And Sister makes three – Part two.

And Sister makes three – Part two.

And Sister makes three – Part two.

Susie, my wife, couldn’t stop talking about the fun we had with her sister Becky. She couldn’t stop talking about eating her pussy for the first time. She had no idea that eating a woman would be so much fun, and it being her sister made it that much better. I told her that I’d never forget the picture I have in my mind of the two of them locked into a sixty-nine, their faces shoved into each other’s pussies.

When Becky left that night, she asked if she could come back for more fun some time. Susie and I talked it over and thought that maybe it would be ok to try one more time. Susie and I love each other and don’t want anything to come between us. Susie called her sister the next day and they set a date for our next adventure together. Susie informed me that Becky would be able to spend the night this time because her husband has started working the over night shift. Now he didn’t get home till after Becky left for work, she felt sure she wouldn’t get caught.

On the appointed night, Susie and I were in our tub taking a bath together before Becky was to arrive. We were splashing around playing with each other like we were little kids when Becky walked in, early. She laughed at us and asked if she could wash us. Susie threw her the sponge and told her to get naked. I was staring at her as she striped, and Susie leaned forward, squeezed my dick and asked if I liked what I was looking at. I told her that I couldn’t get over how much there bodies were alike.

Becky got on her knees next to the tub and started soaping up the sponge and told me that she was going to wash me first. She started by washing my face and neck. She was rubbing the sponge around getting me soapy, and then she’d stroke me with her hands. It was incredibly sensual. She rinsed me and started on my back. It felt so amazing, that my dick was rock hard. She told me to lean back and she started working on my chest and stomach. I put my head back and started to moan. As she finished she told me to get on all fours so she could wash my ass. I did, and leaned forward and started sucking on my wife’s nipples. I looked up at her and told her to get ready for this, cause it was fucking wonderful. Becky started running the sponge up and down the crack of my ass. When she got it real soapy, she put the sponge down and started with her hands. Then she put her other hand around the front and started rubbing my cock with the soap. She had me breathing hard by the time she started working a finger up my ass.

My wife moved up and sat on the front edge of the tub so I could get my face into her cunt. Becky dropped the soap and started jacking my soapy dick and put another finger up my ass. She got in behind me and began to lick and kiss my ass. After a few minutes Susie pushed my face hard into her pussy and she started to cum. When her love juice started flowing into my mouth, it triggered my orgasm. I was groaning into my wife’s pussy as my cock was emptying into the tub. Becky was rotating her finger in my ass and she kept milking my dick. Becky took her finger out of my ass and used that hand to massage my draining balls while she continued to squeeze my cock dry. After a couple minutes I sat upright and tried to catch my breath. My wife got back into the cum filled water, put her arms around me and kissed me hard.

Then we looked at Becky and we all smiling. Becky looked at her sister and told her that it was her time to get clean. She told us to get out of the water and drain the tub. Becky wanted to shower with her sister. We got out of the tub, and the sisters melted into each other arms and started kissing passionately. I got the water running for them and then just stepped back to watch. It was an incredible sight watching them kiss and groping their bodies. This was still new to them and they were enjoying their incestuous sex. If Susie had been as tall as her sister, they’d look like twins. It was an amazing site.

They stepped into the shower and I told them not to pull the curtain ‘cause I didn’t want to miss a thing. Becky asked Susie to stand at the back of the tub, out of the spray, so she could start soaping her up. My dick was a steel rod as I watched the sisters move around in the tub, wet and soapy from head to toe. My wife was getting washed from top to bottom, with particular attention to her boobs. Becky hadn’t come close to her pussy yet. She had Susie turn her back to her and then she put her arms around her. She rubbed her tits into Susie’s back as she was pinching her nipples and kissing her neck. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. Two women, almost mirror images of each other, slippery wet and pressed together, griped with passion that I could only imagine.

Becky was whispering into Susie’s ear, and I couldn’t hear what she said, but Susie then turned around and started kissing her sister on the mouth with the shower raining down over them. It just kept getting better. They were sucking each other tongues and caressing their bodies with exploring hands. Becky, being a good six inches taller, had to bend down a little to get her hand to Susie’s pussy. She just cupped it to begin with, but then started moving her hand softly over the whole thing.

Becky then told her sister to swap places with her so the water would be running down Susie’s back. Becky had to sit on the bottom of the tub, because Susie is so much shorter, so she could put her face into her sisters’ hot wet muff. Becky started moving her tongue up and down Susie’s pussy lips, and Susie opened her legs a little more so it was better access for her sister to lick her cunt.

I got in the tub behind Susie because she looked like she might need some help standing, as she was shaking from the tongue lashing she was getting from her sister. I wrapped my arms around her and started caressing her breasts and kissing her neck. I whispered in her ear how beautiful she looked. I told her that I’d never seen anything as hot as the two of them. Becky started to suck on Susie’s clit and pushed a couple fingers into her waiting love hole. Susie grabbed her sister’s head and held it as she started a wild orgasm. She threw her head back screaming with joy as she was humping her sister’s face and fingers. She kept her orgasm going for several minutes, and then went limp in my arms, and I had to hold her up.

When Susie regained her senses, her sister stood up and they kissed deeply. I put my arms around both of them, and told them that I loved them both. We got out of the tub and dried each other, kissing and fondling the whole time. I just couldn’t believe how wonderful this was. The sex was great and dirty, but with so much love it became something more beautiful than any of us had experienced before.

We went into our small living room and cuddled on the couch. I got a joint out, and we shared it and got real mellow. Susie got up and went into the kitchen to get us some wine. Becky and I were making out when she got back. Susie told us to continue and she would be right back. She left the room and came back with our digital camera, and started to take pictures of us kissing and feeling each other up. Then Susie started directing us. She told us to lay down and for Becky to stroke my dick as we kissed. Then she had her sister get between my legs and suck my dick. She’d take pictures when Becky was just kissing the head and then it was all the way down her throat. She then had us change places so I could eat her pussy while see snapped away. It was big fun, but she wouldn’t let us get too worked up in any one position.

I took the camera from her and told her that I wanted to take pictures of them. I got pictures of them kissing, sucking each other’s nipples and finally eating each other out. I knew that we’d have fun looking at these later.

We took a break for some wine and talked about how great this was. None of us thought this experience would be as wonderful, almost joyful, as it was. We were glowing with pleasure. Becky said that she would like to do this more with us, a lot more. We decided that we should talk about it when we weren’t stoned and naked.

Becky then reminded us of the promise we’d made the last time before she left. She got her purse and pulled her vibrating dildo out. We all smiled as we remembered telling her how Susie likes me to fuck her ass as she would fucks her pussy with her dildo.

Susie went to our bedroom and got her dildo and some lube, because she didn’t want to be left out of any fun. I told them that they should get into the sixty-nine position again and have some fun together before I joined in. They got on the floor with Becky on top again. I stayed on the couch, fired up another joint, drank some wine, and just watched them. They started by licking and kissing each other’s inner thighs and slowly made there way around their pussies. It was like watching a dance where they both took the same steps at the same time. It was incredible.

They stared licking each other pussy and rubbing their love nubs. You could see the juices flowing freely our of both love gashes. Susie said it was time for some fucking. The both got their dildos, turned them on, and started moving them around their sweet pussy lips. My dick was throbbing as I watched this erotic scene before me. I knew in minutes I’d have my cock buried into Becky’s beautiful ass for the first time. I got the camera back out, and started taking more pics.

They slowly started pushing their dildos in. When they got to this point, I got behind Becky and started rubbing some lube in her brown hole. She responded by moving her hips back to my fingers. I slowly started working a finger into her ass. When I got three in, I stroked some lube onto my shaft and then poised it at her puckered ass. She was moaning and fucking Susie harder. Susie took her face from her sister’s clit and told me to stick my cock into Becky’s ass. I slowly started pushing it in her brown hole bowels. Becky was moaning almost uncontrollably. I was pumping in and out, and each time I’d push it a little farther in. It took a while to get it all the way in, and by then Becky was sobbing with joy. She was also flooding Susie with her pussy juice.

The feeling was amazing. Between her tight ass gripping me, feeling the vibrator that Susie was pushing her sister’s ass, my cock was hot as a fireplace poker. Becky was in a state of almost constant orgasm. She had forgotten all about fucking her sister and had her head thrown back screaming as I pumped my dick deep in and out of her sweet ass. Susie reached up and started rubbing my balls and telling me to cum in Becky’s ass. She told me she would suck my dick clean when I pulled it out of her sister’s ass.

That’s when I started shooting my hot loads of cum into my sister-in-laws ass. I pushed in as far as I could into her hot ass and howled with pleasure as I shot wad after wad deep into her. Susie took my dick out of Becky’s ass, and started sucking it clean. She got what little cum was left in my balls then popped my dick out of her mouth like a Champagne cork. As I fell back off the two of them, Susie started licking the cum that was running out of Becky’s well-fucked asshole. She told us that she loved the musky taste of her ass on my cum.

We fell over into a fleshy mass on the floor, and I looked into my wife’s eyes and told her how much I loved her. I told her that she had given her sister and I so much pleasure tonight. Becky snuggled behind her and kissed Susie’s neck and told her how much she loved her for sharing me with her. She said that she’d NEVER, EVER, had anything that felt that good as what we’d done together. Becky turned to lie on her back. She looked at both of us and said she’d never felt so close to two people in her life. She said at one point, in the middle of our orgasmic passion, she thought we were like one person, sweating, breathing, and moving, as one.

Becky and I took turns kissing Susie’s supple lips as she was cooing happily. My wife then said that she wished this didn’t have to end. Becky and I looked up with big eyes and let that set in. Susie said that we should go to bed, get some sleep, and talk about it in the morning.

In the morning we slept in longer than we should have, and we all were going to be late for work, but we had that morning after sex glow and didn’t mind. We talked about what we were going to do now that it seemed this was much more than just a fuck session.

What Beck does and what we decide to do together will be in the Part 3.

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