My Summer Boss 5

My Summer Boss 5

She held my head tightly, kissing me like that for a long moment before letting go. I slowly stood up straight and looked down at her. She looked back at me with her best innocent face, giving me those damn puppy dog eyes and pouting. I couldn’t help but smile as I walked around the end of the couch and sat down next to her. She leaned against me, her naked body seeming to glow with the spirit that practically poured from her eyes.

How did I become the luckiest guy on earth? The series of events leading to this moment seemed so totally impossible to the boy I had been not two months ago. She kissed me again and I felt her hands go to the clasp of my shorts. I flinched at her touch, not because I was scared or something like that, but because it actually hurt.

“Eve I can’t. Not today, it um…it kinda hurts.” I said apologetically.

“You what?” she asked incredulously. Then an impish smile piqued her lips and she shouted, “You can’t?”


“Hey Brook!” she called.

“What?” came my girlfriend of one week, lover of one day, friend of five or six years, voice from somewhere in Eve’s room.

“He says he can’t anymore today!”

“He what?” she yelled back, though it sounded like she was getting closer. I gave Eve a severely confused look and she winked at me in response.

“He says he can’t do it anymore today! He says it hurts!” Brook was suddenly behind us, leaning over the back of the couch and giving me a hard look.

“He says it hurts?” she asked Eve, with an accusing voice that was somehow directed at me.

“I know! Can you believe this?” Eve said back with an equally accusing voice, again directed at me but looking at Brook. I turned my face up at Brook with a worried look, my eyes screaming to know what was going on. She was now dressed in some of Eve’s clothes, though I had to say, the shirt she was wearing really didn’t fit her…in a good way.

“How can it hurt?” She asked Eve.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” She looked at me then up at Brook, “I mean how can it hurt, it’s been in our girly care all day. Have we been rough with it Brook?”

“No Eve, we haven’t been rough with it at all.” Brook said, coming over and sitting on my other side. “What could it be then? You’ve…felt, me Eve, am I…rough?”

“Hardly. I’ve never felt anything softer. Am I?”

“Well I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you check and see.” Eve suggested.

“Ok.” Brook said as she reached over me and ran her hand over Eve’s thigh. Eve sighed and spread her legs farther apart, making it easier for Brook to reach her pussy. Brook’s questing fingers lightly touched Eve’s outer lips and they both gasped. Eve, because it probably felt amazing on her ultra sensitive outer area. Brook, because I doubt she had ever felt another pussy aside from her own and the sensation was new to her. After a moment of gently tracing up and down Eve’s slit with her fingers, first one then two of them disappeared inside of her. Eve couldn’t contain the moan of pleasure that escaped her lips.

Brook let her fingers roam around inside Eve for a few more minutes with an amused smirk on her face, before pulling them out. “Nope, if soft doesn’t describe what you have going on in there, then soft must mean something else.” Brook looked at her hand for a second while Eve tried to recover herself where she had started getting into it.

“Well then…” she trailed off as she watched Brook bring her hand closer to her face and then slowly suck her index finger into her mouth. Brook wasn’t paying attention anymore, her eyes looking up at the ceiling as she tasted Eve’s juices on her finger. We were both looking at her now as she put her other finger in her mouth and focused her eyes on something on the other side of the ceiling. The look on her face was adorable. “…maybe it was something else.”

“I don’t see how, we didn’t do anything else did we?” Brook responded, taking her fingers out of her mouth and turning her eyes back on us. When she realized we were both riveted to her she blushed profusely. Eve got up on her knees, her small breasts jiggling amusingly and looked at Brook with these eyes. If I wasn’t mistaken, and I may have been, she was gazing at Brook with a hungry look in her eyes.

Brook smiled, but I don’t think she understood what I hoped was about to happen. “Oh you mean…”

“Mmm, I do.” Eve purred, leaning in front of me as Brook did the same. Inside my head I was screaming ‘Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! This is happening!’. Brook got up on her knees as well and edged a little closer. They were really close on either side of me and getting closer. They reached out and grabbed each other just above the elbows as they leaned over their center of mass. Eve’s pendant hung between the two, it’s shine fighting to distract my eye. Eve moved a little faster than Brook, who was hesitant in moving forward.

Eve glanced at me sidelong and smiled, the look on my face must have been priceless as she crossed the final gap and kissed Brook deeply. And oh my god it was just as epic as I imagined it would be. One of them even moaned, I couldn’t tell who, even though they were right in front of me.

Though I wouldn’t tell them, I was rock hard from the moment Brook sat next to me. And this, this was just going to make me mess my shorts. My vision seemed to tunnel so I could see only where their lips connected. One of them moaned again but this time I was sure it was Brook. This went on for the longest time which was awesome. But it was a relief when they pulled away from each other. I didn’t have a change of clothes and I wasn’t about to wear something of Eve’s like Brook had done.

With a sigh, Brook collapsed over my lap, between Eve and me. Eve remained kneeling there for a second, idly scratching at the corners of her mouth before turning her sparkling blue eyes on me and smiling sweetly.

“How about now?” she asked quietly, moving so she could straddle my thighs on her knees.

“Oh I could…” I started and her face lit up, Brook heard it too and quickly picked herself up and sat tight next to Eve, looking at me eagerly. “But, I would be useless all week. Perhaps longer.” Their faces fell.

“Now you don’t want to risk that do you?”

They looked at each other and sighed in unison. “This doesn’t mean we’re done today Tom.” Eve said.

“Yeah, not by a long shot.” Brook chimed in.

“Oh? What do you want to do then?” I asked, directing my question at Brook mainly because she probably didn’t know what she wanted.

“Well I, uhm…I don’t know.” She stammered, turning red. But wait what was this? This look in her eye, and her arm coming up to fold over her breasts, maybe she did know what she wanted.

“Are you sure you don’t know? Because Eve here is a greedy girl and if you don’t think of something I’m sure she can. And then you won’t get a chance for quite some time.” Eve scowled at me but I was too busy looking at Brook to notice, she bit her lip and her eyes darted from me to Eve, to a point between us, and then back. It looked like she really wanted to say something.

“Ok then…Eve what do you…”

“Wait!” Brook cut me off. She leaned her head close to Eve and brought up her hand to cover her mouth has she whispered in Eve’s ear.

Eve sighed like she was disappointed in missing out on taking Brooks turn, but soon smiled. “Yeah, he can do that decently. I can do a better job if you want though.”

“No, I want Tom to do it.”

“Do what, ladies?” I asked. Brook blushed and looked down causing Eve to roll her eyes.

“She wants you to play with her tits.” Brook looked up sharply and glared at her like she had just shared a secret she wasn’t supposed to.

“Oh? Is that so?” I said, reaching out and pulling Brook into my lap.

“I’m going to go take a shower.” Eve stated, finally sounding tired for the first time today. I nodded and leaned over to kiss her cheek. She got up off the couch and struggled to walk back to her room without falling down. I looked back at Brook who sat on my lap with nervous smile on her face.

“Sooo, you want me to play…with your titties?” I asked with a wry smile. I didn’t think it was possible for her to go any more red, but she did.

“Aww, you’re so cute. Here, turn around.” I said, physically turning her so she was facing away from me and then leaned her back against my chest.

I put my arms around her middle and gave her a reassuring squeeze, “So, how did this come about hmm? Anything in particular?” I asked, resting my chin on her shoulder.

“Well I…it just feels good ok.” She said turning her head far enough to give me a look out of the corner of her eye.

“Really? Does it?” I asked, letting my hands slowly roam higher up her stomach. I danced my fingers all over her torso, except her breasts, I came close but never actually touched them. And when they came near she inhaled sharply, when I didn’t touch them she let it out, giving me a frustrated look. When I looked over her shoulder I could see her nipples, now probably uncomfortably hard, trying to spear through the tight shirt she was wearing.

“Stop teasing me.” She pleaded as my hand came so close to touching her left breast, but then pulled back right as I was about to.

“What? You want me to do this?” I asked, suddenly laying my hands on both her tits and squeezing gently. She cried out, a little more startled than I had hoped but it was still an amusing reaction. Now being only my second pair, I was thrilled to feel such a difference between the two girls. Where Eve’s had been small and supple, Brook’s were firmer, seemingly perfectly round, and a good deal larger. She moaned as I began squeezing and massaging with my fingers. Apparently her breasts were incredibly sensitive because every change in movement I made got a reaction out of her.

After a few minutes of this I let my fingers seek out her little rock hard nipples and grasped them gently. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against mine, which was still perched on her shoulder.

“Tooom!” she groaned as I tweaked one gently and slowly twisted the other a fraction. She was shifting her hips on my lap and I winced as her weight ground my hard on against my leg. But I wasn’t about to stop what I was doing.

“Oh god Tom that feels so good.” she said quietly in my ear.

“Good, then this will feel better.” I said, taking my hands away from her breasts and slowly running them down her flat stomach and then up under her shirt. Where I ran my fingertips back up again, barely touching her skin, as slowly as I possibly could. She let out a juddering breath and turned her head to look at me, her magnificent grey eyes were glazed over and her pupils were huge.

Slowly my fingertips crept up on the glorious curves of her tits and snuck back to her nipples. I let this go on for a good long time, alternating between her nipples and her breasts in general. When I began to loose feeling in my hands I leaned in and kissed her neck gently, before nipping at the delicate skin.

“Ahh!” She grabbed my head in one hand and one of my hands with her other, holding me in place as she climaxed. And it wasn’t one of those few second deals either; she went through a solid minute or two orgasm. She just twitched and shuddered in my lap occasionally crying out and pushing my hand forcefully against her breast. I had to hold on tight to her so she didn’t slip off my lap. Yes, apparently she was very sensitive. So after a fair amount of time she collapsed back against me panting.

“I didn’t think girls could cum from just that.” I mused, absentmindedly brushing my fingers over one of her nipples.

“Neither…uhn…did I.” she said breathlessly. We sat there for a moment as she calmed down. I held my arms around her middle, under her shirt, and rested my head against hers.



“How come you never asked me out?” I was a little startled by that one needless to say, and I didn’t have an answer right away.

“Well I…ok to be honest with you; I didn’t even know you were interested in me. I thought you were way above my level, and in case you didn’t notice, I was a wee bit awkward.” She giggled and put her hands over mine.

“True I suppose, but didn’t you notice all the hints I was dropping?”

“What hints?”

“Thomas!” she gasped in mock anger. “How could you not notice? All the ‘hey Tom can I borrow a pen’ and those looks I gave you and…and making you carry my books to my locker and sitting next to you at lunch and taking your tater tots.”

I looked at her with a stunned expression on my face, “That was you?”

She rolled her eyes as she thought I had missed the point entirely, “Yes it was me, who else could it have been?”

“You little devil.” I said, smiling and toppling her over on her side with a startled squeak. I got on my knees and turned on her. “You’re not ticklish are you?”

Her eyes widened, “No I’m not!”

I snorted, reaching down and tickling her ribs. She screamed and started laughing as she kicked at me.

“Stop it! Stop it Tom!” she cried out, I could barely understand her over the giggles and laughs and screams. I kept it up until she started coughing from laughing so hard. Then I sat her up and patted her back until she was under control.

“Stealing my damn tater tots. How could you?” I scowled at her but couldn’t hold it for long as a smile crept up on it. I got up off the couch with a very loud cracking of joints and stretched my back.

“You girls are gonna end up breaking me. You know that?”

She laughed and I fell in love with her all over again, “Yeah, but just think, what a way to be broken.”

“Good point.” I looked over at the clock and shook my head, it had been hours. “I’m tired. I’m sure Eve’s passed out, wanna go take a nap?”

“Only if you carry me. I cant be bothered to walk all that way.”

I chuckled, “As you wish your highness, please, step aboard the Morrison express.” She rolled her eyes again at my theatrics and knelt on the couch holding her arms out like a child would do. I leaned in and let her wrap her arms around my neck; I put my own in the usual places and lifted her up. I carried her to Eve’s door and she pushed it open with a delicate foot. It was dark inside and I stumbled over to Eve’s bed carefully, so as not to slam into it and fall on my face, crushing Brook in the process. When I felt the bed against my knees I put Brook down and crawled over her, feeling around in the dark for the lump that should have been Eve under the covers. I found what I hoped was a leg and followed it up her body.

“Eve, psst, are you awake?”

“I am now. Good god Tom, elephants are more subtle.” Came her disembodied voice from the darkness.

“Oh I’m sorry; I’m just a little clumsy, what with fucking you being such a draining experience.” I heard Brook snicker somewhere behind me.

“Oo look at you Tommy, making fun of the boss lady. Most people wouldn’t advise such action.”

I was about to make another wise ass joke when something hard smacked into my groin, causing me to grunt.

“No more jokes.”

“Did you just thwack me?”

“That I did. Now shut up and lay down.” A pair of hands came out of the darkness and grabbed fistfuls of my shirt, and yanked me down hard against the mattress. Now Eve was right next to me and I wormed closer to her, expecting Brook to appear on my other side.


“Yeah?” her voice came from the other side of Eve.

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to sleep. I cant do that if you’re gonna be fondling me.”

“Who said anything about fondling?”

“Will you both shut up. I’m tired and we have work in the morning.” We went quiet and tried to be still.

But after a few minutes of silence, “So this is what it’s like to have two girls huh? I could get used to this.” Eve said and I could just picture her saying that with the most smug look on her face. Brook broke into laughter not unlike Eve’s and Eve herself snickered a little bit.

“Oo Eveline be nice to your boy toy or he might just take a break from his duties.” She went quiet when I said that but started giggling after a moment or two.

“I love how you think you have some kind of power over me Tom.” She whispered, her lips were close to my ear now, her warm breath caressing my ear and neck. “You are well aware I can make you do whatever I want. Whatever…I….want.” Now it was my turn to be silent as I thought that over. She did, I knew that, and that thought turned me on to no end. My skin prickled and I fought to control a shiver.

I put my lips to Eve’s ear and said, “Little trouble maker, I love you.” She sighed and pulled me tighter to her. It was then that I finally felt tired enough to pass out after some time.

I woke up only a few hours later and confirmed that with a glance at the clock. I was clutching Eve in a tight embrace that couldn’t have been the most comfortable. The lights were on and I could see that Brook was nowhere to be found. Eve had freed her arms and was reading a book.

“Oh thank god you’re awake!” she sighed, tossing her book away as I let go of her. “You’re like a straightjacket Tom! You should have seen Brook and I trying to get you off of me.”

I apologized profusely as she got off the bed and practically ran to the bathroom. When the door closed I broke into laughter that I couldn’t stop.

“It’s not funny Thomas!” Eve yelled from behind the closed door. That just made me laugh harder and made it difficult to get to my feet steadily. I walked back out into the main room and found Brook sitting on the couch watching TV.

“So Eve has been released I take it?” She asked smirking. I chuckled and sat down next to her.

“I should probably get you home huh? Any later and you wont wake up on time.”

“Do we have to?” she whined, smiling playfully.

“Fraid so sweetheart. Go and get your things.” With an overdramatic sigh she turned off the TV and got up. I heard Eve’s door open and I assumed Brook went in to get the clothes she had changed out of.

“You’re what?” I heard Eve exclaim rather loudly. I looked back over the couch and saw her rush out of her room, storming up to me.

“You’re leaving?” She hadn’t gotten dressed and was only in a pink bra and panties.

“I had to leave sometime. I have to take Brook home.”

“B-but…w-why, why can’t you stay with me?” She blurted out, her hands shooting to the pendant. I got up and hurried over to her, grabbing her and holding her tightly.

“Sshh Eve come on. You’ll see me first thing in the morning for crying out loud.”

Her eyes were slightly panicked, “I have so much shit to do this week. I…I there’s not gonna be any time. And I have to…have to go to my mother’s on Saturday.” She was saying all this to herself mostly.

“Awww, are you going to have to wait another week? What about after work?” I teased.

“Oh please, have you ever wanted to do anything strenuous after work?”

“Good point.” I replied. She looked up at me with a strange expression and sighed once more.

“This is going to suck.”

“Oh you’ll be fine. You were fine for a year before I came along and you were fine last week yes?”

She pulled away from me and gave me an annoyed look, “I was not fine! I’m thirty god damned years old; I’m not supposed to be alone.” I reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her back to me.

“You’re not alone, nor will you be. Because I’m with you all the time.” I picked the pendant out from between her fingers and held it up. “You have this; you’ll always have a piece of me. And if you really, really need me I’ll stay with you for as long as you need.”

She blushed and looked down as I handed her back the pendant. “Thank you Tom.” She said quietly.

“You’re welcome Eve.” I leaned down and kissed her, “I love you, remember that. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Brook came out of the bedroom holding her original clothes in her arms. Instead of the skirt, she had on a pair of Eve’s booty shorts. I raised an eyebrow and gave her a questioning look.

“Eve said I could.” I looked at Eve and she smiled, nodding.

“Give us a kiss.” She smiled again and stood on the tips of her toes to kiss me tenderly on the lips. She backed up and gave Brook a hug with a little peck on the cheek.

“Thank you Eve…for everything.”

“No problem sweetheart. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I opened the door for Brook and she stepped out into the hall. I lingered in the doorway for a second and cast a last painful look back at Eve; she was still clutching the pendant and returned my pained smile with one of her own.

She was right, the week did suck. Sucked like a high powered vacuum. Eve was swamped with work and as a result Brook and I also had a ton of menial tasks to complete as well. By the end of the week Eve was thoroughly pissed off and exhausted. Brook was frustrated that we couldn’t really spend too much serious time with each other for one reason or another. I hadn’t been this pressured at RCM since my first year. I nearly pitched a fit when Brook told me that her grandparents were showing up Saturday for the whole god damned day. How could the gods grant me the greatest time of my life one minute and then totally bend me over the next?

And lucky me I had absolutely nothing to do when Saturday rolled around. But fortunately Kelly had work so I wouldn’t be tortured too much. I was horribly sullen all day and I went to bed early. I nearly jumped out of my skin when my cell rang, I had forgotten to turn it off I guess. I groaned and looked at the clock, it was past one am!

“Hello?” I croaked.

“Tom?” It was Eve and she sounded…distressed.

“Uhn, what’s the matter?”

“Oh I um…Tom, I…nothing. Sorry.”

I sighed, “I’ll be there in five minutes Eve.”

“No it’s ok.” She tried to sound convincing.

“Eveline, be quiet. I’ll be there in five minutes.” I said forcefully.

She was silent for a moment. “Ok.” She demurred. I hung up and hurriedly dressed in a light shirt and shorts. I picked up my wallet and keys and left as quickly and silently as I could.

I pulled out of the driveway and gunned the engine when I was far enough away from the house so my parents wouldn’t hear the roar. I made it to her apartment in six minutes and rushed up the stairs to her room. I knocked a few times but it took her quite some time to answer it, maybe she didn’t expect me to come. When she did open the door she was clearly upset.

“Eve?” I said slowly, “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

She sniffed, “The usual depressing story that is my life.” She stepped aside and I walked in, closing the door behind me. She was wearing another big shirt but this time I was pretty sure she had on underwear at least.

“Eve please there’s nothing depressing about you. I mean look at yourself, best shape of your life, in a job that makes you more money than most people your age can only dream of.” I paused as she gave me a tiny little smile. “And now, this is the best part, you have me. What can be better than that?”

She snorted and her smile grew bigger, a little red coloring her cheeks, “You’re full of yourself Tommy.” I put my arm around her shoulders and led her back to her bedroom.

“That may be sweetcheeks,” I said, toeing open her door and kicking it closed after me. “But you wouldn’t have it any other way would you?”

She giggled girlishly and stopped, turning around to look up at me. “How right you are Thomas.” I leaned in and kissed her cheek.

“Now, I’m exhausted.” I yawned, causing her to yawn as well.

“Yes, you need your rest.” She said coyly, crawling onto her bed and scrambling under the covers.

“Oh I do, do I?” I asked, following her under the covers after taking off my shirt and shoes.

She gave me a mischievous look and said slowly, “Yes you do. You’ll need all the energy you can muster.” My mind reeled at all the things that could have meant, though what she actually had in mind wasn’t one of them.

“Oh and excuse me? Sweetcheeks? Where do you get off calling me that?” she asked in mock annoyance. I chuckled to myself, you know, about the getting off part.

“Well it’s true, they are sweet. I wouldn’t have given them my mark of approval if they weren’t.”

“Oh so that’s what you call it?” She said, smacking my shoulder.

I grinned and kissed her on the lips, before putting my head on her shoulder. Sleep took me the instant I closed my eyes.

Waking up with Eveline Azmano is like the best dream you’ve ever had, but then you come to find out its real. Her sleeping face is one that an artist would fail to capture.

“Are you staring at me again Thomas?” she asked with her eyes closed.

I laughed and reached over to run my hand through her silky golden hair. “Yes I am. You must have a sixth sense for that huh? Men staring at you.” Her eyes opened and she looked at me with the twinkling blue gems she called eyes.

She smiled, her teeth perfect, “Yes actually I do.” She sat up and stretched. It was already mid morning. She leaned down to kiss my cheek and then hopped off the bed and made her way to her dresser.

“You wore the perfect clothes for today.” She said quietly, as she pulled her shirt off. She was wearing a plain black bra and panties, which she quickly removed. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched her. She dug around in her dresser and pulled out one of those sports bras, the ones you see female runners with. She wiggled into a different pair of panties, but if they were special I couldn’t tell how. She turned her head, seeing that I was watching her and grinned.

“Oh you’re going to love this.” She purred. She pulled out a pair of those spandex running shorts, and squeezed into them. They clung to her skin and simply looked like she had painted herself blue and white. After that she got into a matching shirt that stuck to her just as tightly and exposed a good deal of her tight midriff. If I stared hard enough, which I did, I fancied I could make out her pert little nipples.

“Oh my god.” I gasped. She grinned as her face went red.

She grabbed her big shirt and pulled it back on. “I don’t want you getting too…excited, now do I?” She said when I pouted.

“I need you to go pick up Brook.” She announced as she pulled out her cell and turned it on.


“She deserves to have fun too you know.”

“What? Now?” I asked.

“Yes now. Before it gets too hot.” I still didn’t understand what was going on. I shook my head in confusion and picked up my stuff and stalked out to my car. Didn’t she want to spend time alone with me? Had I done something wrong? I decided I would find out when I got back from picking up Brook.

A few minutes later I pulled up in front of her house. Eve had obviously called her because after only a few seconds of waiting the front door opened. I was frustrated to see that she too was wearing a large shirt that came down to about mid thigh. But I could tell she was also wearing one of those tight as hell running outfits like the one Eve was wearing.

“What is this? A sexy outfit conspiracy?” I asked her when she got into the passenger’s seat.

“You’ll see soon enough. Needless to say Eve and I will be having some fun today.”

“At my expense I’m sure.” I muttered to her sneaky grin. If they were cooperating like this then it probably meant trouble for me. A few minutes later we were back at Eve’s apartment and trudging up the stairs. She made me walk in front of her, to my severe disappointment.

Eve was waiting at her door and met us halfway down the hall.

“Shall we Brook?”

“We shall Eve.” They pushed me in front of them as we walked back downstairs. They sauntered over to Eve’s car (one of those really fancy BMWs) and pulled off their big, annoying, shirts, tossing them inside. The image of these two beautiful women stuffed into skin tight running suits was burned into my memory forever. Brook especially, looked like if she wasn’t wearing a tight sports bra thing, would have ripped her shirt open, that’s just how tight they were.

“I hope you run Tom.” Eve said.

“Yes, I hope you run a lot.” Brook chimed in with a sadistic smirk. And with that they started jogging out of the parking lot towards to road. I was in shock for a moment when they turned around; it had to have been one of the most ridiculously arousing things I had ever seen. I smirked as I thought this to myself, two of the most beautiful bottoms I had ever come across, crammed into shorts that only accentuated every aspect of their perfection. As I said, Eve’s was blue with white stripes running along the sides. Brook’s was black with red stripes, pretty much the same outfit, just different colors and sizes.

I shook my head in amazement and took off after them. I ran, yes, but not that often. And from the way these two were going they did it all the time. Brook I expected this from, but I assumed Eve didn’t really work out in public like this, based on my earlier theory. I was a good ten feet or so behind them, watching their ponytails bobbing, but also managing to keep my eyes glued to their asses.

“What’s the point of this?” I called.

“Shut up Tom, and try to keep up would ya!” Eve called back. Again I shook my head, wondering what the hell this was supposed to accomplish. Eve however, was a mastermind of evil genius caliber because after a few minutes her plan began to come together piece by piece. Within minutes of going off the main road and heading down a backstreet along the river, I began having…problems. Now out of the main public view I relaxed and, unfortunately, began to focus more and more on their backsides. My eyes would focus first on one, then the other and then unfocused to take in both of them at once. And like I said, I began to have problems. Lets just say my own shorts began to get a little…tight.

My solution to this problem was to speed up, passing between them to steady my pace a few yards ahead.

“Oo look at you Tommy. Trying to show us girls up?” Eve taunted.

“I don’t mind actually. I mean, Eve look at that would you.” Brook said with girly delight.

“Oh yeah I see what you mean.”

“I just wanna…uh, you know?”

Eve laughed, “Yeah I did that. When we get a chance you should totally do it. Plus he doesn’t like it too much which is just plain funny.”

“You two are impossible!” I yelled in frustration. I wasn’t as self-conscious as I used to be for sure, but I still wasn’t comfortable with them talking about me like that. I slowed down and was once again behind them.

“Aw come on Tom!” Eve whined.

“Yeah, we liked the view!” Brook said with that damned evil grin. I was also starting to get a little tired; my breathing was no longer as regular as I wanted and my feet hurt, I wasn’t wearing my running shoes. And as I was behind them again, I whimpered because I couldn’t bring myself to look at anything else but their perfect posteriors.

“You’re fucking killing me! Do you know that?” I wheezed.

They both looked back at me with horrible smirks. “We’re aware.”

I groaned and tried to focus on my breathing, they were going to kill me.

“Not far now Tom.” Eve said evenly. These two weren’t even breathing hard!

“Thank god…gonna…pass out.”

“Aww.” That one was from Brook and she accompanied it with an extra squeeze of her ass, which in those shorts, was an incredibly sexy movement.

“Will you two…stop doing that!” I cried out as pain lanced through my leg.

“Doing what?” Eve asked innocently, mimicking Brook’s squeeze. They’d been doing that for a while now as we supposedly got closer to where we were headed.

They started whispering to each other and casting me weird glances. I caught what I thought was a ‘hopefully…make it.” And “can’t carry him.” I coughed, my lungs were on fire as were my legs. I couldn’t really feel my feet, which was a blessing I suppose, and I was sweating profusely.

“Just up here Tommy, don’t worry.” Eve called over her shoulder.

I hurt so much so I really didn’t think much of flipping her the bird.

She grinned, “Exactly.” They finally slowed down and turned off the road. I stumbled along behind them as a narrow path led down to a little cove thing in the river. I was too exhausted to notice just how beautiful it was.

Closer to us was a shallow pool maybe knee deep, the water was perfectly clear and sparkled in the sun. The river proper flowed beyond the pool, it wasn’t a serious river, but it wasn’t small enough to be called anything else. The bank was grass and then a small stretch of sand maybe eight feet long by ten feet wide. There were two or three large rocks on the shore and in the shallow water. Trees hid this little slice of paradise from view from every direction except directly ahead. There was no sign of humans to be found save for a lone can of coke floating down the river. There were no houses in sight, and I couldn’t hear the road either. For all intents and purposes we were completely alone.

I stumbled to where the sand started and tripped over nothing, falling heavily to my knees. I went down onto my hands and knees and coughed raggedly for a few moments. I couldn’t see either of them but I could hear them behind me.

“Oh Tom, we’re sorry.” Brook cooed from directly behind me, her hands grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back on my knees. I was in so much pain it wasn’t funny and I couldn’t breathe right. I felt like I was going to be sick or pass out. Someone grabbed my shirt and pulled it up over my head.

“Poor boy, look at that.” I think it was Eve who said that, probably talking about how soaked with sweat my shirt was. The meager breeze that caressed my bare skin felt like the touch of some divine hand and I sighed before toppling over onto my side. My shoes and socks were taken off of me and I was rolled onto my back. Eve and Brook’s faces filled my blurred vision with warm smiles.

“Get…you…for…this.” I panted. They both ‘aww-ed” in unison and leaned down to kiss my cheeks.

“Come on Tom time to cool down.” Eve said in a surprisingly motherly tone. They disappeared from view and I felt two sets of hands on my ankles. They lifted my legs up and began trying to pull me towards the water.

“My god I didn’t think he was this heavy.” Brook grunted.

“Oh yeah that’s right, he hasn’t been on top of you yet.” Eve said. They laughed loudly and redoubled their efforts. Thankfully, since my legs were elevated, no sand got into my shorts. I found it funny that that was what I was worried about. I heard splashing and then I felt the water on my backside, they pulled me in up to my shoulders with my head still on the sand. It felt amazing! Because it was the height of the summer and it had been a short winter, the water was warm.

I sighed deeply, it was probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced.

“Look at him. That must feel so good.” Eve splashed to her knees next to me and leaned down on top of me, her little outfit feeling strange but good on my wet skin. “Does that feel good baby?”

I closed my eyes and slowly reopened them to focus on her face. “Yes.”

“Wonderful.” She held up her hand and motioned to Brook who was standing a few feet away in the water. She put on her best ‘I’m gonna fuck you’ face, well that’s how I saw it, and dropped to her knees into the water next to me as well. Though, instead of comforting my tortured frame, she maneuvered so she was straddling my waist. The feeling of her tightly wrapped ass on my dick was another feeling that couldn’t be rivaled. I wondered for a moment, if they were going to play their games with me while fully clothed. I was fine with that, it was like they weren’t wearing anything anyways.

“Tom?” Eve asked quietly, innocently, “Are you gonna make us cum today?”

I moaned as Brook snuck my stiffening cock between her cheeks. “It wont be my doing I’m afraid.” I said, trying to move my limbs, I couldn’t even lift my legs and I could only barely move my arms but with no force behind them. “You’ll have to figure something out.”

“Yes well we planned on that. Our toy all helpless and defenseless, we can do whatever we want. And plus,” she leaned in close to my ear and draped her arm over my chest, “it’s been a week for the both of us, it wont take long nor will it be difficult.”

“Ohh, Eve I can’t last much longer.” Brook sighed; she had just turned around on my waist and was rubbing her pussy on my hard on, which was clearly straining at my shorts and providing a throbbing bar to grind herself on.

Eve sighed and sat up straight, “Show some restraint Brook!” She stopped and tumbled to the side, lying on her back in the shallow water. She cried out in frustration as the orgasm she had been building up for a few solid minutes was quashed.

“I haven’t even touched myself for a week.” She moaned pitifully.

“Neither have I!” Eve sounded more frustrated with her lack of sex than anything else.

“You two are absolutely adorable.” I said before realizing they were both glaring at me, “Uh yes, um not funny at all. Horrible just horrible.”

“I’m glad you feel that way.” Eve grinned menacingly. She crawled up next to my head. “I’ve always wanted to do this. And now that you’re all helpless and what not…” She threw her knee over my head and looked down at me. I could just make out the faint outline of her pussy through her skintight clothing.

“You mmff…” she cut me off by letting herself down on my face.

“Uuhhn! Tom!” She cried out, pushing her spandex encased pussy harder into my face. I wasn’t licking her or anything because I doubted she would feel it, but I did use my nose and lips. She would rub her entire slit over my nose and I have to say it was an unusual feeling, not unpleasant, but unusual. She became particularly loud when I made like I was biting her pussy with my lips.

“OH Tom no! I…AAHH!” she cried. She stiffened, mashing her sensitive cunt into my face as she came, hard. I couldn’t feel anything, what with her being all covered up, but her face was priceless. She really never had done that before and her face proved it. Her stomach flexed uncontrollably and she jerked a few times before shakily getting off my face. She sat in the sand, trembling for a few moments, before she composed herself.

“Pfft, hypocrite.” Brook muttered from where she was sitting in the water by my waist.

“What are you bitching about? I’m done; you still get to do whatever you want.”

Brook giggled evilly, “Oh yeah, that’s right.”

I groaned in discomfort as I got myself into a sitting position and looked at Brook. She seemed disappointed that I was partly mobile again and not a helpless toy for her pleasure.

“Who’s idea was this?” I asked. She smiled and nodded at Eve who was still sitting in the sand and breathing hard, not looking at us.

I reached out and plucked at her top, “And these?”

She bit her lip and got herself into my lap, throwing her arms around my neck. “That was my idea.”

I kissed her, “I love them. You should wear them more often.”

“Maybe, if you’re a good boy and you do what we say.” She purred, wrapping her arms tightly around my head and kissing me deeply. She managed to get herself over my restrained erection and push herself down on it.

“Mmm do you have any idea how good you two look in these things?” I asked, putting one arm around her back and letting a hand slip down to her ass which I squeezed.

“We know.” Eve said, finally standing up on shaky legs and wandering over to a rock, plopping herself down on it.

Brook moved her hips again and let out a tiny moan, “Tom I want it bad. Will you give it to me?”

“He will not!” Eve hissed, “Those were your rules, were they not?”

Brook bared her teeth and glared at Eve. But her eyes shot back to me when I reached down between us and brushed her slit with my fingertips. She sighed, closing her eyes, and laying her head on my shoulder. The poor girl was so worked up that it only took a few minutes of that until she exploded. I set her down on the sand as well and struggled to get to my feet. I stretched, wincing, and slowly turned on Eve, narrowing my eyes at her.

“What?” she asked warily. I walked slowly up to her and stood looming over her.

“T-tom?” she squeaked.

“Up.” I ordered quietly. She smiled nervously and stood up from her rock. Quickly, I leaned down and put my shoulder into her stomach, lifting her up.

“Thomas Morrison!! Put me down!” she screamed, pounding on my back with her small fists as I stood to my full height, hoisting her on my shoulder.

“Brook come here, I need you to do something for me.” I wrapped my arms around Eve’s legs so she couldn’t kick either of us. Brook stood up and hurried over, a huge grin on her face as she took in Eve’s struggles.

“What?” she asked curiously.

“Could you pull these down for me baby?” I asked, tugging on the very bottom of Eve’s shorts.

“I’m not supposed to.” She replied sheepishly.

“You’re damn right you’re not supposed to!” Eve yelled, still pounding on my back.

“Are you sure? And besides, I’m not going to do anything…sinful.”

“Ohh, sinful.” She whispered to herself. Her face turned red and she shuddered a little bit, apparently she had a very vivid imagination.

I snapped my fingers, “Come on Brook, focus.” She snapped out of her no doubt insanely stimulating daydream, and looked up at Eve’s ass.

“Brook.” Eve said slowly, “don’t do it. You know what will happen if you do.”

“Oo, do you make her your bitch or something Eve?”

“Yeah, something like that.” She said menacingly. She was still for a moment, putting me at ease, and then suddenly she squirmed around, almost slipping off my shoulder. I tightened my hold on her and looked back at Brook with question in my eyes.

“Well?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow. She grinned sadistically and reached up, grabbing the hem of her shorts. Eve screamed again, though the only reaction she got was our laughter. Brook pulled the skintight shorts down along with the panties, exposing Eve’s tight little ass.

I tightly held onto the back of her knees with one arm and crept the other up her thighs and pointed at a cheek that was a little rosier than the other.

“You’ve seen what I do right?” Brook nodded eagerly as Eve renewed her efforts to get free and I had to use both arms to hold her. “Good, now, not my cheek, you can have the other one. We can tag team her from now on. It can be our little thing.” She smiled sweetly and stood on the tips of her toes to kiss me.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Eve cried out in frustration. Brook pulled back her hand and smacked Eve’s less abused cheek hard. Eve whimpered and went limp on my shoulder for a moment before resuming her struggling. Brook looked from her hand to Eve’s cherry red cheek.

“Wow. Can I do it again?” she asked, looking back up at me.

“No, only one at a time unless she’s been bad.” I chuckled, “Now pull these things back up would you.” She used both hands to pull Eve’s tight clothes back up.

“Now, I’ll be right back.” I said, “Come along Eveline.”

“You bastard! What are you doing?”

“Cooling off darling.” I said in my most suave, and James Bond like voice. I strode out into the pool, it was a lot deeper than it had seemed from shore, which suited me just fine for my purposes.

“Tom don’t.” she pleaded quietly, when she realized she couldn’t get out of this physically. “I’ll do anything you want. Anything.” She said that last bit in the most husky, sensual voice, she could muster.

I had waded into the pool until I was up to my waist when I stopped. “But this is what I want. And besides, I’m going in with you.”

“Tom!” she screamed one final time before I hefted her off my shoulder and into the water. There was a shriek and a splash, silence for a moment and then she was back up again, hurling obscenities at me. She stopped, her eyes widening when she saw the look in my eye.

“Tom no!” she yelled, but I was already flying through the air. My body landed right next to her but I put my arm out and pulled her under with me. When I resurfaced, holding Eve up as she coughed and spluttered more curses at me, I could hear Brook laughing as hard as I’ve ever heard her. There was a large boulder underwater next to me and I sat down on it, the water halfway up my chest. I reached out and pulled her into my lap, she was hesitant and glared at me. She wrung her hair out and tucked it behind her ears.

“Did you have to throw me in the river Tommy?” she asked in this little girl’s voice that just crushed my soul and made me feel like shit. She batted her eyes and pouted, making it look like she was going to cry.

“Throwing you in the river, that was the worst part? Not having Brook smack your pretty little bum?” I asked, trying to slip my hand under her which she pulled out.

“Well I…I um, you. Shut up!” she blurted out, turning red. I laughed and kissed her cheek, resting my chin on her shoulder. I let my hand wander over her thigh again.

“No. you don’t get to touch me until you apologize to me.” She said haughtily, plucking my hand from her leg.

I kissed her neck, “Aww I’m sorry Eve, I won’t throw you in any more rivers.”

“No you wont.” She said, her eyes wandering out to the middle of the river distractedly. “And that’s not good enough.”

I smiled, “Oh? It’s not?”

“No.” I plucked one of her hands from between her knees and pulled it out of the water. Her fingers reflexively curled around one or two of mine. It was times like these that it struck me just how much smaller they were compared to my own.

I opened her hand and played with her fingers as I spoke, “I’m not forgiven? I figured you would enjoy it, when you guys pulled me into the water it felt amazing, I thought it would be the same.”

“You’re so full of it.” She said, her eyes flicking over my face for the barest of seconds, a small smile on her lips.

“Are you going to make me beg Miss Azmano, beg to get back into your good graces?”

She looked up at me sidelong and threw me a smug smile, “Mhm.” Her head turned and her eyes slowly followed until they locked on mine. “Beg me.” I brought her fingers to my lips and kissed the tips, playing with them between my own fingers.

“You want me to go on about how you’re my first love and no matter what happens you’ll always remain that? That you are probably the most special person I have ever met and that I wouldn’t give you up for the world?”

“I won’t be anything more?” she asked in a voice so quiet I barely heard her over the sound of the river. Her eyes darted up to mine and then back down to something in the pool.

“Eve I can’t imagine you being anything more, seeing as you’re everything to me. Can you?”

She turned bright red and let out with a polite little cough, turning her face away from me. “No” she mumbled.

“What are you guys doing? I’m bored!” Brook called from shore where she had stretched herself out on a flat rock. I turned my head to her and put my finger to my mouth.

“What about her?” she whispered.

I paused for a second, gathering my thoughts, “If you found out that the girl you had dreamt about for most of your adolescent life liked you as much as she does. And you were too awkward to notice she even noticed you…” I trailed off as she looked up at me blankly. I sighed, “Biggest crush you’ve ever had, remember?” she smiled, remembering. “Multiply by a thousand.”

“Well I don’t know about that, it was a pretty big crush.”

“No! Multiply by a thousand.” She giggled. “Now that’s how I felt. Imagine the frustration of not being able to do anything about it and then…” I stopped talking, turning to look at Brook with a sigh and slowly gesturing at her with my hand.

“Aww. Thanks for sharing Tim.” She whispered, sitting up straight in my lap and kissing me lightly. I don’t think she wanted to talk about it too much.

“Am I forgiven, bearing my soul and all?” I asked, a little embarrassed.

“You’re too cute not to be.”

“Thank you Eve.” I said with a smile and kissed her cheek. She giggled and kissed me back, on the lips, hard.

“Now my dear,” I said, putting my arms under her and lifting her up out of the water. “I certainly hope you two are done torturing me for today.” I carried her back to shore and put her down next to Brook.

“Why? Is my little boy toy tired?” Eve cooed.

“Yes! And in pain, damn girls are too in shape for me to keep up with.”

“Well you could run with me after work Tommy.” Brook suggested, sitting up and giving me her sweetest smile.

“Only if you wear that and we get to fool around afterwards.”

“Done.” She purred, getting up and pressing herself against me, making sure her large breasts squashed against my chest.

“Oh no you don’t! No deals!” Eve exclaimed, running up and slamming into my side, throwing her arms around me. The three of us tumbled to the ground in a heap, a very…comfortable, heap. Somehow they were both on top of me, but you didn’t see me complaining. However, they began bickering before the dust could even settle.

“It was you who agreed we would share him equally!” Eve seethed.

“You’ve had him for a week longer than I have, I should at least get a little compensation.”

“HA! Hardly!”

I looked up at the sun, it wasn’t even noon yet. I sat up, forcing them to do the same. “I want to go to the mall.” I said out of the blue. I stood up and turned to start walking back up the path. My back was turned so I missed the confused looks they gave each other.

“The mall?” Brook asked, hurrying to catch up with me.

“Why do you want to go there?” Eve sounded more nervous then confused.

“Oh I haven’t been there in a long time. And plus I have a craving for some of that Japanese chicken stuff from the food court.” Eve was silent but Brook linked her arm with mine and laid her head against my shoulder.

“Will you take Eve and me?”

“I wasn’t gonna go if you two didn’t come.” I said turning and kissing the top of her head, “And it should be a nice little ego boost too.” They both blushed a little at that one. The walk back to Eve’s apartment seemed to take less time than the run from it. Eve was quiet the entire time, I knew why and I would address it when the time was right. When we returned we all took separate showers. I impressed myself by refusing their incredibly tempting offers and keeping calm when they tried to pull tricks on me. Eve drove Brook home to change while I went home to do the same. I met them back at Eve’s. When I walked back in Brook was on the couch and Eve was slowly pacing back and forth behind her.

“Everyone ready?”

“Yup.” Brook responded eagerly. Eve didn’t seem to hear me. Brook got up and walked to the door.

“I’ll be there in a second.” I whispered in her ear. She nodded and left, closing the door behind her.

I walked over to Eve and stopped her pacing by pulling her into my arms. “Do I have to go?” She whispered nervously.

“Yes, yes Eve you have to go. You’re going to be social.” I put my arm over her shoulders and led her to the door. She had the pendant back on and she was clutching it tightly in her right hand.

“B-but I…” she stammered as I led her through the door and closed it behind me.

“And plus I want to show you off a little, can’t go wrong with that now can I?” We walked downstairs to my car where Brook was perched on the hood. She pulled her large sunglasses down her nose and looked at us with a twinge of concern in her eyes. I smiled reassuringly and got behind the wheel.

“Eve’s got shotgun.” I said, pulling the passenger seat forward so Brook could climb in the tiny backseat. Eve climbed into the passenger seat and gave me a hard look.


“You didn’t do that for me.”

Without missing a beat I said, “Well that’s because you were wearing a bikini.”

She rolled her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose, “Oh god, you’re such a guy.”

“What tipped you off?” Brook giggled from behind us. I smirked as I pulled out of the parking lot and headed for the highway. It took ten minutes to get there and we headed for the food court. I had to stop myself from running to the Japanese place while Brook and Eve headed for someplace where they could get salads. After searching around for a few minutes I found them at a table by a large column and I wasn’t surprised to find Eve with her back to the crowd.

“You two just went for a fucking million mile run and you’re eating salads?” I asked incredulously.

“There’s chicken in mine! And Eve’s has bacon.” I held up my fork which had several pieces of teriyaki chicken speared on it.

“I win.”

“No wonder you’re so heavy.” Brook muttered, shooting me a mischievous smile. Eve nearly gagged on a baby tomato as she laughed harder than she had in a while. I blushed and lightly kicked her foot.

“Aww, its all muscle right baby?” Eve said as seriously as she could, touching my arm.

“Yeah that’s right.” I sniffed. They broke into fits of giggles. We talked about nothing in particular for a few minutes when Brook’s cell rang.

“Hello?” her eyes lit up and she nearly screamed, “Kristen! Oh my god where are you?” She sat up straight and craned her neck to look over by the door. She let out this extremely excited girly noise and got to her feet. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, sorry.” She could barely contain herself as she kissed my cheek and rushed over to where her friend waited. If memory served, Kristen was on the cheerleading squad with Brook and they were practically inseparable. But I had been waiting for something like this, a chance to talk to Eve alone.

“Eve?” a piece of bacon stopped halfway to her mouth as she looked up at me, “Do you know what happens in about two months?”

“You, um, you go to college.” She put her fork down and wiped her mouth with her napkin.

“Right. And what are you going to do?”

“Well I…I hadn’t thought about it, I assume I’ll just do what I always do.”

“Which is?”

She caught on then, what she usual does was work and stay cooped up in her apartment. And by no means did I want her doing that. She was silent as she looked down into her salad.

“Eve I want you do get involved in stuff, you know what I mean? Make some new friends, go to parties, meet guys, whatever, but you can’t keep doing what you’re doing. I’m not saying jump in head first, ease into it, but you have to try.” I chuckled, “I’m not going to be around all the time to…entertain, you.” She laughed and kicked my foot. I heard giggling and turned my head to see Brook and Kristen sitting at a small table about twenty feet away.

“Right, enough of these depressing thoughts, that’s months away. Is there anything you want to get while we’re here?”

She tilted her head to the side and looked off at something unseen as she thought, “Nope.” Then a wicked little grin plucked her lips, “But there is something Brook and I want to do.”

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“You’ll see.”

I sighed, “The last time you said that I nearly ended up running into my grave.”

“Oh come on, you’re such a baby.” I shook my head and looked over at Brook. They were standing up and hugging, no doubt saying ‘let’s hang out soon’ and ‘be sure to call me’. Soon she was skipping back over to us and plopping down next to Eve. Eve was finishing off her salad and Brook wolfed hers down so fast I was surprised she didn’t choke.

“You could have stayed and talked with her if you wanted.”

“No she had to leave; her mom was picking her up in a few minutes.”

They had both finished their salads and were sitting there watching me eat, I have to say, it was rather uncomfortable. “Quit it.” I whined after I had had enough.

“What are we supposed to look at? People? There’s nobody here, now if it were freaky Friday, there wouldn’t be a problem.” Brook said whimsically.

“Besides you eat like an old lady.” Eve chimed in.

“Oh my god! Why do I hang out with you two?” I said throwing my fork into the empty container. They both opened their mouths, “Rhetorical question! Don’t you dare answer.” I said, cutting them off. They giggled some more and whispered in each others ears for long enough to make me nervous.

Sighing, I said to myself, “What am I gonna do with you?” I got up and gather up my trash.

“Is that another rhetorical question Tommy? Or would you like us to answer?”

“Rhetorical.” They made disappointed noises and mimicked my movements, gathering up their trash and following me to the trash can. “Now, what was it you two wanted to do?” They grinned and each took one of my hands.

“Come along Thomas.” Eve teased, echoing my words from the river. They pulled me along behind them and headed for one of the big chain stores. But instead of walking into that, they turned and pulled me into a smaller clothing shop.

“I saw it the last time I was here, hopefully they still have it.”

“Have what?” I asked. She looked back at me and shook her head.

“Sit down Tom.” She responded, giving me a little shove towards a bench off to one side. She took Eve’s hand and pulled her instead when she tried to sit down with me. They scurried off to some racks of shirts and started searching through them. I heard laughter outside the shop and the skin on the back of my neck prickled.

“You have got to be kidding me!” I groaned. I was already moving, hunched over, by the time Kelly and her friends rounded the corner. Thankfully the changing rooms were directly behind Eve and Brook. They looked up from a stack of shirts just as I snagged Eve around the waist and pulled her into one of the changing rooms.

“The fuck!” Brook cursed, I think she was more startled than angry, what with Eve being there one second and then gone the next with a grunt.

“Kelly.” I hissed from behind the door.

“Not again.” She groaned. Eve looked up at me with worried eyes and took hold of my shirt. I gave her a reassuring hug and put my ear to the door.

“Oh it’s you. Brook was it?” I heard my damnable sister say sweetly.

“Hello Kelly. You should really stop stalking us.”

“Us?” one of Kelly’s friends asked.

“This little thing is my brother’s girlfriend, supposedly.”

“Since when did Tommy like girls?” another one joked, causing a ripple of laughter. There must have been five or six of them out there.

“So where is he anyways?” Kelly asked.

“Changing room.” Brook said flatly, sounding like she was looking at the shirts again. Eve looked panicked now.

“Up.” I whispered. She wrapped her arms around my neck; I put my hands behind her knees and lifted her up. She linked her legs around my waist and held me tightly.

“Oh Tooom.” Kelly cooed, drawing out my name. “Don’t you want to come out and say hi to your sister?”

“Kinda busy Kel.”

“Busy with what?”

I sighed loudly, “Kelly what are changing rooms for?” This got a few laughs from her friends. I had a horrible feeling that she knew exactly what was going on.

“How long does it take to change Tommy?” Fortunately the changing room was big with a bench that went almost completely around the perimeter, and people were lazy. I gave Eve a quick peck on the cheek and put her down on the bench behind the door and picked up a discarded shirt from beside her. I opened the door carefully and slipped out, tossing the shirt to Brook. I was right, three girls and two guys, one very effeminate, escorted my sister.

“Hey Reid.” I greeted the guy who didn’t check me out.

“Sup dude, long time no see.” I used to play with him when we were little and I hadn’t seen him in four years or so.

I held my arms out and spun around, “So is there something I can do for you sister dear, or are you just here to interrupt Brook and I?”

“Where have you been all day little brother?”

“Where have you been? So long as we’re asking pointless questions.” She was getting pissed now, though she didn’t show it in anyway that anyone but family would notice. “But if you must know…” I trailed off. Only Reid got it at first. Brook turned bright red and resumed looking through shirts, it was only then that the rest of them got it. The girls giggled, causing Kelly to glare at them. She puffed out her chest and stormed off, pushing aside two of the girls.

“Later dude.” I said to Reid. He nodded and followed my sister along with the rest of them. Shaking my head I came up behind Brook, kissing the back of her head.

“Good job sweetheart.”

“Mhm. Has she always been this annoying?”

“No she used to be sweet, it’s just…never mind.”

“You’re not going to tell me?” She sounded disappointed.

I put my arms around her middle and kissed the back of her head again, “Maybe when we get back.”

“Can I come out now?” Eve called.

“Whoops, yeah come on out.” She poked her head out and looked around, before slipping out and coming over nervously.

“Aha! Here we are.” Brook proclaimed, holding up a black button up shirt with thin white, vertical stripes.

“What were you doing going through men’s clothes last time you were here?” I teased.

“I wasn’t going through men’s clothes Thomas! It was on display.”

“Sure it was.”

“Oh shut up and put it on.” She threw it at me while Eve smiled; she always got a kick out of me teasing Brook for some reason. I slipped into it and immediately had great respect for my girlfriend’s taste in clothes. It was perfect, and when I buttoned it all the way up it I couldn’t help but smile at myself in the mirror. It was tight to my chest and showed off how flat it was.

“Ooh wicked sharp.” Eve said, somehow it sounded like a longing sigh. Though I didn’t really notice, as I was too busy laughing at the Boston accent I had never heard her use before.

“Wait how did you know what size I was?”

Brook rolled her eyes, “I’m a girl, in case you didn’t notice. I know these things.” I looked at Eve for confirmation of this skill. She nodded and pulled at my sleeve, adjusting it a little.

“Think we could go one size smaller?”

“Nah then he won’t be able to move very well, and we don’t want that.” Brook got a little closer to me, “Although, it would look pretty good here.” She ran her hand over my chest and grinned up at me. They did this for an hour or so, dressing me up and then commenting on me. It would have been aggravating had it been anyone else, but with these two it was just fun. When we left the shop I had three new shirts and a pair of pants. We were walking along, keeping an eye out for my sister when I remembered something and groaned.

“What?” Eve asked with a twinge of worry in her voice, thinking I had spotted Kelly again.

“Her birthday it on Tuesday.”


“Kelly.” I suddenly had an idea and smiled at Eve, “Hey Eve?”


“Do you still want the beast or can I have it?” We had just walked into another clothing store and were looking at t-shirts with no one around.

She turned six shades of red, but still managed to say, “Why do you want it? I didn’t think you were that kind of guy.”

“Funny, you know what it would be for.” I had told Eve about what happened between Kelly and me during work one day, I would tell Brook later.

“Yeah you can have it. But only if you buy me a new one before you leave for college.”

I chuckled, “Yeah sure thing.”

“Ok I’m lost.” Brook declared, throwing up her hands.

I grinned, grabbing Eve with squeak and holding her tightly from behind. “The beast,” I said as my hands traveled down her sides and over her thighs towards the junction of her legs, “was Eve’s best friend before I came along. Right Eve?”

She let out a juddering breath and closed her eyes. “Huh?” Brook still didn’t get it, and I think she was a little annoyed that I wasn’t touching her.

I kissed Eve’s neck and put my chin of her shoulder, making a buzzing sound. Realization dawned over Brooks face and she smiled sheepishly. I must have done something right because Eve let out a restrained moan and tried to collapse in my arms. I held her up but stopped touching her, much to her disappointment I think.

“I always wanted one of those.” Brook mumbled.

“You…never?” Eve panted as she calmed down.

“Nope, not even one of those shower head thingies either. Just these.” She held up a few of her small fingers.

“Poor girl.” Eve said sympathetically. I let go of Eve and she staggered to the wall and leaned against it. Brook shot to her feet and practically threw herself at me, wrapping her arms around my middle and burying her face in my chest.

“But now I have you.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet.”

“How could you do that to me?” Eve groaned, taking a wobbly step away from the wall. “Now it’s like twenty agonizing minutes until you get me home.”

“What you want more, that’s not enough for you?” I asked playfully.

She came up behind Brook and stood on the tips of her toes to get her mouth close to my ear to whisper, “It’s never enough.” I couldn’t control the shiver that rocked my body.

“Okay! We’re going home now.” I declared. A relieved look came over both their faces and they grabbed my hands again, basically dragging me back to my car.

We were back at Eve’s in less than ten minutes. We ran up the stairs and burst through her door after waiting anxiously for her to unlock it. As soon as we were in, clothes started flying around the room, it seemed they were undressed and had me on the floor in less than a second.

Eve managed to squeeze under Brook to get directly on me and whisper in my ear, “Tom please, fuck me now, I can’t wait anymore, and it’s killing me.”

“No Tom! Me first, I want my second time.” Brook gasped as she accidentally rubbed herself against the back of Eve’s thigh.

Yup, I was the definition of a lucky bastard in the male vocabulary. I put on a smug smile and said, “Ladies please, I’m just one man. One at a time.”


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