And sister makes three

And sister makes three

My wife and I had been married for about two years. We had a great sex life. We made love at least once a day, but most times, twice a day. We both like to start the day with a quickie. Let me describe my wife, Susie, for you. She is a shorty at 4’11”, but she has a body that was wonderfully proportioned. Her ass is like a heart shaped pillow, and her tits are 32C or D. But her Crown Jewell was her pussy. She keeps her blond pubic hair cut short where I could see her pussy lips, but not so short that they were bristly. She has pussy lips like a spring flower, and she has the tightest hole I have ever felt. She is so tight that even when she was almost gushing cunt juices, some times we still have to use Vaseline to make it easier for her.

When are home; we always have a hard time keeping our hands off each other. I am always walking up behind her to grab her tits or ass. She loves to wear tube tops a lot and I love to come up behind her and pull it down and massage her tits or suck on her nipples. She loves to squeeze my ass when I was doing something in the kitchen and rub her hand thru to my dick. She also loved to hold my dick when I’d take a leak. Never understood that one, but it was fun.

I work four nights a week till 11PM, but I am home by 4PM every Wednesday, and she would get home just after five. We’d fallen into a habit of having sex when she got home, for an hour or so. It is our evening to get connected again. We live in a small duplex, and if you walk in from the back door, you could stand there and see into every room.

So on Wednesday we were on our bed enjoying each other. I was on my back and Susie was between my legs sucking my dick. I had my eyes closed, enjoying her slobbering blowjob, when I thought I heard the back door open. I opened my eyes, and there was Susie’s sister Becky, standing in the doorway of our bedroom watching us. I was a little startled by her appearance. My wife took her mouth off my dick and turned around and just said “HI”. My wife looked up at me and told me that she had been telling Becky how much I liked to eat pussy, and since her husband didn’t ever want to do it, she’d invited her over to share me. As she was nibbling on my dick, she asked if that was all right with me. I looked at her, with my cock in her mouth, then over at Becky. I told Becky to get naked and come sit on my face. If she was half as sweet as her sister, it would be my pleasure.

Becky is a taller version of my wife, a good six inches taller, but the same body. Her soft skin has an all over tanning bed tan. Susie was sucking my dick, but I watching Becky take her cloths off, and couldn’t believe I was going to have a sister sandwich. Susie looked over at her sister again, and told her to hurry up and get on my face. She said that she could feel my dick swell even bigger as I was watching her strip. Susie said she couldn’t wait to see how hard it was going to get once I started eating her pussy.

Becky walked over, a little shy, crawled up the bed and straddled my chest. I could see her pussy was starting to drip sweet love juice as she started to lower herself onto my waiting mouth. She took her fingers and spread her lips and pushed her swelling clit into my mouth. There was no shyness with her now, just right to it. I started sucking her large clit and she mashed her pussy harder onto my mouth. My wife stopped for a second to ask if I was enjoying my self. Since my mouth was full of her sister’s pussy, I just gave her the OK sign.

My wife then got up a straddled my dick, and slowly started to lower herself down on my steel hard shaft. Shit, I was in sister heaven. Susie started to fuck me slowly. Her sister, on the other hand, was screaming and rubbing her pussy back and forth across my mouth. All I could do at this point was stick my tongue out and let her ride it. She stopped, clamped down on my head, and started to cum. She was screaming and flooding her fuck juice into my mouth. I grabbed her legs to hold her still, and put her clit back into my mouth and started sucking her sex bud again. She had three orgasms before she pushed herself off of me. She flopped next to me, still breathing hard and shuddering, as she thanked her sister. Susie told her to thank me, since I was the one doing all the eating. Becky leaned over and started kissing me, sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. What more could a man want.

All this time, my wife has been riding my cock, and I was getting close to blowing my wad. Susie told her sister to grab my nuts and gently squeeze them, because I was getting ready. Becky did as asked, and started rubbing my balls that were wet with Susie’s pussy juice. My legs shot straight out and I started blowing large amounts of cum into my wife’s tight pussy. As I was still I the throws if my orgasm, Susie pulled off me and told her sister take the rest in her mouth and to suck me clean. God, I was going crazy with pleasure.

As I got my breath back, Susie told her to watch, that this was the good part. Susie then position her pussy, dripping with my cum, over my mouth and I started licking and sucking her clean. Becky said that she couldn’t believe that I would eat my own cum, and if I could do that to her too. I couldn’t answer again, as I was sucking and licking Susie’s pussy clean, but my wife said that it would be my pleasure. Then my wife started her orgasm. She too started squeezing my head, then fell off me.

We all cuddled for a while, with them on either side of me, and we were kissing and stroking each other. Becky was softly caressing my cock, hoping it would get hard soon so I could fuck her then eat her. They asked how I wanted to do it this time, since they had there way with me the first time. I told them that I wanted them to sixty-nine with Becky on top. That way I could fuck her and Susie could suck on my balls and lick Becky’s clit at the same time. They looked at each other, then at me, and said they’d never eaten pussy before. I told then that they’d just done it by French kissing me after I’d just eaten them both. They thought about it and said what the hell, why not. We’d just broken a couple taboos, what’s a few more. I just smiled.

Susie lay down with her head at the foot of the bed, and Becky laid over the top of her younger sister. They started slowly licking each other’s pussy, just getting the feel of it. I was standing at the foot of the bed watching and stroking my member, enjoying the sight. They were starting to get into it, slowly but surely. I decided that maybe I could do something else for Becky, so I spread her ass checks, and moved in to lick her ass hole. At first she thought I was just getting ready to stick my dick into her pussy. But when she felt my tongue make contact with her brown hole and she let out a moan of pleasure.

With that she started eating her sisters pussy with renewed passion, and I could feel my wife slurping faster too. I spent a good five minutes licking and sucking her bung hole before I stood back up and positioned my dick at the entrance to her cunt. With one swift push, I put all seven inches of my dick into my sister-in-law’s love hole. With that, Becky started to cum hard into her sister’s mouth, flooding her with hot cunt juice. My wife was sucking her sister’s pussy like she’d been doing it all her life. I started fucking long, hard strokes into Becky’s pussy. Every time I would push all the way in, I could feel my balls slap against my wife’s nose.

I eased a finger down to Becky’s ass, and started easing it into her ass. She lifted her face from my wife’s pussy, and started growling loud enough for the neighbors to hear, and told me to fuck both of her holes. I shoved my finger all the way in, and then just rotated it around her bowel while I kept thrusting my dick in and out of her steaming hot pussy. She went back to eating Susie’s pussy with gusto. Becky was chewing on Susie’s clit so hard that Susie started to cum in Becky’s mouth. That started Becky cumming again, and then I went off too. As soon as Susie felt my balls blowing, she left Becky’s pussy, and started sucking on my balls. I was blowing gobs and gobs of cum into Becky’s pussy. My sister-in-laws pussy isn’t as tight as Susie’s, but it was on fire and I was flooding it with my spunk. As we started coming down, I flipped Becky over, and shoved my mouth straight into her overflowing pussy. As soon as my tongue made contact, she started to cum again. I licked and sucked as best I could, with her thrashing around.

As Becky’s orgasm subsided, I lifted my shinny face out of her pussy, and told my wife, Thank You!!! I looked up at Becky, and asked if she had enjoyed it. She pushed the back of my head, sticking my face back into her soaking muff, and told me it was everything Susie said it would be, and more. She said that I was also the first one to ever lick and finger fuck her ass, and she liked that a lot too. She asked Susie if I ever fucked her ass like that. Susie smiled and told her that we regularly had anal sex. She told her how she loved it when she fucked herself with her favorite dildo while I plugged her ass with my dick. I told her how great it felt for me too, and that I could feel it vibrator thru the membrane between the two holes and I would cum buckets into Susie’s ass.

I was leisurely licking Becky’s pussy and asked when they decided to pull this little surprise on me. Susie said that they had been talking about it for some time, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to share me with her sister. She finally decided that I loved her and she could trust me not to get together with Becky behind her back, so she set it up. Becky had to go, her husband would be getting home shortly, and she needed get home. She took a quick shower and as she was getting dressed, she asked Susie when she could come back with her dildo and have me fuck her ass.

I just smiled. Ya gotta love sisters.

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