Forbidden Desires Part 5

Forbidden Desires Part 5

Kimiko Hashitani finished her history lesson as the bell rang, and put down her chalk with a sigh. Her long day was over at last. All day the young middle-school teacher had fought to keep her focus on her work, stifling her daydreams about her illicit sexual tryst with twelve-year-old David Drake a few days earlier. And yet, vivid images of it kept flooding into her mind like the hot gushes of cum from his youthful penis. She had tried to avoid looking at him as he stared at her worshipfully, frankly admiring her firm ass beneath her clinging minidress, the eager thrust of her full breasts straining against the thin material, threatening to pop the one button on her dress that concealed them. But every time she glanced at him, she felt her pussy become wet with anticipation. God, she had to have him again, no matter what the risk, she thought. She had to feel his young cock thrusting deep inside her, driving her to the intense, pulsating climax she needed so desperately. How would she ever be able to fight down the urgent, insistent demands of her body? How could she ever wait until a time when she could have him again?

And another thought had troubled her as she spoke to her class: Susan Ramsey, too, had gazed at her all day, with a knowing little hint of a smile on her lovely, full lips. Had David told her? Or had she guessed? What was she thinking that made her smile that way?

As the class stood and began to file out, Kimi’s mind raced. It was the last period. The janitors would not come in for another hour, she knew. Her desk was not visible from the small window in the door to the classroom. Quickly, she came to a rash, impulsive decision. It was insane, she knew – it could cost her her job. But the chances of discovery were slim, and the urgings of her body would not be denied. “David”, she said, as the young boy stood reluctantly to leave. “Would you mind staying after class for a moment? I want to go over your extra-credit assignment with you.”

David smiled and walked to her desk, his heart pounding with excitement at the prospect of even another few moments alone with this goddess of his wet dreams. Ever since his memorable evening of discovery with Miss Hashitani, he had masturbated almost every chance he got, pumping out load after load of come, imagining it pulsing into her silky vaginal tunnel, or into her wildly sucking mouth. Sometimes he fantasized about Susan, too, but his sexy teacher was the object of his true, undying lust.

Kimi smiled at her young student, held a finger to her lips, and walked by him to the door, quietly locking it and turning the lights out. With the blinds closed, the room was only dimly lit by the filtered sunshine. Turning back to face him, Kimi whispered urgently. “David…we have to be quiet, okay? And quick. I need you inside me again. Right now!”

Quickly, she returned to her desk and faced him, taking his face in her hands, and drawing him to her, kissed him fervently. She felt his lips part, and her tongue thrust between them, meeting his. His pelvis lurched against her, and she could feel his cock spring to life in his pants, pressing against her yearning sex. He thrust his hips forward as their wet tongues intertwined, Kimi sucking on his tongue as if it were his eager young cock. Suddenly, she broke their kiss, breathing hard, her face flush with her need. Quickly, she dropped to her knees, her hands frantically tugging at his belt. He helped her get his pants undone and she slid them, along with his shorts, down to his ankles, gazing again at his beautiful cock as it sprang forth.

“God, I’ve wanted this all day!” murmured Kimi as she reached out and closed her fingers around the base, raising it to her lips. With one motion, she engulfed it in her wet mouth, causing David to gasp with pleasure. His hands rested lightly on her head, feeling her silky black hair as her head bobbed, slurping on his aching cock, taking it deep into her throat. It was all he could do to hold back, what with the suddenness and fervor of her oral assault. But he was determined not to come too soon this time, as he had in her apartment. No, he thought, as he slowly thrust his now-rigid cock into her mouth…this time he would fuck his luscious teacher like a man!

Kimi, too, was eager for the main event. Even though she yearned for the taste of his hot, thick sperm as he pumped it into her mouth, she needed desperately to put out the seething, molten fire in her pussy. She wanted them to come together, as one, to feel his semen bathing and soothing her vagina. Sensing him about to lose control, she released his throbbing cock from between her lips, trailing thick ropes of saliva mingled with his clear pre-come. “Mmmmmm, I love your cock,” she purred, lazily licking around the flared head with her tongue.

Letting go of him and rising unsteadily to her feet, she turned away from David and bent over her desk, obscenely pulling her skimpy dress up to reveal the firm, round cheeks of her ass, only half covered by her black silk panties.

“Pull my panties down, David”, she whispered tawdrily. “Lick me”.

David, eager to please his teacher, knelt down and grabbed her panties from the sides with both of his hands, and slowly slid them down, gazing appreciatively at her lush ass as it wriggled invitingly, at her parted, glistening labia, the tight little rosebud of her asshole. Leaving her panties stretched between her parted thighs, he reached up and grasped the full moons of her ass and leaned forward, extending his tongue.

Kimiko gasped as she felt his tongue touch her, lapping at her exposed clit. Then it slithered upward, parting the petals of her drenched pussy. She knew she was wet…that he could taste her arousal now. His tongue electrified her as it delved between her lips, thrusting inside her. His head bobbed, stabbing it into her again and again, as deep as he could, his nose pressing against her anus. “Ohhhh, yessss, that’s it, David, darling…fuck my pussy with your tongue like that.” Kimi writhed back against his tongue as it probed her body.

David eagerly complied, tasting her sweet essence on his tongue. After a few more thrusts of his skewering tongue, he let it slip out, wanting to try something else, something new to him. His tongue slid upward, wetly caressing the sensitive flesh there…seeking and finding the tight pucker of her asshole as he spread her cheeks wide with his hands. Kimi groaned as he licked her there. “Oh my goddddd….” Where had he learned to do that, she wondered. Oh, to have his cock buried deep in her ass, she thought. Next time, next time, she told herself, her mind reeling with her need for him.

“David, darling….please, David….stick it in me and fuck me now!” she hissed obscenely, her head turned so that she could see him out of the corner of her eye. “I need to feel your beautiful big cock all the way inside my pussy!”

David needed no further encouragement. He rose to his feet, guided his rigid cock to her dripping pussy lips, found the entrance to her vagina, and with one hard thrust, sank his cock into her velvety depths. “UHHHH!!!” groaned Kimi as she felt his cock penetrate her at last. Her eager cunt clasped his cock wetly, welcoming him inside her. “That’s it, darling boy….fuck me HARD! Make me come!”

David began driving his cock in and out of her, gazing down to watch her pussy lips cling to the glistening shaft as it withdrew each time, then push back inside her as he thrust forward, his young, come-filled balls slapping against her clit each time. Her pussy was so tight around his cock, it seemed to almost suck on it. “Ohh, Miss Hashitani, that feels so good!” he moaned, accelerating his pace, driving quickly toward his orgasm. This was not the gentle lovemaking they had enjoyed before. This was fucking, fucking for the pure, savage, animal fun of it.

Kimi’s breath was forced out of her with each powerful thrust of his hips, each rhythmic smack of his young balls against her naked wet clit. Her voice rose in a crescendo, her pitch increasing steadily as she corrected him.

“IT’S…KIMI!….OHHH!…UNNHH!!…..YES!!!… YES!!!….FUCK!!!!!….ME!!!!…DAVID!!! ….GRAB!!!!…..MY!!!!….HAIR!!!!”

Her obscene words thrilled David, and he reached out and closed his hand around her hair, gripping it tightly and pulling her head back roughly, driving his cock into her with a mounting fury. The room was filled with the sound of flesh smacking against wet flesh. Suddenly, David’s aching arousal overloaded his senses. He felt his balls go numb, past the point of no return, unable to hold back a second longer. He pistoned his cock furiously in and out of her as he felt himself go over the edge. “OHHH, FUCK, KIMI, I’m gonna come NOOOWWWWWWW!!!”

Spurred by his urgent words, his powerfully thrusting cock, and his tight grip on her hair, Kimi felt her own climax seizing her, thrusting back against his rampaging cock as her body convulsed, and she screamed, not caring who might hear. “OHHH, GOD, YESSS, GIVE IT TO ME, BABY, I’M COMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!”

Kimi’s body shuddered frantically as David unleashed his pent-up torrent of sperm, erupting like a volcano into her eager welcoming cunt. Her muscles clung to him, milking him of his boyish come as it gushed into her again and again. So good, she thought breathlessly, her mind swirling….so good! David, too, was in heaven, his cock bathed in his slippery come as he slowed the pace of his thrusts, moved slowly in and out of her luscious, sperm-flooded vagina, savoring the feeling of being so deep inside her as he pumped out the last of his semen. Every nerve ending in his cock was ultra-sensitive, feeling the delicious spasms of her muscles as they gripped his rigid manhood.

So lost were they in the sweet aftermath of their frantic coupling, gasping for breath, that neither David nor Kimi noticed the young blonde girl standing nearby, her face flushed, watching the proceedings with a look of undisguised salaciousness. Her skirt was pulled up, her hand inside her panties as she bit her lower lip, her fingers alternatively caressing her clit and sliding up inside her tight little pussy. She had already come once, hard, on her slippery fingers.

Susan Ramsey, sensing that something interesting was about to transpire between her friend David and their teacher, had hidden herself in the supply closet as the other kids filed out of the classroom, emerging silently after a few moments to see what would happen next. What she had seen had thrilled her, excited her beyond imagining. And it wasn’t just the now-familiar sight of David’s erect cock as he fucked it in and out of his teacher. She found herself excited by Miss Hashitani’s beautiful, tawny body, excited in ways she didn’t fully understand yet.

David saw her first.

“Susan!!” he gasped, his cock still buried deep inside Kimi’s sperm-drenched cunt. Quickly, he pulled it out and started to pull up his pants.

Kimi rose quickly from the desk and turned around. “Oh my god!!” she exclaimed, blushing furiously and trying to cover her drooling pussy with her hand as David’s copious sperm oozed out of it and down her thigh. “Susan!!”

Susan quickly pulled her own hand from inside her panties and held her wet forefinger to her lips to shush them. The young girl smiled reassuringly. “It’s okay…I promise I won’t tell. David already told me everything anyway.”

Kimiko turned and fixed David with a hard, angry stare. “You TOLD her??”

David looked downward, ashamed of his weakness. “I’m sorry, Ki….Miss Hashitani. I didn’t mean to tell her…it just kind of came out.”

“It wasn’t really his fault, Miss Hashitani,” said Susan calmly. “He wasn’t exactly thinking clearly at the time. Really, it’s okay, I swear I won’t tell a soul,” she continued. As she spoke the words, she was thinking of what she had said to Mr. Merriam. She had already betrayed them, she knew, already revealed her teacher’s little secret, but her instincts told her that Mr. Merriam would use the knowledge for a different and more self-serving purpose than throwing Miss Hashitani in jail for child molestation. And besides, she thought, she kind of had an ace in the hole when it came to Mr. Merriam.

Nevertheless, Susan wasn’t about to pass up a chance to add to her growing store of knowledge on matters sexual. Now that her education had begun in earnest, she was eager to advance to the next level. “But there is just one thing I would ask in return…”

Kimi stared at the lovely blonde girl, waiting for her to exact her price, knowing that she had now exposed herself to all manner of blackmail by this little schemer. “What….what do you mean?” she asked, hesitantly.

“You know what I mean, Miss Hashitani. All you have to do is let me join in and play too,” smiled Susan, choosing her words carefully. “Miss Hashitani, David and I have already….ummm….kind of gotten to know each other better, you know? I think it would be really fun for all of us to be together, doing whatever we want to, y’know, for as long as we like? It was really hot watching you fuck.”

Kimi gazed at her, utterly astonished. She had never dreamed that Susan was sexually active, let alone that she had apparently seduced David. Or maybe it was the other way around. And she never thought she’d ever here the word “fuck” pass Susan’s lips. For the first time, she really looked at Susan, taking in her budding, nubile body, the loveliness of her skin, her model’s face…looking at her for the first time as a sexual being. Ohhhh, the possibilities, she thought suddenly, her mind exploring the idea, savoring it.

“Let’s let her, Miss Hashitani,” said David, fully understanding the implications of Susan’s proposition. The vision of having sex with both of these gorgeous girls had caused his cock to lurch upward again, hard as a rock.

“All right, Susan, you win,” said Kimi at last, surrendering. “But we can’t continue this now. The janitors will be coming in.”

“No, I think maybe you’re right,” replied Susan, slowly approaching Kimi. “We’d be soooo busted, wouldn’t we? How about if we come to your apartment tomorrow night? Say…about seven o’clock? My parents don’t let me stay out real late.”

“Works for me,” said David, a little too eagerly.

Kimiko nodded slowly, then smiled at Susan. “Seven it is.” Suddenly, she realized that her panties were still down around her thighs, and a slow-moving rivulet of come was oozing down the smooth inner side. Susan, seeing it, reached out her hand, and before Kimi could protest, the girl gathered a thick gob of it on her index finger. Turning to David, she lifted it to her lips, smiling at him and murmuring: “Look, David…..your come.” So saying, she extended her tongue and let the dollop of white fluid ooze down onto it…and then slowly swallowed it as he watched.

“Yummy!” she said, smiling mischievously and winking at David. “See you later!” Then, smoothing down her dress, she turned and walked to the door, quietly letting herself out without another word.

Kimi and David stared after her for a long moment, speechless. Finally, Kimi recovered herself a little, and reached down to pull up her panties. “You better go home and take a nice nap, David,” she said softly. “Something tells me you’re going to need all your strength.”

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