Anne Marie (kitten) Slutwife for cowboys

Anne Marie (kitten) Slutwife for cowboys

My husband and I have been together for 17 years now and believe me, I consider myself to be the luckiest wife in the world. You see, we have what you might call “an arrangement”. He allows me to fuck pretty much whoever I want, whenever I want. I, in turn have to promise to tell him all the sordid details of my slutty encounters.

My latest bit of “whoring” was so hot, that he asked me to write a story about it. Bear with me, as this is my first attempt at literature. Trust me; I suck cock much better than I write.

This past weekend my two girlfriends and I decided that a “girl’s weekend” was in order. We planned a road-trip to go see a professional bull rider’s rodeo in the next state over from ours. I wish I could say that I wasn’t thinking about finding myself some hot stud of a cowboy to fuck and suck, but that would be a lie. I was totally planning to get laid, no matter what I had to do, and before I left, I told hubby that I was going to take being a total cumslut to the next level. I knew that those words would drive him freaking crazy while I was gone.

Our trip started at 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon. I was incredibly excited to go away for the weekend and when the girls finally arrived to pick me up, I gave hubby a long slow tongue kiss, threw my bag in the back of my friend’s truck and we were on our way. The whole three hour drive was a riot. My girlfriends know about my husband’s and my “agreement” and they were teasing me about how long it would take to get a “cowboy” cock in my mouth. My one girlfriend knew somebody who was sponsoring the event, and we schemed to find out where all the bull riders were going to go hang out after the rodeo.

I kept thinking to myself how hot it was going to be to fuck a real cowboy. It had always been a fantasy of mine and I was wet thinking that it was finally going to come true. We finally made it to the hotel after a little bit of “girl talk”, went to the room and changed for the event. I wore a pair of low rise jeans, a push up bra and a tight white shirt. I left my hair wild and messy, and my leather boots finished off my “cowgirl slut” look. Of course I hadn’t packed any panties, you know, not enough room in my bag (lol).

We arrived at the stadium early to meet up with our contact and get the tickets for the floor seats. Once we entered the arena, I couldn’t get the smile off of my face. So many cowboys, snorting bulls, the whole place just felt like sex. As we sat down, the music and Introductions started. The riders were announced one by one, and then the party started. Four shoots with four bulls; pure testosterone. The first rider got on his bull and tightened up the rope, the bull was moving around inside the pen waning to get out of the shoot. The door opened and this massive 2,000lb bull started bucking; horns sticking out, foaming at the mouth and snorting. It was an awesome sight. The rider got thrown off in about three seconds and the next rider was ready to go. That’s when I noticed my first potential victim. There was this guy they called “Boss Man “. He was a World Champion bull rider himself, but tonight he was on the microphone announcing the action. This guy was HOT. He was older (about 45). I thought to myself “Maybe I’ll fuck him “.

My slut thoughts were interrupted however, because I happened to lock eyes with one of the guys that was working as a “rider protector”. When I finally recounted the weekend to my husband, he teased me that the guy was actually a rodeo clown, but let me tell you, he wore no make-up and he was the bravest guy in the whole place. He was constantly getting horned from these massive bulls. He would look the bulls in the eyes and touch them on the head …WHAT BALLS, I thought. I later found out that his name was Jake and he too was also a champion rider. We kept checking each other out through the entire show, and more than once I was afraid that my distracting him was going to end in disaster for the poor guy. Finally, the show started wrapping up and the winners were announced. My friends and I left to get a good seat at the bar that we knew the riders were going to hang out in. We walked the four blocks to a place called “Martinis”, found a table and started partying…and waiting. We were waiting for our second round of drinks when the door opened and about 15 of the cowboys strut in. They took a couple tables right next to us, and as there were so many of them, some actually had to sit with us at our table. Do you want to guess who sat on either side of me? You got it; Jake on one side and “Boss Man” on the other. I was smiling ear to ear, giggling with the girls, wild eyed and ready to fuck. By this point I was determined to have myself one of these cowboys.

Jake was actually pretty sweet and he even seemed a little shy. Boss Man on the other hand was much more direct. After another drink I was flirting my ass off with both of them. Boss Man leaned over to me and told me that with how hot my lips were that I should be a porn star. Some of the cowboys laughed at this remark, and with a straight face I responded, “How do you know I’m not?”

The whole bunch was hooting and hollering at my comment, and from that point on, for the rest of the weekend I was known as “The Porn Star”. With that, I took out my cell phone and passed around some of the pics that my husband has taken of me fucking other men. Well this caused quite a stir, as you can imagine, and I spent the next twenty minutes explaining to fifteen cowboys how my husband likes me to fuck around with other men. My girlfriends were mortified, but they knew what they were getting into when they asked me to come along for the weekend (lol). You should have seen these guys; they were like little boys all trying to grab the cell phone and get a look of me on my knees with cock in my mouth.

I have to admit; I loved the attention and decided to tease a little more by making a big deal out of unbuttoning my shirt down to my belly. Then things started to happen pretty fast. I was four Martinis deep now and feeling no pain…and of course I was horny as all hell. I felt Jake place a hand on one of my thighs and Boss Man do the same on the other. I was instantly wet and felt my nipples straining to get through the material of my bra. Why had I worn that damn thing? I didn’t have to worry about it much longer though, as Boss Man slipped his hand inside my unbuttoned blouse, and around to my back. He deftly unsnapped my bra and I slid it out one of the arms of my shirt. I was now sitting there, unbuttoned to the waste, both of my boobs out for all to see.

As we were towards the back of the bar, plus the fact that I had 15 new best friends who would protect me, I felt pretty comfortable. Jake leaned over and started playing with one of my nipples (the one with the piercing). As I looked him straight in the eyes, he moved his mouth close to mine and we began to kiss. He was now totally feeling me up while I was sucking on his tongue. I felt Boss Man’s mouth on my other nipple and his hand moved from my thigh to my pussy. He was rubbing me through my jeans and I was completely aware that I was about to make a mess. Four or five of the other cowboys got up and surrounded the table. I felt numerous sets of hands all over my body and as Boss Man intensified his assault on my pussy, I started to cum right then and there. As I was moaning, I leaned my head back over my chair and noticed a tall, slim and very young cowboy standing behind me. He had unzipped his jeans and was working his cock out of his underwear. He got closer to me as his cock sprung out. I opened my mouth wide and he proceeded to stuff my face with his dick. I licked and sucked him hungrily and giggled when I heard one of my girlfriends gasp and say “Oh My God!”

Boss man took my head in his hands and was helping his friend face-fuck me by pushing and pulling me on and off of the cock I was sucking. This went on for a good ten minutes. I felt the hot cum on the back of my throat before I even knew what was happening. Slim let out a long moan and continued to pump his cum down my throat. I was on a mission not to waste a drop of it, but it felt like 5 minutes before he finally finished. I had swallowed every bit. There was stunned silence around the table, but they all erupted in laughter and applause when I wiped my mouth and said one word, “YUMMY”.

Well, you know there’s always somebody around to screw up a perfectly good party, and in this case it was the bar manager. He walked over and said that there had been a complaint. His mouth dropped open when he saw my exposed breasts and he just stammered that I couldn’t do that in here. Lucky that Slim had zipped up already (lol). I buttoned up and the boys booed, but Jake (who I had all but forgotten about) asked me if I wanted to get out of there and take a walk. I agreed, and after a lot of good natured ribbing, the rest of the cowboys let us leave. I told my girlfriends we were going to walk back to the arena and if they didn’t hear from me in two hours to come and find me.

Once we were out the door, I started really talking dirty to Jake. By this time I was so hot for a cock in my pussy that I could have thrown him to the ground right out there in the street. I found myself wondering how big his cock was and once again I couldn’t control the little giggle that came out of my just fucked mouth. He asked me why I was laughing and I just told him that we better stop at the convenience store for some protection, “just in case” (lol). I asked him if his wife would approve of what we were about to do (he had told me earlier that he was married) and he said that he highly doubted it. I told him that my husband would not approve if I DIDN’T fuck the hell out of him, and that I was going to call him as soon as we were done. That sort of threw Jake for a loop, but he got over it…quickly

We finally got back to where they park the trailers at the arena and there were some other cowboys in Jake’s trailer trying to get some sleep for the following day’s ride, so we went to his truck and we both hopped in the front seat. As soon as the doors shut, I leaned my seat back and unzipped my jeans. Jake leaned over the seat and started to lick my belly pulling my shirt out of my jeans and over my boobs. He licked me from my pierced belly button my nipple ring while his hands were feverishly trying to get down the front of my jeans. I started moaning and was hardly able to move because it felt so good. I started to become VERY vocal. Jake asked me if he could take off my jeans. I just laughed and told him that he better, and to do it quick. Once my jeans were around my ankles, Jake lost all of his shyness and his inhibitions. He forced my legs apart and dove his head into my wet pussy. It was ready and waiting for his tongue. He started licking and sucking on my clit while spreading my pussy with his fingers. He took four fingers and shoved them inside of me while he continued to lick. I came so hard I was literally screaming. I kept telling him to fuck me…fuck me with his fingers.

Jake looked up at me, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Now not a lot surprises me about the size of a man’s cock anymore, but his made me actually gasp. When I saw that it was easily nine inches long and as thick as a coke can all I could say was, “GIMME NOW!” He asked where I wanted it and I said “I want to suck you before you fuck me”. So with that he proceeded to gag me with his cock. He fucked my face but good. He held my head tight with both hands and I went deep throat on him. Damn, did he taste good. He pulled out of my mouth after a few minutes and said he was going to pound the hell out of me. He sat in the passenger seat, rolled on a condom and told me to get on top of him. I mounted him with my ass to him and my face to the windshield. As soon as I was positioned on top of his dick he pulled me down on him hard; real hard. I started to ride my cowboy like there was no tomorrow, my pussy dripping wet with my own cum, and his thick long cock deep inside my sweet pussy. He was as hard as they come, and I screamed “Fuck me harder …Fuck me HARD!”

It’s at that point that I happen to look out the front of the windshield to see two security guards watching us from a platform about thirty feet away. They were looking directly at me and I stared them right in the eyes. I was now talking filthy to the cowboy telling him to fuck my pussy hard. I really wanted to cum while the security guys were watching, but I didn’t say anything to Jake because I thought he might want to stop and there was NO WAY that was going to happen. After ten minutes of watching the two security guards watch me get the fucking of my life, I came all over his cock. My pussy was gushing all over his balls and as soon as I started to cum so did he. His cock throbbing and my pussy squeezing; the sensation was unreal. Oh my God I felt like such a whore.

After we came together, I rolled off of him and he threw the cum filled condom out of the window. As we sat there panting, I told him about the security guards watching and he turned bright red. He looked at me and said I was way too hot for my own good. We got out of the cab and sat on the bed of his truck for a while. I called my girlfriends and had them come pick me up. I had finally fucked a cowboy. Swallowing another one’s cum and being felt up by five or six others was just a bonus. I called my husband once I got back to the hotel and gave him the abridged version. It was only when I got home and I was able to tease him by playing with his cock and balls that I gave him all the gory details. He showed me his appreciation by coming all over my hand and arm. I wonder who I am going to fuck next. Any ideas?


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