A Question of Incest

A Question of Incest

For years now I've read numerous stories and articles concerning the subject of incest. The sheer amounts of them on the Internet has always made me believe that little if any had an ounce of truth to them. I've read articles about fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, aunts and nephews, nieces and uncles, brothers and sisters and even grandparents and their grandchildren. The pure sanctity of the parental relationship with their children always brought that one question to my mind. "How could this happen, how could a parent or grandparent allow this type of thing to occur?"

In the past I never really understood my fascination with incest, especially in light of the way I was brought up. I was born out of wedlock when my mother was 14 and raised by the strictest of grandparents until I was 12. My Grandfather was an old fashion bible-thumping minister who had the strongest theological morals of anyone you would ever meet. His view concerning sex was one of procreation and that's all it was meant for. It was a pure evil that had to be fought with on a minute by minute basis and must be overcome to save your soul. I can only imagine what it was like for my mother after she became pregnant with me, living daily with my Grandfather hammering her about sex outside of marriage. It must have been hell; if my Grandfather ever found out my conception happened in the balcony of his church I'm sure it would have meant certain death for her. All I know the day she turned 18 she moved out of my grandparent’s home.

Mother was always around me but wouldn't live under the same roof as my grandparents, so for the next eight years I was raised and guided by my grandparents. When I was 12 my mother told me the entire story of how things had happen and she wanted me to live with her and my biological father. After all this time they had married and now she wanted us to be a family. Almost to the day a year later when I was 13 my father was killed in a construction accident, so my mother and I were alone for the first time in our lives.

Still today I can hear my Grandfather's sermons concerning the evils of sex. Now that I'm grown I've realized sex has always been a major portion of people’s lives and their thought process down through the ages; the world has been so consumed about the ultimate sexual experience most would try any and everything to satisfy that hunger. I won't deny I'm the same way–as the world is, so am I. Totally consumed in the search for the ultimate, wildest and most sexual encounter a human could experience.

Being a fairly attractive thirty-one year old man and regardless of my past teachings, I've had a wide and varied sex life that started when I was 18. Many times I've reflected back on that first sexual encounter with a great deal of pleasure and some remorse. My first experience was with a 32-year-old woman who at the time I thought I was the love of my life, however at the age of 18 what did I know, all I can say is she taught me everything about sex.

Rachel was married to a man 15 years her senior who had been stricken with MS about five years before they moved into our neighborhood. Later on in our friendship she explained to me the disease which had over taken her husband caused him to be completely impotent and she had been sexually inactive during the entire period of his illness. You could best describe Rachel as one of those people we think of in society as a plain Jane, her face was ordinarily looking, her fashion sense and personal demeanor were always a little on the side of old fashion and never wore clothing which would accent the body.

The first time I saw her was while mowing my uncle's lawn that lived next door to her. It was one of those steamy hot summer days in mid July and she was lying in her backyard sunbathing in a very tiny multi colored string bikini. I had taken a little break and as I pulled the cord to restart the mower, her movement caught my eye as she rose from the lying to upright position. No one could imagine the body this woman had from the way she dressed and looked when she was out in public. Her waist was so extremely tiny, legs and ass were contoured as beautifully as any centerfold you would have ever seen, and the upper portion of Rachel's body; the nicely rounded shoulders, firm arms, and petite firm breast were as perfect as any model you could think of. You would have never guessed she had three children and it was clearly evident she had put a lot of effort into getting and staying in shape after her children they born.

She waved and motioned for me to come over to where she was laying. Approaching her I could see there wasn't a blemish, stretch mark, or an unsightly wrinkle anywhere on this woman's body. As I stood there and looked upon her I developed a raging hard-on. She asked if I would mow her lawn after finishing with my uncle's. My eyes couldn't resist the temptation of running up and down the entire length of her body as we talked, she told me her husband would pay me well if I decided to do this for them. I nearly creamed my jeans while staring at her and I don't think I heard a word she said, Rachel could have persuaded me to agree to anything at that point and I wouldn't have even known what I was agreeing with. The only thing I knew was I better get the hell out of there before I cum right in my shorts.

Well that started a two-year sexual adventure that I will never forget. Rachel taught me everything about making love to a woman and it wasn't anything like Gramps had portrayed. From the first time she began teaching me all the ways to kiss, touch, stroke, feel, lick, and all the things that pleasures a woman. She taught me about oral, anal, and just out and out fucking. Within the first 6 months she had taken an 18-year-old teenager who knew nothing about sex and turned him into a lust crazed fucking machine.

Publicly everyone knew Rachel as shy, quiet and withdrawn, the epitome of propriety, my Gramps would have loved her. No one would have ever guessed she was such a wild sexual animal. During the summer months she and I would fuck three or four times a day and during the school year we would sneak away to secluded wooded areas, marinas, parking lots; anywhere we felt safe.

Almost two years later it was late August and I was working my summer job at the local boat club. Rachel showed up and was horny as hell nearly raping me right there in the parking lot. Well old Mrs. Burns the local snoop, gossip and busy body must have had her field glasses out that day. Unaware to Rachel and I old lady Burns had telephoned my mother. Before mom had shown up we had made our way down to one of the vacant boats in the cove and were into a very heavy sucking and licking session. Rachel had already cum three times before my mother stepped unto the houseboat and with my face still between her thighs hungrily licking away at her pussy she began to moan out another orgasm as mom burst through the door. I jumped from between her legs with a face covered in pussy juices as mom came flying towards me. She hit me across the face with such force it knocked me off of my feet and over the kitchenette table. Then she went flying towards Rachel.

Now keep in mind my mother was a couple years younger than Rachel but looked ten years older. Mom's a little on the frumpy side with large heavy tits and she's so physically weak that moving a kitchen chair is a chore for her. It surprised me she had knocked me for a loop the way she did but she was no match for Rachel. After being pushed down on the floor with such ease I think mom realized she wasn't going to be able to scratch her eyes out like she was screaming she would do. Mom's resistance faded and picking herself up from the floor she was greeted by me standing in front of her with an enormous hard-on. With me not more than a foot away with an fully erect eight and a quarter inch hard-on, her mouth gapped open and she just stood and stared. For the first time in about five minutes she was speechless, mom simply told me, "cover that thing up and get dressed before Ms Slut here gets any further ideas."

On the drive home, mom kept prodding and questioning me about how I ever learned to do "that thing" she saw me performing on Rachel. She wanted to know where I ever got the idea to do that with a female, she must have asked it 10 times before we arrived home. She wanted to know how long it had been going on, what other types of things we had been doing, and where we had been doing them. When I didn't answer she became enraged, yelling at me "her and my father never done anything like that", I retorted back at her by telling her "maybe they should have then she might not be such a bitch about it if they had!" She started to slap me across the face and I probably deserved it but this time I caught her hand as it started for my head. She ordered me not to see her again and if she ever heard of us being together she would find a way to put an end to it. That angered the hell out of me, shouting back at her, "I would never forgive you or speak to you again if that happens!" For the next few minutes we stood silently looking at each other and then we turned and walked away.

The next several months my mother and I barely spoke. Then one afternoon when I came home from school I found her sitting at the kitchen table crying like a baby. I stood in the doorway listening to her sobs and my heart felt like it sank to the floor. I startled her by asking if she was okay and she jumped from her seat and ran over to me telling me "I'm so sorry if I've done anything to hurt you, it was just a motherly instinct to protect her baby from the bad things in life." She wanted to start being close, her desire was to be family again. We put our arms around each other and stood there for the longest time. Mom snuggled into me as I held her in my arms pressing hard into each other it felt as if she was trying to force her body into mine.

Sobbingly she asked me "hold me baby" and as I stepped in as tightly as I could she explained she hadn't realized how much I had grown and how strong my arms felt around her. At that point it felt as if our entire bodies where completely entwined, touching and pressing hard into each other. I felt the fullness of her breast crushed against my chest and began to feel a developing hardness in her nipple area. To my surprise my cock begins to thicken causing it to press down my leg and against the material of my jeans.

Mom's sobs had stopped and silence engulfed the kitchen, it was if we both stopped breathing at the same time and just stood there felling the reaction to each other's body. My cock became so stiff it strained to be freed and to my shock I felt my mother kind of gyrate her pelvis against my stiffened cock with a slight moan escaping from her throat. In an instant she quickly released me and stepped back, I could see her bodies' reaction by her hardened nipples pressing against her tight fitting blouse. Our eyes met for the slightest of moments and then I watched her eyes trail downward resting upon my cock. We stood for a few minutes in silence and then she said we needed to have a long conversation after dinner.

After we ate and cleaned up we sat at the kitchen table. The conversation started off with another apology and how sorry she was things had turned out for the two of us in the way it had. Then the question of Rachel came up; mom wanted to know all the details. She wanted to know how it started, how long it had been going on, the things we had done, and the places we had done them at. Mom was talking to me as an adult instead son. I explained to her I felt uncomfortable telling her everything she wanted to hear but she insisted we should be able to talk about anything and it was all right for me to take my time and just tell her about it.

I started by explaining how it all began, from first meeting Rachel in the backyard until the first time her and I had sex. Mom seemed impatient she kept asking me about the sexual aspects of what had occurred so I went on to describe in more graphic detail our sexual relationship. As I became more descriptive about Rachel I noticed mom's face glowing with a little reddish tint. I told her how Rachel loved being taken in the ass and how wild she became when she was fucked in that manner, mom appeared to become more nervous with each image I described to her. At first I feared she was growing angry, then I realized it wasn't anger it was something I had seen in Rachel many times before. Mom's face was now a bright reddish color and she had this wild glazed look in her eyes. As she settled back into the chair and I noticed her nipples were visibly hard, protruding outward through the fabric of her blouse. I was certain now it wasn't anger; my mom was totally turned on by hearing the things Rachel and I had done together in the past.

I stopped and suggested that she tell me a little about her sexual experience. She explained that her and my father really didn't have a sexual relationship. The first time she experienced sex she became pregnant with me and that sex consisted of my father mounting her, cumming and it was over. She explained he was the only man she ever had sexually and that was the extent of what she could tell me about sex.

In the weeks and months ahead I began to notice changes with mom, she started taking more time fixing her hair, wearing make-up, eye shadow, and dressing a little more stylish. Like I said she was a little frumpy but had a very cute face. She was never one to exercise or do to many physically related activities, then out of the clear she starts buying these exercise videos and home gym equipment. At a early age and as long as I can remember I was always interested in lifting weights and worked out daily; mom approached me one evening and asks if I would help her start a exercise routine.

For the next several months she become completely consumed with her workouts. The under the arm flabby she once had disappeared and her thighs, butt, and legs became lean and trim. Mom's breast was always the one thing you noticed when you saw her now that she had lost weight and trimmed down, their size were even more prevalent than in the past. They seemed to set a little higher on her chest and even appeared to be larger; she was stacked! She laughed more easily and even began to be a little touchy-feely with me; everyone noticed the change in her.

Gramps chastised her about becoming a harlot of the world in the way she was dressing and fixing herself up. As usual with mom anything Gramps said fell on deaf ears and only added fuel to her desire to do the opposite of what he was harping about. To me she had become an absolute beauty to look at and I know that infuriated the hell out of Gramps.

For the next year and a half mom and I continued to grow closer, every once in a while she would ask me about things between Rachel and I. This one particular evening she asked if I would describe Rachel's reaction when I went down on her. At first I was a little surprised by the straight forwardness of her question but I began describing the way she would trash around grinding her pussy into my face and how vocal she was right before cumming. I noticed mom had laid her head back against the sofa tightly shutting her eyes. From her facial expressions she was imagining the things I was describing and was being carried away in her mind. She abruptly got up off the couch stating she was going to shower and get ready for bed. I heard the shower running in her room and this devilish thought came to my mind but I resisted acting on it.

The next day was going to be a difficult time because I had kept the fact away from mom that I had enlisted in the military. We had become very close in the last two years and I knew it would be painful when I finally told her. As expected the moment those words came from my mouth she actually passed out in the middle of the floor. Scared beyond believe I didn't know what to do so I ran to the phone and called Gramps. He rushed over immediately but by the time he arrived mom had regained her senses and was sitting up in a chair. I hadn't noticed but Gramps did, as soon as he walked in the door he starts going off on mom, calling her a shameless slut and asking her what thought crossed her mind by dressing this way in front of her own son. I finally realized what he was ranting and raving about when she straighten herself up in the chair. The short skirt she had on rode nearly all the way up her thigh and as she sat down and you could clearly see the hair that covered her pussy. Gramps continued to verbally bash mom about what a terrible daughter and mother she was; at that point I had heard and taken enough of him speaking to her in the manner he was.

It appeared he was about to backhand her when I stepped in between them and boldly proclaimed, "I had heard all I was going to hear and that he better never raise a hand toward her again in his life!" 'If he ever came against my mother like that again I would be compelled to take whatever actions needed to put a stop to it." Gramps was completely thrown back by what I had just brazenly told him, but being Gramps that didn't stop him. I brought to his attention I was no longer that little boy that he use to spank for what he called sinful acts of the world and now I had ten times his strength and would never allow him to harm her again. With that he stormed out of the house shouting biblical phrases back at both of us.

Well two weeks passed very quickly and during that time mom tried everything to persuade me to stay but my mind was made up. So off I went to 11 weeks of boot camp and then another 18 weeks of specialty training. It would be sometime before I would get back home or so I thought. I called mom almost daily and each time we spoke I could tell she was becoming more depressed as time went by. I suggested she start dating or going out, do something to get her mind off of things, however it had no affect on her.

Before I knew it the 11 weeks of boot camp was over. After the final pass and review exercise of graduation the unit commander gathered our squad together to issue our first set of orders. He informed us those who were to report for their 18-week of specialty training would have a delay of approximately a month prior to reporting. So I requested a few days of leave and headed home for a visit.

When I opened the front door and entered the living room I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing, it looked like a cyclone had hit the place. Mother had always kept our house so clean and orderly now it was in a terrible sight. There were clothes, shoes, kitchen plates, silverware, thrash thrown everywhere, and the carpet looked like it hadn't been vacuumed since I had left. I walked in the kitchen and mom was sitting at the table. If I had thought the house looked like a wreck I never imagined how a person could fall into such an unsightly condition as she was at that point. Her hair looked like it was all matted together; huge dark circles around her eyes, her nightclothes looked as if she had worn them for weeks. Her physical appearance was utterly repulsive, the women I had left 11 weeks before was almost unrecognizable as my mother. She had lost weight to the point of being a sack of bones sitting in the upright position; it was clear see she wasn't well. Here was a woman that three months before was at the top physical condition of her life and now she looked as if she was the walking dead.

Being so disgusted with what my eyes where seeing I lost all composure, yelling at her "what the hell is wrong with you, what have you done with our home and yourself?" It seemed to startle her as if she hadn't even realized or heard me come into the house. She looked up at me as if it took all the strength in her just to lift her head. Not a single word was spoke between the two of us for the next week. It took me an entire two weeks to clean the house and get her back to where she could stand on her own two feet.

Now it was time for my return to the unit for my advanced training and I feared she would fall back into the same condition I found her in when I came home. So for the next 18 weeks I kept in touch with mom everyday hoping she wouldn't revert back into the same all routine. From the conversations we had she seemed to be caring for herself pretty well so I started to relax and concentrate on my training. The next 17 weeks were pure torture but I was holding my own and had received many "well done" by the platoon sergeant. My jumpmaster knew it was my birthday so he arranged for me to talk with my mother on a cell phone as I soared from a perfectly good airplane; what a rush!

I had one jump left to qualify before training was complete, at 4 am I boarded the transport and it topped out at thirty five hundred feet. I loved the sensation of jumping so I was always the first in the doorway and today was no different. For some reason while waiting for the jumpmasters slap on the helmet a gut wrenching feeling of this being my last jump overwhelmed me. Being true to form something caused me to lose my stability as I fell away from the aircraft and as I spiraled out of control I fought to regain my control knowing there were only seconds to correct the situation I was in. With the ground closing in at such a rapid pace I began to regain stability but my thoughts were consumed by the idea this still wasn't going to turn out well for me. When I hit the ground my left leg buckled causing both bones in the lower part of my leg to snap into. The next 9 months were spent in the hospital and receiving physical therapy.

At the termination of my treatment the flight surgeon called me in for a summary evaluation and informed me he was grounding me. He sent me off to personnel since I had joined under a guaranteed enlistment I had a choice to stay in and find something else within the service or separate. There was no way I had desires to sit behind a desk for the next four years so I opted to discharge from the military.

I immediately called mom to let her know I would be coming home soon. Her excitement was clearly noticeable and she kept telling me "I only have a short time to get ready," "oh my baby is finally coming home; on honey I'm so happy!" Well it took another 3 and half months for my discharge, my twenty birthday had come and gone and I was headed home just in time for mom's 35th birthday celebration.

When I arrived it was mid October, the air had a slight coolness to it, and all the trees had turned their beautiful red, yellow, and orange colors. While I stood in front of our home it reminded me of one of those houses I had once seen in a painting and then fear grabbed at my insides. What would I find when I went inside? In what condition would I find mother? To my surprise the front door swung open and out ran mom; with seeing her those thoughts quickly disappeared from my mind.

Mom was wearing an almost transparent yellow skintight pull over and as she ran towards me her breast bounced so violently that it was all I could do to keep from staring in complete disbelieve at this awesome sight. As she stopped in front of me I could clearly see the oversized large brown circles around each nipple and with the cool October air slightly blowing her nipples protruded outwards with such enormity you would have to be totally blind not to notice them from a mile away. I'll have to confess she had the largest nipples I had ever seen and must have been well over the size of a quarter. Watching her cross the front lawn I had failed to notice the short black wrap around skirt which was three-quarters of the way up her thigh or the well tanned shapely legs she had developed over the past months.

Here was the picture of a totally erotic vision standing before me and the pleasure my senses were going through was beyond anything I had every experienced before. My mind raced with this one thought, "this is my mother?" I could hardly believe the change in her from when I was home on leave months ago and now here she was well groomed looking physically better than she ever had in her life.

As I settled in at home and the months past mom and I had a wonderful relationship, we started going out to dinner, movies, shopping and even gotten drunk together one evening. I had dated several girls from my high school days and becoming sexual involved with several of them, I was really enjoying my new found popularity, however every time I would go out and for several days afterwards mom acted very strange. One afternoon while we were grocery shopping we happen to run into Rachel; Man what a thrill! With mom keeping a watchful eye as Rachel and I talked we both agreed it was probably best if we meet this coming weekend for some drinks instead of talking in front of my mother. I could only hope she could work it out for Saturday night because I knew if it did the most sexually aggressive women I have ever known would be fucking me.

Saturday night was great with Rachel we only had about two hours together but we made the most of it. I arrived back home about 10 or so and mom was waiting for me in the living room. She was sitting on the couch in a nice oriental style robe and as I came in a torrid of questions followed. She wanted to know where I had been, whom I had been with, and what I had been doing. Her tone of voice wasn't mean spirited and the questions she was asking didn't seem anything out of the ordinary, just things any inquisitive mother would ask her child, but her questioning irritated me. I ask her why so many questions and she was quite honest about her answer, "I wanted to know if you had been with Rachel," so I was just as honest back with her. I explained first off, I was old enough to see and go out with whom I so choose and that secondly, yes I had seen Rachel this evening and we had a very good time.

I don't think she expected me to be so abrupt and it seemed to disturb her that I was so short and direct with my answers. I saw the anger in her face and any second expected mom to start going off on me. It was strange, all of a sudden those facial expressions disappeared and she started talking in a normal tone of voice with me. She did ask what we had done this evening and I explained we just had a drink together and a nice talk. "I thought you would be out fucking the slut," was the manner she replied. I started to tell her I had but she interrupted me.

She stood up from the couch untied her robe and let it drop to the floor. Underneath she was wearing a mist blue sheer see through teddy. It was so transparent I could see everything; her overly large tits and nipples accented by a nice tan line and the outline of her neatly trimmed pussy were there for me to gaze upon. Completely shocked by her doing this I asked, "what the hell do you thing you're doing?"

Mom began to cry telling me she just wanted my opinion of whether I believed she was attractive and desirable; she hadn't meant to offend me. Still crying she was trying to chock out the explanation of since I had returned home she knew that I had been dating several different girls and believed I was sexually active with each of them; all she really wanted to know was how she compared to my girlfriends. In a strange sense my heart went out to her but it prompted me to ask a question of her. "Who was it she was trying to impress with her outfit?" Still crying and clutching her robe between her breast she began to hysterically cry and repeatedly ask me to forgive her.

I never received an answer to my question and finally getting her calmed down I sat and put my arm around her. She was still clinching to her robe but for whatever reason never put it back on. As we sat I ask why she never dated or remarried after my father passed away. She went on to explain there was really no desire and no one had ever really showed an interest in her. As I held her she gradually released her grip on her robe and let it fall to the side. I couldn't help look upon her, she was very pretty and the erotic appearance of her nakedness through the sheer material actually excited me. At one point I thought about asking her to cover herself but I just didn't want her to go into hysterics again.

I could sense she was becoming more at easy with being held by me and the longer we sat like this my cock began to grow rigidly hard. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her! I was beginning to recuperate from spending time with Rachel and I was starting to have thoughts as if this woman wasn't my mother. At one point all I wanted to do was lift her gown, spread her legs and just lick away at her pussy.

All of a sudden she jumped from the couch grabbed her robe and stood up in front of me with her rob dangling by her side. Not more than a two foot away was a woman who was practically nude and appeared to be craving my attention. But how could I do this? Although she was very sexually appealing and my resistance to her body was beginning to fade, she still was my mother. But what if I just grabbed her and fucked her as I was sensing she wanted me to do. What if I just took her whether or not this was really what she wanted? Maybe she was just looking for my approval of the way she had changed over the past few years.

All I know my mouth was dry and every nerve in my body was on edge, just standing there with me looking at that gorgeous body, her tits, her pussy, and the nakedness of her body I barely could resist. I just wanted to throw her down, start eating and fucking her regardless of the fact she was my mother. God, the turmoil going on inside of me was enough to drive a sane person completely over the edge.

Without an explanation I got up and left the house, I thought it was the only way to control what I was feeling inside. I walked down the road for the longest time and it seemed with each step I took the images of her body and what had just occurred became more vivid. I wasn't sure what point mom was trying to make but a part of me said go back and fuck the living shit right out of her, the other part said she was just trying to gain my approval of how she looked. As I crossed an open field to head back home the images grew clearer of what I had on my mind. As I entered the house it was completely silent so I headed straight for my room hoping to avoid further interaction with mom.

As I passed her room I could hear muffled sounds from inside so I quietly pushed the door open to see if she was in one of her hysterical states again. Her room has an open style bath and shower off of the main bedroom area so when you open the door you could see directly into the bath. For what reason I'm not sure she was in the shower and I could see she had soaped herself up and was standing there stroking her breast and pussy. Her eyes were clinched tightly together and the sight of her sensually caressing and rubbing her pussy made me want to burst in and take her.

As I stood and watched she was talking to herself, "oh honey take me, show me what its like to cum,' "show me what its like to have my pussy done that way. Oh baby let me put my mouth all over you, let me suck you and show you I can be the best." The longer I stood watching and listening I knew she was talking about me. I was so close to running in and just grabbing her up giving her what she wanted, but I didn't. As I continue to watch longer with both of her hands she pressed hard into her pussy and as she stood under the running shower I watched her quiver from her own orgasm. She was moaning and almost to the point of yelling, "Baby Please Keep Tongue Fucking Me! Make Me Fucking Cum, Don't Stop Bryan! Don't Stop! Fuck Me With Your Tongue, Oh Baby, Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Oh Honey, Fuck me Always!" I was in total disbelief hearing my mother use that type of language; she was calling my name out and telling me to fuck her. I was sure if I just walked in on her she would have let me do anything to her I wanted.

You won't believe it and I'm not sure I do; I turned and walked away. I went to my room knowing she was in the next room making herself cum like crazy thinking of me.

It was such a restless night that when I woke in the morning a total state of confusion consumed my mind and soul; I didn't know what to do. Before leaving the house I called Rachel in hopes we could meet for a few minutes and maybe she could give me some advice on how to handle this situation. When we meet I explained what had happened the night before. To my utter surprise Rachel told me it turned her on with such a wild hunger that she would love to watch me fuck my own mother. I told her she was "talking about me fucking my own mother and that I couldn't believe it turned her on!" She snapped at me, "don't be fucking silly, you know it turns you on too." As she went on to say, "baby it would be one of the most erotic experiences you would ever have in your life." I wouldn't admit it to her but yes it did, it turned me on so badly, God I felt terrible to think that my own mother turned me on and I had such a craving to do the things with her Rachel and I had shared. That was the last time I ever saw Rachel.

The next four days was a blur I stayed away from the house and was drunk the whole time. Needing a shower and a change of clothing I decided it was time to head home and straightened things up with mom and myself. When I arrived she was so upset with me, yelling at me, "you've been with that fuckin' whore, what you been out screwing her the last four days?" I remained calm and explained that Rachel and I had seen each other but I had decided it would be the last time, I had realized it would be best that way. Mom screamed at me, "you're telling me you haven't fuck that cunt since you've been back?" Something snapped inside of me, I told her straight out that Rachel and I had fucked each other like crazy last Saturday night; at that very moment I realized the wrong thing was said to her.

Mom starts swinging and flailing her arms at me telling me she was going to beat the hell out of me. Screaming at the highest pitch of her voice, "you go out and fuck her but you won't fuck me, you sorry motherfucker, I can't believe you would do me that way!" I grabbed her by the arms in an attempt to keep her from hitting and getting right in her face told her, "you sick bitch I'm your son, I'm not suppose to fuck you. You should have found someone else to do that with after dad died; mothers and sons aren't supposed to be that intimate!" "What the hell have you be thinking," I angrily added. "We're not a couple, we're mother and son!" With that mom became pale as a ghost she threw her hands over her mouth and went into one of her hysterical crying fits.

What a fool, I should have just walked away, but me being who I am, I couldn't stand to see her cry like that. So I took hold of her cradling her in my arms to console her and at that moment things changed between mother and son.

She looked up at me and ask, "do you find me attractive?" I said in my view she was a very lovely woman and that I was very proud of the way she had changed her life and appearance. That made her beam ear to ear with a smile and then she reach up and kissed me.

It wasn't a kiss which are shared between mother and son it was one where she stuck her tongue into my mouth, starts breathing a little heavier, slight whimpers and moans starts coming from deep down inside of her. She slightly pulls away asking if I felt okay with this and all I did was look into her eyes.

There's no doubt she sensed my growing lust for her because in one quick movement pushed me back onto the couch and fell directly on top of me. Our lips and bodies pressed hard against each other as we kissed with such animalistic passion that most people would have been repulsed by it. She wildly ground her hips into me with such force I thought her pelvis would shatter. We lay kissing and caressing each other for the longest time. Every few seconds she would reach between the two of us massaging my cock, and each time she felt the hardness of it would savagely grind her pussy hard against me.

As we continued to neck an uncontrollable urge washed over me like someone had poured a bucket of steamy hot water over me. I pushed mom back reach up and literally ripped her sheer top from her body. Those huge beautiful tits fell towards my face and I immediately buried my mouth over one her nipple and suck it hard into my mouth. The sound that came out of her was deafening.

"Oh My Baby, Suck Mommies Big Tits, Eat It Honey, Bit It, Suck It Harder Sweetheart!" She was holding my head into her with such force I could barely breathe and with her grinding her pelvis against my cock I thought she would break me in half. Mom screamed again, "Oh Honey Bite It, Bite Down Hard On It, Bite Harder Baby on Mommies Nipple!" and as I did she screamed out again. "You’re going to fuck you mamma, your going to fuck my pussy aren't you baby, your going to be my teacher and do all those things you use to do with Rachel, Your Going To Fuck Your Mother, Give Her Everything!" At this point she was so loudly vocal I was becoming concerned someone might hear her.

I laid her down on the coffee table and striped her remaining clothing off and as I did she squealed in pure delight. I slowly and gently kissed the insides of her thighs taking the tip of my tongue running small wet streaks up and down both of them. As I moved closer to her cunt her hips began to wildly thrash up and down, my nose unintentionally grazed the outer lips of her pussy, she was so soaking wet it caused my nose to be gleaned with juices. Since that caused such a wild reaction in her each time, I continued to tease her pussy with my nose for a few seconds and each time she attempted to maneuver her body in such away to press her pussy into my face. I was enjoying playing my little game with her cunt; just gently grazing it caused her to moan with loud raspy sounds that came from deep inside her.

Mom grabbed me by the head and in with such a sultry and sexy voice pleaded with me, "Oh Baby, Eat Me, I Need It So Bad, Please Baby, Please!" With that I tore my head from her hands as I pushed her back on the table and I lowered my face towards her cunt. Working my way down her stomach she continued to beg, "Honey Please, Don't Wait No More, God I Need It!"

So with my mouth wide open I cover her mound taking a long swiping lick of her pussy from the bottom to the top, her body shook and a long gasping moan came from her as I flicked my tongue across her clit. "Oh My Goodness, Baby Right There, Don't Stop, Oh My God Right There Bryan, Don't Move, Right There!" she moaned out in wild excitement. I continued to flick the tip of my tongue across the area of her clit that seemed to create the most pleasure for her.

Digging the heels of her feet into the top of the table she raised her pelvis high into the air and with what sounded like a demonic gush of air from her lungs, she began to loudly scream. "Oh Bryan What's Happening To Me, What's Happening, Oh My God It's So Good Baby, Feels So Damned Good!" Her body tensed and then began to quiver all over; she shook so violently it was all I could do to keep my mouth covering her pussy. She screamed to the top of her voice, "OH MOTHERFUCKER!" Mom went completely limp and crashed down on top of the coffee table, she had passed out.

After coming to and clearing the cob webs from her head she began asking me, "what had I done to her, what happened?" I laughing explained, "my best guess was that she had a very intense orgasm." Mom went on and on for several minutes about how incredible it was and that she never thought anything could be so wonderful. "I have never felt anything like it before, I felt so sinfully deliciously and crazed that it's difficult to put into words," she went on to explain.

We talked for a few more minutes and she asked a million questions of why her body reacted so strongly to what I had done to her. Again I jokingly said to her, "remember your 34 years old, you've never had an orgasm and it probably was an evil spirit;" 'that evil spirit of sexual passion that Gramps had repressed in you for so many years." She gave me a little raised eyebrow look and then just laughed. She wasn't putting on an act, mom really didn't know what it was to have an orgasm; she was so na?.

As the evening went along I used my tongue on mom several more times and each time she cum so intensely she told me she became light headed. Then she raised up and placed my face between her hands and kissed me gently on the lips and said, "Baby I Want To Feel Your Meat Inside, I Want You to Take You Hard Cock and Fuck Me Until I Scream."

I laid her down on the carpeting and kissed her with a passion like two people caught up in their first sexual experience would share. Intermingling our tongues, breathing heavily and moaning with such loudness I began a slow methodical approach to placing the head of my cock inside of her. I placed the tip of my meat so it just touched the lips of her pussy. I could fell the warmth and moistness that I had created from going down on her. Her hips began to buck hungrily at me but I wasn't ready to allow her the pleasure of feeling me inside yet, I wanted to tease her and make her beg for it. It only took a few moments of doing this before she began screaming pleas for me to fuck her.

I slide just the head of my cock through the lips of her pussy that caused her to gasp out in a whimpering tone of voice, "Oh!" With that sound I shoved the entire length of my cock in her as fast as I could. Buried in all the way she began to hunch her hips up and down, I continued to press hard and deep inside of her not allowing myself to move around, but she kept moving and thrashing around. With very short stroking movements I slowly began a rhythmic in and out motion with my cock but she wasn't having anything to do with that, she wanted to fuck and wanted it hard and furious.

I slide my cock out to where just the tip was still inside of her and with a forceful plunge drove into her as hard as I could. Anticipating my movement as I went deep into her she met my thrust with one just as strong as I had given her. Throwing her arms over my neck and wrapping her legs around my thighs to gain leverage she met each of my downward thrust with as much force as I was giving her. She grunted, growled and groaned with a hoarse tone of voice each time our pelvis meet. The slapping sound of our midsection echoed throughout the large living room almost sounding like small firecrackers going off.

With one tremendous upward thrust she squealed out, "Oh You Motherfucker, Way Did You Wait So Long To Give This To Me!" Mom's whole body tensed stiff as a board and I could tell she was in the throes of a very strong orgasm. "Keep Fucking Me, Keep Pounding My Cunt, You Motherfucker Don't You Stop!" she yelled out. We were in complete unison with our thrust, she abruptly stopped and again her body stiffened and I knew she had another very strong orgasm.

I could feel the muscles of her pussy contract around my cock and it sent me over the edge. Waiting until the very last second I pulled out of her and began stroking my meat as she watched with a mesmerized lustful look in her eyes. I shot four or five streams of cum up her stomach and unto her breast, which caused her to shiver with another small orgasm. She grabbed my cock and continued stroking until I had released the last bit and I went completely weak in my legs. I watched as she rubbed cum over her stomach and then smoothed as much of it over her breast as she could. While she was doing this her hips continued large movements up and down as if she was still fucking me.

In the months to follow we became inseparable we were fucking every chance we got and doing it in every conceivable place there was for two people to do it. Mom had developed an almost super human hunger for sex and it even borderline on perverseness. She wanted and lusted for anything sexual, she loved anal and after her first experience with it there wasn't a time when we fucked that she didn't want up her ass. She went crazy each time I entered her ass and I can only think of one occasion where she didn't pass out from cumming so intensely. Mom's sexual hunger continued to grow and she wanted it all.

One afternoon she went to an adult store and rented a couple of hardcore videos that depicted women who loved more than one partner at the same time. She became so insatiable about the idea of taking more than one at the same time it was all she talked about for days.

She came home from doing a little shopping and was so excited about what had just happened she was beyond coherence. She had seen this pair of spiked heels in a shoe store window and wanted to buy them to wear out with me some evening. She went over to the shoe rack and picked out her size and salesmen came over and ask if he could help with them. He directed her to the setting area and as he was helping her place the shoe on her foot, he casually ran his finger up the back of her lower leg. "My God it was like an electrical spark that run straight through my body and caused my clit to throb with uncontrollable spasms," she excitedly explained. Mom didn't buy the shoes telling the salesman she wanted to look around at other stories, but while she sat trying them on her mind had conjured up a plan to involve me in a little evil trisk to fuck the salesman and me at the same time. That evening she wanted me to go back to the store with her and put this little plan into motion. I was to enter first then a few minutes later she would come in and ask the salesman to help her try the same shoes on again. So the little plan was set and I was willing to see how far she would go with it.

I entered the store a young man of maybe 19 or 20 years old approached and asks if he could help me. From the description mom had given I knew it was the same salesman who had assisted her earlier that afternoon. Telling him I was just browsing; in walks mom. From the bright reddish glow of her cheeks and the smile on her face I could tell she was very excited to see what may occur between the three of us.

As she walked over and sat down the salesman approached her with a grin on his face from ear to ear. "Well hello again Mrs. Danchi, have you decided to buy those shoes?" he inquired of her. Mom told him she would like to try them on one more time. He went behind the checkout counter pulling a box from underneath bringing them back to where she was sitting.

Meanwhile I had walked into one of the isles where it would be easy to observe what was happening; I positioned myself behind him with the security mirror hanging on the wall directly above I could see everything without actually turning around to watch. Mom was sitting with her legs crossed and with the shortness of her skirt it had ridden up to where only about two or three inches covered her thighs. I could clearly see she wasn't wearing anything underneath and knew when the salesman stooped down to place the shoe on her foot he would see also.

As the young man fit the shoe on mom's foot I watched him take the palm of his hand and gently stroke the calf of her leg. As he slowly moved his hand up and down I noticed her body shiver as if a chill had ran through her entire body. The wild eyed glazed look in her eyes lead me to know she was being overcome by that furious sexual lust that had possessed her in the past few months.

The salesman asks her opinion of how they felt on her foot and she appeared to be examining how they looked by twisting and turning her legs in every direction. With each movement she would allow her legs to spread far enough apart there would be no mistaking from his kneeling position he could see directly up her skirt and gaze upon her bare pussy.

Mom propped her foot upon his bent leg causing her thighs to spread about six to eight inches apart and I heard mom ask, "So what do you think?" His reply came in a nervous stammering tone of voice, "Oh Mrs. Danchi, I think it looks absolutely lovely." As she looked at him she could see he wasn't looking at the fit of her shoe his stare was directed between her spread legs. Mom giggled knowing he wasn't talking about the shoes and I could see this little evil grin at the corner of her mouth and knew she was about to pounce on him like a lion after its pry.

"Oh sonny boy I'm old enough to be your mother," she jokingly replied. His eyes didn't raise an inch from where he was looking and stated, "God if you were my mother…" Mom interrupted before he finished his sentence, "And if I were your mother what would you do with me you naughty boy?" He grew silent and before he could respond, in her sexiest voice mom asks, "Would you do bad things to mommy, would you treat mommy the way she wanted to be treated, could you be bad for mommy?"

Almost choking on his reply, "If you were my mom, I would, I mean, I don't know, I would, well you know what I mean." I almost burst out laughing at his youthful nervousness, as if I was that much older than he was. I knew mom had him primed to do whatever she asks and at that point I would have also, what younger guy wouldn't with an attractive sexy older women practically throwing herself at you?

Mom stood taking her hands pulling the hem of her skirt up to expose her bare pussy. She asks, "Would my naughty little boy take me to the back and show me what he would do to me?" He jumped to his feet telling her he would close up and then they would have the store all to themselves. He and Mom walked down each isle and as they approached me he stated the store was now closed, but mom had other ideas.

"Baby let him stay, maybe he could join us. You wouldn't object to that, would you?" she asked.

At first I thought he was going to reject her idea, but in a overly excited answer he stated, "Why the hell not!"

It only took the three of us about thirty seconds to completely undress and have Mom kneeling between the two of us. She eagerly slurped and licked both of our cocks, back and forth one to the other, she would hungrily dive down on our cocks making grunting and groaning sounds each time she released one from her mouth going to the other. Glenn the salesman, was some what smaller than I so each time she gobbled his dick down she drove the entire length to the back of her throat. As she withdraw him from her mouth she would suck his meat all the way from the base to the tip. It took only about a minute doing Glenn this way he shot his first load in her mouth. When he began cumming mom's hips began a wild uncontrolled movement back and forth and her with head she was making rapid circling movements over his cock.

After Glenn had cum he stumbled back away from the two of us, came to rest on a small bench, out of breath, and almost appeared bewildered. Mom was completely crazed when she turned her attention to me, grabbing my cock she drove the length of it to the back of her mouth causing herself to gag profusely. Like I said my meat is much longer in length and thickness than Glenn's, she was trying to deep throat me as she had him, but it was too much for her. Even with that she continued over and over again, with a brutish like passion would drive her mouth down over my cock and then draw outwards with a vacuum like pulling technique.

Mom noticed Glenn had regained his hard-on and hoarsely gasped out, "Ahhhhh, that young cock is already nice and hard again!"

Using her arms in a sweeping like motion, mom caught me behind the bend of my knees causing me to fall backwards into the floor. Like a vulture would swoop down to catch its dinner; she moved atop of me with such swiftness and had my cock shoved up inside of her before I actually could catch my next breath. She was pounding up and down on me with such intensity I was having difficulty in regaining my breath from the fall. She would slide up and down on my meat for a few seconds, then settle down hard on me and then grind hard her pussy into my midsection. She stopped and looked over at Glenn and told him, "Get over here and fuck my ass!" Glenn jumped to her command and without any hesitation or lubrication I felt him force his cock into her ass.

Mom launched an assault on Glenn and I that words cannot describe. Feverishly she rode my cock wiggling her hips back and forth and then would shove back into Glenn's inward motion. What seemed to be hours of pure sexual torture ended in a matter of about two minutes with mom yelling out an overpowering orgasm and the three of us heaped on top of each other in total exhaustion.

We've had numerous threesomes since that time, however Glenn was never fortunate enough to be involved with them again. Mom's sexual hunger was beyond anything I had read about or heard of before and her continual need for more was almost impossible to meet even for a 20-year-old. It had grown so impulsive that one night while we were out drinking and playing pool she took on eight guys at once. Even though she claimed her pussy was so terribly sore when we arrived back at our home, we sucked and fucked each other for nearly two hours. We collapsed and hardly got out of bed for three days.

That was the last intermission of our sexual perverseness I received for nearly six months. It was an everyday and every night occurrence. We would fuck for several hours fall off to sleep and as soon as we woke we were back at each other again. We had become so comfortable with the way things were in our life we never thought anyone would find out about the perversion that mother and son now shared.

It was New Years Eve 1999; wanting to bring the year in cumming for each other mom and I were locked in a side by side sixty-nine position in the living room floor. As if were trying to eat each other alive we both were licking and sucking away at each other with animalistic fervor. I rose upon one arm to position myself to work my thumb in and out of her ass and as I started to lower my mouth back over her cunt, something caught my eye in the doorway between the living room and kitchen. I jumped up realizing Gram was standing there watching her daughter and grandson do to each other what is shared between a husband and wife.

My mom hadn't noticed yet Gram standing in the doorway and the suction she was applying to my cock made a popping sound as I pulled from her jumping to my feet. Mom whimpered like a little pup and wanted to know what was wrong but in the middle of her sentence she saw why I had so abruptly stood up.

It was eerie the room was filled with total silence no one saying a word. We hadn't seen my Grandmother in over two years and never expected her to show up unannounced at our home.

Gram finally broke the silence by saying, "Babies we really need to talk." I was so frightened my legs were barely holding me up and thinking we finally were going to pay retribution for all that we had done I felt like running. Mother on the other hand seemed to give little thought or care to being caught naked and mouthing fucking her son's cock by her own mother.

As Gram came over and sat down on the couch I busily gather my clothes up and nervously attempted to get them on, mom just continued to lay in the floor completely nude without regard to what had just occurred. Being caught by her mother didn't phase in the least bit.

As we all continued to be speechless, Grandmother again broke the silence by stating, "Look I'm not going to condemn you for what I saw, there's a lot we need to clear the air about. I miss you two." That got mom's attention to the point she raised up into the setting position and appeared to be taking an interest in what Gram was about to say.

For me I was scared out of my mind, I could only imagine what was going to happen when she ran home and told Gramps about what she had seen.

As I looked back and forth from each of them something peculiar me, my Grandmother really didn't look that much older than my mother. Gram was such a youthful looking women, pretty face, shapely body, well dressed, and charmingly dignified. She had taken very good care of herself over the years and I was astonished to realize the similarities between the two of them.

As Gram began talking the things I hadn't taken notice of in the past become clear as a starlit night. It never crossed my mind the age difference between my mother and grandmother was only thirteen years, which at that time made her forty-seven years old. That night mom and I found out mother and daughter was so much alike, in so many ways, we barely believed what we were hearing.

We were told, Grandmother had my mother when she was just thirteen and that my grandfather was eighteen at the time. She went on to tell us how Gramps had been the only man in her life for thirty-six years. There had been so many times over the years she had wondered what it would have been like to experience even a small portion of her inward sexual carvings and have done to her the things she saw the two of us experiencing when she walked in.

Gram wasn't that prudish, tight ass, strictly religious bitch I had pictured.

In the days ahead Gram eagerly joined our secretive sexual life style. It took no time before she became sexually insatiable with the same overwhelming burning desires and perversions that existed in her daughter and grandson.

After writing this story many of the questions which had possessed my thoughts over the years were answered. Here I am living together with two very lovely and sexually consumed women, with only slight difference being their age, that one statement which Rachel spoke to me some thirteen years before rang loud in my ears.

"It would be the most incredible experience of my life!"

Believe me, "It has been!"

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