After Sping Break

After Sping Break

It was a sad day, when we had to leave my brothers and head home. Spring Break was over, and so was all our fun. Jen and I talked and giggled about our adventures the entire flight home. I was wet the entire time, I even had to go into the bathroom once, just to make myself cum. After we landed, my Mom was there to pick us up from the airport, and I was like a little school girl with a secret. I could hardly contain the fact that I knew about her and Alex. Not to mention the fact that I had been with Alex. We dropped Jen off at home, and then drove to our house. Mom asked if we had a good time, and if Alex was a good host. I almost bust out laughing, but was able to contain myself enough, to tell her we had a great time, and that Alex could not have treated us any better. I looked at Mom and she gave an appoving smile, while I had an evil grin on my face, that I am sure would be there for days.

When we got home, Mom mentioned that Dad was away on business, and would be gone the rest of the week. I told her I needed to get some sleep and went straight to my room. I didnt even unpack or undress, I fell right on my bed and went to sleep. I had crazy dreams remembering the things I had done with my brother, and the story Alex had told us about Mom, it was like I was there, watching the whole thing. When I woke up it was dark out, and I looked at the clock and noticed it was late, I went to the kitchen and found a note from Mom, "Went to my sisters house, will be back late. Dinner is in the Oven" So I ate and went right back to bed.

The next moring I walked to the kitchen and Mom was already up. She was humming a song, and fixing breakfast. "Morning, sleepy head" she said. "I hope you feel rested now" Mom stated. I made us both some breakfast, so help yourself. As I grabbed myself some french toast, I wondered how long I could keep this secret, and how long before I saw Alex again. Mom,started questioning me about my trip. The things we did, the places we went, if we had taken any pictures? Mom, I know about you and Alex, I blurted out. Well that lasted almost 24 hours, I thought to myself. She acted like she was first going to deny it, but then a calm look came over her face. Well, if you know she said, I bet he told you after you had been with him? Am I right? I didnt expect that, but I told her everything, and I was so excited to tell my story, I didnt care if it was my Mom, I was talking to. I noticed she seemed very calm as I told her all the sorid details of my Spring Break. Well sweety, at least you had a good time, she said. I couldnt belive it, she wasnt even mad. Mom, your not mad at me, or Alex? I'm not mad because if it mad you happy, then so be it. I'm also not mad because it is something I have been doing since I was your age as well. I could belive what Mom was saying. I have been having sex with my sister for years now, she calmly stated. I cant belive you and Aunt Lorraine are doing it. I replied. No, No, No, my younger sister Leah, she explained. I had just assumed it was her older sister, but now that I though about it, Aunt Leah was beautiful, she ws only 10 years older than me. A product of an accidental pregnacy. Wow, I said, so you and Leah have been keeping this secret for sometime huh. Yes, we have, she replied. Myself, Leah and Alex have been keeping this a secret for some time. Wait, I screamed, Alex knows about Aunt Leah too. I cant belive it. Well my Mom answered, we had to keep it quite, Leah is not exactly the Woman most people think she is. As you should recall,your Aunt has never been married, and have you ever seen her with a boyfriend? Yeah, why is that, I questioned. Well she is a little differant than you or me, Mom replied. What do you mean, I questioned again. Let me tell you a story that may explain things a little better.

I was talking to Leah on the phone, the day after I had been with Alex. And I couldnt keep it to myself. So I told her all about what had happened. How big Alex was, how much he filled me up, and how much cum he could shoot. I could tell Leah was getting excited on the other side, when she asked if I thought Alex would be up for a threesome. The idea excited me, knowing how good Leah was at making love, but I knew I would have to run it by Alex. I also wondered if I should tell Alex about Leah being different from a normal woman, or just let things happen. We agreed that, I would set something up for the coming weekend, and just let the cards fall where they may. I knew Alex would jump at the chance to have sex with Leah, since they were not that different in age, and she is a beautiful woman.

After one of Alex and mine's sessions, I casually questioned if he ever thought about being with two woman at the same time. Of course, he replied, what guy does not. Well, I was wondering if you might be interested in it with me. More to the point, with me and your Aunt Leah. Alex took all of about 1/2 a second to answer. Of course I would, I assume that if she is good enough for you, she is good enough for me. I let that hang out there, and then made the plans with Leah.

That weekend Leah arranged to stay with us, and you could feel the excitment in the air. We tried to act normal, have dinner, talk about the weather, but we all knew what this was leading to. After a few drinks I started things off. We were sitting in the living room, and I asked Alex to sit a little closer to me. Honey, why dont we show your Aunty Leah what kind of toy I have been playing with, as I grabbed his crotch. He must have been a little nervous, because he was very soft. Sure Mom, he replied, what do you want me to do? Well first dear, you wont have to do anything you dont want to, buf if you would like, how about I get you nice and hard to show Leah how lucky I have been.
Alex agreed and I began kissing him deeply, as I crawled on top of him to do a little soft grinding. Alex didnt take long to start getting hard. So I slid down him, and undid his pants. I glanced at Leah and she was rubbing her tits through her shirt. I first pulled Alex's pants off, rubbing him through his boxers. Which were now extremely tented as the tip of his cock stared to reach past the waistband. I pulled his boxers off, and I could her Leah gasp, when she took in the view. My god, Leah panted, I cant believe you have been hiding that in your pants all these years. Alex got a big smile on his face, that quickly turned into a look of pleasure as I dropped my mouth over his cock and started lick him good.

Alex was moaning in pleasure, as I gave him head. But that didnt stop him from tugging at my blouse trying to remove it, and free my swelling tits. All of a sudden, my shirt was gone, and I felt hands reach from behind me to unclasp my bra. It was Leah, not wasting anytime getting in the game. She leaned foward and started kissing Alex, as he pulled her top over her head. And Leah has some great tits, and Alex did not waste a minute, before he had them in his mouth. I could hear Leah moaning, and I looked up from Alex's crotch to see him pinching one nipple and sucking on her other. Then Leah slid down his body and pulled his cock away from my mouth and began blowing Alex. God Aunt Leah, that feels so good, Alex gasped,. As Leah was working her magic on Alex's cock, I slide off my pants and undies, then squatted over Alex's face. He dove right in, like he had missed his last meal. Jesus baby, that feels so amazing, I panted, as Alex dove into me and then lightly bit on my clit. I felt him rub my ass cheeks, and then he slowly stuck a finger up my ass. That was enough for me, Oh Alex, here it comes, I wailed, I am going to cum right on your face baby. And with that I started cumming all over his face, as he licked me non stop. As I climbed off Alex's face, we kissed again, You taste so good Mom, Alex stated, Does Leah taste as good as you do? You will soon find out dear. I walked around Leah and stood her up, leaving Alex to lay on the couch. I kissed Leah hard, and then ran my hands down her body. You are giving me chills, she moaned. I pinched her nipples and than reached for her pants.As I Slowly removed Leah's pants, Alex eagerly watched, rubbing his engorged cock to the picture of his Mom and Aunt getting ready to fuck him silly. I knew the suprise was coming as I watched for Alex's reaction. I quickly pulled Leah's pants off and watched. Alex had a bit of a dumbfounded look on his face, and then calmly said, I cant belive you have been hiding that in you pants all these years. Alex was staring at me slowly stroking Aunt Leah's growing cock. You see baby, Aunt Leah has the best of both worlds, and great tasting pussy, and a wonderful cock. Now join in anytime your ready dear. And, like that Leah and I were on the ground. Now Leah's cock is no where big as Alex's, but it was a good size for any man, almost eight inches of thin beautiful cock, right above a moist pussy. Give me your pussy, Leah sighed into my ear, I am so worked up, I am going to fuck you so good, Leah said. Oh Leah, it is so good to have you in my pussy again, I screamed, please bury your cock in me. And she did, moving fast and deep, Leah rammed away at my pussy. We both stopped as Alex walked from the couch, and positioned himself behind Leah. Aunt Leah, I have wanted to fuck you for so long, it does not matter if you bring a little extra to the party, he said. I'm glad, you feel that way Alex, now feed me that big cock and show me what I have been missing. To make things more exciting, I crawled up onto all fours and let Leah fuck me from behind. I could feel her rubbing my clt with her free hand while she took deep strokes into my leaking cunt. Oh god Leah, I'm going to CUM AGAIN, I screamed, as she kept up her deep strokes. But suddenly she stopped. What the fuck Leah, I am so close, dont stop. As Leah put both hands on my hips, I knew what was happing. Oh shit Alex, it's so big, Leah wailed. Go slow, please go slow. I have not had a cock in me for so very long. Leah braced herself against me, never removing her cock, which seemed to grow with the excitment of Alex's prick entering her pussy. Jesus Aunty, you are so tight, Alex panted. I stayed patient, kmowing my time would come, I let Leah adjust to the size of my boy, I almost felt proud for how big he was. My pussy is so stretched, but it feels SO GOOD, Leah screamed. More strokes Alex, give me some deep strokes. And with that I could feel Leah move deep into me, everytime Alex thurst his cock deeper into her. Oh Leah, I almost have it all the way in, but you are so tight, I dont want to hurt you. Never mind that honey, just grab my ass and fuck me!! I had never heard Leah talk like that, and it got me excited. Well dont forget to fuck my pussy, I exclaimed to Leah, this is the pussy that started it all remember.

Leah slowly, almost painfully started stoking in and out of me again. Oh god Alex, I dont think I can take any more, it is all in yet? I got it all in you now Leah, Alex replied.
Can you use that big cock, or is it just for show, Leah teased. I am going to fuck you so hard, Mom will feel it. And feel it I did, Alex's long hard thursts into Leah, shoved her cock into me and kick started my orgasm. I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I yelled as my pussy gripped aroung Leah' cock. I could feel fluid sliding down my legs as my pussy creamed all around my sisters dick. I pulled off of Leah's dick and slid underneath her. I watched in amazement as Alex's giant cock drove in and out of Leah's dripping pussy. I took Leah's cock into my mouth and started blowing her, working my lips all over the head. Holy crap, Leah screamed, my senses are on fire. I'm so close Alex, please keep fucking. Leah why would I stop fucking this little pussy, it feels so good around my dick. That's it Alex, keep feeding that monster to my pussy, I am almost there. Oh god Alex, stick a finger in my ass, please. Leah pleaded. And as he did, her whole body tensed up, I could feel her cock get stiffer in my mouth, but she didnt cum in my mouth. Oh, my pussy, she screamed, I cant believe how hot my pussy is. As I looked up at Leah's stretched pussy, I could see juices flowing all around Alex's cock and puddling onto the ground. No man has ever made me orgasm through my pussy Alex, Leah explained, I cant believe how good that felt.

Alex pulled his slick cock from Leah, as it left with a pop, and she collapsed on the floor. Am I next baby, I questioned, do I get my baby's big cock next? You tell me how you want it Mom, and I'll give it to you good. That's my sweet heart, you fuck Mommy good and hard, and show Aunt Leah what that cock is loaded with. I climbed on top of Alex, and guided his still slick monster to my waiting snatch. I loved the feelling of being completely filled, so I slide down nice and slow, savoring every inch of his wonderful dick. Oh my, I almost fogot how deep you get, I said as I bottomed out, I swear you must be in my stomach. Well lets see how you like this, Alex said, as he lifted his ass off the floor, pushing his cock just as far as it could possibly go. Fuck Alex, you feel so good inside me. does you mommies pussy make you feel as good. Mom, I have never felt as good as I do now.

Leah slowly walked in front of me as I was riding Alex. She stepped on each side of him and then fed me her cock, as I happily took the entire length in one stroke. I could feel her grabbing my head, as I deep throated her cock. It was fairly long, but not as thick as most cocks, but it still felt great sliding down my throat. Oh sugar, your mouth feels so good on my cock, are you going to make me cum again, Leah pleaded. I looked up into her eyes, with a knowning reply. I suddenly felt Leah jump and brace herself on my shoulders, which pushed me down harder on Alex's cock. I let out a gasp as my pussy gripped Alex's cock. I looked and noticed that Alex had stuffed two fingers into Leah's pussy, sending a shiver up her. I couldnt take Leah's dick back into my mouth, as I was concentrating on finishing my own orgasm. Fuck me hard Alex, I cried, keep pumping that big cock into me, I am going to cum all over you, I wailed, as I rotated my hips over Alex's dick. Make mommy cum, baby, make me cum. I will Mom, Alex responded, like a good son, doing everything he could for his Mom. Oh god Alex, I cant get enough of you big cock, I cumming. As my whole body spasmed, my pussy juice flying everywhere. Then I dropped of the side of Alex to catch my breath.

Not missing a beat, Leah impaled herself on to Alex's throbbing rod. Oh Jesus, she screamed, It feels bigger when I'm on top. I am so worked up right now Alex moaned, I think my dick has gotten bigger. Oh fuck. Oh fuck, Leah kept repeating. Alex, please help me cum again, I need to feel this cock make me cum again!!!

And then I saw the most amazing thing, while Leah was riding Alex, he reached up and grabbed her hard cock and stared to stroke it. Oh fuck, Leah screamed again, I cant believe this, my pussy is so full, and my cock is so hard, keep stroking me baby, keep fucking me..Oh my god. Alex reached up with his other hand and started to play with Leah's big tits, but then slid it down on to her cock as well. Alex was stroking Leah's cock with two hands, and lifting his cock as hard as he could into her. This sight casued me to start playing with my used pussy again. Your cock is so hard Leah, Alex gasped, and your pussy is so tight, it's going to make me cum. Not before I do, Leah replied, keep sliding that big cock into me, make this pussy yours,oh fuck, dont stop rubbing my cock,I,I,I cant stop, her I cum. And with that, Leah started cumming, shooting from her cock, large pearl white drops of cum. She was bucking out of control, as cum was landing all over Alex's chest. OH MY GOD, MY BODY IS ON FIRE, Leah screamed, I cant stop, your cock wont let me stop, as she lifted herself off of Alex's cock, fluid squirted everywhere, as Leah yelled loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

I instantly layed next to Leah and stared to suck any cum out of her cock that was let, and made small circles around her sensitive pussy. Jesus, your boy sure as one hell of a cock, Leah proclaimed I cant wait to get that beast again. As I finished cleaning all the cum off of Leah's cock, I said you aint seen nothing yet. And we both looked to Alex who was on his knees stoking his massive member while looking at us. Can I cum now Mom? he asked. I am so hard, I need to cum so bad. Does watching mommy play with her sister make you want to cum. Yes mom, so bad I want to cum for you. Did Leah make you want cum? Oh god yes, I wanted to cum so bad. Will you show Aunt Leah how hot she made you, will you cum for Aunt Leah Alex? I will mom, I have to cum so hard for both of you. I layed next to Leah as Alex continued to stroke his cock on his knees near our feet. His face tunred red as he let it happen. OH MY GOD, Leah cried, keep cumming for us baby. As Alex let loose more cum than I had ever seen. I'm cumming so hard Aunt Leah, you made all this cum. He shot cum on both of our faces, on our tits, and all over our stomachs, thick ropes of cum drenched us both. Oh Mom, Leah got me so hot, I dont think I've ever cum , that hard before. Well, I hope you liked it, because I know I will want this to happen again. Me to, added Leah. Just give my pussy some time to heal.

So Nikki, now you know the whole story. Wow Mom, when do you think we could pay Aunt Leah a visit…..

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