An Hour with Shana

An Hour with Shana

I'd been driving around the same few blocks for almost 20 minutes and was ready to make the turn back towards my apartment when her dress caught my eye. A small breeze must have caught the lower edge of the fabric and blown in around the edge of the doorway she was standing in – out of the corner of my eye it seemed someone was waving a flag at me. I stared for a few moments and was rewarded by the sight of a shapely leg advancing from the stoop.

What the hell was I doing roaming a notorious neighborhood at 1:45am except looking for some kind of trouble to get myself into. I turned the car down the street towards the sight of silky dress fabric tumbling around a very curvy ass. Her walk was obvious, nobody walks that way unless they are doing what she was doing – trolling for desperate guys like myself. I went by her at a slow, steady speed to confirm that what I saw from the corner was what I thought it was. She was looking away, back towards the doorway she exited, when I made my first pass. I could only see a medium length of shocking blond hair poking out from the rim of her hat – but that was enough to make a second pass.

It was cool, a little foggy, and I seemed to be the only vehicle in the area. She saw me coming on the second lap and made direct eye contact from the moment she noticed my car. Her hat shadowed her eyes such that I couldn't see what color they were – but not enough to prevent me from seeing her smile in my rearview mirror as I passed. She knew I was coming right back around before I knew it.

~ HONK! ~ Holy Shit! I almost drifted through the red light as I looked back in the mirror at her. I peeled my fingers off of the steering wheel long enough to lower the radio volume, took a couple of deep breaths and turned in order to make it back around the block. When I got to the corner before the final turn I was suddenly aware of how nervous I was. I took a look at myself in the visor mirror, not so much for vanity as to make sure I didn't look like a maniac or something. I gathered myself and made the slow right turn.

She wasn't there. Damn. I would have bet she would be waiting right there for me – right next to the scraggly little tree planted in a hole in the sidewalk. I didn't see any other cars, but I guessed someone had beat me to her. I gave myself a "tsk" in my head and rolled down the block, more ready than ever to just go home.

I was looking to my left as I approached the intersection, ensuring no more close encounters with other cars, so I didn't notice her standing there just around the corner – looking right at me. When I did go to turn, she was moving towards the passenger side door and I awkwardly hit the brakes when I spotted that same white fabric. She was giggling at my obvious surprise and knocked on the window. I leaned over and unlocked the door.

"You going to drive around this block all night?" She asked as she opened the door and leaned in.

"If that's what it takes, I guess I would," I said, trying to sound cool, "in fact I was just ready to head home when I saw you."

"Is home nearby?" Her eyes drifted around the inside of the car as she asked.

"About 10 minutes from here – how about you?" My eyes were not drifting anywhere, just staring.

"Wherever I'm hanging this." she peeled off her hat, stared back at me with ice blue eyes and came right to point, "Are you a cop?"

I shook my head and smiled to myself. "Nope, are you?"

"No way, honey," she sat down on the passenger seat with one leg in the car and one on the curb, "what is a nice-looking guy like you doing around here this early in the morning?"

"Same reason any guy would be here," my voice projecting a don't-give-a-shit attitude, "I wanna get laid."

"Well, honey, what are you waiting for?" She pulled her other leg in and yanked the door shut, "Let's go home."

We didn't talk much as I drove through the dark streets – the sound of my wiper blades squeakily clearing away the mist was the only consistent voice. I let my eyes roam across her body several times while she fiddled with her cell phone. Every so often she would ask me if I liked what I saw and flipped her hair aside to look right at me when I answered "oh yeah." When we pulled into the garage under the apartment building, she remarked that she had been here before. I started to make mental guesses about which of my neighbors had hosted her in the past.

In the light of the elevator, I got my first really good look at her face, even though she was still busy with things in her purse. She was in better shape than most of the streetwalkers in the area – her skin free of the scars and scabs that accumulate on the more veteran girls. The dress was snug until it got just past her hips, where the fabric moved about even when she was just standing still. The hemline rippled across her knees like water at the edge of a lake. The only thing I wasn't enjoying was the sight of her hair in the fluorescent light – blond to the point of being absurd and nearly fried from over-treatment of some sort. It looked like bad doll hair.

She looked up from her phone when the elevator stopped and stepped out into the hallway first. The smile she gave me then seemed to be a combination of relief and promise, as if she'd finally accepted that I was for real and that she was going to get paid. She held my arm like we were going to the prom as we walked to my door.

"How long have you lived here?" she asked, peeking back down the hallway.

"Only about 3 months," I replied, slipping the key into the lock, "so don't be surprised – it's not very well decorated."

I pushed the door open and let her go in first, taking a long look at her round ass cheeks as they rolled under her dress, perfectly topping off her legs as they sauntered into my apartment. She made herself right at home, plopping her purse down on a side table and herself in the chair next to it.

"Something to drink?" I offered, moving into the kitchen.

"Maybe just some water, honey," she said, "you really do need to get some pictures or something on these walls."

I chuckled to myself as I filled a glass from the kitchen tap – I just knew she would say something.

“Would you believe me if I told you this is my first time doing this?” I said more to the sink than to her, “I’m not even sure how it goes.” I can’t recall how I felt about the silence as I walked from the kitchen.

"It'll be $300, honey," she said to me as I handed her the water, "up front, and you can have me for an hour to do whatever you want."

She raised the glass to her lips and looked at me as I tried to appear composed at her matter-of-fact declaration. I pursed my lips as if I was actually contemplating options, and she grinned at me knowing full well that we were already in agreement. I kept up the really bad acting job by putting one hand under my chin and rolling my eyes to the ceiling, but she got up and gave me something better to look at.

“I usually start with a little show for you, you know, to get your blood flowing.” She stood up, facing away from me and cocked her full hips to one side. When she spun on one foot to face me, I knew I was the willing victim of a professional sales pitch – and that I probably would have emptied my wallet for what she was offering at that moment. “You do like what you see, right?”

“yep,” was all I could muster as I began to imagine her body without that dress “three hundred?”

“Just put it there by my purse and I’ll be right back, “ she gestured at the side table and she did a foot-over-foot, high-heeled, hip-swaying, ass-rocking walk to the bathroom. I was already fishing the bills out of my wallet when she gave me a smiling glance back over her shoulder shutting the door.

I could hear only the rushing of my own blood in my ears as I kicked off my shoes and lifted my shirt over my head. I hadn’t felt so not-in-control with a woman before, fumbling about, confused about whether to take a seat on the couch, go to the bed or just stand there and have her tell me what to do. The water sounded like it was running full blast in the sink when I sat on the couch facing the bathroom door and waited. It seemed like 10 or 15 minutes she was in there, although it was most likely no more than 2 or 3. I pulled at the fabric of my jeans and looked back to make sure I wasn’t dreaming about putting the $300 near her purse.

When she opened the door, the light was already off behind her. I could make out only her shapely silhouette as she walked over to the hallway entrance and leaned to inspect the cash. The hall light was directly behind her and her outline was very sexy. The full ass I had stared at all night was even more so at this angle. Her boobs bounced a bit as she jerked open her purse and dropped the money in, I was glad to see they were natural and topped with nice, erect nipples. As she moved closer to me, I finally noticed she was only wearing a very sheer pair of panties that looked like a combination of boyshort and g-string. She stood directly in front of me and began to sway her body.

It was torture – like slow motion, yet exquisite, torture. She pushed her ass out into the air as far as it would go and spun in a semi-circle so I could see every inch of it. Her hands moved from her hips up across her own tits, lifting them. She pouted and air-kissed at me as her hips gyrated just inches from my face. She dropped to her knees and put one hand on each of my thighs – pushing them apart, staring directly into my crotch while she licked her lips and made a little growling noise. Every move was from the basic stripper playbook, but it was also incredibly erotic, and she was making my blood flow as promised.

“I want to see that cock of yours,” she hoarsely said, “I want it right now.” Her hand landed on my chest and pressed on me as it slid down across my belly and rested on the zipper of my jeans. She kneaded her fingers on me, like they were trying to define the outline of my dick inside my pants. I was done being anxious and moved on to being aroused, so she had no trouble finding her target. Her other hand joined the first and she made the kind of face a kid makes when they are offered a surprise cookie. I closed my eyes a bit and let out a big sigh at the feeling of her hands groping me.

“Yeah, honey,” her voice got softer, “just relax and let me do it to you.”

Her deft fingers unbuttoned and unzipped me with a kind of grace only practice brings. When she fished out my stiff cock and wrapped all ten of her fingers around it I could only draw a quick breath and watch her. Her eyes never left my dick, not for one second, as she moved her fingers over the veined skin like 10 little eels swimming on a phallic reef. Her touch was nearly perfect – not too hard as too cause her skin to bind or skip over my own, not so soft that I couldn’t feel what she was doing. It was fantastic being touched that way with not a hint of lubrication. I’m quite sure she could have given me a dry hand job and it would have been mind-blowing.

“Oh fuck yes.” I finally said when she looked up at me and moved her mouth to my cock. Her tongue pressed against the underside of my head and seemed to wrap halfway around it. Now her eyes were on my own, and the look of concentration on her face was getting me harder by the second. She swirled her wet tongue around the rim of my tip several times, pausing after each pass to kiss the underside. I could see the shiny wet band of her saliva on me as she moved – the very tip and the shaft still dry as could be. My dick was twitching in reaction to her swirling tongue dance, and my eyes rolled back into my head for a moment. They opened again when I felt her mouth slide over my cock – I wanted to watch my member disappear into her sexy mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned as soon as she stopped with three-quarters of my penis engulfed.

“Ah fuck, oh damn.” I muttered at the feelings her hot mouth and moaning vibrations produced.

She bobbed her head back and forth, pressing the end of my hard-on against the back of her throat – moving it only far enough back each time to aim it right down the middle of her mouth. Her moans and grunts added a visceral edge to the blow job – timed just right with her motion. The suction she applied as she moved felt like some kind of hand wrapped tightly around me, trying to tug me upright. Her mouth released me with a wet, popping sound and her hands replaced her lips instantly – stroking me in the same rhythm she used with her mouth.

“Oh honey, you’ve got a great cock,” she grinned and moved her eyes from watching her hands slide and push her own spit around on my shaft to staring directly into my eyes. There were a couple of strings of saliva laid across her cheek and chin as her breathing quickened.

Her wet hand slid down to my balls as her mouth moved back onto my dick. As she bobbed on me, the moisture she created was gathering in the hand she was using to massage my scrotum. She pressed my nuts upward just rough enough to give me a scare, but also turn me on even more. She slowed down and pressed her head onto me a little harder – forcing my cock into her throat inch by inch. Her other hand was gripping the back of my thigh as she pulled herself downward onto me until she couldn’t hold it there any longer. The “GUFF!” sound she made as she let herself off of me was accompanied by a slimy, warm puddle of mucus, and she grabbed it with her hand and slathered it all over my beet-red cock.

Little droplets were flinging off of her hand and my dick as she stroked me furiously. Her fingers were pressed against the base of my shaft, right between my balls and her eyes were fixed on mine again.

“You wanna cum, honey, huh?” she was biting her lower lip as she worked my cock. “I want to see you fucking spew, honey. Come on, lemme have that fucking cum.”

“Just suck it.” I said tensely, “god dammit, just suck it!”

“Like this?” she asked as her lips slid back over the soaking wet tip of my cock and kept sliding – over my ridge, across the shaft and finally bottoming out with her nose in my pubic hairs. She backed off just a bit and began sucking, like she was sucking on a big straw. Like she wanted to literally suck the cum right out of me. Then her hand slid even further back and a wet finger began to probe the edge of my rectum. I was a little surprised, but could feel her fingertip rubbing little circles around my anus and it was hastening my orgasm. Her head began moving again, and she placed the fingers of her hand right in front of her own mouth so that my cock was covered at all times – sliding them out of the way as her mouth lowered and slipping back around my shaft as she moved upwards.

“Oh fuck yeah!” my hips bucked involuntarily as the tip of her finger pressed into me. “I’m gonna cum, uhhhnnnnnnnn.”

She increased the volume of her grunting each time my cock banged against the back of her throat, sending my thighs into spasms and causing my sphincter to grip her finger.

“Aaaaahhhh, fuuuuuuuuck,” I growled as my body began to give up the cum she demanded, “yeeaahhhh!”

She never stopped fucking my cock with her mouth and hand as my spunk jetted out. It bounced off of her tongue, through her fingers and across her lips. I thrust my hips upwards at the apex of my orgasm, throwing my head back into the cushions hard enough to make the couch bounce. Each glob of cum that forced its way out was like a spark plug going off in my brain. My contractions forced her finger back out of my ass, so she just grabbed my ass cheek as I finished cumming onto her.

“OH oh, oh yeah honey!” she exclaimed with my sperm hanging from her lip, “that’s what I like – big fucking loads.” Her hands were still sliding up my pulsing dick, squeezing my cum-filled pipe until the last of it was oozing out of the tip. She lapped at it all with out swallowing any of it, playing with my splooge like a bunch of sticky taffy. My dizzy head could barely stay focused on her as she dangled her fingertips over her mouth and let the cock juice drip in. I took a deep breath and tried to shake myself back to attention – it’s not every day you get a willing sex partner to sit there in your lap and play with your cum . . . I didn’t want to miss a moment.

“That was just great, uhm . . . “ I paused not knowing what to call her, “you give awesome head.”

“Shana,” She announced as she licked at my ever-softening penis. “and that’s my real name, too.”

“OK, Shana,” I said, closing my eyes as she licked up the last little dollops of cum she could find. She then hopped up and turned to the bathroom, walking with purpose. She didn’t close the door this time, and I watched her grab a hand towel and run it under steaming hot water, then wring it out. She came back with the towel gripped tightly in her hands and motioned for me to lean back again. When the warmth of the wet fabric hit the skin of my belly, I shivered like she had just thrown me into an artic lake. This made her giggle as she began to clean me. She rubbed the hot towel all over my thighs and stomach, across the base of my flaccid dick and cradled my balls as she wiped them off.

“You came really fast, has it been awhile?” she asked, watching my body as she wiped it.

“Yep.” I said quickly, not wanting to spoil this with thoughts of reality.

“There’s plenty of time, honey, you want to take another shot on goal?” I chuckled at the soccer reference, but figured out quickly what she meant. I was feeling so relaxed, I probably would have let her just give me a sponge bath for the rest of the hour. I looked at her. She was not nearly as cute when her face was relaxed, having an almost serious, maybe even an angry look to it. Then she leaned her head up towards me and a soft grin took over – her face was alive and attractive again. I smiled back.

“I think I can handle that.” I pushed myself into a sitting position, reached up and put my fingers on her tummy just above the waistband of her shorts. She leaned towards my touch as my hands drifted across her flat belly around to her hips. I curled my fingers into her waistband and tugged. She moved her legs close together, allowing me to keep tugging until I had pulled her shorts about halfway down her thighs. She put her hands on my shoulders to support herself while she raised her legs one at a time and let the underwear tumble off. She stood back up just out of my reach and moved her legs about should-width apart. Her hands slid over her hairless pussy, slithered over her round tits up across her face and into her hair finally reaching into the air as she tilted her hips off to the side. She had a little heart-shaped tattoo on the inside of her upper right thigh and I wanted to grab her and suck on it.

“You have way too many clothes on, honey,” she smiled, obviously sensing my enthusiasm.

I leaned down to slide my jeans and shorts the rest of the way off of my legs, plucked my socks off and got up to stand next to her. She was already making her sultry way over to the bed, her ass cheeks swaying so fluidly with every slow step. She put one knee up on the bed and turned back towards me.

“Let’s play here now,” she purred with just enough volume for me to understand, “we need to get that cock ready to go, honey.”

I stepped towards her as I watched her turn onto the bed with one leg still on the floor, and the other stretched out along the edge of the bed. Her tight-lipped pussy was partially open in this position, and if she wasn’t a hooker, I’d already have had my face buried halfway in it. She looked down at where my eyes were fixed and slipped two fingers along the edge of her labia, pressing it like she was sealing and envelope.

“You like your girls shaved, honey?” She asked without looking up.

“I like nice pussies,” I answered without moving my stare, “you’ve got a nice pussy.”

“Thank you, honey, you want to play with my pussy?” She used her fingers to spread her lips apart enough to show me the tender inner lips and the wetness within.

I didn’t answer her, I just sat on the floor next to her and put my hand on her thigh – rubbing down to her knee and back up again. On the third pass, I let my fingers slide along her lips. She must have had something other than shaving done, because everything was very smooth and absolutely hairless. It felt fantastic. I used my fingertips on her lips just like I had watched her do to herself a few minutes ago. When I spread them apart, her light-pink pussy flesh almost tempted me again, but I held off from putting my mouth on her. I rubbed her lips a little harder, pressing into her slit hard enough to be able to feel her inner lips and the edge of her clit. I

“I’m wet for you, honey,” she panted “finger fuck me.”

Only after she spoke did I notice her breathing had become a little more shallow and raspy. I slid my index finger along her lips and pushed it into her hole. She was very wet. My finger slid easily into her, and I could feel her body arch towards my penetrating digit as I pushed it deep into her. I closed my eyes as I stirred my finger around inside her, imagining her pussy muscles as they grasped at my finger. She made a faint “Uh!” sound as I pulled my finger out quickly. My face was only inches away as I used the other hand to spread her open further and positioned 2 fingertips on the edge of her. I rubbed the wetness and plunged my fingers inside her forcefully.

“Yeah, honey, ooohhhhhh,” she moaned, grabbing the knee of her lower leg and pulling it upwards.

I had become very aroused at the sight and sound of my fingers running in and out of her pussy, still wanting to stuff my tongue in there along with my fingers. Each stroke pulled a little thread of pussy juice out with it, and it began to glisten along the lower edge of her slit. My movements quickened in response to her panting. The free hand that was still spreading her apart began to cramp, and I let go of her lips and laid the fingertips across my tongue, getting them well-coated. I put them back onto the top half of her pussy and rubbed the whole area in a lazy oval pattern. I could feel my revived cock rub the edge of the bed as I repositioned my self on my knees and really started to thump my fingers into her.

A shoe stepping hard on a sponge was the wet sound created each time my hand bounced against her gushing lips. I moved a third finger next to the other two and stabbed into her as quickly as my arm would move. >SKISH-SKISH-SKISH< was the rhythmic beat as she leaned back on her elbows, rolled her head as far back as it would go and let out a deep, low groan.

“Ooooohhhh, yyyyyeeeaahhhhhhhh,” she growled to the ceiling, “fuck that pussy!”

I couldn’t stand it any longer – the sight of her widely spread legs, the wetness of her pussy, her guttural noises. I had to stuff my throbbing cock in there at that moment. I yanked my soaking wet hand out of her, grabbed my cock and moved to put it in.

“Honey!” she put her hand on my ribs, keeping me from sticking it in her, “no glove – we need a glove.”

I stepped back a half step and she was already unwrapping a condom. How she got that thing on my dick so quickly, I will never know. I am still amazed every time I think about it. She looked up and smiled.

“How do you want to fuck me, honey?” her voice dripping with the kind of ‘come get me’ tone that no man can resist when he is that far gone to his lusty, primal self.

“Turn around.” I grunted.

She kneeled on the bed and moved to all fours. I stepped up, grabbed both of her hips and tilted my hips until my cock tip rested squarely in between her pussy lips. Then I just pushed. I pushed until my pubic bone was pressing hard against her rectum. I gripped her white-knuckled and pulled her hips back towards me, grinding myself into her as hard as I could. I would have bent myself backwards and pulled myself even deeper if that were possible. She responded by pushing back against me and rotating her hips like someone getting comfortable in a new chair.

Fuck me hard with that cock, honey!” she demanded, “Fuck me hard!”

She knew what I wanted before I did. I wanted to shove myself into her hot, sopping wet pussy as hard as I could. I went from grinding myself against her to pistoning in and out of her. I crashed into her plump ass cheeks with each stroke, sending ripples up to the reddened spots where my grip had remained. I could see her tits bounce and shake to the sides of her body. Her stiff hair trembled and tangled on itself. She moved her head lower, resting herself on her elbows as my cock continued its assault on her pussy. The long, ragged strokes got longer as I let my dick slip almost all the way out of her each time. I watched as the tightly wrapped shaft pierced back into her. I leaned back and tilted my head up, trying to bend myself into the most forceful position I could create. That’s when I pulled out a little too far, and my forward push caused my dick to slide up across her anus and point straight up in the air.

“oh!” she chirped when my cock slid over her rectum instead of inside her cunt. I felt the moisture of her against the skin of my stomach. My hips moved back and I used a hand to guide my hungry pecker back into her hotness. My gaze focused on the shiny oblong spot that surrounded her asshole. As my hips slowly returned to their previous rhythm, I slipped my hand over her ass and slowly pressed my thumb around the moisture.

“Yeah, honey, oh god yes,” her voice half-hidden as she let one arm move, stretched out in front of her face. She collapsed her chest against the bed, her mouth on her own bicep and lifted that puckering target even higher in the air. The muffled request she made sounded like “do my ass”, so I complied and slipped my slimy thumb into her rectum as I pumped her pussy. The other four fingers grabbed and groped her flesh while my thumb twisted its way deeper into her ass. She pushed against my advancing thumb and began to shout into the space between the bed and her arm.


I thought I would last longer this time, being the second time in less than an hour and wearing a rubber – but her sexual abandon was too powerful for me to resist. I fucked her ass with my thumb and fucked her pussy with my cock until I couldn’t hold back the broiling orgasm. My hand jerked from her sphincter and landed on the small of her back. I pushed forward until I was lying on top of her, every part of her body except her upturned ass crushed against the bed. I gritted my teeth and felt her stretched pussy pulsate against the spasm of my cock. I twitched and pushed my hips against her as the cum filled the rubber inside her. She reached back and scratched at my hips as my body smothered hers. I pressed my forehead into the back of her neck and breathed against her sweaty skin while my torso calmed down.

When I lifted myself off of her, my eyes were fixed on her pussy as it released my slimy, floppy cock. What a smooth, gorgeous place to put a dick. She wiggled her ass some more for me before rolling onto her side and leaning her head up on one hand.

“You’re good,” she remarked while watching me pull the condom off, “you made me cum, honey.”

“You did the same for me.” I said, trying to keep a straight face.

She hopped up and gathered all of her things in a meandering path to the bathroom. I wandered over to the couch and used my shirt to wipe myself off. I had my jeans on, a fresh shirt, and was tying my shoes when she came out and told me that she normally expected a nice tip when she gave a guy two shots, but that she’d take a ride to the train station instead. When I agreed, she told me that I was her only trick that night – she was just visiting her step-sister and didn’t usually work the streets, only hotel jobs. She said she’d love to have me host her again if I was ever in the mood and scribbled a phone number on the back of the business card of a local pawn shop. She blew me a contrived kiss when I dropped her off at the station and walked away, working that ass for me until it was out of sight. I have no idea where that card went, but I sure enjoyed my hour with Shana.

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