Another virgin bites the dust.

Another virgin bites the dust.

The beginning Part 1: Another virgin bites the dust!

Well firstly this is the first part of a series of autobiographical Tales. I shall right about my further adventures, if it's received well that is. This is merely a first draft, I may well revise it and add much more, if it’s liked. And this is my first story and I’m half drunk so anyone who feels the need to bitch about spelling and grammar really needs to get a life. Although I would appreciate advise on my weak points, and things I should maybe add, just not pointless bitching.

Let’s see, well since this is the start of the series I might well start with the beginning of my initiation into the world of sexual ecstasy! By that of course I mean the loss of my virginity.

Well this was more than a few summers ago; I was 14 at the time I believe. But a strapping lad all the same. I was all of 6’1 and 12 stone. My father was a long time bodybuilder and also a boxer as was my grandfather so I suppose that’s why I had those attributes at a young age. I had a penis measuring 7 inches at that time or just under I believe. Not huge I know, but long enough to get deep enough in most girls to make them squeal! Or the girls I knew anyway. But that wasn’t the magic part friends, oh no, it was and still remains a good 6 inches in circumference. Not only that but I had a pretty good body nothing like my fathers of course, it hadn’t had time to develop but you shall see that in my future stories, as I progress through adolescence, college, University and so on.

Anyway, I’m aware that you are all yearning for a good sexual romp to get your jollies off to, but I want to give you a bit of background first. And if you don’t like that sod off!

Anyway, I was awful with girls, but not awful in the usual sense. I was tall, handsome, had a good body (for my age anyway) and I had the interest of quite a few ladies. But, I had awful and I mean *awful* confidence. Which is odd, considering I played for the football team, and had all the girls cheering. But hey, shit happens right?

I used to refuse to shower with the guys because they’d tease me about the size of my penis, which at the time I thought it was because it was small, I didn’t realize being called something along the lines of donkey cock was a complement. I thought it was all length that mattered which I didn’t really have! But it was visibly very thick. And all I’d been hearing was all the dudes bragging about their 12 inchers and the likes so that made me feel even worse.

14 and I’d never even kissed a girl! Anyway, I was on the football team, and a generally nice guy, so I was pretty popular. Well apart from the time I punched the truancy officer. You know the guy who calls and emails everyone in your family tree if you miss a period or a day of school? Yeah well, his life is meaningless. So I ran up to him in the canteen and shouted ‘’skip this bitch,’’ and then punched him in the face.

Of course I was in detention for the rest of my young life, but my popularity skyrocketed. And we all know what’s in detention? Bad girls, and we all know what bad girls are good for right? *looks meaningfully at crotch*

Anyway, this was Friday night and I was always getting calls for parties, but I just never had the time to go. With football practice and homework, little bit of light weightlifting. And fuck knows what else!
Anyway, this Friday I’d had a monumentally shit day at school, I’d been sent to the principal at least 3 times. So I thought ‘’fuck it’’ I could do with getting wasted.

So, we all met up at Alexander’s house, rich bastard, I remember gawping at the pillars and archways of his house as I casually walked up his drive, thinking fuck no wonder he gets laid. I was also thinking, I am so stealing some champagne I was just walking up the drive, when I heard a noise to my left and I heard Erik whisper ‘’ Jay, get over hear you silly twat’’ Now Erik was the local hard case, everyone knows one, every school has one. He was about 17, but shorter than me, stocky though. He was the guy who walked into the back of class reeking of weed and covered in sickly purple love bites. No he was a few years above me so never walked into my class, but you get my point!

Now I was friend with everyone the popular rich pricks, I have no problem with people having money; I’ve certainly had some rich women in my time. And you never heard me complaining. But most are arrogant pricks. And the not so popular people like Eric.

‘’What the hell are you doing here man?’’ I replied. ‘’You can’t have been invited, if Alexander’s father saw you he’d fucking shoot you!’’ ‘’Well, what Alexander’s daddy don’t know won’t hurt him,’’ He smirked.

‘’ So what are you doing here?’’ ‘’Well numb nuts they have a private wood, and well.’’ He rattled the two backpacks he was carrying gently and a faint jingling of what could only be liquor bottles emanated from within.

A smile spread across my face was I saw the tent strapped to his back, which quickly faded when I realized he had a dozen or so shady accomplices hunched behind him.
‘’ So, is he coming? Or do I have to knock his teeth out.’’ Replied the burly and infamously violent Rob.’’ ‘’Ok, ok, I’m coming,’’ I said. ‘Just shut the fuck up and follow us then!’’

So, we made our way through the grounds, blah blah I’m sure you don’t need all that, although I distinctly almost castrating myself on a fence!

Anyway, after walking through this forest for what seemed like miles, It wasn’t that small after all! We came to this perfect clearing, it had a perfect circle of clear grass about 50ft square, and medium sized rivers on each side to keep the beers cool.

Anyway we all set up camp, there was 7 or so tents in all, I being me, didn’t think I was going to get laid, so I was shitting myself thinking I was in the middle of nowhere with no tent!

The party got started at about 9, it was a beautiful summers night so still pretty light, the beers were broke open and there was some vodka and whiskey for those who liked it a bit stronger.

I was sitting by the fire pretty damn drunk as I had snaffled a bottle of whiskey and drank a good half of it. Good stuff though, I’d declined numerous joints from Eric, Rob, and Leroy. As I was more concerned with keeping fit that smoking weed!

Pretty much everyone had retired to their tents and was either getting it on with a girlfriend or had passed out quietly somewhere!

I was just getting ready to myself, when I was approached by this gorgeous girl, and I mean she was fucking hot with a capital H!

She had just left school that summer, was slim about 110 lbs 5’7 maybe, long naturally blonde almost waist length hair and tanned skin. I was so smabashed I thought I must have been hallucinating!

She was called Martina, as I knew all to well. She was famed for being high class at the very least, and only fucking the hottest jockiest guys, and I played football but I wasn’t a fucking jock! She was also rather famous for her cock swallowing skills, she could such a golf ball through a length of hose or so I heard and I’d heard some of the dudes in the locker room commenting that she could deepthroat too.

She approached me, ‘’ Hey Jay, I’ve had my eye on you for a while,’’ She whispered ‘’ you’re pretty quite for someone so popular.’’ ‘’I guess so.’’ I replied My eyes scanning her hot tight body before locking on her firm breasts which had to be DD’s. She was drunk, but not as drunk as me, so she noticed.

‘’You like?’’ ‘’Hell yes’’ I replied hoarsely. She gave me a naughty little smile.
‘’ I’ve watched you on the team, so fast and strong, you really turn me on Jay.’’ ‘’ Do I?’’
Was all I could think to reply. My mind all ready running through scenarios and plans for ravaging this cheerleader. She looked intently at my drunken half mast eyes and realized that my mind was elsewhere, but judging by the bulge in my jeans I was thinking of her.

‘’you want to fuck me don’t you?’’ Each word vibrating in my head, both heads!
‘’You have no idea!’’ She started gently rubbing the bulge in my pants, nowadays I’d be turned off by a girl so forward and easy, but I was drunk and a virgin so that didn’t even cross my mind.

Before I knew it I was pulling her into a passionate kiss, tasting her soft, pink lips. I gently forced them apart with my tongue and pushed it deeply into her mouth as my eager hands roamed her body, before alighting on her firm ass, and giving it a generous squeeze.

As my hands moved up over her hips I began to suck her tongue, so sweet and firm. I was rock hard before my greedy hands reached her breasts. I firmly squeezed one with my left hand as my other ran up through her long blonde hair. I gently bit her lip and pulled on it as I found one of her hardening nipples through her bra and rubbed it with the palm of my hand.
She moaned, by this time we were both thoroughly horny and she dragged me back to her tent.

We kissed for a few more minutes; before she unbuckled my belt and pulled it out with such fevor she burnt my ass! She unzipped my pants with her teeth, and gasped as my rock hard cock sprang out and slapped her in the face. ‘’It’s so thick!’’ She exclaimed. I merely smiled in response and waited for her to get to work with her pretty little mouth.

She slowly rolled my foreskin back fully over the fat head of my cock, I groaned with pleasure as she kissed the head. She then ran her tongue over it, I shivered with lust at the feeling of her warm, wet, tongue.

My eyes almost rolled back into my head as she finally allowed me fully into her mouth, her hand gripping the base of my cock she began sliding her soft, pink lips up and down it. I felt her tongue gently lapping the underside and ran my fingers through her silky hair.

I was only an inch or to into her small mouth due to the thickness of my shaft, but I still wanted it deeper! So I knotted my fingers in her hair and pulled her onto my fat cock, her teeth grazed it slightly. I decided this felt good. So I bucked my hips a little, she gagged, so much for deepthroat!

This continued for a few minutes, until she tasted my salty pre cum and decided to work on my large balls for a while. She continued slowly stroking me, running her petite fingers over my purple veined cock as she teasing ran her tongue over my balls. I groaned at the combined ecstacy of her slow, wet, saliva lubed handjob and her naughty little tongue on my stones.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better she whispered naughtily ‘’ you like that don’t you boy! You want to feel your balls in my mouth?’’ ‘’ Fuck…’’ ‘’ Yeah girl’’ I rasped ‘’ ‘’you’re damn naughty you know that? And I like bad girls!’’

She gently sucked one large ball and then the other, before managing to take them both in her mouth. It was a little uncomfortable at first because of her teeth, but I didn’t complain! It was so wet and warm. I began to jerk my own cock, just enjoying her sucking my balls and running her hands over my belly.’’ I wanna fuck!’’ I exclaimed. Like the idea had just occurred to me!

‘’Mmm, me too.’’ ‘‘hehe’’ ‘’ you got a rubber?’’ FUCK……. Echoed through my mind. ‘’No, you?’’ ‘’nope.’’ ‘’Shit..’’ I said loudly, Just my fucking luck I come out to a party after a lame day have the chance to get laid and I don’t have a rubber!

‘’Be right back hot stuff!’’ I said I made my way out of the tent into the warm summers night, it was fully dark now, but very light. I made my way to the first tent but remembered that Shellie and Tammy were gothic lesbians so the chance of them having rubbers were slim! Nice girls though. Fucking amazing ass Shellie had, till I virtually destroyed it anyway! They can always be turned my friends! Remember that.

But that’s for further stories.

The 2nd tent was light out, And the 3rd Andy’s was lights out. I tripped over a log and almost de spined myself. By now I was getting a little annoyed and was worrying that my quest might be futile.

I got to Lysias’, Lisa, lassie, whatever the hell she was called! But all I heard was Rob making loud grunting and straining noises punctuated by a girlish moans still Rob by the way! Ah well, I really don’t want to know what makes Rob moan like a school girl, so moving swiftly on and similar noises like he was having terrible difficulty going to the toilet so I thought fuck that!

Anyway, I got to Erik’s tent and I thought he was bound to have some rubbers, especially as I saw him take two girls into his tent to smoke a few joints, with a shit eating grin I might add!

I knocked on the entrance to his tent, or as close to knocking as you can get. All I was heard was some girlish giggles and some loud boasting about getting a camel through the eye of a needle or some nonsense!

No answer. Grr! I slowly unzipped the door and made my way in. ‘’ Jay my friend, you changed your mind about that weed then?’’ He drawled hazily, I looked at his half mast eyes and laughed to myself as I thought there was more chance of him passing out just as he unhooked her bra than having a nice threesome.

He was a hardened smoker and he looked ready to collapse. I hadn’t touched drugs before and thought that since it would be my first I’d probably get more wrecked than him! It was pretty strong too, White widow? Sour Diesel?? I could never remember all the different varieties!

And the thought of pounding Martina’s lovely pink pussy remorselessly was more tempting that passing out on my back and no doubt waking with a heavy headache, fucked up nose and generally feeling like a Gorilla had my head in a vice.
But everyone to their own!

The girls looked pretty smashed too come to mention it, two fine brunettes’ sisters. The kind of sister’s who’s first sexual experience was with each other! By the looks of them they were roughly the same age as Erik

One smiled naughtily at me and to cut a long story short gave me her number. Wasn’t I a lucky boy tonight? I learned she was called Suzy. You shall hear more of her in the coming stories.

Anyway back to my valiant and noble quest! ‘’ Dude, can you spare any rubbers? I enquired. ‘’Getting lucky are we Jay?’’ He smirked. ‘’Maybe!’’ I sighed, ‘’depends whether you have any rubbers…’’

‘’You’re in luck’’ he reached somewhere behind him and pulled out a handful of at least 5 or 6 rubbers, flavored ones too! He smiled smugly ‘’Give her one for me!’’ ‘’You wish.’’ I quipped.

I made my way back to Martina, the triumphant knight returning from his noble quest!
As I entered the tent I saw a sight I’d never forget. She was now fully naked and slowly fingering her pussy.

And what a pussy She had no her on her actual sex just an exceedingly tidy little triangle about an inch above her clit, confirming she was a natural blonde!

She had very nice full pink pussy lips. With hindsight I would have eaten her out so good she wouldn’t even remember her own name. But I was an inexperienced virgin, who’d only seen a few porn flicks so I wasn’t exactly experienced on how to pleasure a woman. That would change.

I undressed too. I held my long foreskin back as she slowly slide the condom onto my fat cock, it actually took a few tries to get it fully on and it ended up splitting, so we had to use a second. She lubed my cock this time with her warm saliva.

The second one fit but it was rather tight and quite painful actually. Finally I was ready to go!

I knelt in front of her, she lay on her back. I slid my hands under her curvaceous hips and pulled her closer and raised her pussy up to the level of my throbbing cock.

She was quite loose from all the guys she’d fucked and obviously not particularly small ones either! Still she was quite tight for me.

I spat on her pussy to provide a little extra lube, then I teased her clit a bit with the head of my cock, I only knew this from porn movies! She moaned though and seemed to enjoy it. I then began running it up her fully, pink, plump pussy lips.

Teasing her tight opening, as I ran my cock up between her lips. just enjoying the warmth seeping into the sensitive head of my cock from her eager pussy.

I position the tip at the lovely pink flower shaped opening. It was lower than I thought. I slowly began to push into her, I felt her lips stretching over the fat head of my cock, she moaned, I pushed another inch or so in then pulled out a little way and pushed back in she grit her teeth and gasped a little. I was a good 3 inches or so in her so I leaned forward and lay fully on top of her.

Supporting my weight on my arms I began to thrust shallowly in her pussy, almost teasing myself. Enjoying her tight warm canal, knowing as she grit her teeth, gasped and moaned in pleasure pain that she had never been stretched like this before and she could feel every vein and every ripple of my thick shaft.

I decided it was time to bury myself in her. With one big thrust I buried my cock in her, I slammed into her cervix which got a cry from her, she began to dig her nails into my back as I began to thrust harder.

Enjoy her pussy as it lapped and sucked at my cock her lovely plump lips wrapped around the base.

I increased my pace and really pounded her. She dug her nails deeper into the skin of my back and shoulders, almost drawing blood. She ground her hips into me. I loved the feeling of my pubic bone grinding against her soft fleshy mound so I began grinding and rubbing into rather than the thrusting.

She began to buck her hips and moaned my name a few times. I then felt her stretched pussy muscles begin to tremble and clench, just as she began orgasming I couldn’t take any more. The clenching of her naughty little pussy sent me over the edge.

I grit my teeth and grunted I thrust as deep as I could and blew my load right against her pretty pink cervix. I gave a few lasts thrusts as I pumped the last few squirts of my precious seed into the rubber, then I collapsed on her. Enjoying the comedown after my powerful climax. And the last of her orgasm gently milking my cock.

After what seemed like an age of fucking, in reality bout 10 minutes maybe 15. Which I don’t think was too bad for a virgin with a girl that hot!

We had a short respite, and by morning had come we had used all six rubbers. I was certainly a busy boy that night!

She fell asleep at about 4 am her head on my chest, the last thought running through my mind was dude cool…..

Very mature indeed!

Hope you enjoyed my first story, if you didn’t don’t just bitch be constructive. And I may give you the honor of writing about all my adventures!

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