My son the stud

My son the stud

This is my first story…hope you enjoy…

My name is Cindy, i am 33, and i have a teenage son, Brian. Brian is 13, and a very quite, soft spoken boy. He has always been tall and athletic. This is a story of one night when i walked in on him jackiong off, and never turned back…

I was getting home from work on a Thursday, about 9:30 at night. I always got home late, and I missed another one of my son's wrestling meets. I hated missing them, but i had no choice. He was eating some leftovers from last night's dinner, when i walked in. I asked, "How was your match son". He said, " I won my match, but my team lost the meet pretty bad". He hated to lose those meets, I could see the disapointment in his eyes. I kissed him on the forehead, told him good try, and went off to the shower.

When I came out of the shower, i noticed Brian's bedroom door was almost all the way shut, with just a crack of light coming through. This was odd, he never shut his door, not even when he went to bed. So I peered end, and i saw Brian sitting on his bed, naked. I looked down and found him jacking off! I immediatley started to turn and go to my room, but I had this naughty feeling inside. I had to go watch him. Seeing my teenage son jerk was making me horny. I knew i shouldn't be doing this, but I couldn't stop my self. My hand slowly found my clit, and I rubbed it vigoursly. I hadn't been fucked since my husband and I got a divorce a year ago. He started to get up, so I quickly snuck back to my room, and locked the door. I threw my towel off, reached for my nightstand, and pulled out my toy. It was a 8 inch dildo, my favorite. I was so wet from seeing Brian, I didnt even need lube. I stuck it in and started fucking myself as hard and fast as I could. It felt so good, not as good as th real thing, but it satisfied me. I didn't realize I had been making noise, but I must have, because in walked Brian. He saw what I was doing and his eyes got huge. He stumbled out " I…I'm sorry mom" and closed the door. I whispered "Oh, fuck" to myself as i put my robe on. I yelled to Brian, "Come in son". He slowly walked in, and his face was bright red. He tried not to look at me, as I said, " Brian, I know you think what you saw is bad, but really, it's not. It's what me and your dad did to make you". He just said "oh" quietly and then I said "Brian, I saw you in your room earlier, I saw you jacking off". He looked at me and said " Oh my gosh, mom, don't be mad, a guy at school told me about it and I…" I looked at him and said " It's ok baby, it's normal for boys to do that."
This still didn't seem to make him feel any better, and he said, " Mom, I'm sorry, I feel stupid asking this, but, what was that thing you had in you?". I explained it was a fake penis, and it was called a dildo. He seemed embarrassed talking about it, and he said he was tired and wanted to get some rest. So he went off to bed, and I almost immediatly went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to something pressing againt my stomach. I saw Brian, laying right next to me in bed, staring at my breast. I took my robe off before I went to sleep. He was rubbing his rock hard cock, he didn't realize
i was awake. His cock was huge! I hadn't realized it was that big when I saw him earlier. It was 7 inches, and for a young teenager, I thought it was big. I watched him again, without him knowing. Then, I "woke up" and said, "My my, someone likes to see mommy." He said " You are beautiful, mom, could you show me how to…ya know….do it". I said " You mean…sex?" He said "Ya mom, I've got a condom in my room and everything." I was stuned at this and said "Where the hell did you get a condom?" He said his friend Troy gave it to him. I said" Son, I can't show you, I'm your mother, it's wrong", even though in my head I wanted to fuck him. He frowned and said "Sorry mom, I don't mean to sound weird, I guess I was just curious." He started to get up, and the same naughty feeling that hit me when I was watching him jerk the first time took me over. " Well maybe I could show you a few things…go get the condom, I`ll show you how to put it on." Meanwhile, I got up to get the lube. He came back with the condom already unwrapped. I showed him how to put it on, and told him everything to do. He mounted me so that he was on top. I said "Go ahead, but be gentle." I was sooo horny by now, I couldn't wait for him to be in me. " I said ok, son just…" and I was cut off by Brian saying " Mom I know what to do. I have had sex before, I just wanted to fuck you so bad, you are sooo fucking hot." I was astonished by his language. I said "Brian!" He just looked at me with a nasty little grin and said " Sssshhhhhh!". He rammed his cock into me, then would pull it back out and rub my clit. I was in shock , but this felt so good, I didnt say a word. He grabbed my breasts and started to look them. I screamed in delgith as he said " You like that my little whore don't you!" All I could do was scream "Yeeeessssss!" as he rode me like a bull, knowing how fast to go and how deep, until he was all the way in me and going as fast as he could. I reached around, grabbed his smooth little ass and pulled him into me. He grunted, and said " I'm gonna cum mom!" And with a few thrusts, he was cumming inside the condom, and that's when I unloaded mine. I was orgasming like I hadn't in a long time. He slid out of me, his cock still semi-hard. I just looked at him and said " Oh my god, Brian, that was amazing. He looked at the dildo, and said "Does that work on guys, too?" I said ya anal. He got up that same shy grin and said, "I want you to do that to me." I said "Brian, you can't just put it up there. You have to get used to it." He grabbed the dildo, walked to the door, looked at me and said " I will be back tommorrow, you dirty little whore, and we will do this again. And I`ll be ready."

—————-Part II is comming soon! That part will have no interductions, just a lot of intercourse and anal on both Cindy and Brian, with an extra friend along…..

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