The taking of a conservative wife (Chapter One)

The taking of a conservative wife (Chapter One)

This is a story written for my wife as bedtime erotica. She has always had a fantasy about non-consensual sex activity and being taken by surprise. This area of fantasy has led us to some very hot and erotic role play in the bedroom. This story also has been a huge turn on for her along with others I have written for her. We enjoy other stories on this site and she has prompted me to post this story in hopes that others with similar fantasies will also enjoy it. We are also engaged in the swing lifestyle and have acted this type fantasy out with other single men with great success. Again, it is purely a work of fantasy and remains such in our sexual lives. This is chapter one and the others will follow here under the same title.


It was a hot August Saturday afternoon and Deb was home by herself all weekend while her husband, Ron was out of town working. No matter what she did she could not escape the heat. Deb was 42 years old and took good care of herself. She still had a body that would make most 19 year olds jealous. She stood 5’4” and weighed 112 lbs. Debs breast were on the smaller side with her 34” chest and a perfect A cup, but they were firm with nicely shaped nipples that when she got cool or excited would get hard as rocks and stick out of anything she was wearing. Her best feature was her perfectly rounded small and firm ass that still turned men’s heads anywhere she went. Here face was pretty and framed by her light blonde shoulder length hair.

Despite her looks Deb never showed much of herself. She was raised in a very conservative family and despite Ron’s attempts to get her to show a little skin she still kept herself covered anytime she was out in public. They lived in a rural area on about 20 acres of land. The closest neighbor was a little over a mile and a half down the winding country road.

The heat had Deb wanting to take a swim so she went inside and changed into a two piece bathing suit Ron had bought her earlier this year while they were out of town. She had not worn it yet but put it on and looked into the full length mirror in her bedroom. She thought to herself that it really was far to revealing to be worn out, but there was not anybody on their property and she was going to their pond by herself and would not be seeing anybody. It would also give her a chance to get some sun and work on her tanning bed tan. She removed her bottoms and got into the shower to shave her legs, while in there she also quickly trimmed her black pubic hair around her bikini line. She got out and dried off and put the bottoms back on grabbed her blanket and towel and headed outside stopping in the kitchen to make herself a margarita. She prepared several additional helpings and packed a small cooler. May as well relax and enjoy the afternoon alone she thought.

Deb walked down the winding path to the back of their property until she reached the pond. It sat on a hillside overlooking a large wooded valley. The water was deep blue and Deb entered the small cabin alongside the pond to retrieve her float. She blew it up and then after spreading her blanket she got into the water, applied her tanning lotion and laid back sipping on her margarita enjoying the water and the sun.

Deb thought she heard voices and looked around, she did not see anyone and the sound was gone so she went to the shoreline and got out to get another margarita. She could feel her head swimming from the first as she seldom drank anything. She felt good and got back into the water and then back up onto her float. This time she drank her drink a little faster. As she got out of the water she again thought she could hear somebody, but could not see anyone around and thought it was ridiculous to think anyone would be around out here. She bent over and got herself another drink.

As she bent over a group of three young boys who had ventured back to the pond to sneak in and fish sat and watched intently as this beauty bent over in her small white bikini. From their view point the wet suit was transparent allowing them to clearly see her ass and her dark pubic patch lightly covering her mound. The boys had snuck a cooler containing a case of beer with them and for now sat content to watch this gorgeous woman and drink their beer, when they first found the pond occupied they were about to turn and leave until seeing Deb.

Deb walked around the shoreline as she drank her third drink and began to get tipsy. She finished her drink and got herself another getting back into the water splashing around and acting carefree. The boys began to feel the alcohol they were drinking and their cocks began to beg for release as they watched Deb get onto the float. The air on her nipples got them hard and they stick out of the thin fabric top of her suit, they were in clear view on her perky little A cup globes in the wet top. Deb was unaware but Ron had bought her a see through suit that was transparent when wet. He bought it for their private time in a hotel room hot tub but never had the chance for her to use it.

The boys had each by this time removed their jeans and were playing with their hard cocks as they watched Deb float around the pond virtually naked. Over the next hour the sun began to settle into the horizon and the air cooled down. Deb had finished her drinks as well as the boys finishing the case of beer. Deb got out of the water and started to gather her stuff as her suit shed the water form the material still leaving her bare to the view of the now raging horny boys.

As Deb carried her float to the cabin the boys now with a devilish plan moved toward the cabin still naked from the waist down they hid by the side of cabin to catch a better and closer view. As Deb reached for the door one of the boys, Freddie, who had just turned 17, moved behind her and grabbed her. Deb screamed as Freddie pawed at her breasts with one hand and rubbed his other hand over her firm trim belly. Deb tried in vain to get away as Freddie was a big boy standing 6’3” and weighing in at around 255lbs. Debs screams went unheard in the remote location of the pond. Freddie had a small cock that was 4.5” rock hard, but Deb could still feel it poking her behind as Freddie continued to ravage her body with his large hands. The other two boys were completely surprised at Freddie’s advance. As Deb flailed her arms and legs in a desperate attempt to get away from this boy who held her in his grasp and was molesting her with his hands Freddie called out to Mark and Tony to grab her legs. Mark and Tony moved from around the corner of the cabin and Deb laid eyes on them for the first time. Mark was a tall lanky kid, 6’5” and 165 lbs. Despite his lanky skin and bones stature he had an extremely large cock that was close to 10” hard. Mark had developed early and was now getting ready to turn 16 years old. Deb had never seen another man naked beside her husband and she could not believe the size of this monster this young boy was packing between his legs. Tony was a short heavy boy 5’9” and 240 lbs with an average cock standing out at 6” rock hard. Tony was the youngest of the three at 14 years old. Tony reached and grabbed Deb’s legs not sure what to do with them.

Freddie commanded Mark to change places with him and Mark grabbed Deb from behind. He pushed his hand into her top rubbing her now bare nipple and breast and used his other hand to push down into her bikini bottoms running his fingers through her pubic hair. This was the first women that either Mark or Tony had ever been this close to. Deb was horrified at what was happening to her and at her helplessness. She could feel Mark’s huge cock pressing between the cheeks of her tiny little ass. Her legs were now being held firmly by Tony restricting her from movement. Freddie was pulling the rope from the float Deb had been using and brought it over to her. He tied the rope into a slip knot around Deb’s neck and told Mark and Tony to let her go. As soon as their grip was released Deb tried to move away from the boys. Freddie pulled on the rope like a dog collar and immediately the knot drew tight causing Deb’s air to be cut off. Deb stopped and tugged at the rope around her neck as Freddie grabbed her again.

Freddie pulled Deb’s top off her revealing her perky firm breasts and their rock hard nipples. As Deb instinctively tried to cover herself Freddie pulled her arms around her back and fastened the top around her wrists to restrain her hands and arms. Freddie still holding the rope around Deb’s neck now moved to the front of her and lowered his head sucking her nipple into his mouth. Deb squirmed but could not get away. Freddie looked up and told Mark and Tony to go get their stuff and return. He then led Deb by the rope around her neck over to a picnic table in front of the cabin. He bent her over the table and tied the rope tightly around the opposite bench causing Deb to be bent over the table and not allowing any room for movement. Freddie raised his hand and firmly smacked Deb’s ass through the thin cotton fabric of her suit. He then ran his hand over her cheeks as Deb continued to cry out for help. As Mark and Tony approached Freddie pulled her bottoms off leaving her now totally naked in front of these young boys.

Freddie told Tony to take his underwear and stiff them into Deb’s mouth to keep her quiet. As Tony fumbled with the task Freddie entered the cabin finding a role of duct tape which he used to hold the underwear in Deb’s mouth. Deb could smell Tony’s musky smell in the underwear in her mouth. They had been filled with his sweaty body and his cock leaving traces of urine and pre-cum that Deb could both taste and smell now. She could not figure out why this was happening to her or who these boys were. She was scared and wanted this to come to an end.

Freddie told his two accomplices that they were going to have some fun this weekend and asked them if they were ready to loose their virginity. He walked back around to Deb’s upturned ass and told the other two boys to watch him since he was experienced in how to handle a real woman. He told the boys that women love to be spanked, since he had seen it on a video that his Dad had. He raised his hand and gave Deb several hard blows across her cheeks causing her ass to turn a shade of red. Deb writhed from the blows but could not move against the table. Deb felt Freddie move behind her and press his small cock against her cheeks, he rubbed himself up and down against the crack of her ass until he found the opening to her tight pussy, as he tried to push himself inside her he started shooting streams of cum onto her ass and pussy. Before his cock went limp he was able to push the head of himself inside her.

Freddie stood up and moved to untie the rope from around the bench and then told the other boys they were leading Deb up to her house. As the sun set Deb was led like a dog by her neck with her hands still tied behind her back and naked on the path to her home. The walk home seemed to take forever until Deb was finally could see her house in front of them. Her mind raced, she was so humiliated at the thought of these young boys not only seeing her in her scantly clad bathing suit but to have seen her completely nude. Until now she had only allowed her husband and doctor see her most intimate of parts, and she normally made sure Ron had the lights turned off before they made love. Not only had they seen her naked but they had also touched her private parts and that boy with the small cock had stuck his penis inside her vagina and left his sperm all over her butt. She felt totally degraded and humiliated and yet here she was bound and helpless as three teenage boys led her naked tied body to her own home.

Entering through the garage door the boys made their way inside the home. Each of them was now raging with hormones and full of lust at seeing Deb walk bound down the path from the pond. Freddie stopped short of entering the house and looked around the garage.
The boys were now hungry and wanted to ravish the refrigerator before getting down to the more serious business at hand. Freddie looked up and threw the rope over the rafter and then affixed a knot so that any movement on Deb’s part would cause the noose around her tender neck to tighten and then left her there in full view of anyone in the area as he joined his friends inside the house.

After filling his belly Freddie returned to the garage to find Deb still in the same place he had left her. Her eyes wide with fright and fear of what these boys would do to her. She wanted to plead with him but the pair of smelly underwear filling her mouth made her unable to speak. Freddie untied the rope and pulled her inside the doorway to the house roughly as if pulling a sack. Once he got her inside she looked to find the two other boys standing inside her living room now totally nude with huge raging hard erections sprouting from their groins. Freddie looked at her and then pushed her to the ground. He stuck his cock to her face and rubbed it around as she tried best she could to move out of the way. Freddie then held the rope around her neck tightly keeping her head still. He looked at her and then pulled the duck tape from her mouth and pulled the smelly underwear from her mouth. He immediately stuck his cock into her mouth as she gasped for air and told her if she did not suck his dick he would kill her.

AT this point Deb wanted to just die. She had never been so humiliated in her entire life and now she was kneeling on her living room floor with a cock stuck inside her mouth. Her stomach turned with disgust at the thought. After she and Ron had been married Ron had started kissing her and then tried to move down to perform oral sex on her, she could not believe he would even attempt something so vial and jumped out of the bed. Never in a million years would she have ever considered allowing a man’s penis near her mouth. Now with the rope pulled tight on her neck and the fear of her life in front of her she had no choice but to do what this boy demanded. She was not sure what to do at this point but started to use her tongue to move around the boys shaft which made him moan. She closed her eyes as Freddie started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. Suddenly Deb felt a hot liquid hi the back of her throat as Freddie grabbed the back of her head and pushed all four and a half inches of his cock as deep into her mouth as possible. The thought of his cum inside her mouth turned her stomach but she could not move and despite her best attempts at spitting the liquid out she was forced to swallow all of it. Freddie kept his cock inside her mouth for several minutes after he was done until he went soft. He jerked her up by her neck rope and pulled her roughly over to the couch inside her living room telling Mark and Tony to follow them.

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