Anne Marie, Submissive Slutwife

Anne Marie, Submissive Slutwife

I haven't written about my hot wife in a while, so I figure it's time to fill you in on her latest sexploit.

Anne Marie is 40, looks 27, and fucks like a 19 year old. She's tall, tanned skin, with long wild dirty-blond hair. Her legs and ass are perfect. I don't mean perfect for a 40 year old, I mean just perfect. Toned, rounded in all the right places and tight as a drum. Her 34 B tits are perky and her nipples (nipple ring on the left one) are always hard.

We have been playing around with others for the last 14 or 15 years. I absolutely love to watch her with other men and women, and she absolutely loves to be watched. So as you can imagine, it works out pretty well. We are a match made in Heaven. She's hot and she loves sex, and I'm relatively good looking and it turns me on when she explores the full depths of her sexuality.

Anne Marie has always had this fantasy about being completely dominated (by a guy other than me) and made to do all kinds of sordid things. I mean, sometimes she'll be too embarrassed to admit it, but in our wildest throes of passion she often tells me how she longs to be treated like a true slut. I finally decided to make the fantasy come true.

My buddy John has been one of Anne Marie's semi-regular lovers for the last ten years or so. She hadn't been with him in a while (and she was craving it) and he was starting to bust my balls about when he could "get together with that hot wife of mine", so I decided to set them up on a date.

I told John about Anne Marie's fantasy, and he was all over it. He agreed to give her what she was looking for and said that he wouldn't even acknowledge my presence in the room. He said he always knew she had a submissive streak in her and that he knew exactly what he was going to do.

That Saturday night, I laid out a dress for Anne Marie that was actually quite conservative. Very sexy, but certainly conservative for Anne Marie. It was a mid-thigh length black wrap dress. I also laid out thigh-high stockings, her garter belt and a pair of 4 inch black high heels. Obviously, there were no panties and no bra.

I hadn't told her what we were doing later in the evening, but I did tell her to make sure not to make herself cum while in the shower. She promised, but who knows? Anyway, once dressed, she looked stunning. Her legs looked spectacular, and the dress hugged her ass in such a way that it almost made me cum. Her braless nipples were quite noticeable through the clingy fabric of the dress, and they were already standing at attention.

As we pulled up to the Hilton downtown, Anne Marie gave me an inquisitive look.

"What are you scamming?" She asked.

"Nothing, baby. I just want to have a few drinks in the hotel bar." I lied.

Actually it wasn't really a lie. I took her straight to the bar and we both hung out and had a cocktail. And another. The way she was sitting on the bar stool, made her dress gape open at the hem, exposing the tops of her stockings and her garters. Every once in a while I would casually brush my hand over her thighs exposing just a little more skin each time so that by the middle of our third drink, she was pretty well exposed to anyone who might decide to cop a close look. She starts to get a little loose after three martinis and she was getting a lot of attention from a couple of guys at the bar, so I figured it was time to get moving. She was disappointed that I was dragging her out of there so early and she reluctantly winked and smiled her goodbyes to the bar guys as I walked her out into the lobby to the elevator.

"You're ready for bed already, hon? I didn't know you got a room." She said.

"Well, I just can't wait to get that dress off." I responded.

"Yummy." She replied, "Now you're talking.

The elevator stopped on the third floor and I walked her to the room. Standing in front of the door, I looked at her and kissed her on the lips.

"Do something for me, babe. Take your dress off right here; before we go into the room." I asked.

"Sure, why not." She replied.

With that, she untied the dress and let it slip from her shoulders. Before I knew it she was standing in the hotel hallway in high heels, stockings and a garter belt. God, she looked hot. I told her I had one more thing for her and I reached into my pocket and pulled out the collar we had bought for her a few months ago (the one that says "SLUT"), and I buttoned it around her neck. She was too surprised to react. She just stood there with that dirty little look on her face. I took the dress out of her hands and I knocked on the door. John must have been standing right on the other side, because it opened immediately. He took a look at Anne Marie and smiled. She was shocked, but when she realized who it was, she walked right up to him and started to kiss him. He was wearing jeans and no shirt. He was pretty buff, I must admit. He obviously had started working out again. Anne Marie's hands went right for his arms and then she ran them across his chest. Her tongue didn't leave his mouth until John pulled away and said,

"Now get in here and suck my cock. Tonight you're going to be my whore."

Her first reaction was to pull back just a little, but then she caught herself. She looked at me, then looked my friend right in the eye and said two words:

"Yes, sir."

He led her into the middle of the room, and I found a chair over by the desk. He put his hands on her shoulders and guided her to her knees. She went right for the button on his jeans, but he firmly told her no. He circled behind, bent down and pulled her wrists behind her back. Anne Marie heard the click of the handcuffs before she even realized what he was doing. Apparently John had brought his own props to the party. On her knees, with her hands cuffed behind her back, Anne Marie looked up at him and opened her mouth.

"Please put your cock in my mouth. Fuck my face; I've been a bad girl." She moaned.

John stripped out of his jeans and immediately fed Anne Marie his cock. In thirty seconds it was fully hard. She says it's about 8 inches long, but it's the thickness that she really lives for. She started to tongue his balls and lick the shaft of his dick. He told her to lick him like the slut that she is. Every time he said that she was "his slut", she got a little bit wilder. In a while it was obvious that she had totally forgotten I was in the room. She was opening her throat for him as he grabbed both sides of her head and started really fucking her face. Every four or five strokes, he would pull out of her mouth and rub his balls over her face. She greedily licked and sucked them and she begged him to play with her tits. I had been concentrating on her cock sucking technique, but her request made me look at her nipples. They were so hard they could cut glass. Her little tits swayed back and forth every time she licked him. He reached down and gently tugged on her nipple ring. He then reached around her head, grabbed a handful of her hair and began thrusting his cock deeply in and out of her throat. She was in heaven, totally helpless and submissive to him. The lust in her eyes as she looked up at him was amazing. I marveled at my nasty wife, virtually naked, on her knees, hands cuffed behind her back, taking my friend's cock into her mouth until his balls banged up against her chin.

"You like that, my little whore?" He asked. "You ready to take this cock in your pussy? Or maybe I'll fuck my whore's tight ass tonight."

She nodded at him meekly and let out a low guttural moan that seemed like it came from deep inside her body. John walked behind her again and lifted her to her feet. Holding her by her handcuffed wrists, he led her to the table. He roughly bent her over the table and gave her exposed ass a slap.

"Beg me for it, tramp. Whose slut are you?" He barked.

"Oh God, I am your slut. Please baby, fuck me. Slide your cock inside of me. I'm so wet for you." She begged.

John took his hands and grabbed Anne Marie by the hips. He slid his cock up and down her ass and teased her pussy lips with the head. He then knelt down, spread her pussy and fucked her with his tongue. She came almost immediately. As she screamed, I saw her juices squirting all over his face. He stood up behind her, and in one motion he rammed his cock inside her pussy until he was balls deep. She let out another scream as he slipped a finger inside of her ass. John started to bang her slowly and deeply. I would say that she started cumming again, but I don't think she ever stopped cumming from the first time. She was moaning and screaming so load, I was afraid that someone was going to call hotel security. John must have had the same thought, because he reached around and covered her mouth with his hand. All the while telling her what a hot little fuckslut she was. Her groans, now muffled, turned to whimpers.

When John felt like it was safe again he took his hand off her mouth and released the catch on the handcuffs, freeing her wrists. He turned her around, literally threw her over his shoulder, and carried her to the bed. On her back now, she spread her legs for him and begged him once again to put his cock inside of her.

"Grab your heels, you dirty little whore." He ordered, "My cock is going to stretch you out."

She did as she was told, and he crawled between her legs. He started slowly, but a few minutes later he was fucking her so hard that his balls were slapping against her ass. She was obviously cumming again and he told her to that he felt her dripping down his balls. He fucked her like this for what must have been forty-five minutes. He now had her long legs over his shoulders and his hands alternated from rubbing her clit to fingering her ass as he plowed into her hard and fast. Anne Marie kept telling him how fucking good his thick cock felt inside of her and how it had been too long since the last time he had stretched her out.

"Wow, you really are a slut." He said, "Where do you want take my cum?"

Without hesitation she replied, "On my face. In my mouth. Please, I need to taste you."

John lifted Anne Marie off the bed and got her back down to her knees. Her mouth opened wide for him. He stood in front of her and started jerking off. She was licking her lips and begging him to cum all over her married face. He guided the first spurt directly into her mouth. She swallowed hungrily and he really let loose. He painted her tongue and then pulled away and continued all over her lips and chin. He forced his still cumming cock back into her mouth and I saw that she was sucking every last drop down her throat. She reached up with her hands and milked his balls while he came for her. When he was finally finished, he made her lick him clean like she was licking an ice cream cone, from the very bottom of his balls to tip of his dick.

He looked down at her and said,

"Because you are such a good little cocksucking whore, I'm going to keep you for a little while longer. Tell your husband that I'll bring my slut home to him when I'm done with her."

Anne Marie just looked at him and nodded her head. She walked over to me and told me that she was powerless to tell him no. She said that for better or for worse, she was my friend's slut for the night and he could do as he pleased with her.

I got home at about 3:00 AM took all my clothes off and slipped into bed. Believe me it was torture to keep myself from playing with my own dick. I wanted to be ready to fuck her when she got home, so I endured the pain. Needless to say, I didn't sleep a wink and at about 5:45 I heard a car pull up. Five minutes later the bedroom door opened and in she walked. She was a site to behold. Both her stockings were ripped and her dress was untied and hung loosely over her body, her nipples were fully exposed and I immediately noticed that they were red and puffy like they had been pulled and sucked on for the last three hours. She was still wearing the "SLUT" collar.

She kicked off her shoes, rolled what remained of her stockings off of her luscious legs, stepped out of the garter belt and let her cum-stained dress fall to the floor. As she climbed into bed, she could see my rock hard cock ready for her to ride. Instead, she had me lay flat on my back and straddled my face. Her thighs clamped over my ears and she grinded her used pussy on my face. With her hands under my head, she pulled me into her until my tongue was deep inside. The smell and taste of him was all over her body and I felt my face drenched in the juices. I licked her until she started to shake at which time she began riding my face like a mechanical bull. She rubbed her pussy all over it and finally started to slide down my body to my eager cock. When I could feel the tip of my dick right up against her pussy lips, she abruptly rolled off of me and lay next to me with her mouth up against my ear. She took my hand and guided it down to my dick and whispered,

"He made me promise him that I wouldn't fuck you when I got home. He wanted to know that for one night only, I was truly his slut and no one else's. If you think I was a whore when you were in the room, you wouldn't believe the things he made me do to him after you left. Honey, I'm so embarrassed that I'm sure there are some things that I will never ever tell you. They're just too slutty. You would lose respect for me. I WILL tell you that he came in my pussy, but you already know that, I'm sure you could taste him. He came in my mouth again too, but this time I let him fill it with his cum before I swallowed it. It made me gag and some of it spilled out onto my lips and chin. This made him a little mad and what he did next…well that's the stuff I can't say, but maybe someday I will tell you how good his thick cock felt shoved deep in my ass."

My cock started to twitch and I felt my warm cum squirt all over my hand and then my stomach. She smiled when she saw this and gently patted my balls and my now soft dick.

"Good boy." She said, "Have I ever told you about this other little fantasy I have?"

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