A good start to summer Part II

A good start to summer Part II

The sun spread over my naked body, making my skin warm. It quickly spread to my eyes and I was awoken, sprawled across bed and body; the body of Kyle. His legs were dangling over mine and I pushed them aside, desperately needing to take a piss.

I got up and headed for the bathroom down the hall from his room. Last night had left me sore, tired, and a little bit jittery. It had been awesome, but I always feared the worst, and the worst was what his attitude would be. I couldn’t stop thinking that he would tell somebody or people would find out about us. I wanted to keep the little popularity I had.

I trudged to the white porcelain toilet and began my business. It felt weird peeing without boxers. It felt weird to be walking around in a foreign house with no clothes. Not only that, but my butt felt really weird.

Once I ha finished, I crawled back into bed and buried my head in the pillow to escape the blazing morning sun.

After a few minutes I knew I wouldn’t get back to sleep so I rolled over and spooned with Kyle’s body, softly massaging his penis. This got him awake and his eyes flickered open, a smile beginning to stretch across his face.

“Did you sleep well?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m a little sore though. And I really need to use the bathroom.” He got up and slowly his nude body steeped onto the wood floor and he lazily made his way to the toilet.

I lay back down and placed my hands behind my head, relaxing and imagining last night. It was amazing what happened when you met new people.

Once Kyle was back he jumped on top of me and we just laid still for a while, his naked body on top of mine, both of us watching the sun rise across Manhattan Beach.

“Lets get some breakfast. I am dying like Starvin Marvin right now.” He got off of me and began to pull me out of bed.

“What do you have to eat?”

“I don’t know. Cereal, toast, eggs, whatever you want.”

“I’ll just have toast.”


We went downstairs to his kitchen, still dark because the blinds were closed over most of the windows.

I sat down at the bar, my butt contacting a cold hardwood bar stool in the kitchen bar. I watched as Kyle reached up to grab a plate from the cupboard, his athletic body flexing every muscles from his chest to his torso.

We ate in relative silence. We were both tired from last night.

So you want to go skim boarding while its still early?”

“Yeah we should probably do that quick because my mom is picking me up around two.”

“Ok. It looks nice out today. Still a little cold. I have a wetsuit or some shorts you can borrow. Whatever you need.”

“Are you going to wear your Speedo for me Kyle?” I could only imagine how awesome he would look in one.

“I would do anything for you Scott. As long as we can do what we did last night, again.”

We both laughed. The first experience for both of us wasn’t without its issues, but it was still awesome.

After breakfast we felt refreshed. I borrowed one of his Shorty wetsuits and tried it on. A perfect fit since we were both about the same size. I liked the nice snug fit of the suit to my body.

I turned around after getting dressed to see Kyle in a small powder blue Speedo. His penis was making an indent right in the middle. He didn’t turn it up or down, just left it.

“Do you like it?” he questioned.

There was no doubt I did. “That is hot.” And with that I pushed him onto the bed and kissed him on the lips. He ran his hands down the wetsuit to by butt and rubbed so smoothly I almost laughed because it tickled so much.

“Lets go down to the beach.”

We started off with a nice early morning surf coming in. The break on the beach was nice and we made it yards down the beach on our boards. There were few people on the beach or in the water so we went almost from point to point, riding the surf for hours.

Then we headed up to one of the old lifeguard stands and chilled under the cool shade. I unzipped my wetsuit to let it breath and we watched the water break along the shore. For a few minutes neither one of us talked and then Kyle leaned over and began kissing me.

He gave me a full mouth kiss and we swapped saliva. Then he ran his hand up my thigh and I reached my right hand behind his back, sticking my fingers halfway down his Speedo to gently massage the top of his crack.

“I love you.” Kyle stopped kissing me and touched my nose to his, holding the position as if waiting for me to say something.

“I love you too. You’re awesome. I love you.” I was so excited, electricity running through my veins.

We smiled in unison and began to French kiss once again.

“Hey Kyle, we should probably head back up to your house. I have to leave in a little bit and I was thinking we could maybe try a little bit of what we did last night.”

“Yeah totally. Lets go back up.”

Once we were back at his house, we both headed to take a bath. Almost like a script, Kyle grabbed me from behind and slowly pulled his wetsuit off of my wet body. He lowered himself down as the wetsuit got closer to the ankles. Kyle gave a quick lick to my chode and I lifted my feet so he could get the wetsuit off.

Then I turned around and and hugged him, reaching my hands down to his waist and sticking them fully into each side of his spandex swimwear. I eased them down and his dick slid out to meet mine. Then I bent down and pulled the Speedo off. I began to suck his penis, slowly turning it in my mouth and trying hard to forget my gag reflex.

He instantly grew rock solid and moaned at the pleasure. Then he began to throb and shiver and his cum spread through my mouth. I choked a little but didn’t bite him like last time. I was able to swallow most of it, but being my second time had to wash it out after a while.

“The water is ready.” Kyle dragged me into the bath. He had a huge bath tub that could fit three people. Maybe his parents were swingers.

Kyle took the soap and began to scrub me. He drove the ivory white bar across my chest and pink nipples. He brought his body close to mine and wrapped one arm around me and scrubbed my stomach and penis. It felt so good.

Then he got some shampoo and shifted himself under me. I was sitting on top of his dick and he was trying to settle my butt cheeks over the head of his penis. Water splashed out of the bath tub as we both readjusted, and after a few minutes of difficult maneuvering, the mission was accomplished.

As he massaged the shampoo into my head we both moaned and he thrust my head downward every few seconds to push my body onto his penis. It didn’t go as far in as humping, but barely touched the inside, making it tickle so lightly like a feather.

Then I turned on him and began washing his tan shoulders. I rubbed his ass with the soap and made him bend over. Then I bent over on top of him and rubbed soap across his dick.

I took the shampoo and washed his two inches of hair, pushing my face in between his shoulder blades as I humped him in the water. Suddenly I came and we both moaned in ecstasy. I loved that feeling. It was the second time I did it to him and it was awesome.

Once we were both washed up and the salt water washed from our hair, we relaxed in the tub, slowly feeling each others bodies.

“I better get dressed for when my mom comes.” I go out of the tub and started to dry myself off with a towel. Kyle did the same.

Once I had dried myself off and fully dried my hair, I turned around to catch a last glimpse of Kyle’s naked body before we got dressed up in his room. He was clean cut, athletic, normal sized, and beautifully tanned. He was the hottest guy I could think of. He was also shaving the little hair that had grown on his legs and crotch.

“Does it really help to shave your hair for swimming?” I questioned him.

“I don’t know. When I was on the team coach said it slows you down so I shaved. Now I just like the feel and plus it looks weird to have pubic hair bulging out of your Speedo.”

“Yeah the only thing allowed to make a bulge is your little dick.”

“Hey its average. Besides you seemed to like it a lot.”

“I was just feeling pity. I guess it was ok. You make up for it in sucking dick.”

He giggled and I smiled. We got dressed and a few minutes later my mom ringed the bell.



As I got in my mom’s Land Rover I waved at Kyle. I couldn’t believe all this could just happen. How could it be coincidence that we just randomly fall in love and have sex? I knew at least that I wouldn’t forget how much I loved him.

“Did you have a good time Scott? It looks like you got some sun.”

“Yeah I had a great time. Kyle’s pretty kool.”

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