Five girls come to the door, ringing the bell. Sean answers, "Hello, girls. Can I help you?"

Giggling, Allison asks, "Yeah, is Jeff home?"

"Yes, he is." Turning, "Jeff! You have company. Are you decent?"

Jeff slips on his bikini underwear and scampers into the living room. With the girls gasping, Sean adds, "Jeff, you do own some clothes, don't you?"

In no hurry, Jeff checks out each girl with glowing eyes. De De says, "We hear you and Maria broke up."

Belinda brushes her long hair to the side, "Yeah, we don't want you getting lonely."

Sean asserts, "Do I need to send these lovely ladies along?"

Jeff quickly quips, "Come in girls. I'll be right back." Swiftly, he swoops upstairs, shaking his booty. "Like wow! I didn't know I was this popular!" He finds a tank top and short shorts and slaps on some of Sean's aftershave. He struts back downstairs, smiling, "I'm back, girls."

While crowded on the sofa, the five girls watching his every step. Elisha alluringly suggests, "Come sit with us, big boy." Each girl moves to make room for Jeff, but they don't succeed in opening a spot for him. So Jeff steps between De De and Caroline, to the disappointment of the three other girls, then sees the spot open up. Jeff slouches back, sliding his arms effortlessly around his select girls, letting his hands hold their hips. De De squirms with delight, but Caroline becomes squeamish. Jeff apologizes and moves his hand further to Elisha's arm. Caroline sadly realizes she blew her chance. Elisha shines with delight. Soon they all chatter up a storm.

When Jeff jumps up, stone silence stills the scene. Jeff turns to eye each girl, then says, "Let me rest," proceeding to lay down across their laps. Each girl freezes. Jeff jests, "Just enjoy yourselves." None dare lay a finger on their dream boy. Soon Jeff forgets the girls are there, becoming despondent that he lost Maria. When De De suggests that they need to get going, Jeff, realizing he's still on their laps, gets up quickly. Trying to muster up enthusiasm, "Thanks for stopping in, girls. Please come again." The girls left, sorely disappointed that they let the opportunity slip away.

Jeff starts crying. Soon Sean comes in to comfort him. Jeff climbs into his lap, continuing to cry. Sean eventually suggests they go take a shower. Jeff perks up. He hugs Sean as tears continue to flow, "Some other time, Sean. Some other time."


Rachel gets up early in the morning, listening to the chorus of chirping birds. "What a wonderful world our Lord has swung into motion," she praises as she stretches in front of her mirror. After showering she sees Sean and Jeff sleeping as she passes their room. She stops dead in her tracks. She looks again in disbelief. With Jeff's head resting on Sean's stomach, his hand wrapped around Sean's shaft, Jeff's penis pulses fully erect. She gasps, wanting to scream. She starts downstairs. She stops again, goes back and screams, "What's going on!!!"

It takes them a moment to awake, but soon both realize what she's screaming about. Jeff moves off of Sean, but neither say a word.

Hysterically, "Sean! You can't tell me you didn't know what Jeff was doing."

Softly, "No Rachel."

"You can't tell me he didn't do this before!"

Jeff remembers, "I was dreaming about Maria. I miss her so much."

"Jeff, we need to move back home."

Sean remains calm, "Rachel, we have a contract on your house. We need the money for the wedding."

"What wedding!"

Angrily, "Rachel!"

Jeff suggests, "What's the big deal. Let me have my room now, if it bothers you."

"I'm not sleeping with that monster!"

"Get a grip, Mom."

"No. You go downstairs." Jeff doesn't move. "Now!"

When Jeff leaves, Rachel slams the door, turning angrily toward Sean, "You're just like Fred! No wonder you like him. You pervert!"

"Rachel. Rachel. Rachel. Lay down."

"I'm not touching you! Everything's off. I'm going home."

"OK, go home. Think this over a few days. Just don't cancel anything yet."

"You need to tell me what's going on!"

"Nothing's going on, Rachel. Nothing, my love."

"Don't call me that!"

Painfully, "Your anger cuts to the core of my being. Please calm down. Please."

"No. I won't." But the anger lessens. "OK, I'll give it a couple days. But don't go near Jeff.

"Jeff's hurting bad. He needs me–or your parents when you're working."

"I'm calling them now."

"I'd appreciate that you don't give them the details of this feud."

"I'm telling the whole world."

"Rachel! You know that's a horrible idea."

"I don't care. Just leave."

Losing patience, "What do you mean?"

"Leave until Jeff and I get out of here."

"OK. I'll go out for breakfast. What do you need? An hour? Two hours?"

"I only have an hour now. We'll have to come back another day for whatever we forget."

"Fair enough. I'll be out in ten minutes."

"Don't even say goodbye to Jeff. Just go.


"Jeff, did you hear the talk about Fred's dad hitting on kids."

Jeff does some quick thinking, "No, Alex. Who did he beat up?"

"Dah. Not beat. Making the move on kids."

"Oh, wow! But why do you care. You'd probably love him coming on to you."

"Yeah, right! Not him."

"OK, at least you know what could happen if Sean actually wanted you. So cut him some slack."

"Yeah, I hear you. But that's different."

"No it's not, but these rumors are bad, whether they're true or not. Who's saying Mr. Weber hit on him."


"No. Who got attacked."

"I don't know."

"Just great. When was the attack?"

"I don't know."

Flustered, "I need to find out, but they probably won't tell me because Fred's my friend."

"So you want me to play detective."

"Thanks for offering. You're shrewd. You'll know how to handle it. But something else seems to be bothering you."

"Oh, I'm frustrated with Logan."

Surprised, "You mean going all the way isn't all that it's cranked up to be?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Dah. Logan's excited about it and you act like you don't know anything."

"I think Logan's high on beef jerky. He goes limp every time he tries! That's why I'm frustrated. I get zoned in, only to be let down. Don't you dare tell him I said this. Don't tell anybody."

"Alex, you know you can trust me. What about you? You probably can't even reach."

"Shut up, big boy. I'm a smooth operator."

Compassionately, "Sorry, no insult intended. I just was curious. You know, you're probably lucky. Logan's log probably would really hurt."

"Don't think that helps me feel better."

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