a boy named froggie

a boy named froggie

[b]i was on the bus on the bus one afternoon when this 17 year old boi walked up to me and said hey my sis wants u to come to our house can u? i didn't know wat to say but i liked his sister so i said yes and got off of the bus with them. thats when i noticed he was smokin he had a nice ass, skinny legs and smooth blond hair!!

when we got to his house he asked me to go to his room and talk with him for awhile, so i did and we just talked for about a hour until he reached over and kissed me. i was shocked so i pulled away but he just pulled me back towards him and started kissing me. then he reached for my shirt and started to take it off(( by this time i was kinda horny)) so i just let him proceed with wat he was doing. He started touching my breast and squeezing them it felt so good i didn't want him to stop.

All of a sudden his sister walked in and said what the fuck are yall doing? he quickly stopped kissing me and i put my shirt back on. Katie very loudly said wat the fuck are u doing sleeping with my man? i was shocked to hear her say that because it was her brother. he quickly said we were just plalying with each other gosh miss i have a really big attitude. then he added why dont u join us? i quickly looked at him and asked wat the fuck are you doing thats your sister? he just smiled and said i know but shes also my sex slave. i just kinda smiled and pulled my shirt back off he then started kissing me again then katie came over and started pulling his pants off and then i saw his dick omg it was huge i thought "how in the hell is that going to go into me" but i stopped thinking and started kissing again then i felt katie taking off my skirt to reveal my shaved pussy it was wet with my juices so it glistened in the sun light. then i felt her wet tounge enter my virgin fuck hole ohh it was so warm and wet. i thought i was going to explode right then and there. then froggies lips left mine and spoke these words: " let me fuck her before mom comes home katie!"

So katie stopped and froggie got on top of me and slowly slipped the head of his dick into my virgin fuck hole. i let a very low moan out of my mouth and then it all slipped in and i felt a very sharp pain as he broke my hymen and i almost started to cry but soon after it returned to pleasures then he whispered into my ear i love you. i whispered it back but we both new it was a lie. he fucked me very fast then got very slow so i told him to keep it fast i like it better that way. so he obeyed wat i told him and i felt my body start to twitch in every way it possibly could he said your cumming hun. omg that was the best feeling i had ever experienced in my whole 13 years of life then i felt warm stuff shoot up into me he said it was his cum omg it was hott.

Then i saw katies face in front of me kissing her brother. i pushed her out of the way because i wanted him all to my self cuz this was my first time having sex so i started kissing him as soon as i did it, then i felt his penis slide slowly out of me as it turned soft. we kissed for about thirty seconds when katie said what about me what do i get out of this? i started to say something but froggie wouldn't let me cuz he knew it was going to be mean, i'll fuck you in a minute or when she leaves ok its not like i dont fuck you enough already bitch.

Then he went back to his kissing for about another minute or 2 then he said would you like to give me a blow job? i said not really i would rather eat katie out….. he looked suprised, then he said i didnt know you were like that. i said yeah i am but i'm bi so it doesnt matter do you want me to give you a blow job? no do what ever feels right to you. so i told katie to take down her pants and part her legs. ( katie had this faint odor to her that stunk kinda bad like she hadn't taken a showe and three days and had, had a lot of sex) but i didn't care i just stuck my face up to her croch and stuck my tounge out and started to lick her very slowly and when i hit her clit i could feel her jump a liitle bit. as i was eatin her out i felt a tounge on my ass whole and i quickly jerked away from eating katie and said wat the fuck are you doing? he responded " i was just trying to eat you out gosh" so i went t back to what i was doing and let him do the same. omg it felt so good knowing i was being eaten out and i was eating someone out. i was very close to cumming when katie said i'm cumming KK as soon as i finished my sentence. I came shortly after katie did.

Then froggie got up and said now whats next what do yall wanna do? i wanna have sex again i said and feel your warm cumm in me! he said ok but as soon as i'm through you have to give me a blow job KK theni will fuck katie ok? i said sure and i worked on getting him hard again by stroking his cock and kissing it with my soft lips. when he finally got hard i got on top of him and slowly tried to enter him in to my bodie but i missed so he had to help me so he grabbed his cock and put the head to my crouch and put it in slowly wow buddy did that feel good i almosted orgasmed righ then and there but i kept my kewl and didn't. he started getting a good pace going until i told him to slow down because it felt better to me. and he obeyed my order and slowed down until he was ready to cum then he picked up the pase and he came inside of me for the second time omg it was just as good as the first time he had done it.

after he had done that i was to tired to give him a blow job so katie did it for me he looked like he enjoyed it so much. when he was finished we didnt know what to do so we just sat there until his mom came home.

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