My summer Boss 8

My summer Boss 8

Not for the first time, I found myself wondering just how I came to be where I was. These musings were currently being induced by Eve’s nakedness, as she stepped out of the shower. And also the oddly curious looks Brook was giving us from outside the bathroom. Just how had I come to be here? By now I honestly couldn’t tell you, by now it was just a fact of life.

“Better?” I asked from my perch on the sink.

“Mmhmm.” She purred, wobbling a little. I think her head was still a little messed up or she felt sick, I wasn’t sure. She dried herself off with a towel, well aware of my amused scrutiny.

“What’s so funny?”

I gave her a lopsided grin, eyeing her body. “You’re just cute, that’s all.”

She looked herself over and idly scratched the side of her mouth, before turning her eyes back to me. “You think I’m cute huh? That because I’m currently naked?”


“You guys realize it’s like two in the morning right?” Brook put in from the doorway with a yawn, eyes inexorably drawn back to Eve’s body no matter where she tried to look.

“You can’t be serious.” I gasped in surprise, though, not too surprised to notice just how much Brook was staring.

“I’m…uh, I’m s-serious.” She stammered.

Eve finally noticed, and looked at her as I said, “So, do you want me to take you home now?”

She tore her gaze away from Eve to look me in the eyes, “But…um, will you stay with me?” She looked so nervous asking me that.

I hopped down off the counter and readjusted my clothes, “Aw, I’m sorry baby, but I think I should stay with Eve, just in case.” I didn’t see it, but Eve gave Brook the most vicious grin she could muster and straightened her back in a superior gesture. Brook bristled and pouted, cocking her head to the side and looking up at me with her amazing grey eyes.

“But I want to stay with you.” That broke me faster than I thought possible.

“She can stay, right Eve?” I asked, turning to Eve. Her victorious smile had disappeared to be replaced by a well concealed look of frustrated disappointment.

“Yeah, I suppose. As long as you won’t get in trouble with your parents.”

“They don’t care anymore as long as I have my cell. I did this kinda thing all the time.”

Eve grumbled something and seized my hand, leading me out of the bathroom and to her bed. Mind you, she was still naked. She crawled under the covers and tried to pull me after her.

“You don’t mind sleeping on the couch do you Brook?” Eve asked innocently.

My jaw dropped in surprise, “Whoa, hold on…”

Cutting me off, Brook said, “Being that we’re guests, maybe you should make a sacrifice and sleep on the couch.” There was a brutal silence as they tried to stare each other down.

“That’s it!” I started, raising my voice, getting off the bed and storming over to Brook. I picked her up around the waist and threw her bodily onto the bed, narrowly missing Eve.

“The two of you are sleeping together! I’m sleeping on the couch! And when we get up, whenever that is, we’re gonna have a little talk!” I growled in a tone I hadn’t used with them yet, jabbing my finger in their direction. They both looked terrified, Brook especially, what with being thrown through the air and all.

“Now, make nice.” I said in a softer tone with a smile, as I turned and headed into the living room, closing the bedroom door behind me. I pulled off my shirt and made myself comfortable on the couch. Fortunately I was exhausted and the couch was soft, so I didn’t stay conscious for very long.

I was startled out of my sleep by a noise I thought I had heard in my dream. I sat up and yawned, scratching my face as I listened to see if the noise was actually from my dream or not. I looked to the clock, finding it to be almost noon I stretched and stood up, pulling my shirt back on at the slight chill. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the noise again. But at least I knew it wasn’t from my dream, it was coming from Eve’s room. It sounded like a pained noise or a cut off scream. So I rushed to her door, bursting through it and was nearly floored by what I stumbled upon.

“No way!” I whispered to myself. What I was witnessing was probably the greatest thing I had ever seen, not on the internet.

The first thing I saw was Eve’s rear end thrust into the air, propped up on her knees. And I was dismayed to see that both her cheeks were beet red, and I could still see the small handprints that had caused such a change in color. The area between her legs I was so fond of, was absolutely drenched, just as red as her ass, puffy, and from the door I could just make out thin streams of juices running down the inside of her thighs. But that wasn’t the most surprising thing, I’d seen that before. No, what surprised me was where her head was lodged.

Her face was buried between Brook's legs. Even from the door I could hear the noise of Eve going at Brook’s inner workings. Brook had her eyes closed, biting her lower lip so hard I was surprised there wasn’t any blood. Her back was arched, pushing her hips up against Eve’s mouth and her toes were clenched. One hand was on the back of Eve’s head, fingers entwined in her hair. The other hand was flat up against the wall as if to stop her from being pushed against it.

All of a sudden her mouth opened and her head jerked up a few times. I could tell she wanted to scream, but she still thought I was asleep and she was trying to be quiet. Instead, she made a strained noise and brought her legs up, clamping her thighs around Eve’s head as she desperately tried to restrain her orgasm. I could see the muscles in her legs bunching up with the tension.

“Don’t stop, oh god please don’t stop.” Brook was whispering over and over again. I could not believe this. I hadn’t been in the room thirty seconds and already my shorts had become uncomfortably tight in a certain respect.

Without warning, Brook’s eyes fluttered open and looked down her sweat slicked body, before falling on me. “Oh,” she gasped, panting, “Tom, you’re awake.” She brought the hand she had against the wall down and pulled some loose strands of hair out of her face.

“So are you it seems.” I chuckled, waving at her. At the sound of my voice Eve tried to pull away, to get her head out from the lock Brook had with her legs, but to no avail.

“Uhn, no, no. You don’t…mmm, you don’t stop.” She purred, using her legs to force Eve’s head back down. I grinned and sauntered over to the bed, sitting down beside Eve’s upturned bottom.

“So, let me get this straight sweetheart.” I said thoughtfully, playing with the toes of one of Brook’s small feet, “you won’t let me do that, but you’ll let Eve do it?”

Eve forced her head up enough to speak out of the corner of her mouth, “Ehr, woman’s touch Thomas.” Brook didn’t let her say anything else, squeezing with her legs.

“Mhm, sure.” I said disbelievingly. “I always had my suspicions and now, I have my proof.”

“Proof of what?” she asked with a wry smile, stroking Eve’s hair and propping herself up on a pillow.

“That you play for the other team.”

“Ha AAHHHHHH!” she screamed as Eve quickly and unexpectedly made her cum again. It was quite some time before she was able to speak again. Easing up on her legs, Brook released Eve’s head enough so she could breathe properly. Eve gasped and laid her cheek over Brook’s navel, panting hard, her face soaked with Brook’s juices.

“Well, hello there cute stuff.” I chuckled, clearing the hair from her exhausted face.

“Hi.” She responded breathlessly.

“So uh, how does one get in on this action?” I asked them.

“Well, I haven’t forgiven you for throwing me across the room, and for calling me a lesbian.” Brook replied with a wicked grin. “So you don’t get to touch me.” She kicked my hand away from her foot and pointed at Eve’s back end. “That’s fair game, but she’s busy up here. Aren’t you, Eve?”

“Yes.” The poor thing was so exhausted it was like she was drunk again, “You’re gonna fuck me Tom?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Do you want me to?”

“Yhes! We haven’t done it since…” her eyes tracked up to the ceiling in thought.

“Sunday.” I finished for her.

She groaned and shifted her head on Brook’s stomach, “The fact that I couldn’t remember means it’s overdue.”


“Just be kinda gentle ok, I’m a little sore back there.” She winced, shifting her hips and shooting a venomous glance at Brook.


“Enough chittah chattah.” Brook giggled, “Eve has work to do baby, so do what you want, but don’t interrupt her.” Eve made a face before Brook pushed her face back into her crotch.

“Ok Miss bossy britches.” I said grinning, even though she wasn’t paying me any attention anymore. I sighed as I pulled off my clothes, releasing my cock from its constricting enclosure. Eve couldn’t speak, but her eye followed me as I crawled behind her.

“Holy crap you really went to town back here didn’t you Brook?” I said in awe, taking in the full view and, noticing for the first time, the myriad of fresh scratches that now adorned her back.

Her eyes were closed again, “Mmhmm, now I know why you like it.”

“But poor Eve.” I said, mainly to myself, but loud enough so that she could hear. I sidled up behind her skyward posterior and reached out a hand, tenderly running it over a brutalized cheek. In doing so, I got a double reaction from further up the bed. Eve moaned into Brook’s pussy, who cried out as it created some previously unknown sensation.

“Be careful Tom.” Said Brook, cracking open one eye, “If she bites me, I’ll bite you.”

“She’s using her teeth?” I asked in surprise.

“She uses everything.” Brook replied dreamily. Muttering under my breath about how this was so unfair, I picked myself up on my knees and aimed my cock at Eve’s drenched opening. I reached down first and cupped her hot slit in the palm of my hand, my fingers searching forward to caress her clit with probing tips. I gently ran my fingertips over the sensitive nub for a few moments, relishing the whimpering moans coming from between Brook’s legs.

Brook giggled, squirming under Eve’s attentions, “She’s not gonna last much longer Tommy.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” I laughed evilly, pulling my wet hand away from her drenched slit. Eve moved her hips in response, taunting me in a way. Smirking, I readjusted myself and slowly began pushing the head of my cock into her soaked interior. Her moans became louder and much to Brook’s chagrin, Eve began loosing sight of what she was doing, instead trying to focus more on what I was doing to her.

“Oh just one more…just one more.” Brook groaned, pushing her hips against Eve’s face again. I tried to push into her as slowly as I possibly could; torturing her, as I knew all she wanted was to have her brains fucked out right now. Inch by slow in disappeared into her depths until my hips contacted her rosy rear.

I sat for a moment, holding onto her hips so she couldn’t pull forward or push back like she wanted to. She made muffled whining noise when she realized she couldn’t move, completely at my mercy. I let this go for a few minutes until Eve finished up with Brook.

“AH AH AH! Oh mhhy ghod!” Brook cried out, her body shaking violently. Her legs loosened their hold on Eve’s head and she broke free. Gasping for air, she turned to look back at me; her entire face was slick with Brook’s juices. Her mouth was wide open in an attempt to refill her lungs to capacity.

“Ok Tom, I’m done, I’m done. Don’t tease me!” she pleaded, desperately trying to push her hips back into me. Though the grip I had on her hips was beyond her ability to break in this position.

“Tom!” she whined pitifully. Quick as I could, I pulled almost totally out of her and then rammed my cock back into hard. She screamed and fell forward on top of Brook, her arms and legs giving out all at once. Brook was in no condition to object as I pushed Eve farther up her body, until they were nearly face to face. Now this was a beautiful sight. Because they were pretty much the same size, their breasts squashed together and Eve’s face fell into Brook’s neck.

I began moving with a slow, but forceful thrusting rhythm. Eve’s mouth opened against Brook’s neck, and she must have started nipping at the skin there because Brook sighed and held Eve’s head against her neck with a shaking hand. I kept up this hard rhythm for a little while, until they had become used to it. Carefully leaning back, I judged distances between where my cock was now, buried in Eve’s cunt, and where I was going to put it next.

I stopped for a moment, checking myself. “Uhn, Tom? What are you doing?” Eve asked tiredly, managing to pick her head up and look back at me. I simply grinned back at her, pulling my cock out of her in a rush and jamming it into Brook’s obscene tightness. Eve groaned as she became so suddenly devoid of my filling presence, and Brook screamed as I pushed into her less than gently.

“What the fuck!” Eve protested.

“T-HOM!” Brook screamed. Her shrill cry died off into a low guttural moan as I started pounding her mercilessly, my hips slamming into Eve’s sore be-hind as well. I fucked her harder than I ever had before, and in no time at all I felt myself drawing close to release. Eve put a hand on Brook’s chest and propped herself up, glaring daggers back at me. As swiftly as I could I pulled out of Brook and crammed my cock back into Eve’s neglected pussy. Her arm gave out and she collapsed back onto Brook’s chest, pushing her butt into the air once more, forcing me to get higher on my knees and making sure I wouldn’t go back to Brook.

I felt it come up on me with just enough time to grab Eve’s hips and push as hard as I could into her before I exploded. Being it had been a while since I blew a load, this was decently large, and surprisingly explosive. Eve’s mouth opened and what came out was not a noise that was heard often. Perhaps it was the pain of what Brook had done to her, perhaps it was the fact that I wasn’t exactly being gentle, or just the whole situation she was in all combined to create it. But it was a strange low keening that seemed to come from the depths of her body.

After unloading myself into her, she sagged onto Brook and they lay there panting as I sat back, looking at what I had done. They were nearly unconscious, a tiny trickle of white leaking from between Eve’s swollen pussy lips and dripping onto Brook’s thigh, neither noticed me roll off the bed and stretch. Now this was strange, I felt fine. I wasn’t tired, at least not like I usually was after sex.

I arched my back and sighed, “I’m going to take a shower, why don’t you ladies take a nap and then we’ll go do something, eh?” I said happily, reaching over and slightly slapping Eve’s brutalized ass. She moaned exhaustedly, but otherwise didn’t move more than to put her nose back into Brook’s neck.

Chuckling to myself, I headed into the shower. I stood under the hot water for a long time, occasionally grinning to myself at one of the best mornings ever. This would never ever get old! Quite some time later I stepped out, toweling off and returning to Eve’s room.

They were asleep as far as I could tell, eyes closed and faces loose in peaceful slumber. Eve had slipped off to one side, but had put her arm over Brook’s stomach, her face still tucked in Brook’s neck. I put my clothes back on and carefully crawled back on the bed, curiously looking them over. They looked adorable, and the fact that they were still naked helped a little bit too. After a time Brook’s eyes fluttered open and struggled to focus on me.

“Oh god, what happened?” She groaned, carefully rubbing her eyes so as not to disturb Eve.

“Well,” I said, shimmying up the bed towards her, “You and Eve had a little fun.” I reached out and tenderly ran a finger over the area around her slit. She tensed and shivered hard, jarring Eve out of her sleep. Eve sat up and yawned, wincing as the pain of her abused ass reached her brain.

“Then you fucked me, you bastard!” Brook exclaimed as angrily as she could, though it was easy to see through that. “I told you, you don’t get to touch me yet.” She slapped my hand away from between her legs and scooted off the bed, walking around on unsteady legs.

“Uhg, I’m never doing that again.” Eve groaned, “I go to a party, have myself a good time then I wake up and my mouth tastes like pussy and god knows what!” she muttered, mainly to herself. I snickered and helped her off the bed to her feet. She staggered around a bit until she realized she was still leaking, whereupon she scurried into the bathroom and slammed the door. Brook grinned as she struggled into her clothes, shooting me mischievous glances.

“What?” I asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Nothing.” She replied girlishly, sitting down next to me.

“Still thinking about your first lesbian experience?” I asked teasingly.


“Mhm, sure.” I smiled as she shoved me.

“Bully.” She pouted.

“Oh yeah, I’m so mean, giving you everything you ask for.” I replied playfully. She stuck her bottom lip out farther and gave me a look. “Oh and we’re going to the lake.”

“Since when?” she spluttered.

“Since now.”

“Wait, what’s going on?” Eve asked groggily, stepping from the bathroom.

“Apparently we’re going to the lake.” Brook answered.

“Says who?” Eve asked, turning her weary blue eyes on me and giving me a wry smile.

“Says me,” I smirked, “now get your suit on. Then, we’ll go to Brook’s and then my place.”

Eve sighed, wandering over to her dresser. “You push me too hard Tommy.” She whined. I got up and snuck up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and pushing into her back, forcing her against the tall dresser.

“I could push you harder.” I breathed in her ear, giving her a squeeze. She moaned, flattening herself against the side of the dresser.

“Quit screwing around Tom.” Brook called from the bed, “I want to go to the beach too. And it’s gonna take forever if you get her all worked up.”

I laughed and craned my neck to kiss Eve’s cheek, “Sorry sweetness.” I apologized, backing off and sitting back down on the bed. Eve didn’t move, remaining up against her dresser and breathing hard.

“Um, w-why don’t you take Brook home first and get your own suit. Then you can come get me. Ok?” Eve stammered, sounding a little strained.

“Are you alright?” I asked, concerned. Brook stood up and headed for the living room as I stayed behind to make sure Eve was ok.

“Yeah, yeah, I…I just need a few minutes. Go ahead; I’ll be ready when you get back.”

“You sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah baby, don’t worry. Just go.” She said, easing my mind with a sweet smile. I returned it and kissed her, before going back out into the living room to get Brook. She was standing by the door, eager to leave. When I reached her she linked her arm with mine and cuddled up close to my side.

“So what do I have to do to get back in your good graces?” I asked, leaving Eve’s and walking her down the hall.

“You mean my pants?”

I laughed, “In other words.”

“Oh, I don’t know yet.” She giggled delightedly at the frown that appeared on my lips.

“Well, I know something I could do.” I said as we left the building and climbed into my car, “But you’ll have to wait until we get to the beach.”

“Oo, a surprise?”

I said nothing, just gave her an amused smirk and turned back to the road. She pouted again and gave me a doe eyed look, trying to pry it from me with her captivating grey eyes.

I made a show of pretending to break to her and then snapped out of it, laughing, as she slapped my arm.

We pulled up to her house a few minutes later and I shut off the car. “Aren’t you coming with me?” She asked.

“Oh no. I’m not giving you a chance to use these man killers on me.” I said, reaching over and lightly squeezing her left breast. “I want to take it easy today. And that means the two of you aren’t going to ‘get any’ for the rest of the day. I want to see what happens. And I can’t have you locking me in you room and doing god knows what while you have me alone.”

Slowly, her jaw dropped as I spoke, and she looked at me with astonished eyes. However, she must have realized what she was doing because she snapped her mouth shut and turned her nose up at me. “I had no…I wasn’t going to do anything like that!” she protested and got out, running to the door and disappearing inside. Somehow I felt I had foiled her for now, but was in for a rough time later on.

She reappeared a surprisingly short time later, tote bag in hand and towel wrapped around her body. “I had to put my handcuffs away. I hope you’re happy.” She said in a joking tone. But part of me couldn’t help but think she was telling the truth. I laughed along with her and turned the car back on, pulling out into the street and heading for home.

As we pulled into my driveway I turned to look at her. “Wanna come in?”

“You’re not afraid I’ll have my way with you as soon as your door closes?” she asked with a naughty smirk.

“Nope, everyone’s home.” I said, getting out of the car. She followed after a moment and looked at me over the roof of my car.

“I can be quiet if I want to be.”

“Yeah well, if you tried anything I’d make it so you wouldn’t have a choice.”

“Oh yeah? You think you can make me scream?” She purred huskily, slinking around the front of my car and wrapping her arms around me, pulling herself tight to me.

I chuckled, “You and I both know I can.” Her mouth opened and she sagged against me, grasping my shirt. Sadly, I knew that look.

“On second thought, why don’t you stay in the car.”

“No!” she clung to me as I tried to pull away, “No! Please let me come with!” She tried to get up into my arms, throwing a leg up my thigh in an attempt to kiss me better. Though, all she managed to do was knock me backwards onto the hood of my car.

“Good god woman! It hasn’t even been half a day!” I gasped after freeing my mouth from hers. I tried to pull away, to get out from under her, but just couldn’t manage it. Her towel had fallen apart, revealing her near nakedness. She must have gone shopping recently because she was wearing a new bathing suit, if you could call it that. It looked like she had taken it straight from the little girl’s section. The top was tiny, making my mind wonder just how little it would have to slip to reveal one of her small pink nipples, her breasts swelling out the fabric. It was white with little red flowers dotting the cups and straps. I couldn’t see the bottoms but I assumed they were just as small and similarly decorated.

I looked around frantically, noticing for the first time it seemed, just how many windows had a terrific view of my driveway. “What’s wrong with you Brook?”

Kissing me again she said, “Ohh, you’re like forbidden fruit. I want you so bad right now.” She wormed her way almost completely on top of me and tried to kiss be again. I turned my head to the side, but that didn’t stop her. Instead she ran her tongue over my ear and lightly bit at it. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t feel amazing, but I couldn’t let this go on. After she crossed a certain point it would be nearly impossible to keep her off of me.

“Brook come on we still have to pick up…mmff.” She cut me off by mashing her lips against mine and forcing her tongue into my mouth. There was a reverse side to this as well I realized. After a certain point I wouldn’t be able to keep off of her either. Meaning I had to stop this now.

“Mmm, why do you always have to bring her into this?” She breathed, taking my head in her hands and maneuvering her hips just so, that I could feel the heat coming from between her legs.

“Alright, enough!” I cried, seizing her shoulders and pushing her up and off of me just before I crossed the line. She squeaked in surprise and staggered back, grabbing her towel and holding it protectively to her chest. The look in her eyes made me want to scream, she looked so hurt, so wronged, so pained, so so…

Her lip quivered and the inside of her eyes started sparkling in the sunlight, a telltale sign that tears were imminent.

“No, no, please don’t cry.” I stammered, pulling myself off my own car and hurrying over to her, pulling her into my arms.

“Why did you do that?” she sniffed angrily.

Holding her head to my chest, I rocked her gently. “Sweetheart, look around.” She pulled her face out of my shirt and let her eyes wander around us. After a moment she looked back up at me in confusion.

“Did you honestly want to do it out in the open like this?” I asked in a reasonable tone.

“I don’t care, I love you and I don’t care who sees us doing whatever. Why do we have to hide anything?” She replied, tears flowing freely down her cheeks even though she was calming down.

“We don’t,” I started, leading her up the stairs and into the house. I lowered my voice just in case. “But having sex in public just doesn’t work for me. Alright?” She pouted, going silent as I led her upstairs to my room. Just as we reached the landing my brother came out of his room and froze, eyes going huge as he caught sight of Brook.

She straightened and flashed him a mischievous grin, “Hi Dan.”

My little brother choked on whatever he was going to say and turned a bright red, tearing his eyes from her body to the floor. Chuckling, I pushed Brook into my room and turned to my brother.


“Y-you.” He stammered, pointing back into his room at the window that overlooked the driveway. I grinned broadly and nodded, turning into my room.

“I think your brother likes me.” Brook snickered when I walked over to my dresser.

“Who wouldn’t, pretty little thing like yourself?”

Brook pouted again and turned her head away, “Well the way you treat me…” she trailed off . “Better shape up or I’ll leave you for your brother. He’s kinda cute in an awkward sorta way, just like you.”

“Wow, that was just plain mean.” I stripped and pulled on my swimming trunks while she was turned away. I couldn’t help but laugh as she turned back, noticed I had already changed, and frowned. She sat on my bed and pouted at me as I slipped into my sandals, pulling a beach towel from my closet.

“Aw, what’s the matter baby?” I asked sidling up to the bed and taking one of her hands, playing with a few of her delicate fingers.

“Don’t you want me anymore?” she murmured.

“Oh come on now babycakes. I ‘want you’ something fierce. But like I said, I want to take it easy. The seeing what happens as a result part is just for funsies.”

“I love how you think my suffering is funny.” She grumbled.

“Aww, poor horny little girl.” I teased with a smile. She couldn’t hold back a tiny smile of her own.

“It’s horrible Tommy. You have no idea.” She whined, leading the way out of my room and back downstairs.

“I can only say aw so many times.” I snickered.

She shot a look over her shoulder at me as we got to my car. Something caught her eye and shielding her eyes with a hand, she looked up at Dan’s window.

She giggled girlishly and waved up at him, “Bye Danny!”

“Don’t torture him Brook.” I laughed, watching her put a little extra wiggle in her hips.

“But it’s fun. And since you’re being…difficult, I need an easy ego booster like him.” Shaking my head, I got behind the wheel and started the engine as she slipped into the passenger seat. The drive to Eve’s was quick and uneventful.

She was waiting for us outside her building, basking in the sun on the wall that circled the property. She too was dressed in a new suit, though I must say this one was much more modest than her other one. This was black, small to be sure, but it left the details of her goodies to the imagination at least.

“Lookin’ fly Eveline.” I called out past Brook as I pulled up next to the wall.

“I try.” She replied with a toothy smile that lifted my spirits immensely. I had felt like I had done something wrong after leaving her earlier. Brook got out and pulled the seat forward to let Eve get in the back, and I must say Brook looked rather smug with the fact that she got the front seat over Eve. Shaking my head with an amused smile, I drove out of the parking lot and headed for the lake.

Amazingly, it wasn’t very crowded. Considering how nice it was outside, I had thought it would be packed. Granted, there were still twenty or so cars there, but that was a small amount compared to what I have seen in the past. Squinting in the sun, we climbed out and headed for the sand.

“God, it’s so nice out.” Brook sighed contentedly, pulling off the towel. We headed for the big oak tree as before, laying out our towels. Eve flopped down on her stomach with a grunt and closed her eyes.

Brook sat down on hers and looked up at me with a wry smile, “We’re at the beach Tommy.”

“Are we now?”

“Ahha!” she replied eagerly.

“Well then,” I said, getting down on my knees behind her, “Eve, could you toss me the suntan lotion?” Groaning, Eve rolled over and dug into her bag, throwing it at me before lying back down. Brook was looking back at me with bright eyes, guessing what I was going to do. I squeezed some on my hands and rubbed them together, before placing them on her back.

“I haven’t given you one of these yet have I?”


“Sweet.” I said, grinning.

“Oh wait, wait!” she said quickly, dropping to her stomach and reaching back to unhook her bikini top. She tucked her arms up to make she wasn’t showing more than she intended.

I put my hands back on her shoulders with a laugh, “What would you do if I all of a sudden flipped you over?” I asked, kneading my fingers into the back of her neck and shoulders. After a minute of that I did what I was supposed to in the first place, covering her back with the sunscreen, before going forward with the secondary mission. I rolled her neck a few times, the way my sister had taught me, hearing a few distinct cracks.

“UHH gohd! I’d kill you.” Brook gasped. Smiling broadly, I continued to work my fingers and the heel of my hands into her soft skin.

“I had better be getting one of those right after her, Thomas.” Eve said flatly, sitting up and giving me a disapproving look.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, you’re next.” I snickered, working particularly hard into her right shoulder.

“What panties?” Eve purred, intently watching my hands work into Brook’s tanned flesh.

“Ohh, Thom, don’t talk to her. Pay attention to what you’re doing.” Brook moaned, pushing her face into the towel. I worked down her spine, spreading my thumb across her skin from her vertebrae, lower and lower down her back to the hem of her bikini bottoms. I repeated this several times. When my hands started to hurt I cracked her back and rubbed in the last of the sunscreen, then took my hands off of her. She made a little disappointed noise but lay still.

“And now you?” I asked, turning to Eve.

She bit her lip and nodded, rolling over onto her stomach as Brook had done, unhooking her top too. I gave her the same treatment, leaving her breathless, facedown on her towel. Grinning like an idiot, I put on my own sunscreen and stood up.

“Well,” I said, brushing myself off, “my work here is done. I’m gonna go get a snack.” To me it seemed they couldn’t even muster the energy to respond as I headed off to the snack shack. I bought a bag of chips and a soda then slowly started making my way back, enjoying being outside on such a gorgeous day. I was so distracted with thinking about what I wanted to do today that I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. Without warning I slammed into something large and soft. I crashed to the ground, whatever I had run into slamming down on top of me, forcing the breath from my lungs.


Shit! Shit, sorry!” I stammered before I had a chance to focus on what it was I had hit. My eyes fell upon a spread of jet black hair perched on a pair broad shoulders. Below that, was easily the largest pair of tits that I’ve ever seen, also not on the internet, crammed into a black bikini top. My yes went wide, and I looked back up at the face that had appeared from behind a black curtain.

She was gorgeous, hazel eyes sparkling with amusement, set in an aristocratic face. Small nose, small ears with just a slight point to the tips, a small mouth with full sensuous lips. Somehow she had managed to come to be sitting on my stomach and she looked me over.

“This must be a sign,” she had a very husky voice, and I found it extremely appealing for some reason, “Usually it takes me hours to get up here.”

“Sorry?” I gasped, only just getting my breath back. My eyes were hurting from the strain of wanting to look back down at her chest.

She giggled, “I’m sorry, I suppose I shouldn’t go around talking like that to young strangers who body slam me.”

Filling my lungs and gathering my wit about me I said, “Young? How old do you think I am?”

She smiled, leaning down and narrowing her eyes at me, apparently analyzing my face, “Eighteen.”

“And that’s young to you?” I asked with an affirmative nod.

She giggled again and tucked her hair back behind her ears, before leaning down to whisper in a conspiratorial tone. “Well, it’s my birthday, and I feel old.”

I must have looked confused because she smiled sweetly at me and lightly slapped my cheek, “I’ve been twenty-one since six this morning.”

“Wow, old lady huh? Happy birthday.” I laughed, taking a liking to this girl. She grinned and nodded wearily, before she suddenly realized she was still sitting on me.

“Jeez, sorry.” She apologized, scrambling off of my stomach and clambering to her feet, extending a hand to help me up. She towered over me on the ground and when I took her hand and stood up I found she was actually a good two inches taller than me. She had a towel wrapped around her waist.

“I’m Jade, and you are?”

It was painful keeping my eyes locked on her face, and I couldn’t help but think she knew exactly what was going on.

“Um, I’m Tom.” I stuttered. Cursing myself I said, “So wait, if you’re twenty-one now, why are you at the beach and not out drinking?”

Jade smiled and shuffled her feet in the sand, “Well first off, it’s a little early for drinking.” I blushed, not realizing what time it was considering the morning I had, the time wasn’t first my priority. “And secondly…I just don’t like drinking, bad things happen when I do.”

“Oh? Like what?” I asked teasingly.

“Like pregnancy.”

My jaw dropped and I struggled to say something, anything. “I…I, um.”

She burst into laughter and grabbed my shoulder as she doubled up. “Your face was priceless!”

“Oh ha ha, real funny.”

“I know right!”

I shook my head with a little smile on my face. “So you’re here by yourself?”

She appeared to blush, but I couldn’t tell for sure, she hid it so well. “Sadly, yes.” Her eyes flicked behind me for the briefest of seconds. “And who are you here with?”

“Oh,” I turned around and saw both Brook and Eve standing no more than ten feet away, thankfully with their tops back on. I turned back and must have lost quite a bit of color from my face, because Jade looked to be trying very hard not to laugh. “I’m with them.” I looked back and found both of them with their arms crossed, frowns on their faces.

“Oh come on don’t look at me like that.” I said nervously, cringing internally at what they might do to me.

“Are actually scared of these two?” Jade asked softly from behind me.

“You don’t know them.” I gestured at Eve, “That one’s an evil genius.” She must have heard me because she grinned sadistically and pulled off her dark sunglasses.

“We’re going in Tom, you’re coming with.” It wasn’t even a question, it was an order.

“B-but I…”

“No Tom, you’re coming with us.” Brook said quietly, in that same voice she used on me in the warehouse at work.

“It’s not like I’m going anywhere fast.” Jade whispered very close to my ear, giving me goosebumps like crazy.

The breath caught in my throat, “O-ok.” I found I had already begun walking away, following after Brook and Eve like a whipped puppy. They stepped daintily into the water and beckoned me follow them.

“So who’s you busty friend there Thomas?” Eve asked nonchalantly, somehow going from standing to underwater with the barest hint of a ripple.

“Yeah Tom, you looking to replace us?” Brook added bitterly.

“What? No!” I replied quickly, backing away from her as she slowly started wading towards me.

“Good, because she seemed to like you quite a bit.”

“Really?” I asked, surprisingly intrigued.

“Tom.” She growled.

“Sorry, sorry.” She had backed me up into deeper water, and I had no clue where Eve had gone off to. Suddenly the water was high up on my chest and Brook was pressing close to me.

“Then maybe you should prove,” she wrapped her arms around my middle and pulled herself tight, “that you still love me.” She moved her arms up around my neck and hoisted herself up in the water, linking her legs tight around my waist.

“Uhg, wha-what did you have in mind?” I grunted as she squeezed hard.

“Well, you won’t have sex with me. Soo, why don’t you just kiss me…” Which she proceeded to do for me, mashing her lips against mine with a passion. She kept this up of a good length of time, bringing a hand up from my neck to the back of my head to keep me from pulling away. I was completely into it, nothing else in the world mattered to me, nothing.

“Mmm, you’ve gotten really good at this.” She breathed, wrapping herself tighter around me.

“Not all by myself.” I admitted. She smiled sweetly, making sure to push her hips against my bare stomach.

Her smile broadened, and she looked into my eyes, pulling her old spell on me. “There’s one more thing you can do for me.”

“Yeah, what’s that?” I asked, just one thing on my mind despite what I said earlier. She unhooked herself from my body and stepped back. I felt the absence of her warm body and missed it instantly.

“You can follow me.” The temperature of my body must have shot up several degrees as she said that, my mind racing with the possibilities of what that could mean. She turned around and headed for shore. I made to follow and that’s when I realized something was wrong. The flow of water around me had changed, it felt different on my skin…on my skin? My fucking shorts were gone! I looked around and saw Eve wading onto the sand, holding something in her hand. With a wicked grin she turned around and showed me what she was holding.

“C’mon Tom!” she called holding up my swim shorts

“Figures.” I muttered, heading for shallower water where I could sit down with my head above the surface. Giggling like the little girls they should be, Brook and Eve scampered back to the towels and sat down, watching me intently to see what I would do. Fortunately for me their plan completely backfired.

“You seem to be in a bit of a pickle Mr. Tom.” Jade snickered, squatting on her haunches a few feet away on dry land, eyeing me with great amusement. I gave her a sarcastic smile and put a cautionary hand over my junk, which only made her smile more.

“You’re so cute.” She stood up, still with that towel on and tossed another towel at me. “If you weren’t, I may not have done this.” I really didn’t know what to make of that actually, but I was grateful for the covering. I wrapped it around my waist and stood up, storming up the sand. I was stopped however, by a restraining hand on my arm.

“You want revenge?” Jade asked with a mischievous smile.

I looked back at her warily, “Yes.”

She giggled in her husky voice and shot a wicked grin at Brook and Eve, “Then come sit with me. See what happens.”

“Ok.” She led me over to a picnic table that she had claimed for herself. She opened up a cooler and handed me a can of coke. “Thank you. For this and for, um saving my ego as well.”

“My pleasure.” She purred, peering at me over the lip of her own soda. I dared to look back over at the girls and regretted it immediately. Both of them were glaring daggers at me, mouths set in angry frowns. Jade looked over her shoulder and snorted, turning her hazel eyes back on me.

“Something tells me you won’t be getting any…action for quite some time.”

I put my face in my hands and sighed, “Not necessarily, they’ll probably cook something up that I’ll regret.”

“So uh, I’ve been wondering.” She started, I had no idea where she was going with this and frankly I didn’t care, I was too consumed with my own dark thoughts. “Which one of them are you…‘with’?”

“Both.” I sighed, responding without thinking.

“Both?” she gasped, stunned.

“Yup.” My face was still in my hands.

“B-bu, how in god’s…”

“I work with the blond, Eve. And that just sorta happened. She was my first. And Brook, well that’s a special case.”

“Oh?” Jade asked, intrigued.

“Mhm, we went to high school together, four years. Four years she hit on me, four years I didn’t notice. Then this summer she gets a job where I work, and bam now I have two.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Well, it’s not that it’s bad, it’s just…just difficult is all. I mean I end up feeling like an ass because I can’t focus all my attention on one of them, I have to split it up between the two.” I sighed, “And you have no idea how frustrating that can get.”

I looked up and found that she had put her elbows on the table, cupping her chin in upturned hands. “That does sound…frustrating.” She agreed with a sympathetic smile. I looked back over at Brook and Eve and was more disturbed to find them not looking at me, but apparently deep in conversation with each other.

“Aw.” Jade said quietly, getting up and coming over to my side of the bench, sitting tight next to me. Sighing again, I leaned forward and folded my arms on the table, resting my chin on them.

“You know, a month ago I couldn’t have even imagined being in this situation. I even thought I would be single until like the end of college or something. And now…”

She put a comforting arm around me and scooted closer to me. “Poor thing.” She whispered, mostly to herself I think. Then after a moment of thought she said, “Where are you going to college by the way?”

“Wickford State.” She was silent for a moment, but something had definitely changed.

“Really now?”


“Well then, we’ll be seeing a lot of each other then. That’s where I go to school.”

“No way!” I picked my head up and looked at her incredulously.

“Way.” She smiled. Somehow, this had greatly lifted my spirits.

“What are you going for?”


“Really? You should talk to Eve then. That’s what she does at work.” I tried to be as unspecific as possible.

“You bitch! Who are you with now?” An angry male voice yelled, interrupting my train of thought and causing us both to jump.

Fuck you! You left me!” Eve’s voice screamed back. I looked up, seeing a guy holding Eve up by her arms and shaking her violently. Brook was gone, but I didn’t bother to look around for her.

“Son of a bitch.” I cursed, climbing over the table and taking off towards them. Eve was struggling, turning them sideways to me, almost up against the tree, maybe three feet from it.

“What’s this? Huh?” the guy seethed, taking a hand off her arm and ripping the pendant from Eve’s neck. That killed me, and as I closed the distance faster than I could have imagined, I lowered my shoulder and slammed into the guy. I’m sure if the football coach from high school had seen that, he would have moved heaven and earth to get me on the team. He let go of Eve and she flew back from him, crashing into the sand. He and I smashed into the tree with bone rattling force. I felt something crack under me and somehow my left arm got behind him, becoming trapped between us and the tree. The breath exploded from his lungs and we bounced back off the tree, collapsing to the sand.

“Ahhg, what the fuck!” he groaned painfully. I got my first good look at the guy then. He was shorter than me, stocky, and relatively handsome if I admitted it to myself. Strong nose, lantern jaw, and a typical five-o’clock shadow. The strange part was he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, at the beach. I didn’t even give him a chance to give up, hoisting myself up on my right arm and cranking back my left fist. Every emotion I had experience in the last ten minutes fuelled the savage punch I threw at his face. My fist crunched into his nose, now I wasn’t a fighter, but I knew for sure that had broken his nose. Something definitely happened in my wrist though, because a sharp pain shot up my forearm. He fell back in the sand and brought his hands up to his face, blood spurting from between his fingers. I cursed under my breath, cradling my left hand.

“You little shit!” He growled, managing to get his knees under him. “I’ll fucking kill you.” His words were coming out funny because of his nose, and the adrenaline surging through my body made me laugh out loud.

He got to his feet and charged at me. Now, like I said, I wasn’t a fighter, but a lot of my friends were. Over the years they had taught me tons of random moves from tons of different fighting styles. Though, that didn’t help too much because they didn’t flow together. He caught me in the midsection and I tumbled backwards with him on top of me for a brief second before he fell off.

I scrambled up behind him as his nose distracted him, locking the joint of my right elbow around his throat and clasping my right wrist with my left hand, fighting through the pain to keep him from breaking out. I don’t remember who had shown me this one.

“Give up prick.” I hissed in his ear, squeezing for emphasis. By now I could hear sirens getting closer. In panic he whipped his elbows backwards into my sides, but because of the awkward position he was in, it didn’t hurt that badly. The cops must have been right in the parking lot because I heard the pounding of feet in the sand a few seconds before several hard bodies collided with me and the guy.

The next thing I know, we’re lying side by side, handcuffed, and watched over by two very serious looking cops with hands on pistol grips. I was dizzy and my left wrist was throbbing in pain.

“Miss, keep back please.” One of the cops said.

“But he’s hurt, look at his arm.” I could hear Brook protesting. I think I passed out because the next thing I knew I was in an ambulance, an obscene amount of pain in my forearm making me want to scream. An EMT leaned into my field of vision and gave me a reassuring smile.

“Take it easy son, we’ll be at the hospital in a few minutes.” I felt a prick in my shoulder. “This’ll help. Just try to relax for me alright?” After a few seconds I felt tired and fell asleep. Unbelievable.

“Tom?” My mother’s voice pulled me from my drug induced slumber.

“Uhg, what the fuck happened?” I asked groggily, eyes seemingly welded shut. After struggling for several annoying seconds, I managed to crack my eyes open, almost blinded by the light. I looked around, my neck stiff, and found my mom’s concerned face.

She smiled at my language. “Well apparently in a fit of gallantry, or so I’m told, you broke a man’s nose, cracked a few of his ribs, and nearly choked him to death. And to top it all off you strained your wrist pretty badly. That’s why you have that on.” She said, pointing at my left arm. I looked down, seeing one of those Aircast wrist braces attached to my forearm.

“Who…who told you about that?” I asked tentatively, eyeing a cup of water on the bedside table.

It seemed I was lucky enough to have secured a one person room at the local hospital, it was small, but somehow very comforting, which I suppose was the hospital’s intention. The window to my right looked out over a parking lot and a tree line, not much else, though I could have cared less. The TV mounted in one corner was on but muted, probably when my mom realized I was semi-conscious. The door out into the hall was closed.

“Well Ms. Azmano of course.” She said with a motherly smile. “She basically said she got attacked by her ex boyfriend and you saved her. Of course she used much more flattering terms. She seemed very, very…grateful for what you did, nearly started crying as she told me.” I swallowed hard, my throat had gone ridiculously dry all of a sudden. She noticed and put a straw in the glass, holding it close to my face so I could drink from it.

“Thanks mom. How long have you been here?”

“I came as soon as the police called me, your father had to go for a meeting in Boston early yesterday, and he’s having a hard time getting back.”

“Yesterday?” I exclaimed.

“Yeah you were out for a long time, the EMT gave you a little too much sedative.”

I gave her a shocked look.

“You woke up when they were putting the brace on and well, you started screaming, I don’t think you knew what had happened. So they put you under again. It’s Sunday afternoon.” I turned red in embarrassment that I had reacted that way and my mother chuckled, putting a comforting hand on my shoulder.

Her cell rang and she answered it, “Hi. Yup. No, he just woke up, poor thing. Oh that’s fantastic! Yeah. Ok, I’ll see you when you get up here. Bye bye.” She looked at me and smiled, “You father just got here, and he says we’re not going to have any problems with the police. Apparently Ms. Azmano cleared things up and that everybody on the beach confirmed her story.” I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I don’t think I could have handled any kind of police garbage. ”They still want a statement from you though. Would you like to get that over with now or wait a bit, until you’re better rested?”

“Mom I just slept for the better part of a day, I think I can handle it.”

“Ok, I’ll go get the officer.” She stood up and kissed my forehead, before opening the door and poking her head out into the hall. After a moment she stepped out and a tall, uniformed police officer stepped in. He walked over to the chair my mom had been sitting in and sat down, smiling reassuringly at me.

“I’m Officer O’Brian, Tom. All I need is your side of the story and we should be good to go. Sound ok?”

“Mhm.” I replied, nervous as hell. I told him what happened, keeping to the publicly known details of me and Eve’s relationship, as he jotted down short notes on a small pad. When I was done he smiled again, and stood up.

“Thank you Tom, this helps a lot.” He leaned down and whispered, “I would have done the same thing in your shoes, good job. Just, try not to do it again. Call us instead.” He patted my shoulder and left. I could hear him talking with my mom outside my door, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. After a few minutes my mom came back in and sat down, holding the cup to me, this time I struggled to pick up my right arm and took the cup from her, carefully taking a long sip. I handed it back to her and lay my arm on my stomach, my whole body ached. Remembering that the guy had hit me too, I cautiously felt my midsection, regretting it almost as soon as I did it.

“You should see the bruises on your sides.” My mom said.

“I’d rather not.” I chuckled, grunting in pain as my fingers found one of the bruises. I didn’t understand how they hadn’t hurt then, but felt near debilitating now. All of a sudden the door opened and my father walked in, looking a little worse for the wear.

“And they say chivalry is dead.” He laughed, coming over to stand next to my mom, “Eveline will never let you forget you did that for her.” I chuckled and blushed slightly. The look in his eye nearly made me tear up, a mix of immense pride and fatherly affection.

“He’s got quite the fan club out there.” He said, obviously greatly amused. That got my attention right quick.

“Oh yeah?” My mom asked.

“Yup, Eveline, Brook, and this tall girl I haven’t seen before. All of them look pretty damn concerned. And Eveline looks on the brink of tears.” My mother smiled.

“Well, we better let them in first, before the rest of his friends show up.”

“Wait, how long am I supposed to stay here for?” I asked.

“Um, the doctors say you can leave tonight some time.” My mom replied, standing up and going to the door, followed by my father. Another sigh of relief, I hated hospitals, they made me nervous. My parents went out into the hall and a few minutes later Eve and Brook charged into the room, followed by Jade who slowly walked in and stood nervously by the door.

“Oh my god Tom, I’m so sorry!” Eve wailed, tears streaming from her eyes as she rushed up to my bed and hugged me tightly, burying her face in my chest. Brook came around the other side of the bed and sat down next to me, taking my hand in both of hers. She leaned over Eve and kissed me, a tear running down her cheek. They both looked awful, like they hadn’t slept at all.

“Sorry? What are you sorry about?” I asked, wincing as Eve accidentally rubbed up against my tender side.

“Careful Eve.” Brook said, pulling up on Eve’s shoulder. She sat up sharply, fresh tears spilling from her eyes.

“I’m sorry that happened, that this happened to you.” Her lip was quivering and she was having a hard time talking through her tears.

“It’s not your fault Eve.” I said in as much of a calming voice as I could muster. Brook let go of my hand and I brought it up, pulling Eve down next to me. She gratefully lay down and put her head on my shoulder with a juddering sigh, arms wrapping around my neck protectively. I gently ran my fingers through her soft hair.

“But I…” her muffled voice was barely understandable.

“Shh, shh, I’m just glad you’re alright. Please don’t worry about me.” I cooed softly.

She picked her head up and looked at me, red eyes filled with just about every emotion under the sun.

“Oh stop it,” I choked, “you’re gonna make me cry.” She mustered a smile and put her head back down. I turned my attention to Brook now, who had been waiting patiently for me to finish calming Eve down.

“Were you the one who called the cops?” I asked.

She nodded, clearly relieved that I was doing as well as I was. “Yeah I had to go wait in the parking lot for them. I didn’t know they were going to tackle you though.” She said with a little smile. I laughed, feeling a slight pain in my chest as I did so. This was going to be rough.

“Well thank you baby. I don’t want to think about what would have happened if they didn’t come.” I took my hand off of Eve’s head so I could pull Brook in and kiss her again. God it felt amazing for some reason! She put a hand on my face and kissed me back harder.

It was the longest time before we had to break away for air. “God, Tom I’m so glad you’re ok.” Brook sniffed.

“Now don’t you start.” I warned with a smile. She wiped her eyes and got off the bed, going over to the window and looking out it, making sure I couldn’t see her face. I sighed, remembering that Jade was still in the room.

“Oh jeez, I’m sorry Jade.” I apologized, waving her over with my free hand.

She smiled nervously and shuffled over, eyes flicking between Brook, Eve, and myself. “Oh it’s no problem. I just wanted to make sure you were ok is all. And I just wanted to say that I thought what you did was really brave and stuff.” She turned bright red this time, unable to conceal it like she had before. “Um and here.” She handed me a little piece of paper that had her number on it. “Give me a call when you have a chance.” Her eyes went from Brook to Eve, and then to my brace. “I’d be happy to let you know what you’re getting into next year.”

“Cool. Thank you Jade, I’ll definitely do that.” That got a sharp look from Brook, who still stood by the window. Eve, I think, was asleep.

Jade smiled, looking like she wanted to say something else. I raised an eyebrow in question and nearly jumped out of my skin when she leaned down and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. Before I could say or do anything she had hurried out of the room, closing the door behind her. I felt my face where she had kissed me and looked at my fingers, shocked.

“She’s weird.” Brook commented, walking back over to the bed and sitting down on the edge.

“I’m going to school with her next year.” I said in a hollow voice, still unable to believe what had just happened.

“Great, just great.” Brook replied glumly.

“Aw what’s the matter now? I’ll only be a twenty minute drive away from you next year anyways, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Oh, and that makes it soo much better.” She grumbled.

All of a sudden there was a knock at the door, causing Brook and I to jump. I heard my dad call, “Tom! Is it safe to come in?”

“Shit.” I cursed under my breath. “Eve. Eve, wake up.” I urged, trying to shake her shoulder with my good hand, but couldn’t seem to find enough strength to do it.

“Here, let me.” Brook said quickly, rushing around the bed and taking Eve around the waist.

“Just give me a second!” I called back out to my parents. Eve was way past gone, she must have driven herself to the brink and beyond since the incident.

“Come on, come on!” Brook grunted, struggling to pull her off of me. Eve’s arms fell away from my neck all at once and the two of them collapsed back in the chair by the bed.

“Wha-what is it?” Eve asked groggily.

“Act your part.” Brook hissed in her ear as my parents opened the door, just as Eve stood up on shaky legs and rubbed her eyes.

“Are you alright Eveline?” my dad asked, looking surprised to find Eve still in the room.

She flashed him a smile, “Oh yes, I just need some rest is all. I’m still a little,” she tilted her hand back and forth, “you know. So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow Richard.”

“Are you sure you should be going to work after what you’ve been through?” my father asked, genuinely concerned.

“It would be worse for me to stay home thinking about it. I need the distraction.” She turned back to me, fighting the urge to blow me a kiss. “Get better soon Tom, I’ll have a hard time at work without your help.”

I grinned, “I’ll try.” With a final longing look back at me, that fortunately, my parents missed, she stumbled out into the hall. All the while Brook had gotten up from the chair and walked back to the right side of the bed. She sat down on the edge again and took my hand. Smiling at her, I rubbed my thumb over the top of her small hand, and thankfully that seemed to calm her down even more.

“Well the doctors say that we just need to sign some papers and we can get you out of here. And even though I’m sure Brook would love to see you walk around in that hospital gown, we thought you might want to change.” My father teased, holding up a plastic bag with some of my clothes in it. I couldn’t help but laugh as Brook turned bright red.

“Richard!” my mom smacked his shoulder as he put the bag on the bedside table.

“What?” he turned my mother around and gave her a little shove towards the door. “This’ll probably take awhile so don’t feel you need to rush.”

“Kay, see ya when you’re done.” I said, watching them leave. I laid my head back on the pillow and sighed, staring at the ceiling.

“Aww, poor thing, can I get you anything?” Brook asked.

“No thank you.”

“Well what’s the matter then?” I held up my left arm. It shook. “Fair enough,” She chuckled. I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the bed, and thank god nothing seemed to be wrong with them!

“Careful! Let me help.” She rushed around the bed and took my arm just in case as I stood up.

“Ha, I think they’re actually fine. Something’s finally going my way.” I said triumphantly. “But um, if you wouldn’t mind, could you help me with these?” I asked quietly, embarrassed, nodding at the bag of clothes.

A faint smile ghosted across her lips and she took the bag off the table, “Sure.” She looked me over and leaned back, looking at something else before I realized what she was doing and pulled the back of the hospital gown closed.

“Mm, your dad was right; I do like seeing you in this thing. God you have a cute butt.”

I must have blushed hard, because she broke into laughter, “Shut up you.” I retorted lamely, making sure I had closed it properly and completely. Of course this only made her laugh harder and turn me redder.

“Oh my,” she wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes, “ok, let’s get this off then.” After a few minutes of struggling and teasing me nonstop we managed to get it off.

“Holy…” she trailed off, staring at my midsection, mouth agape. I looked down and was shocked as well, livid purple bruises marked my sides and upper chest.

“Oh.” Was all I could say. The one on my chest didn’t hurt, so much as ache. But the ones on my sides stung with every movement.

She reached out a tentative hand as if to touch them, but apparently thought better of it, pulling away.

“Huh, well it looks like you two will have to be gentle with me.” I smirked, already selfishly imagining the special treatment I would be getting.

“I guess so.” She responded in an odd voice, eyes still affixed to my bruises. I reached into the bag she held, and pulled out a pair of boxers. “Oh sorry.” She apologized, tearing her eyes away from my wounds. Another minute or so and I didn’t feel quite so self-conscious with my boxers on. The shorts came next, it went quick because we had gotten the hang of it. I held off on the shirt though, the air felt nice on my brutalized skin. And by now I was steady on my feet and didn’t need Brook’s support, though that didn’t stop her from sticking as close to me as possible, just in case.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her down next to me. “You wanna stay with me tonight? Keep me company?”

She looked up at me, her eyes lighting up. “Can I?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“But you’re not going to work tomorrow right? What am I supposed to do?”

“My dad can drive you.” She seemed to consider it for a second, weighing the potential awkwardness of driving to work with my dad and spending the night with me.

“Ok.” She chirped happily, making her decision.

“Cool.” I said softly, there must have been a look in my eye because a flush ran up her neck and she reached out, taking my good hand and held her other to my cheek, arching up and hovering her lips mere millimeters from my own.

Eyes open, peering into the depths of each others souls, we kissed.

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