Neighbor girl

Neighbor girl

Neighbor girl:

Sorry if this has typos or is not quite a smooth read. It was a late night, quickly typed story with no spell checker, and no proof read. Enjoy the first story I have ever written, anywhere.

I used to notice her on the bus in elementary school, staring at me. Blonde hair not always combed, slightly dirty face now and then, clothes not always clean and she often looked like she dressed herself. But she was still cute as heck, well kempt or not. Thinking back to this time when I was 11 and in 6th grade, I didn't know her mom was drunk and that her dad had died in Viet-Nam. She was 8 and in third grade. Let's call her Tia.

Tia had a big family. Mom, the drunk, an older and younger sister, and a couple younger brothers. I didn't really start hangin around her much until she was 10 and I was 13 and in 8th grade (I was second youngest in my class). Being in Junior High School gets the hormones going. Not so much because of school, but of the age and the realization that girls were no longer gross. I no longer saw Tia on the bus as we now traveled to and from school at different times. But I would still see her down at football practice after school as her school was next to the Junior High. On weekends and evenings I'd see her walking around our neighborhood. She'd started to say hi and not just stare. We'd talk for a minute here and there. After several months we kinda became like big brother and little sister. And I wondered if she didn't have a 10 year old girl crush on me, too.

Football came and went. I was an early bloomer and was already 5' 10 and 175 pounds. I skipped basketball as I just didn't get the sport, even though I could shoot well just playing a game of horse or pig. But I was big in to track. So when spring came along, I was running (slowly) and throwing shot and discuss. By now Tia was pretty much my best friend that was a girl and we were really close. I'd even walk home with her sometimes after practice and would come in and visit her at her house.

She wasn't proud of her house. Nice, but slightly run down and in need of a dedicated male (or handy female) to mow the grass, paint, fix the several dozen broken this or that, etc. But it was her house and she kept her room she shared with 2 sisters as neat as possible. They were always short on food and clean diapers for the youngest boy. I'd invite her to eat over at my house as often as my folks would allow and gave her the leftovers to take home. My mom always tried to make too much extra. She's great that way – my dad, too. They didn't like the mom over there much, but they were neighborly and helpful. That's what people did in those days.

One day, while walking home from track practice, we got to Tia's house and she said she had to go in and do a bunch of homework. I said OK. and before I even finished getting the "K" out, she had leaned over and up and kissed me tight on the lips. Just a quick peck, but it was a kiss. My first one. I didn't know if it was a friendly, thank you, kind of kiss, or a I love you big brother kiss, or – gulp – a KISS! She just smiled and went in the house. Me, I strolled on home and proceeded to eat two PB&J's and a quart of milk before dinner. Typical for me. No sure how mom and dad fed me back then.

Well, next day, being 13, I awoke with the usual erection. Yeah, I was typical. Discovered my dick at age 12 and at 13 I still hadn't been able to wear it out, though I tried. You know, sneak a peak at dad's nudy mags, read the forums, saw some porn here and there from some older kid in the hood. All I knew was it felt good, so I knocked it out as much as possible. Another thing that started at 13, was mom and dad started to leave me at home for half days or long evenings out. They'd call and check and the neighbor lady would call or stop by, but about twice a month, I was king for a few hours.

In early May, Tia stopped by one Saturday evening. She wanted to borrow a couple eggs. I gave her 6 and she just smiled. I just said she'd have to bring me one of whatever it was she was making later. She said it was her first time making cupcakes with her big sister, and they needed eggs. So I asked her to make a double batch and bring me a couple. That request cost me two cups of sugar, too. But that was fine as we had the usual 10 pound bag in the pantry. She got all excited after this and gave me another one of those kisses. Only this time, right after the first quick one, she moved in a little slower and gave me what seemed like a 10 second kiss. I know it was only a second or two, but it was nice and it made me feel all funny. She then smiled again and ran off down the steps. I watched her go for a second and then had an epiphany. I had a raging hard-on. Holy crap. Did she see it "arise", cause I was too caught by surprise to feel it happen until it was there. Little did I know, she had just flipped a switch.

I quickly closed the door, locked it and went to sneak a peek at the usual porn. About 30 seconds in to my love -fest with my hand, I was looking at this hot blonde sucking a guy off. I then realized that if Tia were older, like 18 or 19, she maybe, kinda looke dlike the girl giving the blowjob. I then remembered the kiss, and my dick got painfully hard. You guys know what I mean. That extra 10 percent you get when you're really cranked up and it makes the damn thing hurt? And when you cum, it still stays hard – and it still hurts? Well, that was me. I then imagined it was Tia doing that to me, and I blew a load like never before. I got light headed and had to lay down for a few. And my dick still sat there throbbing and bobbing. I headed for the shower.

Things were a little settled down after the shower, so I settled in to watch my movie I had rented – The exorcist. I was too young to see it in theatres then, but I was able to rent it from the Asian guy at the corner market. I bought a lot of snacks in there and being as big as I was, I guess he thought I was older than 13. Anyway, I was getting the VCR and TV turned on, getting some Dr. Pepper and making some old school popcorn ready, when I remembered the cupcakes. Both of them – Tia and the actual cupcakes. Now, I know she was 10, but she was cute as heck and I couldn't get that blowjob blonde image out of my head, so I called her. I asked where my cupcakes were. She said they were cooking and as soon as they were done, cooled, and frosted, she would bring me a couple.

I told her I was getting ready to watch a scary movie and had some pop and popcorn. I asked if she wanted to watch it with me and she excitedly said yes. She said she would be over in about 45 mintes and I told her I could wait. When I hung up the phone, I had that hard-on back. Ouch. I didn't have time to knock out another one and get cleaned up. So, I spent a little time channel surfing and wasting time. I think I lost the erection while watching a Carl Sagan special about billions of stars. Carl's cool, but he can kill a boner pretty easy, thank god. But that wasn't gonna last.

Almost 45 minutes to the minute, Tia arrived, with cupcakes, a small bottle of water, and a cute little outfit she was not wearing earlier. This time I had to REALLY think about Carl to keep from blowing a nut. She asked me if I liked her clothes. I said yes. She had changed as she had gotten flour all over her jeans earlier. They were a cute pair of blue shorts and a simple, but cute, white top. She came in and we got set to watch a movie. I told her what movie it was and she seemed to get a little nervous. I told her not to worry, that it was just a movie and make-up, that it was all make believe. she looked at me, still with some concern. I then told her not to worry as I would be there and she could sit next to me if she got scared.

That seemed to do it for her and she was all smiles again. she gave me another quick kiss and was off to the living room and plopped down on the couch. So, here I was, with a girl-friend in my house, whom I just realized gave me the biggest hard-on I had had in my 18 months of hard-ons, and she had kissed me 3 times. Plus, my folks were out and clsoing down the dance club. We could possibly be alone until at least 1:00 AM…

So, I followed her down and got the goodies all set up on the coffee table, grabbed a blanket and started the movie. Let's just say, 30 minutes in, she was genuinely afraid and cuddled up next to me close under a large shawl. Hell, I gotta admit. I was a little freaked out, too. That damn movie was just wrong. We anxiously ate popcorn, sipped our drinks, jumped and huddled under that blanket for an hour. I even managed to eat one of my cupcakes. We paused the movie for a pee break and she made me stand there with the door open and my back to her, while she sat and went pee. Guess she was more afraid than I thought.

Then it happened. I realized she was half naked right behind me and I started to ge that growing urge again. I peeked in teh mirror on the wall just as she was standing up and she bent over to grab her shorts to pull them up. Wham, I got an instant rage-on. Despite being 10, she already had the slightest hint of hips and the cutest little bubble butt. Each cheeck about a handful. I looked away just in time to still get caught. She washed up and punched me on the shoulder lightly and said, "No peeking next time". I said, "Sure, but wait for me." I then proceeded to go in the lou and stand up with my back to her and try to pee. It was a relief to get my dick out of my pants, but pissing was damn near impossible. But I was making the effort.

Just then, Tia hugs me around the middle and peeks around my side as she was saying that if I got to peek, she got to peek. Just as she finished the second "peek", she let out a gasp and said, "Holy cow!". I tried to hide it but it wouldn't quickly go back in my pants in that state. She asked me what was wrong with it. I told her nothing. She said it was so big, way bigger than her little brothers. I askde her how she knew that and she said it was because she usually had to give them baths. She said theirs were only "this long" as she held her fingers up about an inch or two apart.

I told her mine was big because I was bigger than most of the kids, and it got even bigger when I though tabout her kissing me all the time. She asked why and I told her, explained how boys my age think about girls and then I showed her the magazines nad a couple porn pics. I couldn't really answer all her questions, but when we were done, she gave me another kiss and said, "Let's go watch the rest of that movie. A few minutes later, Linda Blair was doing herself with a sacred object and cursing. Tia leaned over and cuddled up close. She said she was not as afraid anymore, because she was still thinking about my erection and the pictures. She admitted it had made her feel funny like it did when she sometimes touched herself "down there".

I was stunned. Only 10 years old and she was already touching herself. I asked her how long and she said only for several weeks since she caught her older sister doing it. She said she wasn't sure why she did it other than that it felt good all over. Well, this is where I got bold. I told her I would show her how I do mine, if she would show me how she does hers. She said sure, but only if we turned the rest of the movie off as she was getting too scared. I said, "Deal".

We grabbed the munchies and went to my room where I had my own TV. We just turned on some old movie and then sat on my small couch. She then looked over at me with a smile, leaned over and gave me that slow kiss like she did earlier when she borrowed the eggs. I instantly got that jumbo rage-on and I told her as much. She asked why and I told her the story about the blonde giving the guy a blow job. She looked down at my pants, and out of nowhere, unbuttoned, unzipped them, and pulled out my dick. I almost came right then. She looked up, holding my dick in one hand, and gave me that kiss again, then again. I reached ovr with a shaky hand and pulled her top off and then pullde her shorts off. She didn't resist or complain.

She then asked what she should do. I asked her to show me how she touches herself. She sat down on my couch and started to do the most innocent rubbing of her small tits and quickly moved to her pussy. She said it tickles when she rubs her boobs, but it gives her little, wonderful feeling electric shocks when she touches herself "down there". I asked her what it felt like. Not understanding my question, she took my hand and placed in on her pussy ant told me to rub "right here". I did like any good friend would do and rubbed. After one or two pointers, she said I had found the tingly spot and she started to sigh and breath heavy. I rubbed a little hard and faster, cause I know it feels good when I do that to my dick. Suddenly, she went stiff, then started to shake for about 10 seconds while holding her breath, and then she seemed to almost fall asleep, but was breathing heavily.

After about half a minute or so, she opened her eyes, smiled, and gave me that nice slow kiss, but htis time with some tongue. Just like the girl in the pictures. My dick started to ache again. She then told me that it always felt good when she touched herself, but when I did it, she saw stars. She gave me a big hug, another kiss, and then reached out and grabbed my dick again. Then she said, "Your turn". So, I started to stroke my dick and in a matter of just a minute or two, i was feeling that sensation I know so well. I started to breath heavy as asked her to do it fo rme, too. Within three strokes, she was doing it better than I ever did. ( I figured out much later that she was just one of those girls that knows how to handle a dick – even at 10. Must have been genetic) And in about 20 strokes I groaned, grunted and came like a firehose all over her hand, her leg, her stomach. She initially jumped and let go, so I grabbed hold and finishe dthe job. After all, it was her first time seeing a guy blow a load in person. And she only vaguely knew what it was from the pics a few minutes earlier.

well, I got a towel, wiped her and me off, then laid down on my bed, both of us now totally naked and cuddling. She said it was really cool how my dick felt so hot and hard in her hands. I asked her to grab it again. She did and it was still har das diamonds. She asked i f that was normal, because the guy in the picture – his dick had gotten smaller after the blowjob. I told her it was just becuase she was so special to me, that mine stayed that way. She smiled that smile, cuddled even closer to me and gave me that kiss. Then she surprised me beyond my wildest dreams, She slowly moved down my body and beagn sucking my dick, tying her best to imitate the blonde in the pictures. I closed my eyes and remebered the image in my minds eye from earlier in the day, the one of Tia sucking my dick instead of the blonde. I then opened my eyes, looke down, and I came. She was surprised at first, but almost like a seasoned pro, she got back on top and took the rest in her mouth and swallowed, just like in the pics. When she was done, she actually looked up at me and said it tasted a little salty, but otherwise, just slippery and tasted pretty good.

I asked her if I could return the favor and she asked how. I told her boys could lick girls right where they rub themselves and it feels even better than the touching. She gave that big smile, came up and kissed me again, with me tasting a trace of my own semen for the first time, and then laid back and with that same smile, said, "Lick away." I did so, doing my best to imitate teh few guys in porn and pics I had seen. Sure enough, I was goo denough to find the right spot, stay on it, and proceeded to watch her shake and wiggle 3 different times. She finally grabbed my head and pulled me away. She said she couldn't take it anymore and she felt too light headed.

Needless to say (but I will anyway), I was stone hard again, and my balls were starting to ache from the draining. I had also noticed while licking her that she had gotten very wet and slippery and that it was a different slippery than from just my spit. So, after a few minutes, I started rubbing her down there again. And she responded again. But this time insteada of rubbing or licking, I wanted to tyr the one thing I had seen in the pictures that she had not yet seen. I wanted to bury my dick in her pussy. So shortly after I started rubbing, I started working a finger in to her. Holy crap! I coul dbarely get a finger in. So, I kept rubbing and pushing, an drubbing and pushing until I had two fingers in up to the second knuckle, but that's when they would not go in any further. And that's when she gasped a little and said, "Owe". I asked her what it was and she said her sister told her not to push in to far when she was masturbating or she would pop her cherry.

I wasn't sure what a cherry was, but I knew from the pictures I saw, that dicks go way farther in than 2 inches. Realizing if I wanted to get my dick in there a little easier, I would need something slippery, I went and got the vaseline. It lasted a long time when I jerked off with it, and it was slippery, so I figured it would work. I started to rub it all ovr my dick, then rubbed some on, around, and in her pussy. She aked what I was doing, and I told her I wanted to try something she had not seen yet. I then crawled between her cute, long legs (long for a 10 year old) and leaned over her. I gave her a smile, and then a long slow kiss. She smiled back and told me she loved me. I said I loved her, too, and then grabbed my dick. I placed it at the opening of her pussy and started to push. I rubbed and wiggled, then pushed harder. I've seen bigger dicks in porn movies, but rememberI was big for my age. I had 7 and ahalf inches of dick. It looked normal to me and small compared to the guys in the pics, but it was just as wide. And I had worked for 15 minutes just to get 2 fingers part way in. This was ging to be tight. How little did I know.

So I kept wiggling and working and she was graoning and maoning. I then just rubbed her for a few minutes with the head fo my dick and she came again. I then pressed even harder and the head of my dick pooped in. She gasoed and sai, "Owe, owe, owe. Stop". So I did, and I just held it there. She asked what I was doing and I told her I was going to fuck her. She said she had heard of that and that her sister said not to do it, cause she could get pregnant. I told her that only older girls can get pregnant and started to push again. This time when she said "owe", I just smiled at her, gave her a kiss and shoved in a little more. Then I waited. I couldn't believe the pressure on the head of my dick and the first inch. I couldn't release all the pressure cause my dick woul dget squeezed out.

Tia was whining and complaining, but I told her after it was in a little more, it would feel even better than when I licked it. I then remembered another position I had seen, where the girlwas on all fours, and the guy was behind her and holding her by the hips. I quickly puled out of Tia, grabbed her 70 pound frame and moved her to the couch. I flipped her on her stomach and slid her legs off the couch and on to the floor. She was now on her knees, bent over the couch cushions. She raised herself up and looked over her shoulder at me, beginning to complain about the rough handling. I just put my hand in between her shoulder blades, rubbed gently, told her I loved her. I asked her if she trusted me about what I told her earlier – that it would feel even better than licking, and she said yes. Little did she know about that button she had pushe dearlier with just a kiss and with just me imagining her sucking my dick insteda of the blonde in the pic. I then pressed her back down on the couch.

Looking down, I had my first view of her cute little butt and sweet littel pink pussy from that angle. Even at 10 years old, it was the kind that should always be a lie a clean shaven peach. Even when she would be 30 or 40, you would only see the peach, no lips, no hair, just the peach slit. Awesome. I knew right then that was always going to be my favorite type of pussy. And that just mae me even harder and more eager to fuck it. I placed my dick back at the tiny opening of her slit and started working it back in. After a minute or two, I had the tip and the first inch back in. I then grabbed her by the hips and starting stroking in and out about an inch, stopping just as I bumped her cherry ever so slightly. I didn't want to hurt her, but I wanted to get it in more too. But every time I pushed a littl emore, she would say, "Owe. Stop. It hurts." I could finally hold back no longer. I simply leaned forward, my weight on her back and asked her one last time if she trusted me. She cautiously said yes. So I starte dworking my dick in an d out just with that one inch motion, while I used my hand to rub her. In just a couple short minutes, she came again and was moaing about that being the best feeling she had ever had. And while she was still gasping for air, and tingling and shaking, I leaned down on her back and thrust my hips as hard as I could.

About half my dick slid in to her at the same time I heard a dull pop. She lte out a scream that quite frankly scared me, but also turned me on. I took my weight off her and when she tried to lean up, I pushed her back down with one hand, grabbed her by one hip with the other and slammed her again. She screamed again and started to cry. I looked down and still had 2 inches left to get in. I couldn't believe my little peach was spread so wide. And so tight! I almost came right then. But I just held still, having come 3 times already, the feeling slowly subsided. Her wimpering slowly subsided as well. And when I felt I was back in control of my semen, I pulled out and pushed back, just that first 5 inches, for the next minute or two. Nice and slow. When Tia's whimpering turned to just heavy breathing, I pulled out almost all the way and added some more vaseline. I then pumped it back in to her to the 5 inch level or so, then hammered one more good hip thrusdt in to her. I hit something again with still over an inch to go, but this time it did not move.

Tia started crying again and screaming as a kept trying to pound that last inch and a half in. But it wouldn't go. So, I quit trying and just focused now on fucking her as hard as I could for as long as I could. I released her back and grabbed both hips and started pumping. She leaned up off the couch and tried to get away, but I just pressed down on her small lower back with my thumbs and squeezed her hips more. Her tight little hard,but cheeks shaking just a little each tim I rammed her. With my pressure on her lower back, the pounding I was giving her, and her writhing around, I blew. I pressed in as far as possible and just started coming. And coming. The last several spurts were dry, but the first few were enough to add some extra lube. So when the spurts quit, I started pumping again. Initially I started to lose my erection some, but was still hard enough to move in and out.

While I was trying to get harder again, the slightly softened dick and easier friction was finally what it took to get Tia going. After another 5 minutes of trying to stay hard and get harder, she started moaning, then wiggling, then shaking, then she let out a scream. Only this scream was a loud and long "Yesssssss". She then collapsed face down on teh couch, passed out from the orgasm. Iwas so tuened on by this turn of events I had so hoped for, that I was now fully erect again. More painfully erect than ever, and I never knew my balls could hurt so much and I really didn't care.

With Tia still temporarily out, I began in earnest to work that last inch plus, in to her pussy. I simply pushed and pushed and turned her this way and that. I finally turned her over on her back, hung her ass over the edge of the coush, and put her legs over my shoulders. As best they would reach, anyway. I then started banging her pussy again. This time, I was able to get a littl emore in, and it did not feel as restrictive at the end from this angle. I pushed her knees up to her small tits, spread my legs a little more to et an even lower angle and started pushing hard again. this time when I hit the top, I felt an extreme pressure on the bottom of the tip o fmy dick as if it was being bent slightly upwards, and then my dick smoothly slid in that last inch and a half. I just sat there, not believing I finally got it all in. The pressure on teh head of my dick was like a soft vice and way tighter than the rest of her pussy. And trust me, that was almost painful to break in to.

While sitting there for a couple minutes, buried to the balls, Tia began to wake up and moan. I started to move in circular motions with no in and out. I'd seen this in one of those porn filsm, too. She began to wiggle her ass around and around. I just leaned back and pressed in harder. And then she was coming again, and again. On the third orgasm she physically pulled away from me so hard that I decided to let her go. I thought she migh thit me. Instead, she punched me lightly on the shoulder, said that that had initially really hurt. Then she pulled me on to the couch and on to my back. She then hopped on top of me, grabbed my dick and slammed down on to it in one motion and came. While coming, she leaned back and pressed down hard on my dick. The last inch and a half popped in and she came again, as did I, simply giving her maybe one spurt, and the rest were just empty shots. I was drained. As was Tia, as she again passed out on me. She awoke, still lying on my chest, my finally soft dick still partially in her worn out hole.

Not long after, I realized it was almost midnight and I needed to start cleaning up. Tia offered to help, though both our efforts were gingerly made. My dick and ball shurt and she was walking bow legged. Then th ephone rings. My parents called to say they were had partied to hard and were staying at a local hotel in teh city. I told them I would see them tomorrow. I passed the news on to Tia. She immediately got on the phone to her mom, who was home, drunk. She said she was going to spend the night at a girlfriends house and would be home in the morning, and hung up. She turned around, smiled, and came over and gave me that great big kiss, the best one so far.

We cleaned up, went to bed cuddling and slept all night. (30 years later, my dick is 9 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and Tia still takes it deep and she can still damn near make me come with that smile)

In the morning, I woke up next to Tia. I had that involuntary piss hard on. I playfully woke her up with it by pressing it against her ass cheeks. She woke up, smiled, kissed me and said she was still too sore to do it again right now. So I grabbed the vaseline and started jerking off my sore, but horny, dick, right there next to her. She arched her back and stuck her butt back against me. She told me to rub it on her but if it would help me come. Man, one night and she was sounding like that girl in the movies. So, with one hand I stroked my dick, and with the other, I slid a finger in her ass. She squealed a fun squeal, and pressed back against my finger.

Yeah, you guessed it. She found out what it was like to have a fat dick shoved up her ass that morning, too. But that's another story and I was the one who couldn't do it for three days after that ass trashing…

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