Piss Drinking Couple Part 2

Piss Drinking Couple Part 2

Doris and I slept like we were dead for several days. An orgy of sex like we had been on took a lot out of a person. By the sixth day both Doris and I were getting skittish. We had let go and enjoyed all the sex we had and were now ready for some more. "I want more cock and I believe that you do too," Doris said to me as she kissed me deeply. I felt her tongue snake it's way into our mouths. "The only thing that's missing is that your throat isn't coated with another man's cum for me to lick up," she said.

The first place we went to was the mall. We walked around and window shopped for a while. We had gotten to the very back of the mall where several stores had closed. There was a bathroom there. It wasn't like the one off the food court, up front in the mall, but had been built several years before the new addition was added on. I left Doris waiting in the dimly lit hallway, next to the womens room, while i checked inside.

Inside I found that it was basically the same as when I used to go there before I was married. There was the front room with the metal mirrors. There were messages written all over them. One message that was written only a few days before stated that the writer would fuck a man's wife while he watched or participated. My cock got hard as I imagined a threesome fucking and sucking each other.I noticed that inside the next room was several stalls and on the side of them was a long urinal trough. Not like the ones in front that had a partial divider at each seprate urinal or midget showers as that were called.

I noticed that the stall next to the urinal was occupied. The one next to it was also. I went into the third, and as if there were no change. on each wall was a very large ( at least ten inches wide, was a large glory hole. I bent down and looked and saw the saggy buttocks of what had to be a pretty old man. He looked like he was fucking the wall but i knew that he was getting his cock sucked by the person in the other booth. I watched him fuck the wall for a couple and then went out to get my wife.

I saw Doris on her knees before a very old janitor in a blue suit. His pants were down around his ankles and Doris was licking on the largest fattest cock I could ever imagine. Only the head was in her mouth and her cheeks puffed out obscenely with that part. She held the shaft with both hands as she worked, as best she could, her lips over the huge head. Her hand's though wrapped around the shaft couldn't come close to having her fingers meet. The cock shaft was as thick as a large wine bottle and her hands didn't come close to the man's crotch. there was four inches sticking beyond her hands. Thea part had thick veins around it and it was a black at the inside of a mine with no lights.

She looked around at me and after taking her mouth off the cock head, with a loud pop of her mouth she said. "This is Clarence honey…don't you think his cock is beautiful," she asked me as she held the cock out for my inspection." Clarence just kept the same old three tooth smile on his old wrinkled face. Clarence said that the pretty woman sure could suck cock. He said that it had been several years since a woman, much less a pretty one had sucked his cock. I knelt down next to Doris and took the large cock in my mouth. I did better that my wife as I let the head and about five or six inches go into my throat.

Together, Doris and I stayed on our knees there in the hallway to the mens room sucking the huge fat cock. It never seemed to get hard although I imagine that if it did then I wouldn't be able to suck it as well as I had. Clarence seemed at east with our sucking and didn't glance around for some other people. He said that he was the only mall worker that ever came back here and that over the years he had his cocked by hundreds of men. he said the today was a day for all the inmates at the nursing home to come. I told him that I had seen a couple inside. He said that the rest of them, about thirty, were in the food court looking at young pussy.

He also said that as soon as they were as hard as they could get that they would come back and suck each other off. I had told him about the old man fucking the wall inside. he said that was probably John in the next booth. John was a young guy in his twenties and he loved to suck the old men. he had told Clarence that old cum tasted best. I saw Doris look hungry at this and I knew that she wanted to try some old cum to see for herself. Clarence said that he usually took a long time to cum but that if he got his cock in a warm pussy or asshole that he could cum sooner.

Doris took this to heart and told Clarence to come inside and she would try to fuck him. Inside the bath roon Doris saw thew very clean long urinal. Clanrce said that he often sat in the urinal and let several guys suck on his cock. Doris took her wrap around dress off and was instantly naked except for her shoes. I helped her lay in the urinal with her legs over one end. her pussy was at the right for a man to fuck her. Right now it was the old janitor that scooted between her legs and placed his long thick limber cock to her hairy pussy mound. I could see that her lips were opening in anticipation for old cock. It had already started to enlarge and I saw that Doris' cunt was much larger than when she started her orgy of last week.

I got down and took the large fat cock into my mouth to get it good and wet. Then with Doris urging me to hurry she took it doggie fashion and started moaning while Clarence fucked her. " Hey lookit the slut on her knees getting fucked," I looked up to see the boy of about fifteen smirk. He seemed to be the leader of a half dozen or more younger boys. The youngest looked to be about nine and the oldest was about thirteen of maybe fourteen.

I asked him what he had remarked about my wife. "That skag is your wife…boy have you got a taste for shit…she's a slut whore skank." he said. I got up from watching my wife fuck the old janitor and went and grabbed him by his throat. I squeezed his neck hard causing him to make a sound like "Gwaaakkk" I slapped him hard and made his mouth bleed. I then kneed him in his balls and when he fell bent over to the floor throwing up his guts I kicked him on the back of his head and he flopped bleeding to the floor.

I asked the boys if they wanted my wife to give them a blow
job. Their eyes lit up and they all nodded their heads. I told them that they would have to shove a broom handle up the leaders ass. They surrounded him and a couple of boys got a mop from Clarence's cart. They pulled their former leaders pants off and roughly fucked the mop handle up his ass. He screamed and I lifted his bloody face up and told him that was what he got for being a smart ass punk brat. I took my cock out and started pissing over his face.He screamed but Clarence said not to worry as they couldn't hear it up front.

Doris beckoned the youngest boy of about nine to her. he went and she dropped his pants and looked at the sweet pink cock standing out from his hairless body.. I can see that you want me to suck this big cock for you…am I right, " She said. He was beaming all over as he nodded his cherub like face. Doris took his little cock and put it in her mouth and started sucking on it. The little boy went crazy. She looked to see that she was being encircled by the boys, all who had taken their pants off.

I looked at their former leader and the mop handle was well up his ass. I remember hearing one boy say something about a broom handle. I looked at the kids stretched asshole and saw that the broom and mop handle was in his butt. I finished pissing in his mouth and made him swallow. I told him that my wife loved the taste of piss and couldn't understand why he didn't' The nine year old that Doris was sucking had given her a few drops of his delicious cum. She told me that it tasted delicious. She took the next oldest boy's cock in her mouth, he was a little bigger than the nine year old so she called a couple of more boys up to her mouth.

The boys acted pretty much like you would expect boys to act. They had come to the mall and the back bathrooms to get a couple of queers to suck their cocks and get a little money to spend up front where all the shops were. They, instead, ran into the wild woman that was now sucking their cocks. They all gathered round the urinal and presented their cocks to the woman who was getting fucked by a grizzled old large cock. The nine year old boy didn't last more than a few sucks on his cock before he was shooting his sparse cum into Doris' mouth. Doris smacked her lips and pushed back hard against the old janitors cock as if to get more in her. She had bottomed out and all his cock was in her. All she accomplished was to make him unload his old balls full of scalding sperm into her. She moaned around a larger but still youthful cock in her mouth as the old janitor unloaded in her. His cock shrunk quickly and dropped as the old janitor weakly wobbled back on shaky legs. He had just had the best fuck of his life.

The young queer quickly got his head between Doris' legs and sucked the old man's cum from her sloppy cunt. He looked at the nine year old boy, who had a new hard cock, "Do you want to fuck her now." The boy almost tripped over his own feet getting between her legs and stabbing his little cock in to Doris' morass of a cunt. He didn't care that the woman couldn't feel him. He was getting his first peice of ass and he stabbed quickly.

At her head Doris had gotten another more satisfying load of young cum from a boys cock. She grabbed another one and the boy went back to where his friend was stabbing her cunt with his never going soft cock."Hey," his friend said as he pushed the boy from between Doris' legs," You had your fuck now let me get mine." The queer told him that he would suck his cock for him." The queer took his cock in like it was nothing but John sucked it like it was ambrosia. He had sucked so many old wrinkled cocks that he was overjoyed at the chance to get his mouth on a young boy's hard cock.

He was moaning around the small cock in his mouth when a couple of old codgers came into the bathroom and took one look at what was happening. A good looking woman was laying down in the urinal. At her mouth was two preteen boys and fucking her was another one. They saw John, the lad that had sucked their cocks many times before sucking a young boys cock. They grinned a toothless grin at each other and let their pants drop. A couple of fat grizzled old cocks started to rise up. One named Oscar took a look at the sweet fresh butt cheeks of the boy being sucked and old Oscar knelt behind the boy and parted the tight butt cheeks. He thrust his old cock in the boy's ass and John felt the boy spasm in his mouth. He looked to see that the boy fucking Doris was being displaced by a lad that couldn't have been more than thirteen. The boy still had an adult sized large fat torpedo shaped cock which he rammed into Doris, causing her to let out a loud moan around the new boy she was sucking off. She was still swallowing the load the last boy had left in her. For such a young lad he had a pretty big cock and came an adult sized load of cum which she was still swallowing as she sucked the new, smaller but substantial sized cock down to the bottom of her throat.

John was still sucking the young cock as old Oscar thrust his stiffened old thick tongue up the boys butthole. Oscar stood and held his , now hard cock. His friend took his cock into his old mouth and wet it good. then Oscar lined his large cock
head at the small anus and shoved hard. He went in slowly but he knew immediately that he hadn't gotten a cherry. the boy's friends had butt fucked each other a lot. Oscar laughed and sank his fat old cock deep in the boy's anus. the little boy screamed but it changed to a sigh of lust as the large cock fucked him. He thrust his cock back into old Oscar and back and forth he went. First all the way into john's mouth and then back into Oscar's flabby belly.

The boy with the large cock had just shot his second load in to Doris. This time in her cunt and the cum splashed out of her cunt and around his small balls. He was pushed out from between Doris' legs by another boy. Doris had now worked two of the young boys cocks in her mouth.One came quickly and he hurried to where the last boy was getting a good pace in her stretched cunt. Oscar was sawing his cunt in the young lads ass and he saw the boy that Doris had just sucked looking at his friend as he fucked Doris. Oscar grabbed her leg and pulled her widely apart. A young boy took her other keg while he was waiting his turn at her mouth. The two pulled doris widely open and Oscar told the lad waiting to fuck her at the same time.

It would have been hard for two grown men to get in her but the young boys pushed their bellies hard together and started kissing her and oscar's friend took and wet the new cock with his mouth. Then he guided the last boy in her cunt at the same time as the other boy's cock. more men drifted in and a couple of old codgers saw the former leader with the broom and mop handles up his ass and pulled them out. They weren't doing him a favor for one old man rammed his cock in the boy's ass while the other took his head and forced his cock in the boy's mouth.

I was watching my wife get the fucking of her life from the two boys and I looked up to see three little girls with two large dogs. A great Dane and a Mastiff, come into the entrance of the men's bathroom.The girls looked to be about eight years old as the youngest with the other two being about ten and eleven. The dog's ears went up as they saw the bacanalle taking place and their cocks started to come out of their sheaths. "Oh look," the smallest girl who I later found out was named Lisa, said, "That woman is fucking all the boys." Another older girl tigntened up on the two dogs leash and told the dogs to behave,

It was strange seeing the two large dogs sit on thier haunches and whimper. " I think Rascal and Toto want some too," She giggled and moved closer to the orgy scene. They saw the old men fucking the leader, "Look," she said sleezy's getting fucked by a couple of old cocks." The other little girl said that the men might be old but their cocks sure weren't. Little Lisa had taken her cotton panties off and was frigging her little hairless cunt. She actually had a couple of her fingers buried up in her.

Doris saw the little girls and see looked underneath the dogs and saw huge fat cocks sticking out, "Wow," she said as she took two young cocks from her mouth, " Now I bet those cocks could really fuck a girl." One of the girls told her that they had sucked the dogs off but she could fuck them if she wanted to. My wife looked again at the dog's cocks and said that she had to finish with the human cocks first. She asked the girls if they really sucked the dog's cocks,

"Oh yes we do," Lisa answered, "They shoot a lot of cum and we can cum almost a hours at a time," Doris looked amazed and little Lisa said, "Do you want to see us suck them off?" Doris looked at me and I told her that she was already breaking the law by sucking and fucking the under aged boys. A group of old men, who had come form the front of the mall were standing around with their pants around their ankles were fisting old wrinkled cocks trying to make them hard.

"Hey you can't get in trouble fucking us," he laughed through a snaggled tooth grin. Doris reached over as the two cocks in her mouth spewed cum in her and all over her face. She told the old man that he had to get it hard to fuck her. "Well you only have to suck it a little and we'll get hard," the old man said. Two of his friends had grabbed a couple of the young boys that Doris had fucked and stuffed their hard cocks into their mouths. They told the boy to get their cocks hard and they would fuck their cute little butts.

" Yeah there's nothing like a cute little boy's ass to fuck, " One of the old men said. Doris had brought the old cock to her mouth and sucked it in along with a lot of cum from all over her lips. The old man groaned loudly as the first female mouth was on his cock for the first time in years. He had a wide grin on his toothless face as he started to get hard in Doris mouth. "Godamn this is ok," He said as he began to saw in and out of Doris' mouth in a fucking motion. His old cock had gotten hard by now and the head was reaching down into the bottom of her throat, making her gag a little.

Meanwhile the other old men had grabbed a young boy and rammed their old leather like cocks up thier butt's. The boys were moaning as they felt their little assholes become filled with old cock. It was the first time that they had ever really felt a cock up there. I looked over and saw little Lisa beneath the large dane making his cock even larger than what it was. I went over to the little eleven year old and took my hard cock out. She looked at it and started sucking me right away. Her tiny mouth felt sublime. I was about to cum so I picked up her weightless body and sat her on my shoulders facing me. I found out she had no panties on and right off I plunged my tongue into her sweet honey pot. She wriggled and cried out as I started licking her tiny clit. I glanced at my wife and saw that she had the one old man fucking her while she sucked, back and forth between three more.

The little girl that I had sitting on my face started to moan and she pissed in my mouth, " Oh no," she said ," I didn't mean to do that it's just tha…" She never finished for I was swallowing her pee down as fast as he peed. Then the other little girls saw me and they all wanted to pee also. I sat the little girl and lay down on the floor. I told all the girls that they could all piss in my mouth. They did and soon i was soaked with their sweet pee. Little Lisa was through pissing and i shoved my tongue up into her little cunt. It was delicious. I looked under her butt to see that my wife had started to drink piss from the old men's cocks. "That's one thing we do real good is piss," one old codger said.

I was fucking the little girls and their little tight cunts felt great…but tight till I fucked them a while and they felt looser. Doris had just about fucked or sucked all the old men. The old men were now fucking the klttle boys, Little Lisa tugged at my cock and asked if I was ready too see her suck a dog. I was. Part three to follow

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