A night at the Symphony.

A night at the Symphony.

It was 1984 and I was covering a one-day music festival on the banks of the Mississippi River. It started at noon with bands playing Rock, Blues, Country, and even so Cajon. They had a tent set-up off to the side of the stage for the press and volunteers to get water and food. It was a busy place because of the oppressive heat. I had to drink at least one bottle of water every half hour. As the sunset, they started getting the stage ready for the finally, which was the symphony. They were to play for about an hour, then play the 1812 Overture, complete with cannon fire that the Army was providing, and a fireworks show too.

After about twenty minutes after the symphony started, I went into the tent to get one more bottle of water, before I was going to find a place to watch and listen to the show. I was the only one in there when a woman walked in from the other side. She had dark curly hair that came to her shoulders, dark brown eyes that seemed to look right thru me. She was sweating as much as I was, and her tee shirt was clinging to her hourglass figure. She had a small hand towel that she was dipping into the ice, and was rubbing it over her face and neck. She looked up and saw me and said hello. She came over and introduced herself and we chatted for a moment. Her name was Caroline and she volunteered for this event every year. She said she had some friends out in the crowd with a blanket and some wine, and would I like to join them.

An invitation from a beautiful woman is a hard thing to turn down, so we walked out to where her friends were. I was introduced all around, handed a glass of wine, and sat down with Caroline. There were over one hundred thousand people there, so space was tight. I found that Caroline and I were sitting very close together, so close that her musky scent was starting to work on me. As the show continued, we got closer and closer together. I was leaning with my arm behind her, and she started leaning against me. Her right tit was starting to press into my side, and then she placed her hand on my thigh. It all seemed very natural, even thou we’d only met twenty minutes ago. I was a little nervous and didn’t want to make too much of it.

The show was wonderful, and the fireworks spectacular, and everyone was starting to leave. She asked what I was doing after. I told her that I was going to walk back to my hotel, have a beer, take a very long shower, and call it a night. She asked if she could join me for the beer. I said that would be wonderful. She had her car parked close by, and said that she would drive me back. Well, it was only four blocks, but getting into some air conditioning sounded good.

We had to sit there for a while because of the traffic, so we talked and got to know each other better. I must admit that I had a hard time looking at her face. She was turned towards me, her tee shirt was plastered to her body, and her nipples were sticking out because of the air conditioning blowing against her. As we started to move, she asked if I wanted to go to a local place she knew for the beer. They had a jazz trio and she liked them very much.

We got there, found a small table in the back and ordered a couple of beers. We had to get close to hear each other over the noise. After a while I started holding her hands and she put hers on my thigh. Slowly she moved her hand up and started rubbing my cock. I got close and asked where this was going. She said that by the feel of my dick, she hoped it was going to her place.

I paid for the beer and we almost ran to her car. After we got in, I pulled her to me and kissed her. She ran her tongue around my lips and said we needed to hurry. As we pulled in to her garage she said that I’d had my beer, now would I like to take a shower with her. I answered that I would rather strip her naked and kiss, lick, and nibble everywhere on her sweaty, salty body first. She flushed and led the way to her bedroom. I held her face and kissed her. A long, wet sloppy, tongue kiss. She liked to suck and nibble my lips. I then moved my hands to the bottom of her tee shirt, and pulled it over her head. She reached around and unfastened her bra and slipped it off. Her boobs were amazing. She was about 5’6’, and had 36 D tits. I pushed her back on the bed and reached up to unfasten her pants. I pulled them down with her panties and the same time.

That was still the time when women didn’t shave their pussies bare. She had a soft brown, well trimmed, bush that was glistening. I stripped off my shirt and pants and my dick sprang out and pointed right at her cunt. I told it that it would have to wait because I was going to feast on her body first. I started with her feet licking my way up her legs. I would go from one to the other and moving up till I came to her lush pussy, and just blew on it as I passed by. I licked all around it, but wouldn’t eat it yet. She had been squirming around since I started, but this got her moaning and rubbing her tits. I moved up to her soft flat belly and put my tongue into her belly button. I then went to her big tits. I nibbled and sucked her nipples and licked all around them. As I moved to her neck I put one hand over her pussy and started gently rubbing it. She took my head and pushed it down. She said that she needed me to eat here NOW. She spread her legs as I pushed my face into her soft wet bush.

Her pussy was dripping wet and still tasted salty from all the sweating she’d done. I slowly licked up her slit, but not all the way to her clit. Her hair was getting slick from my tongue and her juice. I slowly pushed my tongue deeper and then finally worked up to her engorged clit. I slowly sucked it into my mouth. She started thrashing around at that point. I kept sucking her little dick like clit and flicking it with my tongue at the same time. She started cumming then, thrusting her hips up so my mouth was pressed harder into her pussy.

Before she stopped, I slid up and put my dick at the opening of her pussy. She was still having waves of pleasure wash over her and yelled for me to push my cock in, all the way in. I pushed hard and was rewarded with the feel of a velvet smooth tight pussy. I started pumping into her hard and fast. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me into her as far as my seven-inch dick would go. After about five minutes, she started yelling for me to blast my cum into her pussy. I could feel my balls start to explode and jammed my dick in as far as it would go and blasted off. As my hot load of cum shot into her cunt, she started another orgasm of her own. The vanes on her neck were showing as she trembled in my arms. As the last of my cum shot into her pussy, I leaned forward and kissed her as hard as I could.

We were real hot and sweaty now. Were so sweaty that we almost stuck together. I pulled my now softening dick out, and asked if she was ready for the shower now. She laughed and led the way. She got the water going and we stepped into her large shower stall. She had a bottle of liquid soap that she started pouring it over me. I took it from her and did the same. We started rubbing each other all over, working up a good lather. I was paying special attention to her large boobs, hefting them both, then letting them fall and bounce. We were laughing and playing then she told me to turn around, and started cleaning my back. She worked her was down and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and told me that she would like to eat it. She got down on her knees and began to lick my ass while she reached thru and started stroking my dick. She had me lean forward then pushed her nose and tongue into the crack of my ass. When her tongue made contact with my ass hole, my dick jumped in her hand and she jacked harder. She ran her tongue around my puckered hole and was driving me insane. She lifted her face up and told me to turn around. I turned around fast and my dick slapped her face. She grabbed it and started jacking it as she put the head into her mouth. She took her other hand, reached under and stuck it a little way into my ass hole. She worked it till it was all the way in, and then started rotating it around. She was taking more and more of my cock into her sweet mouth and doing things with her tongue that I’d never felt before. As my ass started getting wider because of her finger action, she pushed another one in. I had to put my arms out and hold the walls so I wouldn’t fall down. Then she put her third finger in my ass, and I started bucking my dick in and out of her mouth as fast as I could. Then I started shooting a huge load into her mouth. She sucked me until I was dry and pulled her fingers out of my ass. My knees started to buckle and had to hold the towel rack to keep from falling as I kept shacking. As I came back to normal, she stood up and kissed me and we swapped cum back and forth.

As we stepped out of the stall, she asked if I wanted to go back to my hotel or spend the night with her. Now that was a silly question. We spent the night exploring each other and fell asleep in each other’s arms early the next morning. After we woke up, she took me back to my hotel so I could check out. Then we went back to her place for the rest of the afternoon till I had to start the trip home.

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