A week Away Part 1

A week Away Part 1

This is based on true story that happened a two years ago, the details might me a little off, but I remember it pretty well.

My name is Ricky, I'm a 37 year old housewife with 2 kids. I have long black hair, usually worn in a ponytail, slim build, DD boobs and a round ass, which was all great when I was younger, but now everything is beginning to soften and move south. I've been happily married for 14 years, but in those 14 years I've cheated on my husband many times. I can't help myself, I just need to be with other men. It's not that I don't like sex with my husband, I love it, but I need more than he can always provide and I get so horny when I cheat.
I love my husband and wouldn't leave him for anyone, but sometimes I get tempted and I sleep with someone else. I've had a few lovers since my marriage, but I've been with my current one for five years.

My husband has to go out off town a lot on business, usually only for a few days or a week at most. This is when I visit my lover, he doesn't live far from me, so I can walk there. I visit him most days, but he comes to my house now and again. But this story is about my week with him in his second home, far away from my family.

My husband had to be on the other side of the country all week and I had made an excuse to be gone for 5 of those days. I told him I was visiting an old friend and staying at their house. Finally the day came, my husband left on business and my kids stayed with his parents. It was a 5 hour drive to his house, but totally worth it.

When I arrived it was sunset. His house was great. A double story building, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a home cinema and a whole lot of other stuff. He had a big garden that was full of thick bushes and flowers. A large concrete wall lined his property, to prevent peeping eyes. He was already there waiting for me…

We greeted with a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around his waist and felt his strong back. His hands rubbed my ass and squeezed it tightly. His tongue was exploring every crevice of my mouth and mine was doing the same. We broke off and went inside, I dropped by bag and had hardly enough time to look around before his tongue filled my mouth again.
“I've waiting for this moment for ages” he said as his hand glided over my hardening nipples. “Me too” I replied, I could could feel his firm dick through his shorts, “I want this now” I demanded rubbing his dick.

I fell to my knees and undid his shorts which fell to the ground, revealing his throbbing 7 ½ inch cock, which jumped out into my face. I clasped it, feeling the heat, I stroked it a few times before licking the head, he let out a sigh. It licked from the base, up to and over the head before I swallowed his red knob. I forced it as far into mouth as I could, about half way. I pulled it out, coved in my saliva and stroked it some more. I sucked on him for a few minutes, feeling his hot dick in my mouth, savoring the flavor. My pussy was getting moist, I put a hand down there and rubbed my clit as I forced his cock deeper down my throat.
“Stop” he ordered, “It's your turn”. I stood up and kissed him.

He took off my shirt, and undid my bra, letting my breasts hang freely. He rubbed them and squeezed a nipple. I leaned forward as he took off my skirt. Now all I was wearing was a black thong, black tights and my black high heels. He spanked my ass and I let out a playful laugh. He rubbed my hot pussy through the thong. My pussy was begging cock, but he would play with a bit more, pulling my panties down his opened it up and rubbed it. He stuck a finger in and felt my wetness.

I sat down on his couch, legs spread, showing off my trimmed pussy. He got on his knees and began licking me out. His tongue going round in circles then thrusting into me. I was getting so wet now as he licked it all up. I rubbed my nipples as he licked my clit, I was moaning all the time. I could feel my first orgasm coming, one hand pushed his face into my crotch while the other squeezed my hard nipples. Then I came, a gush of fluid from pussy, dripping down over my asshole. He continued to lick it, but now I needed his cock inside me.

He took my place on the couch as I rolled a condom over his hard dick. My soaked pussy was hovering over his throbbing dick, then I slowly lowered myself onto him, directing his cock into my pussy. It went in, inch by inch until it was all inside me. I sat there for a second, savoring the moment, then I began to grind on his crotch. I leaned forward, my tits hanging in his face, he began to lick one of my nipples while groping the other. I was moaning as he filled me.

Then I began to bounce on his cock, slowly at first, then faster. He was squeezing my ass now as I rode him, pleasure filling me with each bounce. I was thrusting a little into each bounce. “Fuck, this is so good” he said as I bounced on his cock. I was almost bouncing off him now, each time I went up, only an inch of him stayed inside, then I fall back down and he'd fill me up again. My pussy juices were flowing over his balls. I leaned back and rubbed them as I ground into him some more. I was smiling as I moaned, his cock was moving around inside me as I was grinding him.

We changed position, I lay on the couch with my legs wide open. He inserted himself in me, thrusting hard. His thrusts moved my whole body, my boobs moving back a forth as he pounded me. “ooooooh, yes yes yes, stuff me with your hard cock” I said, squeezing my boobs. His thrusts became faster and my moans became louder. We continued like this for several more minutes, then he grabbed my waist and pulled me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as he fucked me hard against a wall. His tongue filled my mouth, I couldn't kiss back because of my moans, but my tongue wrestled with his in my mouth.
My pussy was dripping wet and he thrust in and out fast and hard. I could feel a second orgasm coming “Harder, fuck me harder, I'm going to cum” I managed to say in between moans. He did as I said, pounding me fast and deep. I gasped as my orgasm came, pleasure exploding from my pussy and spreading throughout my body. My nails dug into his back and my legs tightened around him, making it harder for him to thrust, so he rammed his his hot cock as deep inside as he could until I relaxed my grip. My gasping didn't stop him, in fact it encouraged him, he was slamming into me, each thrust making a wet splat as he hit my wet pussy. He maintained my orgasm for a few minutes. I could tell his orgasm was coming soon, “You want to cum on me?” I asked in a seductive voice, “All over your sexy face” he replied, then kissing me forcefully.

He pulled out of me and I quickly got to me knees. He tore off the condom and began jacking off fast right in front of my face, I knelt there looking up into his eyes, smiling happily. He looked right into my eyes as he jacked off hard. I was playing with his balls as he did so. Then he exploded into my face, cum shot onto my forehead, cheeks, nose and narrowly missed my eyes. It slided down onto my lips and off my chin, I laughed and said: “Wow, how long have you saving all this for me?”
“A couple of weeks now, it's a welcome gift” he replied. The hot slime was dripping onto my tits and was slowly taking over most of my face. I rubbed it on my nipples and into my face, licking it off my fingers. I sucked the last few drops from his still hard cock, tasting his delicious cum. He had already made me cum twice in one hour and this was just my first day there.

The End, part two cumming soon, let me know what you think.

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