The Backyard View

The Backyard View

It was a dreary Sunday afternoon, and I was sitting in my room smoking a fat joint out my window. From where I was sitting I had a clear view of my entire backyard as well as the neighbors’. I never would have admitted it, but I had a big thing for the girl who lived next door. Her name was Kim and she was a knockout. She had big clear blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. She also had the body of a goddess, with a tight little ass and nice firm breasts, not too big but not too small either. She’s a few months older than I am, born in the summer. We were both 16 when this happened. I’ve always been a bit jealous, especially on really muggy days like this one, that they had such a nice big pool. But it wasn’t all bad, as I would often have the luxury of watching her lounging around in skimpy bikinis. I took a couple more puffs off my joint, put it out and was just about to go downstairs when I saw her come out of her house. She was wearing the tiniest little white thong bikini and had on a giant sunhat. She sauntered over to the lawnchair and put the sunhat on the ground. I dropped my pants and started stroking, never taking my eyes off her. She was at the perfect angle, facing away from me so she couldn’t see me, but being on the second floor I had a perfect view of her body. Then the incredible happened, she brought her hands up and started feeling her breasts, tweaking her nipples every now and then and arching her back in pleasure. Then slowly, she traced her hand down her flat stomach and laid it to rest on her panty covered mound, where she started rubbing it in slow circles, biting her lip. That was all it took for me, and I exploded all over the glass. But she just kept on going, shoving her hand in her panties now and burying her fingers in her pussy, while the other hand rubbed her left breast and pinched her nipple hard. The whole scene was so erotic I was hard again in no time, so I figured “what the hell, I’ve got another one in me”. This time I sat in my chair and lubed my dick up with a bottle of KY jelly I kept for special occasions. I rubbed my hand all around my dick getting it nice and wet, then started rubbing it up and down real slow. Kim was really getting into it by then, writhing around in the lawn chair and humping her crotch up against her furiously rubbing hand. Having already came, I was taking a lot longer to work up another nut, but I was getting there. Before I could though, Kim came hard, jerking up and down with her hand clamped to her pussy the whole time. She enjoyed it for a couple minutes, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. Then she picked up her bikini top and went inside. Disappointed, I closed my eyes and kept stroking, remembering everything I had just seen, Kim’s perfect tits, her hand slowly snaking under the elastic band of her panties and especially, the look on her face just as she came. I could feel the familiar tingling deep in my balls, and started stroking harder and faster. Just as I was about to cum, I opened my eyes and almost had a heart attack as I saw Kim’s mom, standing in their backyard and staring directly at me. I was shocked stiff, my hand still on my hard cock pointing it straight up, but I was too far-gone to hold back. I exploded right in my face and fell backwards off my chair. Slowly I got up, wiped my face and got up the courage to peek out the window. There she was, and to my surprise she didn’t look angry or shocked, she was giggling. She winked and blew me a kiss before going inside her house.

A week later and I had managed to avoid Kim’s mom pretty diligently. And it wasn’t easy either. Not to mention how awkward it was seeing Kim after that. We weren’t really friends, but we were pretty friendly with each other and she usually dropped by my house every once in a while to say hello, smoke a spliff or something. She came by on a Wednesday, and I couldn’t quite look her in the eye, I think she knew something was up. She even told me her mom had been acting weird, and especially when she mentioned my name. I lied as best I could, which actually wasn’t that well. But what could she think? There’s no way she could guess what actually happened. I hardly believe it myself. The next day I was going to go see some friends, but as I was coming down the stairs I spotted Kim’s mom struggling with some groceries in front of her house. I tried sneaking away, but she caught my eye and gave me a look I couldn’t walk away from. I went up to her and took half the groceries from her hands and helped her get them into her house. Finally I looked back up at her, meeting her eyes for the second time. We both blushed and looked away, I turned to leave but she caught my arm. “Look,” She said “I’m sorry for spying on you yesterday but you were kind of doing it in front of an open window. I couldn’t help but look.” She looked down in a sort of bashful way. I was so relieved she wasn’t angry or something I let out a long audible sigh. For the first time I really looked at her, she was pretty like Kim, but more mature. She was still pretty young, she must’ve been in her early 40s and looked like she could’ve been 30. She had nice large breasts nestled in a thick sweater. “It’s all right,” I said “ I guess I should go.” I was almost at the door when she called out to me. “Couldn’t you stay for a second?” Embarrassed, I told her I didn’t think I should. I hadn’t really had much experience with girls and I was getting a bit uncomfortable being around her. “Miss…” I suddenly realized I didn’t even know her name. “Billie, spelt like Holiday.” She said. “Billie, I really don’t think…” “You’re right, I shouldn’t be doing this, It’s just I’ve always wanted…” “What?” I asked, intrigued. “I’ve always wanted to watch a man masturbate.” She said in a low voice, as if she was ashamed of her fantasy. Once again I blushed hard, mumbling something about not being able to as I turned for the door. But she blocked my way, her eyes shining now. She looked like she knew what she wanted now, and would do anything to get it. “I’ve got money” She said, flashing a wad of bills in front of me. That caught me off guard, and I stopped to think about it. A girl was actually willing to pay to watch me jack off? It sure was an incredible thought. And not just a girl, but a woman! But she was Kim’s mom, and it was wrong I couldn’t do it. But then I noticed my cock was rock hard and straining against my zipper. She noticed it too and she put her hand right on my hard-on and kissed me lightly. I couldn’t help myself. I put my arms around her and started exploring her mouth with my tongue. It was the perfect kiss, just the right amount of tongue, and her tits just squashed up against my chest.

“Ok, ok that’s enough.” She said backing away, “I’ve got a husband to think about, so no more touching. I’m only here to watch.” She gave me half the money she was holding and tucked the other half into her ample breasts. I sat down on the couch and tried to collect my thoughts. I was planning a trip with my friends and I hadn’t yet figured out how to finance it. Looking at the money in my hand I realized this already would be enough to get me to New York and back and still have plenty left over, and it was only half! “Do you need me to start you off?” She asked sweetly. Actually I would’ve much preferred she did me herself, but I was being paid to perform and that was what I was going to do. But I wasn’t about to refuse a little action from this sexy mom. I was so nervous I could hardly work my mouth, but I managed to work out a sort of mumbled ‘yes please’. So she walked over to the stereo and pressed play, dancing slowly to the music. She sauntered over to where I was sitting and dropped to her knees, unbuttoning just enough of her sweater to give me an eyeful of nice cleavage. She undid my zipper and had my cock out in no time. I’ve always considered myself to be on the rather large side, and I could tell she was pleased by the smile on her lips. And before I knew it those very same lips were sucking the head of my dick. I was in heaven, only having had a blowjob once before and nothing compared to this one. She sucked me for a couple minutes, running her tongue up and down my shaft. Then with a final kiss on the head, she brought her head up and I knew it was time to go solo. “Just one more minute,” I pleaded, pushing her head back down on my cock. “Mmf, just a lil more” she managed with her mouth around my dick.
“MOM!” We both jerked our heads up to find Kim standing in the doorway staring at us, eyes wide. We all seemed to freeze for a second, what could I say? I had been caught with my dick in her mother’s mouth. We both scrambled to cover ourselves up, and Kim dropped her bag and ran upstairs, tears in her eyes. We sat there in silence for a moment, why was she crying? If anything I thought she’d be mad. Billie followed her upstairs to have a talk. I waited downstairs, unsure of what to do, whether or not to leave. Eventually Billie came downstairs, a tear in her eye this time. She told me Kim wouldn’t even open the door. She said she kept demanding to talk to me. Needless to say I was mortified, I couldn’t even fathom the possibility of dealing with this girl. But there was nothing I could do, so reluctantly I went upstairs to face her …

The End?

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