"Mom, this is ridiculous. I lost Maria. Now you take Sean away from me. I'm like I lost you too."

"I can't let Sean do anything to you."

"I assure you, Sean has absolutely no sexual attraction to me."

"But you do for him."

"Mom, I was asleep. You told me yourself that it's normal to get several erections while sleeping."

"I'm sorry Jeff. I have to play it safe."

Gazing into her eyes, "I don't think this is about Sean at all."

Taken aback, "What do you mean?"

"Remember the three of us were in the pool and Sean left for a business call."

Rachel doesn't respond.

Firmly, "You do remember. It's written all over your face. Your nipples got hard. You got turned on by me."

Rachel bursts into tears, "Oh Jeff, my honey. I hate myself. You did something that reminded me of your father. I still have feelings for him. I'm horrified that it happened."

Jeff hugs her with deep compassion, as the tears continue. "Mom, it's no big deal. It's not like you made a meal of me or something."

Rachel manages to say, "It's a big deal to me."

"That's obvious," Jeff says coyly.

Following spontaneous laughter, "Oh Jeff, I shouldn't laugh now."

Tongue in cheek, "No. And it's not safe for me to stay here tonight. I'm going to Sean's house before you seduce me."

Laughing again, "Jeff, you're right. I mean, we should go back to Sean's house. I need to apologize to him–and to you. I'm sorry, Jeff. I'm sorry for everything."

"Thanks, Mom. Does Sean know you still have feelings for this man I will not name."

"Oh, Jeff, you always know how to lay it on. But please back off now. I'm drained."

"Yeah, not a tear left to cry."


"Thanks Jeff, for talking sense into your mom. How did you do it?"

With a big grin, "You know me!"

"Yes, I do! Say no more. Now that your mom is coming back, my dream last night bothers me."

"What’d you dream about?"


"You’re bad."

"I can’t help what I dream about."

"You can’t marry my mom if you’re dreaming about Roxanne, dah."

"You didn’t officially break up with Maria when you started chasing after every girl in town."

"Not every girl."

"Well, I didn’t chase any. I just had a dream."

"Was it sexual?"

"Don’t beat around the bush or anything! It was, but…"

Jeff cuts him off, "No buts!"

"I may still have sexual feelings for Roxanne, but that doesn’t mean I want to marry her."

Looking perplexed, "OK."

"And the dream had a darkness about it. It’s like it said that if I went after Roxanne, trouble would brew."

"You got that right. I’d kick your butt!"

With a mischievous smile, "Oh, really."

Jeff grabs his shirt, "Really!"

Rachel walks in, "Now you two are fighting."

Sean hugs Jeff, "May I spend some time alone with your mom?"

Jeff smiles, "Sure. I’m out of here."

"No, you can stay. We’ll go up to my room."

… "Sean, it's about time you two got out of there! I think you did more than make up."

Sarcastically, "Yes Dad."

"Sean, I got something urgent to tell you."

"Good, bring it on."

"Rumors about Fred's father! Big time serious."

"It's good your mom didn't start a rumor about me. But tell me about these rumors."

After hearing Jeff's story, Sean says, "I can assure you the rumors are false. I talked to him yesterday–I went to his house this time–I was hurting so bad–anyway, if he had tried anything I would have known."

"I believe you. That helps me feel better, a little."

"Yeah, this is serious anyway. It's strange. I can't believe rumors didn't fly in the past. But this should not have happened now."

"For sure."

"Well, you need to let Fred know. I'll talk to his father."

… Fred tells Jeff who he thinks started the rumors–an old friend, Jamie, that his dad had an eye for. "We bumped into each other last week. He got mad at me because I wouldn't smoke weed with him anymore. I'll talk to him."

"You used to smoke that shit!?"

"Yeah, I was stupid. Remember?"

"Let me go with you, Fred."


"Let's go now."

… It took quite an effort, but Jamie finally bursts out with, "Yeah, he made me suck his dick. The perv!"

Fred gets upset but Jeff calmly asks, "So you can tell me what his dick looks like."

"Yeah, uh, a short fat thingy."


"Uh, yeah."

Fred laughs in disgust, "Yeah, right!"

Jamie hangs his head in silence, then shouts, "Just fuck off!"

Jeff softly says, "So that's the word?"

Jamie mutters something that couldn't be understood.

Jeff gently asks, "Speak up Jamie."

"I know he wanted me a year ago."

"That's all?"

"Once I tried to get something going. He just looked at me in horror."

Fred sighs deeply, "Thanks Jamie."

Tears start rolling down Jamie's face so Jeff lays a hand on his shoulder. Angrily Jamie screams under his breathe, "I hate myself!"

Jeff smiles, "You should."

Jamie stares Jeff down, "You don't have to agree with me!" Then he cries harder. After he feels better, the three of them work out a plan to kill the rumors without Jamie looking bad. Fred and Jeff leave, thanking their new friend.


"So you like bragging about how great a fucker you are!"

"Alex! Don't scream at me!"

Calming just a little, "Logan, what's the story."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Talk to me, Logan."

Instead, Logan storms off, wanting to scream. After wondering aimlessly, he goes to Jeff's house. "Hi Jeff, you wanna play video games?"


They go upstairs to play the games laying on the bed. Jeff wins the first three times. Logan takes his shirt off and manages a smile. Troubled by the look on his face, Jeff asks, "What's wrong, Logan?"

Angrily, "You told Alex."

"Told Alex what?"

Without answering, Logan begins wrestling Jeff, quickly pinning him. When Jeff starts talking, Logan grabs his shirt to cover Jeff's mouth, managing to tie it tightly in place. Jeff looks in horror as Logan unzips his pants, whipping his penis in Jeff's face, while throbbing with excitement. Logan spins him around, sitting on his butt. Pulling Jeff's only clothing, his underwear, off his butt, "Now we're gonna make love." Jeff squirms feverishly as Logan tries to enter. Soon Logan goes limp. He starts crying, rolling onto the bed.

Having heard Logan cry, Sean arrives, looking in horror, speechless. Jeff pulls the shirt off his mouth and pulls up his underwear, as Logan packs it in and zips up. "I'm so sorry, Jeff! I'm so sorry!" Sean and Jeff remain silent. "I lied to you Jeff. I didn't do Alex. I always go limp. I'm sick."

Figuring out what happened, Sean sits beside Jeff, remaining silent. Jeff turns, hugging Sean as he cries softly.

Logan agonizes, "How could I do such a thing! I actually enjoyed it. I'm so sick. Good thing I went limp. But that's the problem. I mean, that's how this all started. Jeff, I don't deserve your friendship anymore."

Sean says, "Now you're showing your maturity again. So you know you have to tell your parents the whole story."

"They will kill me."

"I didn't. I don't think they will."

"They don't even know I'm gay."

"Pray that Rachel doesn't want to press charges."

"Yeah, I'm in deep water. I'm over my head."

Jeff pleads, "Sean, don't tell Mom."

"I won't. You will. You know you need to."

As Jeff ponders these words, Jamie asks Sean, "Can you go with me to tell my parents?"

Feeling crushed, "I don't really want to."

Jeff quietly says, "I will. Sean, please go too."

Sean takes a deep breathe, "OK, let's do it."

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