Anne Marie (Kitten) Book Store Slutwife

Anne Marie (Kitten) Book Store Slutwife

A little background: My wife Anne Marie is 5'7", 135lbs. We have been together for over 12 years, and she is 35 years old, but she could easily pass for 10 years younger. She has great legs and her ass is smokin'. Her breasts are a size 34B, perfectly shaped. She never wears a bra, so when her nipples get hard they can easily be seen through most tops that she wears.

We had fooled around with some threesomes in years past. She has brought home a couple of her girlfriends for us to play with, and I have let her fuck around with two of my best friends while I watched. There is nothing that gets me hotter than picturing Anne Marie pleasing and being pleasured by another guy, but up until this point, I had always been present when she would take any cock other than mine. Needless to say, I was very surprised by the incidents that took place recently.

My business requires me to travel from time to time, and last week was an industry conference that would keep me away from home for a few days. On the night before I was to leave, as we were lying in bed, Anne Marie put her head on my chest and started rubbing my cock and balls over my underwear. She was having a great time teasing me, running her fingernails over my hard dick and tickling my balls, without letting me get naked. She was telling me how badly she was going to miss me, and every few minutes she would giggle (many of you know that "bad-girl" giggle I'm talking about). After about ten minutes, I was ready to explode, so I asked her to get on her stomach so I could fuck her from behind. She said, "No, no, no…I have something I need to tell you," all the while continuing to tease me with her fingers. She had my interest now, but she wouldn't let up on the cock tease. She would say things like "I really want to tell you, but don't want you to be mad or jealous." Well now I was totally rock hard and begging her to tell me everything. Finally she said, "OK, well I think that when you are gone these next few days, I am going to flirt with this guy I met a couple of weeks ago." I literally almost came before she finished the sentence. After prodding her for what seemed like hours (as she was still playing with my balls) she finally explained what was going on.

We have this bookstore/café in our town, and Anne Marie often goes during the week to read a magazine while she has a cappuccino. The last two Thursdays that she had been there she had noticed this guy. He was about 6' tall, slim but pretty muscular. He had straight, jet-black hair that fell below his shoulders and "sparkling" blue eyes (her words, not mine). She said she figured he was about 28 years old and he looked Brazilian or something. Anne Marie said that he was incredibly hot, and her knees got weak the first time she had seen him. Last Thursday, they had made eye contact and Anne Mare thought she caught him checking out her legs and ass when she was bending over at the magazine rack. They didn't really have a conversation, but she said that as she was leaving, she walked by him and he smiled and said, with just a hint of a Spanish accent, "Maybe I'll see you here next Thursday." Anne Marie was completely taken by surprise, and almost didn't realize it when she replied, "Ummmm, that would be great." She was totally embarrassed by what she had said. So she made a b-line to the door and got the heck out of there.

So, as my wife continued rubbing my dick she asked me if it would be all right if she talked with him a little, while I was away. I told her to be as bad and a nasty as she wanted to be, but that she would have to tell me everything when I got home on Friday. With that, she giggled again and said, "My God, I wonder what he looks like naked." That was all I could stand, and with her hand cupping my balls, I proceeded to cum in my underwear, like a teenager having a wet dream.

Well, the next morning I hopped on a plane and went off to my conference. We spoke on the phone every night, and I was completely aware that Thursday was right around the corner. Every time I asked her if she was looking forward to seeing him, she would just give me that bad-girl/slut giggle and tell me she doubted if anything was going to happen. When I called her Wednesday night, I must admit I was laying in the hotel bed naked, with a bottle of baby oil on the nightstand. I poured the oil on my cock while I was talking to her, and was hard in about 30 seconds. I told her tomorrow was the big day, and she teased me by making believe she didn't know what I was talking about. I finally got her to admit that she was pretty excited, and we had phone sex until we came together. I made her promise that she would wear a short black skirt with thigh-high stockings, thong panties, high heals and a thin button down silk blouse. Of course she would not be wearing a bra, and I knew that just the slightest sexy thought would make her nipples clearly visible through the thin material.

I got very little done at the conference Thursday, picturing my beautiful wife in all kinds of nasty situations, even though she had said she was probably only up for some "innocent flirting". Well, being the little tease that she is, she made me wait until I got home Friday night to tell me all the details, but I must admit it was worth the wait.

She woke up Thursday morning, and began to prepare for the day ahead. The last two times she had seen him had been around 11:00 AM, so she planned on getting there at 10:30. She took a long bath, shaved everything (yes, she is completely shaven) and dressed in the outfit she promised to wear. Anne Marie said she looked and felt terrific and fought off the urge to masturbate before she left the house.

When she arrived, she looked around but did not see him anywhere. She got her cappuccino, grabbed a magazine and then walked over to the other side of the store where there were chairs and a couch. She sat down on the couch, and as the seats were pretty close to the ground, she struggled to keep her short skirt from riding up over the tops of her stockings. As she was pulling her skirt down, he came around the corner and their eyes met. He broke into a big smile, and said "Glad you made it, mind if I sit down?" She said she was blushing like mad, but said, "No, please sit." as she inched over on the couch giving him a great view of her long legs. He was wearing jeans and work boots and a thin sweater that showed off the muscles in his chest and abs. He introduced himself as Eddie and she told him her name was Anne Marie. She said they hit it off real well, and were quickly embroiled in your usual small talk. He was actually Cuban (not Brazilian) and was a bartender at one of the local watering holes. His real love was photography and the kicker was that he was only 22 years old. Anne Marie's skirt was giving her all kinds of trouble and Eddie's eyes kept wandering to the place where her stocking tops met her gorgeous well-tanned thighs. She said she knew she was blushing like a madwoman, but could do nothing to control it. He commented on how nice her wedding ring was (I guess testing the boundaries) and told Anne Marie that he himself had a fiancé that he was very much in love with.

They continued to talk about his photography hobby, and Anne Marie innocently (maybe not?) said that she would love to see some of his work, sometime. Well, he hit that one out of the park and said, "I only live about ten minutes from here, why don't we check them out now? And besides, I make a mean cup of cappuccino. Don't worry; I will be a total gentleman." Anne Marie told me there were a thousand things going through her mind but found she had no control of what her mouth said: "Sure, why not." They left the café, and she followed him to his apartment. She said she felt her nipples stiffen on the ride over, and she knew she was starting to get wet. She fixed her lipstick in the rearview mirror once they pulled up to his place and unbuttoned one more button on her blouse. She was embarrassed about how hard her nipples were, but thinking about it just made them harder. Once inside his small apartment, she noticed framed, black and white photos hanging all around the living room. She turned down his offer of a cappuccino, and focused her attention on a photo of an old woman on the side of a dusty road. She told me there was nothing spectacular about the picture, but it was hung up above a side table in the living room, higher than her eye level. She had to bend over a little at the waste and get on her tippy toes to see it well. She knew that from behind, Eddie now had a great view of her legs and ass, and she felt her skirt ride up to the very bottom of her ass cheeks. The tops of her stockings were now clearly revealed.

The first thing she felt was his right hand on her hip. He tried to start a conversation about the photo, but it was clear what was on both their minds, now. Eddie was standing directly behind her and she could feel his breath on her neck. Anne Marie leaned her head back and looked into his eyes. Eddie leaned in and kissed her full on the mouth. She said it started with no tongue, but soon was a full out French kiss. She licked his lips and soon found herself hungrily sucking on his tongue. His right hand reached around her waist, and up her stomach till it got to her left breast. She said she almost came when he started playing with her nipple through the silk. His left hand was on the top of her left thigh and he slowly started to lift her skirt to her waist. She was pushing her ass back into him now, and felt his cock start to get hard through his jeans. Eddie then deftly unbuttoned her blouse down to her belly button (it's pierced) and put his hand inside to feel up her gorgeous tits. She said at this point she was aware that she was starting to moan, and I guess he took that as a green light. He gently pushed her down over the side table (she was now leaning over it with her ass completely exposed except for the thin piece of material that made up her thong. He got down on his knees behind her, and started to pull her skirt and underwear down over her ass. He helped her step out of them and then began kissing her thighs above her stockings. He ran his finger down her ass and teased her ass with his tongue for a while. She said she was dripping wet and begging him to lick her pussy. He spread her ass and pussy with his hands and very gently began licking her, alternating between her ass and her pussy lips. He reached around and his finger found her clit. Her whole body began to shake, and she couldn't believe that she was going to cum so quickly. She told him she was cumming on his face. He was greedily licking up her juices, and as she was in the middle of a crashing orgasm, he put his finger in her ass making her scream. She kept pushing her ass back to meet his tongue and the thrust of his finger.

When her orgasm finally ended, Anne Marie turned around and helped Eddie up off his knees so they were face to face. She again took his tongue in her mouth tasting her own juices that had run down his chin. She reached down to feel his hard cock through his jeans. She helped him peel his sweater over his head, and began kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples. She kissed her way down his stomach and soon his hands were on the top of her head, gently guiding her to her knees. She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down over his muscular thighs. He was wearing boxer/briefs, and the top of his cock was sticking out the waistband. She started to lick the head (the tease that she is) while playing with his balls. Anne Marie pulled his underwear completely off and started to lick his balls while stroking his cock. She told me that it was at least two inches longer and much thicker than mine, and she had a hard time getting the whole thing in her mouth. She proceeded to give him what I can only imagine was the best blow job of his life, running her tongue from the very bottom of his balls to the very tip of his cock, then deep throating him like there was no tomorrow. She said she could feel his balls start to tighten up and she knew he was seconds away from cumming. She said she stopped for just a second, looked up at him (he was in ecstasy) and said, "Cum in my mouth, baby". With that, he could hold back no longer. He started truly fucking her face and as she was milking his balls with one hand he started to fill her mouth with his cum. She said he came for quite a while, and when she could take no more of it down her throat, she took his cock out of her mouth and jerked him off all over her lips, neck and tits. As he was cumming all over my wife, he was moaning and shouting, "Yes…fuck yes!" Anne Marie said that she continued to lick his balls and his cock, cleaning off every last bit of Eddie's cum.

When they were finished, they both pulled their clothes on, and he apologized to her for making her cheat on her husband. She then came clean with him, and told him that not only would I not mind, but it would probably make for some of the best sex we had had for years. He said that he very much wanted to fuck her the next time they got together, and Anne Marie said that she would be thinking about his big cock inside of her until the day he did fuck her. She also said that if it were going to happen, her husband (that's me) would have to be there. Eddie said he had no problem with that, and gave her his phone number. He is away this weekend, but hopefully, it won't be long before I am watching him bury his cock into my sexy wife. I can't wait.

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