Amanda's Story_(1)

Amanda's Story_(1)

Amanda lived with her mother and father in the same apartment building as me. We were close friends and she told me everything, though I found out some of the stories she told weren't entirely true, but either way this story always got me hot.

Their family was a typical lower income family, both parents worked and still had to struggle to make ends meet. Amanda was sixteen and the summer has been a drag since that was the year she got braces. This made her parents worry about their finances a lot more than usual. The stress was killing both of them and Amanda knew it was all her fault. She would do anything to help out the situation and when she got a job working at a GAP store in the mall her parents were proud. That was Amanda very impulsive and stubborn. She helped pay for the braces, but her social life seemed to suffer.

See Amanda was a very liked girl in school, she wasn't going to be prom queen, but people seemed to enjoy her company, boys and girls alike. But she worked all day and helped around the house on her day off and most nights, so her social life had withered to her sitting on her balcony talking to me on mine.

It didn't take an expert to see Amanda's parents were in constant conflict with each other and very possibly nearing the end of their marriage.

One night Amanda overheard her parents argument in their room. She didn't hear all of it, most of the dialog was muffled by the walls. What she did hear was very clear, her father that seemed frustrated and was complaining about not having enough sex and her mother shot back something about him not getting it up enough, her voice became muffled and that was all Amanda needed to hear.

The plan was simple, she let them fall asleep and she would sneak into her parents room, suck her dad's penis until he got hard then leave quietly then make a loud enough noise in the kitchen to wake them up. Dad will be hard and then they can have sex and not fight anymore. Now the only person this might make sense too was Amanda, but that was her reasoning and one thing I know about her is once she makes up her mind on something it's very hard to reason with her otherwise.

So she pretended to be asleep when her mother came in to give her a goodnight kiss. She was always mommy's girl she could almost do no wrong with her mother. Around 1:30 in the AM she made her move, it was a very boring wait, reading the same "CosmoGIRL!" Magazine over and over again. As she crept into her parents room she was careful to not make a sound. The moon light came in from the window and lit up their bed almost as if some higher force was guiding her.

Her mother slept in her night gown and was on her side above the covers, her father was on the side closest to her and only wore boxers to bed. Because of the heat he as well was above the covers. She stood next to him looking down and that's when the nerves kicked in. What if she was caught? How would she explain herself? But the thought of her parents being happy was too overwhelming to back out now. Her eyes looked at her father's mid forties body, his thinning hair starting to bald and his small gut just starting to protrude out from his waist , it was just a result of having a few extra sweets a week and not getting enough exercise, her father wasn't bad looking, he was her father. All she could see of her mother was her ass, which was surprisingly round and bubbly.

She slowly slipped her hand in the fly of her father's boxer shorts and started to rub, he let out a sigh and stirred a bit, Amanda's heart raced. She felt him grow in her hand, she pushed the cock out of the fly and quickly wrapped her lips around the head sucking as he grew even larger in her mouth. Her hand cupped his balls as she sucked up and down his forty three year old prick.

She didn't notice him begin to stir until it was too late, he opened his eyes to see his daughter working up and down his dick, he quickly looked at his wife who was sleeping. Then his eyes shot quickly back to her sixteen year old daughter who was now looking up at him with her green eyes.

"Amanda, what-"

"Shh, you'll wake up mom."

She went back to sucking his dick. His first impulse was to push her off, but as his hands neared her head he instead just pushed his boxers down she picked her head up letting his cock spring free she smiled with her metal mouth, she was very good with braces. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap as he put his hand on the back of her head. she gagged and coughed it up and her mother stirred they both stopped dead in their tracks. Amanda's plan had failed, but she didn't care seeing her dad's cock made her think of all the sex she's been missing out on. she flicked her tongue around the head of her dad's penis and watched her mother adjust herself. The trill of being caught at any moment just turned her on more.

She moved up and kissed her father on the lips as he reached out and pulled down her pajama pants which to his surprise showed his daughter didn't wear underwear to bed. She was clean shaven, unlike his wife which kinda just let it grow for the summer. Amanda was shocked and didn't know what to do. She didn't want to do this, but the sight of his dick made her pussy get warm. She wanted it and dad seemed to want her where's the harm in a little fun? Just as long as mother didn't wake up. She kissed her father as she lightly jerked his dick. She slowly straddled his chest and took off her shirt showing him her nice small perky tits.he kissed her nipples and sucked on them as she slid down his body to his cock. She reached around and guided it into her waiting pussy.

She let out a moan then she bit down on her lip as she looked at her mother that didn't move. Dad wasn't the biggest she had ever seen, but he was more than enough to give her the fucking she's been missing. The thought that her father was very easily seduce never crossed her mind, lust clouds logic. Her whole body shivered as she got his entire dick inside her. She started to slowly bounce and ride him. They fucked slowly as they watched her mother closely.

"I love you Amanda"

"I love you to dad."

She leans down and kisses him as his hand slides down her hip and grabs a handful of ass. She bites her lip again as she picks up speed a slight bit, they don't feel the bed rocking, but mom sure would if she wasn't in such a deep sleep. she leans back so her smooth belly angles upward away from him. he runs his hand up and down and she closes her eyes just enjoying the sensation of her father's cock inside her.

Mom stirs big this time and Amanda quickly hops off her dad and lands on the floor with a light thud.

"Hmmmm, honey what was that?" mom asks still asleep.

"It was me, I'm sorry to wake you."

He kisses her and she rolls on her back looking up at the ceiling back sound asleep.

Amanda pops her head up and dad gives her the ok sign as she stand back up. Dad couldn't resist the temptation. He quickly grabbed her ass and pulled her close to him before she had second thoughts. He starts licking the lips of her pussy and she fights back the moans as her father eats her cunt. It's the most amazing feeling she had ever had in her life, she never had been eaten out before, most of the guys she has been with just wanted to fuck. Even know it felt incredible she couldn't enjoy it fully as she focused more so on not making noise.

"Dad please…" She whispered

He kept licking her slit and flicking her clit.


He stopped and looked up. She gets woozy and almost stumbles her father pulls her so she can catch herself on the bed.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, I just….That was wonderful." She kisses her dad. "I just didn't want to make any noise."

Her dad had to fight back the laughter, he almost forgot his wife was laying down next to him. Amanda lays down on the edge of the bed so her father could enter her from behind. She traps his right arm under her and he takes advantage of this by cupping her breast and squeezing them. He slowly fucks his daughter from behind. She starts to moan softly.

"ohh, daddy"

He takes long thrusts in and out of her she moans louder and louder they both forget the situation as they continue to fuck a little faster and a little louder, when mom lets out a moan as she flips onto her front, then dad covers his daughters mouth and lets her moan into his hand. Her muffled moans are still loud, but dad doesn't want to stop fucking. He kisses the back of her sixteen her old neck as his cock rams in and out of her and the bed shakes which wakes up mom, but not fully. She still has her eyes closed she just rolls over to hold her husband.

They both freeze as Amanda pushes away from her father's body, so her mother's hand that wraps around his chest doesn't feel her.

"Baby…" she mumbles.

Amanda strains her neck watching her parents closely. She slowly pulls away as the cock slowly slips out of her, then finally is comes all the way free and it smacks back against his thigh with a thwack! Mom opens one eyes to look at her husband as Amanda ducks under the bed directly after she heard the noise. She notices her husband is up and she smiles.

"What you doing up?" she mumbles trying to snap awake.

"Just trying to relieve a little stress."

She smiles at him.

"I know how I can help you with that."

"Oh yeah?"

She slips down his body to his cock.

"Oh all ready I see." She says then she engulfs his cock into her mouth, slurping and sucking sounds quickly fill the other wise quiet room.

He thinks she's sucking the same cock her daughter was not less than ten minutes ago. that turns him on even more as he pre-cums a little into her mouth. Amanda closes her eyes under the bed and slowly fingers herself to the sounds of her mother sucking her dad off.

"Oh baby!" Dad moans happy he can finally can do it out loud.

He pushes her on her back as he pushes his cock deep into her hairy and dripping wet pussy. As he fucks his wife and thinks of his daughter, Amanda fingers herself under the bed, moaning lightly. she quickly builds to an orgasm and bites her lip as she spurts some juices to the sounds of her mother being fucked hard. Once she is done, she catches her breath as mother's moans become screams and dirty talk.

"fuck me, fuck my cunt."

That's when Amanda thought her plan worked. They are fucking and now they will be less stressful. She slowly crawled out of under the bed and grabbed her clothes. She couldn't help but take one last peek at her parents as now mom was riding dad bouncing up and down moan with every bounce. She slowly left the room, dad watched his naked sixteen year old daughter sneak out of their room. He got one last shot of her ass and wondered if he would ever get another chance to fuck her.

Meanwhile mom had came to an orgasm and laid on dad catching her breath.

"You didn't cum?"

"No, I'm almost their though."

A wicked grin crossed her face.

"Remember what you used to do every time we fucked when we were in high school?"


"Do it."

Dad flipped mom on to her back as he pulled out of her pussy and started to jerk off. Mom pushed dad's hand away and started jerking it herself. He looked down at his wife, but saw his daughter looking up at him with her lovely green eyes begging him to cum on her perky tits. He started to shoot his cum on his wife. The first glob came out like a bullet flying all the way to her chin splashing down on her neck and the next four globs land into her hairy pussy.

Dad just lays back down on his side of the bed panting. Mom kisses his cheek.

"honey that was wonderful."

Dad only thought of his daughter's ass and how much he wanted to go into her room and fuck her right now.

That summer Amanda learned that she could save her parents marriage and later that summer after she finally told me this story I learned to watch my neighbors in the apartment complex more, there's always something scandalous going down, you just have to keep your eyes open.

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