A Dress for Rent

A Dress for Rent

I am writing this story for my friend David, a member of our swingers group; It is true to the best I can verify it…

Hello there, I am david, and at the time I was owner of a clothing retail store; just one of these little "mom and pop" style stores. Now, I got a lot of women coming into the store and trying on stuff without really wanting it. But I especially like it near the time of the proms and college spring dances. (Yes we still do them here.)

One morning, a young lady was waiting for the store to open. She is a beauty, and i could not stop staring at her. Her name turned out to be Blossom, or the translation of her name into english. This lovely lady was from India, and recently came to live in our area.

Blossom came looking to rent a gown for an evening of fun. "I want to learn the fun you americans have. It's a delight to be in this country."

Her smile is absoulutely perfect, and makes a man melt like butter.

She took her time looking around and trying on several dresses; finally selecting one of jade green with a flared tiger running up the sides. Gods she was perfect in it, and it fit her shape in every perfect way.

Unfortunately, when I just thought I had it sold, she says she only wants to rent it for the evening. Normally I don't rent gowns out; I just sell them or trade them for others. But the pout and disappointment on her face made me decide to make an exception for this one time.

I explained to her this will be a one time exception, with the promise she drops the dress off this evening. She looked stunned for some reason, and started stuttering something about "Drop the dress…"

"It's the American way Blossom." I just grinned at her, and she gasped with her hands brought before her mouth. Her lips are a beauty, with soft velvet red coloration.

She swallowed hard, and agreed. "I will be back at 8:00 tonight. Okay." And with this she left. I did not think much more about it until later that evening, when I was closing shop, and Blossom showed up. Even in the nighttime she lights up a place, I mean this girl is that HOT. I bet she did not even realize it either.

Once she came in, and asked where she can change out of the dress; I told her she could use my bathroom for more privacy. She just weakly smiled at me, and went into there.

I went back to working at the counter, finishing up the days receipts, when she walks out and lays the gown next to me, very neatly folded. "thank you for letting me rent it for the nights party. I'm ready to give you my payment if you are."

It was just something in the manner of her voice, kind of hesitant, kind of seductive and suggestive that made me look up at her. I was absolutely STUNNED!!! She stood there with her hair and arms behind her, totally butt naked!!!

GOD DAMN IT, but i could not keep my eyes from roaming all over her, especially those beautifull breasts and her neat little bush. I looked at her and whistled in delight. She is the absolute perfection for a woman, and she was blushing deeply as I kept looking at her. I noted from her breathing that she was uneasy, or very nervous, not to mention very shy.

I moved next to her and started kissing her lips, face and neck, while putting my hands upon her butt. She started moaning slightly, then had me set down on the chair behind the counter. She undid my belt, and my pants in short order. Next out came my cock, which was getting rock hard in her hands.

Blossom then sucked on me slowly, with her lips and tounge, for some time, she just drove me FUCKING WILD. Kind of embarassingly for her, she accidently bit my cock lightly with her teeth. I guess this was still new to her.

While she was doing this, I reached over and started rubbing her pussy; I dont eat pussy but like to play with it. In a few minutes I could feel her getting turned on.

Finally, not able to take it anymore, i lifted her onto the counter, and fucked the daylights out of her as hard as I could.

One hell of a payment for an evening rental.

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