A great birthday present

A great birthday present

It all started when I was around 19 getting ready to turn 20. I was dating a girl named Vicky. She had just turned 19 herself. We had started dating when we worked toghter mostly due to a guy at work who was just trying to have sex with her. She wanted a relationship but all he wanted was a blowjob and to get some ass. I knew he was dating someone at the time but I never told her that. One day I went in the back for something and saw her crying. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that Greg told her he wanted nothing to do with her unless she was going to give it up. I offered her a ride home that night and she said she would call her Mom and let her know. On the way to her house we stopped and grabbed something to eat and made small talk. Then I do not know why I did it I guess I felt bad for her I asked her out. She said that would be great she had been hoping that I would ask her out.

The next day at work she brought me a note and asked if she could get a ride home that night. I said sure why not. After we closed a bunch of us from work and friends were hanging around in the parking lot ( not much to do here unless you are 21) . They were going out to a party I asked Vicky did she want to go and she said she needed to get home because she had a class in the morning. We left a few minutes later and I took Vicky home. We sat at her house and I talked to her and her Mom. Vickies dad worked night's so he was not there on most week night's. We made plans to go out that weekend. I did not see her until the night we planned to go out on because she didnt work that much and had classes. I talked to her on the phone every night.

When I went to pick her up for our date her dad was there. He was nice enough I guess kinda wondering about my intentions I think. We went out to eat and went to see a movie I had her home about 30 minutes early and didnt try anything with her that night. I did hang out for a few minutes after we got back. Her parents started talking about it was getting late and they had church to go to in the morning. I took my cue to leave and did so. Her mom and dad told her to walk me out to the car. When we got out she reached down and took my hand and pulled me up real close and gave me a big hug. She reached down and kinda grabbed at my ass. I went to kiss her but saw her mom watching from a bed room window and stopped myself.

This went on for about 3 months or so. We did finally start making out when we had the chance. One night at work she pulled me into the breakroom and we kissed for about 10 minutes before somone started looking for her. She told me we would pick up there after work. On the way home that night we stopped to get some ice cream. After that we picked up where we left off at work. I got to finally see her tits that night they were nice and firm a 34 B. I got to suck on and play with her nipples she was very ready to go on but we stopped because she told me she had plans for that night. About a week later she asked me was my birthday coming up soon and I said yes. She wanted to know when I told her she got the very big smile on her face and she said that was perfect because her parents were going out of town that weekend with another couple to their 30 year high school reunion. She told me to get that weekend off she had something planed. On Wenesday night she had me come to her house. I went in and her Mom was sitting there with her. Vicky brought up the subject of my birhtday coming up and how they were going out of town and that she really didnt want to be by herself all alone for 2 nights. Her mom asked me if I wanted to stay there with her. I could not believe what I was hearing. I said are you sure about that? She said that it was thier idea that I stay. She told me that they trusted me to be there with her over night. After all we were both adults. I told her that was fine that I would get some movies and pick up a pizza and be there after work.

On Friday night we both worked until 9 after work we went to her house and not much happened. Vicky went in and took a shower and came out in a t-shirt and sweats and layed down with me on the couch. We kissed and I rubbed her back for awhile. We both dozed off on the couch and I woke up and went and took a shower. When I went back to the living room she was gone to bed I went and got in bed with her and ended up falling asleep. The next morning we woke up and fooled around a little I had her shirt off and she was laying on her back and I wanted to see how far she would let me go so as I was kissing her I took my hand from her tits and moved it down her belly to her sweats under the waist band and down to her pussy. She wa soaked as I gently rubbed it. I stuck one finger in her was surprised when she opened her legs up a little more for to have more room to play with her. I stuck another finger in her she moaned as I slowly fucked with my fingers and kissed her. I took my fingers out and started rubbing her clit. She stopped me and stood up and took her sweats off and layed back down I went back to work. It was not long before she had a very intense orgasm that made her whole body shake and it felt like she squirted in my hand. After that was done she reached down and grabbed my cock she started jerking me off slowly. Then she did something I was not expecting from her. She stuck it in her mouth and started sucking me like she was drinking from a straw. I soon shot a load into her mouth. She layed back down with me and kissed me. We talked for a little bit and she told me happy birthday. I had to go to work for a few hours that afternoon. She told me to be there around 6 or so she would be waiting for me and that this morning was just a warm up that my real surprise was still to "CUM".

That afternoon seemed to last for ever. I went home and opened my card from my parents and got my money out took a shower and got ready for work. I went to work and did what I had to do and left I went home and cleaned up and got dressed. I told my Mom I was staying with some friends that night she told me not to drink and drive. I did not tell her any different. Soon I was on my way to Vickies. I stopped and bought some condoms not sure if I would need them or not but I figured I would after this morning. I got to Vickies house and there was a note on the door for me to come on in and make myself at home she had ran out somewhere real quick. I went in and sat down looking at a magazine. After about 30 minutes I heard a car pull up out front and saw Vicky getting out of her sisters Tammy's car with 3-4 bags from the mall. Tammy waved to me in the door way with a big smile on her face. Vicky reached the door and gave me a kiss and we went inside. I asked her why she didnt stay with her sister this weekend. She turned and gave me a sexy little wink and said they are out of town or atleast that's what Mom and Dad both think. She went over and put something in the fridge it was a bottle of wine and a six pack for me. We went and ordered pizza and she told me she wanted to take a shower and get comfy. I said ok and she told me to lay down on the couch and wait for the pizza guy. I must have fell asleep because there was a knock on the door and she hollered and asked me to get it. I paid the guy for the pizza and when I went the kitchen Vicky was already there wearing sweats and a t-shirt. She was getting her some wine and me a beer. We set down at the table and ate and drank in silence. When we finished the phone rang it was her Dad checking up to see how things were going. They talked for about 10 minutes or so. She hung up and turned the phone off. She then got herself another glass of wine and took my hand and led me to the living room. She pushed me down on to the couch and went over and put some music on. she started dancing in front of me and then she stripped for me. When she was naked she told she would be right back and that she wanted me to move the coffee table to the other side of the room. Puzzled I said ok. I went and got a beer and sat back down. The next thing I see is Vicky walking back into the living room dressed in a pink teddy with matching panties and black lace stockings. She must have went to the tanning bed because she looked darker than this morning. She was also carrying a little gift bag. She went over and put on some slow music and came over and gave me a nice long soft kiss.

After about 20 minutes of this she asked me if I wanted to see the rest of my present. I said yes. She stood me up and took off my shirt kissing me and rubbing the hair on my chest. She undid my belt and pushed me back down to the couch and took my jeans off. She reached down and grabbed my ever hardining cock. Then she undid a bow on the front of her teddy and pulled it over her head and layed it down she pinched her nipples to make them hard and came over and straddled my lap and started grinding her pussy onto my hard cock. She was wispering in my ear about how good it felt and how it would feel even better with me inside her. Before i could say lets go she got off me and took her panties off and threw them to one side. Standing before in a pair of sexy black stockings and nothing else she reached down and picked up her bag and told me my suprise was in it. She got down between my knees and told me to close my eyes I did she told me to open them and when I did she was holding a dildo. I told her there was no way in hell she was using that on me. She laughed and said it was for her that she was going to fuck herself so I could watch. She leaned foward and kissed me and then she lay back and started sucking on it. She put her lace clad feet in my lap so I could rub them. She put the dildo between her tits and said that she wanted me to cum on her tits later. Then she opened her legs and started to rub the toy on her now soaked pussy. She took her finges and dipped them in getting the toy good and wet from her jucies. Then she turned it on and stuck it in her. First just the head of it and she turned it side to side getting used to its feel and size. She was looking in my eyes and telling me how good it felt but how she wanted to feel me in her. I started to get up and she said not yet. Then with one quick motion she buried it deep all the way in her pussy she let out a moan and fell onto her back. With one hand she fucked her self slowly at first then picking up speed and rubbed her clit with the other faster and faster. In no time she was in between moans and screams of delite. She opened her eyes to see what I was doing I was strocking my cock and trying not to cum before I had the chance to fuck her like that toy was doing. She told me she was going to cum and wanted me to fuck her as soon as she did. I got up rolled a condom over my fat cock that was aching to get in her. She asked me if I was ready I said cum for me baby. Thats all it took she started cumming and she screamed out. Good thing no one was home or we would have been busted for sure. She took the toy out of her soaking wet pussy and spread her legs for me to get in her. I got down on the floor and stuck my cock in where the toy just was. She moaned as I went in her inch by inch until I was balls deep she told me I was bigger than her toy and felt so much better. I started fucking her slow kissing her she threw arms around me and wrapped her long legs around my back as I fucked her. I told her I wanted to stay in her forever she felt so good. She told me to go a head and cum we had all night not just one time. I picked up my pace and fucked her harder and faster. I could not wait no longer I told her I was going to cum and she told me to cum she begged me to cum. I thrust one last time into her and shot a huge load into the condom. I told her its a good thing I had that on and she said yes it was she told me to pull out and she reached up and took it off my cock which was still hard. She was glad to see I was still hard. She took my condom and dumped the cum out of it on her tits and rubed it in. Thats all it took to make me ready to go again and she was ready too. She finally wiped off her chest and I rolled another condom onto my cock and she told me to lay on my back as she got on top of me and rode my cock as I reached up and played with her tits. After a good 20 minutes of fucking I had cum again and got her off also. We went and got in bed and she told me happy birthday before we fell asleep with her head on my chest and her hand on my cock.

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