Post Coital Suggestion – Part 4

Post Coital Suggestion – Part 4

The story you are about to read includes very explicit reference to sex. If you are not old enough to read this story where you live, or if you object to frank language about sex, please read no further.

If, however, you enjoy sexual fantasies and a bit of humor along the way, please read on!


This story really needs Chapter One to make any sense. If you don't read chapter one first, this one won't make a lot of sense, and all the humor will get lost. Please read chapter one.

But, just in case you're really stubborn, and refuse to read chapter one, here's a VERY quick summary. In that chapter, two escaped convicts, "Kris" and "T" came to hide in my house for nearly a week.

During that time, they fucked me repeatedly, and by the end of the week, I was believing whatever Kris said. He told me that, now that I was a "black cock slut," I would never again be able to say no to a black man. In addition, he told me that black men can smell a black cock slut any time they're around, and that they use "code" to tell them they want to fuck. The "code" is something like "Can I help you?" or "Need a hand with that?" (This, of course, is something he made up, but I believed it, I was so spent, so receptive after a week of earth shaking orgasms.) Kris taught me how to respond to these questions, and taught me that men who use the code expect immediate responses.

That's how I found myself in the situation you'll read about in this story.


"Mom! Mom! Look outside! Look at all the snow!"

I groaned and tried to roll over and pretend to sleep, but Jason was having none of it. "Mom! It must'a snowed two feet! Look, the bushes out front are all covered!"

That got my attention. I sat up in bed, pulled on the robe from my bedside table and got up. (I still don't like running around the house in front of the boys in the negligees that Richard likes me to wear at night.) I looked out the bedroom window, and he was right. Not about the two feet of snow, but about the bushes being completely covered. What we had was a lot of drifting.

I had heard the wind during the night, all night, and it had caused the white flakes to pile up along the front side of the house, the lee side. Out in the yard it looked like we had 8-10 inches of snow. Plenty to keep the schools closed. I groaned.

"Okay, let's check the t.v. I bet you won't be going anywhere today mister big-stuff…" By the time I got to the living room, Jason already had on the local cable channel that ran all the school closings across the bottom of the screen. There were so many that it took a while, but eventually I saw it. I was right. "Snow day!"

I have to admit it. I like snow. I've never gotten tired of it. But I don't like snow days because they're not a day off for me any more. In fact, my day gets much more complicated as I try to entertain an 8 year old along with his 4 year old brother, all the while getting my household chores taken care of.

With me not working, we had found it necessary to let the maid service go, so I did all the cleaning and a lot of the repairs around the house, as well as the cooking and laundry. It's a much bigger job than you men realize, at least, if you do it with some pride, and I always did.

But today, I was going to have to manage snow suits and puddles of melted snow in the foyer, hot chocolate and fights over t.v. programming while I washed and starched and ironed Richard's shirts. "Snow day!" Oh, boy.

Richard had gotten up at his usual hour, about 5 a.m., to get into work early. Checking the driveway, I noted that he'd already taken the snow blower and cleared the way for his own car. Mine was totally snowed under, so I would be going nowhere. This day kept getting better.

Not that I mind having the boys around, but I like it better when I can plan for it. Jason, especially, took a lot of attention to stay entertained. This snow storm was supposed to have passed well to the south, leaving us with cold rain. I still wish I could get paid for being wrong as often as the weather man!

Fortunately, we have a large, half acre lot for the house, and it has a good sledding hill on it. Jason's new toboggan would come in handy!

I fixed some oatmeal for the boys and had a slice of whole wheat toast myself. Two cups of hot chocolate, one of coffee, and we started dressing for the out of doors. I put on some stretch pants, and then a pair of loose jeans. A tee shirt, two sweaters, and I was ready to go. I dressed the boys in layers, too, and put scarves and boots on all of us. Finally, looking more like the Sta-Puft man than a human, we all piled out in to the snow, the boys to go sledding in the back yard, and me with a shovel to the driveway. I can't really handle the snow blower, so I thought I'd give it a go with a shovel, since my car was parked halfway down the drive and I didn't have far to go to get to the street.

A couple of boys from across the street came over to play with Jason and Mike in the back yard, and I could soon hear yelps of laughter as they slid down the backyard incline. Mean time, I was making pretty good progress on the drive. I stopped every so often to catch my breath though, and during one of those moments I heard a deep rumble from down the street. Turning, I watched as a garbage truck with a plow on the front of it hurtled down the street as though the driver were in a race. It was all I could do to get far enough up the drive to avoid the spray of salt and slush that came flying up as he flew by.

"Shit! Shit, shit shit!" In addition to nearly soaking me in frozen brine, the plow had piled at least a foot of snow and ice at the foot of my driveway. Wet and heavy, it would probably be beyond me to get it clear and go anywhere in the afternoon. So much for taking the kids to a matinee.

"Do you need any help ma'am? Can we help?"

I turned to the strange voice, and as red as my face might've been from the cold and the exercise, I'll bet it went pure white in that moment.

"You… you want to um.. to 'help' me?" Facing me was a boy. A black boy, smiling knowingly and offering to "help." I hadn't even seen him walk up. How could he have smelled me out in all these clothes? A million questions flooded my mind as I looked at him.

"Yes ma'am. We want to help. Our dad dropped us off here to see if we could make some buck from the snow, and we saw you workin' so hard. We can't come down just now, we got 3 more drives to do, but if you want, we can come down after lunch."

Did the rules apply to a boy this age? He looked like he was about 14. "How old are you?"

"Don't matter, ma'am. I can do the job, really. But, if you're worried my big brother's with me, and he's 16. And my cousin, so we can do anything you need…"

"Oh, God…"

"Ma'am?" I looked into his face, and thought that I might've seen frustration. He wasn't getting the response he expected.

"Yes, you, and your brother, and your cousin… Come down to the house after lunch. I'll fuck you all. I don't know how you could tell in all this cold and all these clothes, but you're right. I'm a black cock slut and I can't say no. Fuck. It's making me wet just talking to you. I'll see you whenever you can get here, but I'm glad you have those other drives to do. I have to get the children down for a nap or something…"

I don't know if it was because my response took longer than it should have, or because my mouth was numb with cold, and I wasn't talking clearly, but he made me repeat it all. And even after that he made me say it again…

"You're gonna fuck us all? Me, and Trev and my cousin Jake?"

"Yes. I'm going to fuck you all… Now… can I go back inside and fix some lunch for the kids?"

"Oh, sure. See you in a little while."

I went back in on shaky knees and started fixing some grilled cheese sandwiches. I looked over my shoulder every few minutes to look out the front windows, to see if the boys were coming yet, terrified that they might arrive before I could make arrangements for the kids, and terrified too that they might not show up at all.

Jason, Mike and Billie all came in for lunch when I called. Fortunately, Jason wanted to go to Billie's where he had a new game for his Wii. That would keep him out of the way. All that time outside in the snow had done its magic on my little Mikey, too. He was so sleepy by the time he finished his lunch that I had to carry him to his bed for a nap.

I stripped out of all my cold weather clothes and put back on the see thru lavender nightie I'd had on the night before. I'd never had to wait like this before, so I didn't put on the matching "G" string because I was already sopping wet with anticipation. My heart was pounding in my chest as I peeked out the front window again (I had pulled the curtains so I could walk around in my nightie) with both expectation and shame. I was about to fuck three children. Well, one of them, the 16 year old was technically legal in my state, but the other two… Didn't matter. They were black, and male, and they knew what I was.

And honestly, the winter had been hard on me. I hadn't been to the market as often as I used to go. I was black cock deprived. Of course, doing it in the house with my son made things a little tricky.

I slugged down a couple fingers of my husband's Maker's Mark while I waited, and while it didn't really have time to hit my head, the warmth that spread out from my belly kept me from jumping out of my skin when the doorbell rang.

I peeked through the peephole and saw the three boys gathered on the step. I pulled the door open without standing right in front of it and waited while they came in, stamping off the snow and staring at me. My nipples were hard as pebbles, and my shaved pubis was easily visible beneath the translucent fabric.

"Holy Shit, Marcus! You wasn't shittin'! How da fuck did you find her??" This was the older boy, speaking to the one who had approached me. Not a word had yet been said to me. In that regard, their eyes did all the talking. And what they said made me shiver with pleasure.

"What's yer name lady?" said the older one.

"I'm Becky. What do I call y'all?" I stood there, half wanting to cover myself, and half wanting to rip off my nightie so that they could see everything.

They all were grabbing themselves as they stood there. "Um, that there's Marcus, or Mark. I'm Javon, and him, he's Little D. But don't worry, that don't mean little dick." They all laughed, and stood there like they were waiting for something.

"So, uh… where.. where do you boys want to do this?"

"Oh, fuck," said Javon, "Uh, why not right here? In the livin' room?" Plenty o' room for all of us, right?"

"Plenty of room, yes… Um.. what do you want me to do first?" I could hardly contain myself. These boys were making me ask for everything. I guess they were enjoying making me work for it, because they just stood there.

Javon got things started. "Well, yah, uh.. first thing.. suck mah dick here…" He finally unbuckled his jeans and stripped them and his shorts to his knees. A man-sized dick sprang out, half hard already. Teenagers. Show em a naked body and BANG, they get hard. I giggled as I knelt in front of him and took his gorgeous tool into my mouth.

"Oh, fuck that!" yelled one of the other boys as he saw my mouth travel up and down the older boy's cock. Javon groaned and rocked his hips, putting his hands on my head. I put one hand under his young black balls and caressed them while I pumped him with the other and sucked hungrily on the head. "Oh, oh, oh.. oh, fuck.. yeah.. oh.. fuck that's.. OH, SHIT!"

He grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep into my mouth as he exploded. His whole body shook, and mine did too when I tasted his young cum and felt his wonderful cock jumping and spitting. I milked every drop from him that I could as the other two cheered and grunted their approval.

"Me next!" yelled Mark as I licked the last drop from the tip of Javon's cockhead.

"Fuck that, I'm older!" said D as he shoved his cousin aside. While I had been tending to Javon, the other two had stripped naked, and their erections bounced crazily, stiff as steel and upright as a soldier at attention. Both of them had cocks larger than Richard's, though not as big as Javon's. "How old ARE you?" I asked "Little D."

"Thirteen, but I'm big for my age," he said proudly.

"That you are, Big D," I said, looking into his young eyes and wrapping my small white hand around the base of his cock. "That you are. And how old is your cousin?" "Oh, he's um.. He's thirteen two. Well, he's almost thirteen. Next week, oh.. shit… oh.. mutha fuck…"

He said all this as I wrapped my tongue around the head of his cock and started to suck on it. Jerking him with one hand, I took Mark's cock in my other, slowly stroking. I don't think D had had a good blow job before. He didn't seem to know where to put his hands, but it wasn't long before he grabbed my ears and fucked my tonsils silly. I swallowed all his youthful load and turned to Mark, a good sized blob of cum dripping from my chin.

"Oh, shit, LOOK at that shit.. oh, fuck" laughed Mark as I started on him. This was going awfully fast, but probably because they were so young. I wasn't worried as Mark treated me to a third mouthful of semen in about as many minutes. Javon had his cock in his hand, stroking it. I don't think it had ever gone soft.

I wiped my chin and turned back to him when Mark had finished cumming. He was naked now too. a young god, with hard abs that shone in the lamplight. His cockhead still glistened with the remains of his first orgasm. I licked my lips.

"Which way do you want me?"

"Right here, on the floor. On the rug, just lay back and open them legs."

I looked quickly down the hall as I lay down. I thought I might've heard something coming from Mikey's room, but I didn't hear anything else. He must be dreaming, I thought.

I looked back up at Javon and opened my legs wide, knees up and spread wider. I fingered my pussy, smearing my juices all over my labia to ease his entry while he knelt and leaned over me. The other boys grunted and groaned with appreciation as I grabbed Javon's rigid cock and guided it to my fiery slit. "Please, Javon, please. Fuck me… fuck me hard.. show the other two how to do a white slut… Fuck me good."

His eyes had been focused on my cunt, but when I spoke he looked up and locked his eyes to mine. Without a word he shoved himself 3/4 of the way in with one thrust. I squealed with pain and pleasure as he stretched me. As wet as I was, he didn't tear anything but he was sudden, and a little rough. All three of them laughed as I arched my back and grimaced, then he pulled out and started to fuck himself in and out of me, gradually forcing more and more of his oversized tool into my hungry cunt.

Oh, yeah.. yeah.. yeah.." I started grunting and moaning with every stroke, urging him on, pullng him deeper, digging my nails into his black ass and grinding my hips up at him. The others had gone nearly silent, though I could see them stroking themselves when my eyes weren't tight shut. I was just about to cum when Javon slammed himself hilt deep and came for a second time.

I gasped and waited for him to finish, panting, so close to cumming but not quite there. My small white hands ran up and down his back while his cock spasmed inside me and slowly, slowly began to shrink.

Don't think she cummed, li'l D, but she close. Go on now and do 'er. Got her all nice and ready for ya…" He rolled to the floor on his back, his half-hard cock covered in our mixed juices. I looked up at D as he assumed the position between my legs. "Yeah, Big D.. make me cum… make me cum good…"

He grinned a thirteen year old's grin and pushed himself balls deep in one heavy motion. He was a bit overweight, and his belly ground against mine with each thrust. I lifted my feet and hooked them behind his round black ass, pulling him as deep as I could get him. "Yeah, yeah, yeah.. like that.. yeah.. that's it D.. fuck me.. fuck my white pussy.. fuck me good.. fuck me, fuck me…"

And before I could even get a good rhythm going, he was laughing and spurting, "Oh, fuck… shit… you talk so fuckin' dirty! Awww.. fuck yeah…" He laughed nervously as he rolled off of me, and his cousin, a freaking twelve year old, took his place between my white, slimy thighs.

I had pretty much given up on having an orgasm by the time he entered me. He did pretty much what I expected. Even after cumming in my mouth only minutes earlier, he climaxed after only a few energetic strokes to my wet, pink fuck hole. Instead of pursuing an orgasm this time, I relaxed and let him do his thing, just enjoying the feeling of his young, fat rod clenching inside me and filling me with a third load of adolescent cum.

Instead of leaving quickly, though, he lay on top of me, heaving for breath, and I wrapped my arms and legs around him to hold him. I had done my duty as a black cock slut, and I took a certain satisfaction in having pleased them without once climaxing myself.

But that wasn't the end.

"Get up offa that, Mark. I got at least one more load to give 'er before we get outta here. You guys can do her again too, if you don't care about it been pretty sloppy… C'mon.. get up offa that.. I want s'more…."

Marcus rolled off of me to my left and made room for his older brother. "Get up, Becky. Le's do this one doggy… I wanna grab some o' that ass while I fuck you this time…"

I smiled up at him and did as he commanded, wiggling my bare, white ass up at him. He knelt behind me and I reached between my legs. I spread my pussy lips for him and he worked his swollen cockhead into me a second time. With long, easy strokes he started to fuck me, deeper and deeper, slowly speeding up as well. With all that stimulation, my cunt walls were pretty tender, and it didn't take long for him to bring me close to an orgasm.

"Oh, fuck, Javon, yes.. that's it… Oh, fuck yes.. I love your cock.. yeah.. fuck me.. fuck me good.. make me cum, MAKE ME CUM!" I squealed and shook as his cock pummeled my cunt and drove me to a first shattering orgasm. All that cum, all that waiting had set me up for a bigger-than-usual climax and I started to cry with pleasure, moaning and whimpering while he continued to hammer my pussy. All three of them were laughing at me now, as I begged and moaned and pounded my fist on the carpeted floor. "Oh, yes.. yes.. yes! Make me cum, Javon, make me cum all over that gorgeous black cock… oh.. fuck yes! YES!"

Tears poured down my face. Then I heard, "Mommy?"

My head jerked around and the two boys who'd just been watching gasped and laughed nervously and covered themselves, hiding. But Javon didn't stop. He slowed a bit, not sure what to do, but he wasn't about to pull out of me when he was so close to cumming himself…

"Yes, baby.. it's okay… I'm fine… just.. go back to your nap…"

"But… you're crying Mommy… Is he hurting you?" Javon's cock continued to slide in and out of me, but slowly, evenly.

"Oh, no, baby.. he's not hurting me.. he's making me feel better.. I was sad, but he's making me happy now… go on back to bed, baby.. I'll be in to check on you in a minute…" Javon chuckled.

"Um… okay… in a minute?"

"In a minute.. back to bed, baby."

"Okay…." and he toddled off toward his room.

"Oh, fuck," laughed all of them when they heard Mike's door close. I just shook, part relief, part shame, part fear. Suddenly Javon was slamming hmself balls deep again, and in a moment or two I felt him begin to ejaculate, pouring one last load up inside me before jerking his still twitching cock from my cunt and wiping it clean with my nightie.

"Y'all, we gotta get outta here. Becky here don't need to wind up in jail for statutory rape." They all laughed again. I knelt there watching them dress, feeling their semen drip down the inside of my legs. They all paused at the door.

"Don't worry, we won't tell too many guys where you live. Just a few. And we'll be back. Unfortunately, we don't live to close. We was just here to make some money clearing driveways. Oh, and we'll get yours before we go…."

They actually waved as they went out the door. Good kids, actually. And wonderful cocks for their ages.

I cleaned up and went to check on Mikey. He was sound asleep. I guess I'd wakened him with all my yelling. I stroked his hair as he slept. When he woke, I couldn't tell he remembered a thing. I don't know if he'll ever say something embarrassing, but what will it matter if those boys come back when he's awake?

I guess we'll see….

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