Alma Delia

Alma Delia

Alma Delia

every monday I get together with some friends at a local bar for a few beer,last week was not an exeption,
I came home late at night,about 2 in the morning and like always I went to sleep,next morning I wake up ready to go to work and I noticed my car was in the wrong parking spot and my view mirrors were all mess up,I didnt thought much about it,after all I was drunk last night,later that day at work a friend of mine told me he saw my daughter driving my car around 3 in the morning,then I started thinking and realized my daughter is being driving around with her friend after I pass out drunk,I got mad and I was about to confront her when I got an idea,I m going to fuck her,I been lusting after her ever since she started to get boobs,

as usual monday came by and as usual I got ready to go out,my daughter knew I was going to a bar to get drunk but she was wrong,instead I went to buy me a six pack of beer,some ice and put all together in my ice box,then to make time, I went to the movies,last showing was at 11 pm and by the time I got out it was almost 1 am so to make more time I started drinking beer and to completed the effect I even splash some on me,

by the time I got home it was a little after 2,and like every week my daughter was awake watching tv with her friend,up to that point I thought how nice of them to wait for me to get home safe,but no,I went by them and I said I was going to bed,I went up to my room and sure enough about 20 minutes later I heard them outside my door,I pretended to be asleep,faking snoring,they got in to my room and went directly to my car keys and my wallet,they took some money and head out,got in to my car and drove away,then the waiting begun.

about 2 hours later they came back,and by their looks I was sure they were drunk and high,they walked in throught the back door and as soon as they closed the door I turn the lights on,I pretended to be mad and yield at them,by the looks on their faces I knew I had them on my hands,I told my daughter to sat down and I turn to her friend asking her for her mom's phone number,I told her I was going to call her mom just to let her know I was about to call the police,right then she broke down,begging me not to,she said they had a few beers and smoked some grass and if her mom found out she would send her to juvenile datention,then I ask her why juvy,and she said because she was 14 just a year older than my daughter,then she said she would do anything for me if I didnt call her mom,by then I was hot and ready,I stood up next to her,unzip my pants and show her my cock,with my daughter sitting next to her I told her she knew what to do,and she did,she started sucking on my cock,slowly at first and I thought,for a 14 year old she is sucking cock like a pro,then I realized my daughter was watching her friend sucking me off no more than two feet away,

I look at her friend and ask,was my daughter with you?she answer yes,and I said,she needs to help you out then,I took my cock off her mouth and she turn to my daughter and very shyly said,please help me,my daughter didnt said a thing,she just open her mouth and took me in,her mouth felt hotter than her friend's and she knew how to use her tongue while sucking,I was about to ask wher and how the hell did she learn to suck cock that good,but I didnt want her to stop,

I look at her friend and she was watching my own daughter munching on my cock,I motion her to stand up and my hand went down her pants and panties to her pussy,she was bare,not a hair,I thought,I have to had that pussy,I told her to take her pants and panties off and to sat on the table,I took my cock off my daughter's mouth and went in between her friend legs,she was 14 but not as tight as I thought she would be,I knew she was getting cock regularly,I turn to my daughter and I ask my self,would my daughter be tighter?

I motion my daughter to stand up and I took my cock off her friend's pussy,I reach up to my daughter and with one fast move I pull her shorts and panties to her ankles and I pick her up and sat her on the table,next to her friend,I position myself in between my daughter's legs and I took my cock in my right hand to slid it up and down her slit savoring what was next,

she was tight,real tight,but I got my cock in and she didnt even flinch,she took me all the way in,fucking slut,she wasnt a virgin,she is been having sex,crap,not as often as her friend I thought,I started pumping my 13 year old daughter's pussy very slowly,in and out,pulling out so just the tip was in and then pushing in all the way to my balls,then I started fucking my own daughter like it wasnt a tomorrow,I knew I wasnt about to last long,

I pull off my daughter and mount her friend once more,that time she answer back and she was moving her body to match my motions,what a slut,she was enjoying it too,I wanted to cum but I didnt want to cum inside her,I wanted to cum in my daughter's pussy,I told my daughter to open her legs and as soon as I was off her friend I was in her,fucking her delicious pussy

I look at my daughter's friend and she was watching me fuck my own daughter and I had enough,I cum hard and long, deep in my daughter's tight pussy,

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