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It's late, actually early morning, and I'm just
getting out of work. As I pack up my stuff I'm thinking to myself that I'll go grab a bit to eat at the nearby diner with the gang from work, then head home, crack open a beer and slip into the hot tub for a bit before calling it a night. The girl I was "seeing" at the time, Michelle, had gone home to Virginia for the weekend to visit
family and I was actually looking forward to a break from the party scene. Just as I finish packing up my stuff Carrie comes up to the DJ booth and asks what I'm doing after work. I said "nothing really, why?" She says "Millie and I were wondering if you wanted to come
over to our place after work. Her boyfriend is out of town for two weeks." She could've just said, "we were wondering if you'd come over and fuck the living hell out of both of us tonight?"…but, either way she certainly didn't have to ask twice.

Millie, or Milagros, was an incredibly sexy 23 year old, hot-bodied, dark-skinned Caribbean goddess whom I'd been flirting with for months. Her boyfriend was in the Army and had just moved in with her and Carrie right before I met her. Now normally I wouldn't blatantly show such
interest in someone else's woman, and quite honestly rarely flirted with woman at all. In Millie's case, however, I could not help it for some reason. As we became close friends I quickly went beyond insinuating and would just come right out and ask if she wanted to be fucked senseless
and sent home with my cum dripping from her sweet little pussy and soaking her panties. I'd say it half jokingly and she would tease me with similar comments, but we both knew I was dead serious.

Millie's roommate, Carrie, was certainly nothing
to shake a stick at. Carrie was a good looking 20 year old with long, straight blonde hair, a tiny waist, and toned thighs and claves that would make any man drool…especially when she was in high heels. But unquestionably her best asset was an ass you could serve drinks off from. Her ass
was phenomenal, and despite its size it was as firm as the rest of her tight little body. I met Carrie a few weeks before Millie started working there, and she soon started aggressively
flirting with me even when Michelle was right there with me.

Everyone knew that Michelle and I were just really close friends and even closer fuck buddies, but the great thing about Michelle was she was like having my own freakin' agent. She'd brag to her girlfriends about our sexcapades,
sharing the nastiest little details of each and every orgasm with them daily…which I later came to find out was something they all looked forward to. She'd invite a few of them over to my place occasionally to chill in the hot tub with
us. She'd stroke my cock underwater with 2 or 3 of her hot ass friends right there with us. A hot tub full of hot, horny, drunk women teasing me and each other…kissing, playing with each other, and talking dirty…but as long as Michelle was there, my cock belonged to her and nobody else could touch it.

Although Michelle got her thrills from teasing the hell out of all of us like that, and then reaping the benefits in the bedroom later, she had no problem letting her friends "borrow" me when they were in need and the opportunity
presented itself. In other words, when she was otherwise unavailable. As you can imagine, there were many times that I actually hoped for conflicting schedules to create these opportunities. The opportunities were few and far
between, but when they presented themselves I damn sure took advantage of them. Neither Millie or Carrie were close friends with Michelle though, so they weren't really on the "pre-approved" list, but I'll be damned if I was going to pass up my shot at Millie's fine little pussy. Add Carrie and her sweet round ass to the opportunity and it would've been virtually impossible for any straight, sexually charged man to say no.

I was trying to play it cool 'cause I was so freaking excited, all nonchalantly I tell Carrie "Sure, let me just finish loading this stuff in the car and I'll follow you." My heart was racing a million miles a minute, but I’m pretty sure I got it out without sounding
like a kid in a candy store. It was like a 15 minute drive to their place and I shit you not I must of smoked at least 4 cigarettes. Just as we're about there I start worrying about being
so nervous that I won't be able to get it up or that I'll bust a friggin' nut before I even get my shit inside one of them. Fortunately, I didn't have too much time to think. We get there and I follow them in to the apartment. Millie goes in first and heads straight down a hallway and
out of sight. Carrie plays hostess for a moment and grabs a few beers out of the fridge, then shows me around for a minute…but never takes me down the hallway where Millie disappeared. She opens a closet, pulls out a towel and says "Take
a shower in there, and we'll go do the same. We'll
see you in a minute." The entire time I'm in the
shower I'm thinking "has it been long enough,
can I get out now?!?!?!?"

I get out, half dry myself off, quickly wrap the towel around my waist and step out of the bathroom. Carrie's just outside the door with a towel around her body and one around her head. She reaches out for my hand and simply says "follow me." Finally we head down the hallway were Millie disappeared. We pause in front of a bedroom and she says "that's my room", and I let go of her hand and lean in just a bit as if I'm interested. As I turn back Millie appears out of the bathroom next door wearing
two towels just like Carrie . Without saying a word she slowly steps forward and reaches under my towel to grab my cock. She pulls me by my cock into a kiss, then starts walking backwards
into the master bedroom with my cock in her hand, my hand now on her ass, her lips on mine, and Carrie right behind me with her hands on my hips.

As we cross the threshold Carrie moves to my left and Millie breaks our kiss and takes my side on the right. With one on each side they wanted me to see the entire room, which they covered in bed sheets for what was sure to be an amazing fuck-fest. It felt like we were standing there for ever, as they each reached around front and under my towel to squeeze my swelling man meat, while my hands instinctively went behind them and up under their towels to feel both bare naked asses.
Carrie breaks my dreamlike trance by stepping toward the bed and pulling my towel with her. Millie never lets go of my cock as she slips back behind me and guides me towards Carrie, slowly turning me just in front of the bed and dropping
to her knees. She pulls the towel off from her head, and next thing I know Carrie is right next to her as they both take turns licking my stiff shaft and sucking on my balls. It seemed to be a competition for my cock and no matter what, I couldn't loose.

I stood there watching them for as long as I could, but eventually just couldn’t take the lack of control. I reached down and grabbed Carrie's head with both hands just as she took me in her mouth again and I began fucking her mouth like a
tight, warm pussy. I watched her nearly gag several times yet she reached up and guided my hips as I’d thrust forward into her face and forced her mouth down on my cock. I knew
that with just a few more stokes I’d be shooting my hot cum down her throat so I pulled her head back until my cock popped out, and her saliva ran down her chin like a load of hot cum. Damn was that a hot sight to see!!! Millie had been reaching around back and playing with my balls, but quickly went to take her place as soon as my cock came out of her mouth. I knew I couldn’t take it though, so I grabbed Millie under
her arms and began to pull her up, then went backwards onto the bed together.

She went to straddle my stiff cock and I grabbed her again and tugged her towards me, lettering her know I wanted to taste her sweet little hot pink Caribbean pussy. She scooted up and as soon as I could, I slid my tongue between her moist
little lips. Pulling her ass cheeks apart from below, I guided the tip of my tongue slowly up and down her tight, pink little gap, occassionally darting it inside her hot
little hole. She started off on both knees straddled over me, then quickly lifted her left one to go to her foot so she could angle her clit and grind it into me. Before I knew it, Carrie climbed on top and went with Millie’s first thought of straddling my cock. I immediately thought "Holly shit." My cock was so damn hard it was a bit uncomfortable at first when she pulled it up to get it completely perpendicular to my body. She tried to slip me right inside but she was too dry, and backed off so she could cover my cock with more of her saliva. As she took me in her mouth again and swirled her tongue around my pulsating head, I knew I had to focus on Millie’s pussy or I’d be busting a nut in a heartbeat.

I went at Millie’s pussy vigorously for at least 15 minutes before her grumbled moans turned to screams. Carrie had been fucking me like a machine while I ate Millie’s pussy, squatted over me on the balls of her feet, knees spread wide
and the whole time looking down to watch my throbbing thick cock disappear inside her as she slammed down on it mercilessly. I just couldn’t believe how hard and deep her little pussy
was fucking my cock. By now she was so wet her juices had drenched us both and would occasionally make splatter sounds when her ass slammed down against me. I had to get her off me before I dumped my first load inside her; the load that had been brewing in my balls was going all over Millie’s pussy and down the crack of her ass. I’d fantasized about that cum shot for so long I damn sure wasn’t going to let it be a second hand squirt, Millie was getting the first load. Period.

I pushed Millie up off from me and bucked Carrie to the side as I got up. I practically threw Millie on to her back, grabbed her by the ankles, yanked her ass right up to the edge of the bed, and pushed her legs back to lift her ass in the air. As if it were planned, Carrie took my cock and guided it into Millie’s tight little pink fuck hole, then I forced her knees back to her chest and thrust my raging cock into her balls deep. Millie clenched the sheets in her fists and
screamed bloody murder as I arched my back, pinned her legs down and fucked her with a vengeance. I thought for sure I’d bust my nut within the first few strokes inside that sweet little hole, but the window had passed and I was so focused now on punishing Millie’s little pussy.

Carrie was up on the bed rubbing her pussy and watching me fuck Millie just as hard as she was fucking me moments ago. I wanted to tear her sweet little pussy up for making me wait so long to get it, and whether she could take it or not she was getting it all…I actually became pissed off as I fucked her hot little cunt. I could feel her muscles clenching tighter on my cock and she screamed louder, and louder until she ran out of air…her mouth was still open, blood was rushing
to her face, the veins standing out of her neck and I could feel her juices cumming all over me as all of her muscles clenched tight. I quickly pulled my cock all the way out and slammed it back into her, and she finally took a breath.
Now I wanted to cum and couldn’t. Damn it!!!

With my stiff cock still buried in her, slowly stoking her dripping, stretched out wetness, she finally looked me in the eye and I immediately knew she was all good and I could keep fucking. I pulled her back to the edge of the bed again
and sort of spun her to her side, holding one leg up in the air. I asked “Do you want to cum again?“ and barely loud enough to hear she responds “yes”. I said “Reach down and spread
your fucking ass cheeks then.“ Carrie had stopped playing with her pussy and was laying on her side holding MIllie's right hand with both of hers.

Millie reached down with her left hand and grabber her ass cheek as I pushed that leg back and picked up my pace again. Holding her there I stroked her little cum-drenched pussy as deep as I could from various angles. I focused on her facial expressions as I began fucking her harder, and harder. Watching her squeeze the living shit out of Carrie’s hands while she spread her ass wide with the other to take my swollen, fat cock as deep as possible. I knew I was going to cum before her this time, as I fucked her sweat covered hot little body with all I had. She let go of her ass cheek and grabbed the sheets again just as I pulled out and shot my hot load all
over her gaping pussy. After stroking the last drop of cum from the tip of my cock, I rubbed my cum all over her pussy with my still swollen head, then slipped it back inside her momentarily before she tried squirming away.

I fell over on the bed next to her and after a few minutes she slowly stood up and walked out of the room. Carrie and I scooted up together and I laid there for a bit with my eyes closed trying to catch my breath. I was just beginning to wonder
why Millie hadn’t come back yet when Carrie took my shrunken, cum covered cock in her mouth and worked it for another 10 or 15 minutes until I was finally hard again. Millie never came back into the room as I fucked Carrie from behind for
another 20 minutes or so until she came like a wild animal, and I shot my measly second load on her ass and back. After a few Carrie got up and went to the bathroom, so I went and got my clothes and got dressed. I never saw Millie again
before I left, but Carrie came back out into the living room and said “That was awesome. Thanks”, and that was it.

I left thinking, “okay, whatever”, but the funny thing is I thought for sure I’d be screwing Carrie again soon. Never happened again though. Millie, on the other hand, called me later that day and spent the night at my place that night, and the next…which happened to be the night Michelle came back from Virginia. Michelle called the following evening and said “where were you last night, fucking Milagros?”. My first thought was “how the hell did she know?”, but I answered
“well, yeah.” Her reply was “well are you going to get your pervert ass around and come over tonight or what?”

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