for the second time. The third and fourth sperm injections also follow like clockwork as the night progresses. It seems that the father has as much staying power as the sons.

When morning comes, I am very hungry. I had failed to eat any dinner last night, but the boys did give me some liquid nutrition…. I dress and go to make some breakfast. Edward joins me and seems really glad that I stayed the night. We enjoy breakfast together. I prepare to leave before the boys get up. After breakfast, he gives me my bag.
“I really hope to see you again soon. Think of us.”
I reply with a laugh, a hug, and a kiss. I prance out the door sporting four new rope bracelets. I later find his $4,000 stuffed into my bag. Despite needing the money, I really wish he hadn’t. I don’t want to feel like a high priced whore, but I got over that feeling, and rather quickly. I also worry that I might need money for an abortion. I’m not ready to be a single mother.

On Monday and Tuesday, I recuperate. By Wednesday, I feel like I’m back to normal. That was quite some weekend! It is Thursday when I get a call. It is Edward. He probably wants a boring date. I’m not sure what I want.
“Hi. Debbie?”
“Yes. Hi.”
“Are you ok?”
“Yes. Thank you. I am quite myself again.”
“Oh. Good.”
There’s a short pause.
“I need to go out for the evening tomorrow, and I was wondering if you could babysit for my boys again. I don’t fully trust them on their own.”
I make a knowing smile, but there is dead silence. This is not what I expected. I think about my life and my life plans. I am about to decline when I feel a familiar tingling sensation between my legs.
With a wry smile, I quietly say “ok.”
“Great then, well see you tomorrow at about 7PM.”

Epilogue 1.

Debbie arrived as promised on Friday. The boys were thrilled and even more thrilled to see that all four Turk’s head knots survived the week. They wondered how many times Debbie had to make up some story about them. That weekend was wicked. Debbie wrestled with the boys again and they found new ways to defeat her every time. Getting “pinned” took on a whole new meaning. She had all her holes filled dozens of times by both the boys and the father. The boys had fun with her days and she slept with the father at night. She got used to it. In fact, she was falling in love.

Epilogue 2.

The following weekend, there was a repeat. It seems that a pattern was starting.
Surprisingly, Edward proposed to Debbie on Sunday morning while her sore cunt was full of his thick dick. She changed her life plans and accepted before he came in her. At breakfast Edward said to his boys;
“How would you like Debbie to be your new mother?”
“For real? Yeah!!” yelled Billy.
“Can we still fuck her?” asked Bobby.
“Oh shut up!” responded all.

Epilogue 3.

Two weeks later, Debbie missed her period. The tests proved positive, and she was glad that her marriage proposal was prior to the tests and from the heart rather than coerced by her pregnancy. Both the boys and the father really wanted her to keep the baby. Would the baby girl be a half-sister or a daughter or a niece? a daughter or a granddaughter? Does it really matter?

Epilogue 4.

This daughter grew up to be quite something… but that’s another story.

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