As we got to know each other better…..

As we got to know each other better…..

Greg, Teresa and I would continue to go out and party like we did before, however things were different now. Although there were never expectations, there was an unsaid desire that we all continued to have. Teresa would continue to dress up for us and I made sure that her pussy stayed shaven. However when we were out in public, although Teresa would still be very friendly with Greg, we never let on that we were a threesome, which only added to the anticipation.

One afternoon after spending the day together, we went over to his house. We did a couple of shots over his house to keep our buzz going and then we began to talk about Greg and his motorcycle racing days. He pulled out an old album where he showed us pictures of him racing and trophies that he had won. It was pretty cool and Teresa thought he looked sexy in his racing uniform. He mentioned that he still had it and went into the spare bedroom and brought it out to us.

As he was showing it to us, he asked Teresa if she wanted to try it on. She loves the feel of leather on her skin, and she was wearing just a pair of shorts and a t shirt. She dropped her shorts down right in the living room leaving her panties on and took off her shirt and bra. Greg knelt beside her so she could step into the suit and then he pulled it up and stepped behind her and helped her put her arms into the suit. It zipped up in front from the crotch up to the neck. Greg was grinning ear to ear looking at my wife as she stood there in his suit with her perky tits still showing.

Greg asked if he could take some pictures of her. Both of us agreed and she posed for some really sexy pictures. Unfortunately it was summer time and the suit was hot so she didn’t wear it for very long. She was getting very turned on as she was receiving all of this attention from Greg and me. So she went over to the floor space in front of the couch and coffee table and pulled off her panties.

Greg had a bean bag chair that I sat down in and he went and sat down on the couch. Teresa lay down in the floor in front of us and started to rub her clit. Greg and I were a little surprised at this, but we were definitely enjoying what we were seeing. I started to talk to her and asked her if she was enjoying rubbing on her pussy while Greg and I watched. She said she was and picked up the pace of rubbing her moist throbbing clit.

She was moaning in front of us now as she was massaging her tit with her other hand. She had placed her head on the floor and closed her eyes and arched her back as if we were not even there. She brought herself to an orgasm and then looked at both of us sitting there watching her in amazement. She had her, “I need a dick” look on her face and I was totally turned on.

I asked Greg if he wanted to fuck her and he said he didn’t and then told me to fuck her. I asked him if he minded, since this was his place and I didn’t want to just assume that I could fuck my old lady anywhere I wanted, including his house and he assured me that it was okay with him. So I crawled over to her and she undid my pants as I took off my shirt. I then took my boxers off as she lay back down before me and she spread her legs. I felt her pussy with my fingers and it was both smooth and wet. She took a couple of strokes of my cock in her hand and felt how hard it was.

I then positioned myself between her legs and slid right in. She was a little tight, but she felt so good. After a couple of strokes, she was a perfect fit and I felt right at home. It didn’t take long for me to pick up the pace as I began fucking my wife in front of Greg again. She placed her hands over her head as she was enjoying me fucking her hard. I asked Greg if he had any rope that he could tie her hands up with, but he said that he didn’t have any. He did go into his kitchen and pull out some duct tape though.

Teresa was getting more and more excited with eagerness to see what we “boys” were up to. Greg then grabbed a hold of her arms and duct taped them together at her wrists, but he didn’t cut the tape. He stood about four feet from her head and held on to the roll and pulled on her arms to stretch her out. This was a total turn on for both my wife and me as we have played with bondage with each other before, but this was the first with someone else.

He was yelling at her and telling her to enjoy it. I was fucking her for all I was worth. After about 15 minutes of pure fucking as he held onto her arms in the air, I came hard into her. As I came into her, he let go of the tape and her arms fell to the floor. I rolled off of her and he walked back over to the couch. I asked her if she enjoyed that, and she was very eager to say, “Yes”. She laid there on the floor trying to catch her breath. Her pussy was pulsating. I brushed her hair out of her face and leaned over to kiss her. She brought her arms back down to her stomach as they were still taped together.

I undid her arms and then got up next to her and put my shorts back on and sat back in the bean chair. She got up and sat next to Greg, still naked. I knew what she was wanting; she wanted Greg to fuck her next. She had my cum running out of her pussy as Greg was rubbing on her leg. It didn’t take long for my wife to go for Greg’s dick and she started to rub it. I remained on the bean bag chair on the floor next to them and watched them make out. They were whispering in each other’s ear and I could not tell what they were saying. Then Greg stood up and asked if I minded if he took Teresa back into his bedroom with him. I said, “No, I don’t mind at all”. Then she stood up and went back into the bedroom with him, leaving the door open.

I moved to the couch and spent about a half hour by myself watching TV. After the show was over I was flipping through the channels when Greg emerged from his bedroom. He was wearing his shorts so I figured they were done. I walked back into the bedroom and saw Teresa lying there. When she saw me she went ahead and got up. I couldn’t tell if he had fucked her, but Teresa is a screamer and I didn’t hear any screams. I never did ask her what happened that night while I sat in the living room, but she said that Greg still wasn’t totally comfortable with me being there. I wasn’t willing or ready to leave her at Greg’s house as the day turned into night and I was ready to go home.

A couple of weeks later, Greg drove over to our house in the evening. We all had taken naps and slept most of the afternoon away, so by the time the evening rolled around, we had lots of energy. We got dressed up and were ready to go out. Teresa put on a short skirt and a very nice top. I had shaven her pussy as usual. She was wearing a new pair of panties that really weren’t panties. They were a sexy laced piece of cloth that had a set of beads that was attached from the front to the back. When she put them on, they ran down the crack of her ass and fit in between her lips. She liked them because when she walked they rubbed her clit.

She was eager to show Greg her new underwear and he liked them as well. We went down to the Rodeo and I drove us down to the Pink Pony. While on our way there, we talked about this and that, but noting in particular. Once we were inside, Greg and I tipped some of the girls on the stages and we took a seat with Teresa at a table close to the main stage. A sexy waitress came over to us and we ordered drinks. We all had beer. Greg and I continued to scope the place and Teresa was watching us like we were dogs in heat. We eventually found us some girls and we each had table dances. The girls really liked Teresa and Teresa liked the attention.

Eventually the shot girl came over to our table. She was very hot and dressed in a uniform that consisted of short shorts and a revealing low cut shirt. She had test tube shots in a test tube holder she carried with her. I bought Teresa a shot and the shot girl asked Teresa which kind she would like. Teresa asked what flavors she had. She said, “Jaeger”…. And Teresa said “Yes”. The girl pulled the test tube filled with Jaeger and then climbed on Teresa’s lap. It was extremely sexy to watch. Teresa grabbed the young girl’s hips to hold her in place and the shot girl proceeded to take the test tube filled with Jaeger and held it above her head and flicked it with her tongue like it was a dick. She then licked it up one side and down the other and then took the test tube and deep throated it. After the shot girl was done deep throating the shot, she took it and placed it between her tits and grabbed the back of Teresa’s head. Teresa bent her head over and took the test tube in her mouth and the shot girl held her breasts together and rose up in Teresa’s lap and had Teresa take the shot without any hands. It was actually quiet impressive and a great skill!

We hung out for another hour or so enjoying the girls, the drinks, and Teresa’s company. She would show off a little here and there, teasing us like all the other girls were. Once we had a good buzz going, and we were all worked up, we decided that we should head on home. We piled back in the Rodeo, Greg got in the back behind me and Teresa laid in the passenger seat and I drove. We hadn’t even pulled out of the parking lot and Greg had Teresa lean the seat back so that he could make out with her and raise her shirt up and kiss on her nipples.

I pulled out and started driving home and watched out of the corner of my eye and watched the two of them embrace each other in kisses while Greg helped Teresa out of her shirt. She was squirming with eagerness, as I reached over and started to finger her already wet pussy. This was her signal that she didn’t need her skirt or beaded panties anymore so she pulled both of them off so that she was completely naked as we drove home. I asked Greg to take over fingering her pussy for me as I turned on the lights inside so passer by’s could get a good look at her and what fun Greg was having with her. Teresa and I did something similar one time when we were on our way home and we were hungry. She was laid back and I was fingering her as we went through the drive thru and the young black guy who handed us our food got a full view of me fingering her pussy. Although this time we went strait home.

Once we arrived back at our place and parked, Teresa was eager to get up to the apartment so she could have us service her better. She got out of the Rodeo, totally naked not even noticing our down stairs neighbor outside smoking on his front porch and walked up three flights of stairs as Greg and I walked behind her. While I was fumbling for the keys, Greg had Teresa pinned up against the wall outside feeling her up and kissing on her neck. Once I had the door open I stood there and watched them for a little bit before they broke their kiss and came in.

Teresa ran in and grabbed the blanket that was on the bed and brought it back out to the floor in the living room. Greg and I grabbed a beer, but they never even got opened. Teresa had other ideas. She lay down on her back and Greg went right between her legs and started to eat her out. Along with having one of the best looking pussies I have ever seen, it also tastes as good as it looks. I sat in the recliner and watched him eat her out for a good twenty minutes and then he stopped all of a sudden and said to me, “Go get her Robo”.

Without hesitation, I got up from the recliner, and went into the bedroom and retrieved the Robo. Who am I to argue with the boss?! When I got back into the living room, he was back to eating her pussy, which he was obviously enjoying, so I just laid the Robo by her side and sat back in the recliner and continued to watch him. Greg was an expert pussy eater, I don’t know if I ever ate her pussy that good, or if from my angle, I was just able to see how much Teresa truly enjoyed having her pussy eaten. She was screaming and crying about how good it felt and she had her hands on Greg’s head, caressing him and encouraging him to continue eating her pussy for as long as he could. I could see that his face was buried into her with his tongue working her clit deeply and his nose was pleasantly filled with her sweet aroma, not to mention his chin was covered with her sweet nectar.

When Greg came up for air as Teresa was getting closer to cumming he noticed that I was sitting in the recliner again watching intensely with amazement and picked up Robo asking Teresa, “Is this what you want?” She replied back to him, “Oh yes, give it to me baby” very erotically. He put it at the opening of her vagina as she held onto the back of her knees pulling her legs up into the air and spreading her legs wider, wanting Robo so badly she could almost taste it. He teased her a little bit and she enjoyed every second of Greg’s touch. He gently pressed the head past the opening of her vagina and slowly let it penetrate her. He twisted it a couple of times and then turned the rotating beads on. He pulled it out a little bit and then drove Robo into her a little further and still twisted it as it plunged into her deeper. He withdrew it again and then turned on the vibrating clitoral stimulator. Sending chill bumps all over Teresa’s body, he drove Robo in as far as it would go. Teresa was in pure ecstasy and probably didn’t think she could be any more turned on as Greg pleasured her. Boy was she wrong.

Greg then moved beside her and was on his knees. She had her hands down by her side and was gripping the blanket with both hands as Greg continued to work her pussy with Robo. He saw how much pleasure she was in and looked over his shoulder at me and said with almost a little sarcasm, “She is very turned on, isn’t she?” I said, “Of course, you have a special touch for her”. He just smiled with encouragement and turned his attention back to her.

Because he had moved, I couldn’t see Robo working her clit anymore and when she gushes, I love to see it. So I got out of the recliner and knelt beside her head on the same side that Greg was on. I pulled her hair back and started to massage and kiss on her tits. I could only imagine how she felt with her two favorite guys in her life with their only goal was to fully pleasure her. She then reached up and started to rub my cock through my pants and even lightly bite through them with her wanting mouth. Greg, enjoyed watching her doing this too and said, “Yeah, you like that don’t you Teresa?” I took my cock out of my pants so she could suck on it and with one plunge of her mouth, I was completely inside her mouth and down her throat.

Greg also did something new to Teresa that took both me and her by enough surprise that it made her lay her head back down and I watched as her eyes rolled to the back of her head with pleasure. With the Robo in side of her, the clit stimulator on high, her juices flowing and with her already close to the edge, Greg found her pelvic bone and just above it he pressed down and inside of her. This was totally erotic and Teresa found a new feeling unique to Greg that drove her absolutely wild. It was as if he found her “G” spot from outside her body and was able to rub her to a climax like I have never seen before. We both watched her intensely as he worked his magic and then she came in gushes that impressed all of us.

She was screaming in ecstasy, while Greg and I continued to watch in amazement. Teresa was in pure heaven and Greg and I felt a deep pleasure in enjoying her fulfilling all of her desires and sexual needs. As she continued to enjoy every touch of her pussy and every soft kiss to her body that Greg and I delivered along with every kiss she was able to get with her tongue, Teresa was very much at a point where she was able to feel all of the sensations in the room and become a part of both Greg and I.

Greg could tell that I was super hard at this point and stayed beside her as he asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I was more than happy to let him go ahead and fuck the shit out of her as she desperately needed and wanted, but I wasn’t about to pass up on this pussy that was screaming for dick. Greg held open her legs as I moved in between them and placed my dick inside of her eager pussy. He moved up to the recliner and watched as I fucked her hard and fast, and came as fast, obviously not fulfilling all of her needs. Once we were finished and Greg noticed she was still horny and wet, he called for Teresa and she responded quickly as I lay on the floor beside her wet spot.

I lay on the floor and watched them kiss. He continued to whisper in her ear and she responded very positively. Greg then asked me if I had any porn that Teresa liked. I got up and found a DVD that Teresa and I most recently purchased from our local porn shop. Teresa and I recently discovered an old desire in us that both exited our bondage side as well as girl on girl action. Teresa slid down in between Greg’s legs as I put the movie in. We found us a movie that truly excited both of us and it was obvious from Greg’s own excitement that he liked it as well.

Greg asked Teresa if she liked that, knowing he knew the answer from an earlier session of ours. She has always been very turned on by porn, but especially bondage porn. Teresa lay back down in front of us and I grabbed a pillow for her to rest her head on. She picked Robo back up and placed it back into her and positioned herself so she could watch the DVD with us. After a little bit of enjoying her, enjoying herself, I asked her to join me on the couch. She lay down next to me, with Robo still firmly planted in her pussy. She put her legs over my lap as I sat there naked and worked Robo’s magic on her clit. She started bucking again, making Robo work her clit even rougher. I reached up and pinched her nipples which she enjoyed very much. I then reached down between her lips and grabbed her clit with my thumb and forefinger and pulled it out of her lips and mashed it against the vibrator. This sent her over the edge and she sat up and said in a very demanding voice to me, “I want you to fuck me!”

I was very hard by this point, so I just positioned myself next to the couch and grabbed one leg and put it in the air and slid my hard dick into her. She grabbed my ass and screamed, “Give it to me!” So I pounded her pretty hard for a couple of minutes and then I decided to flip her over. She was now facing away from me with her knees on the couch and her arms over the back of it, as Greg watched us from behind. I kept fucking her harder and harder and we were sliding off of the back of the couch and over the arm of the couch. She now had her hands completely on the floor as her ass was up in the air over the arm and I continued to pound into her. Greg thought this was better than any porn he had ever seen before and didn’t even notice what was on TV at this point and neither did we. I grabbed a hold of her with both hands and gave her good long hard strokes and then as she was getting closer to cumming, I put a finger in her ass to send her over the edge. I could feel everything contracting around my dick and my finger and then I finally exploded up inside of her for the second time tonight.

I backed off of her and she laid there over the side of the couch. I turned and looked at Greg, and said, “You should really try her out man! She feels really good and would love for you to fuck her!” Greg just smiled really big and said, “I think Teresa is pretty well fucked out. She has cum running down her legs and looks like she could use a break.” So Teresa sat back down on the couch and I lit a cigarette for her. The porn movie was still playing as Teresa and Greg toted on their cigarettes. I asked Teresa if she was having a good time and she said that she was. I asked Greg if he liked the bondage he saw on TV and he said he liked it as much as Teresa did. I turned to Teresa and asked her if she would like to be tied up and she turned to Greg and asked, “Would you like for me to be tied up?” Greg said, “Sure, what do you have in mind?”

Teresa and I had experimented many times before with bondage, so much that we kept the ropes tied to the bed. She lay down on the bed on her back and I put the ropes around her wrists and ankles so she was tied spread eagled on the bed having very limited movement. Once she was tied up, Greg knelt down beside her and started to tickle her body. While he was teasing her, I went to our “special” drawer and pulled out some clothes pins and some rat traps I had modified. I think this took Greg by a little surprise as he was not sure what I planned on doing with them. I placed the clothes pins on her lips, three on each side. Greg was a little weirded out, but he asked Teresa if she liked that. When she told him she did, Greg tried to stay involved and continued to tickle and tease the rest of her body while I licked her clit.

I then changed out the clothes pins with the mouse traps on her pussy lips. Teresa actually likes them better because rather than a pinching sensation the clothes pins give her, they give her more of a strong pressure sensation. Teresa continued to moan in pleasure, but this was completely new to Greg and something that took some getting use to for him. He started to get up and leave the room, and I asked him if he was okay. He just said, “Yeah, this just isn’t my thing”. Since we wanted to include him in on this, we decided to stop. So I untied Teresa and pulled the traps off of her lips. She was still very horny and not ready to give up on Greg.

We walked back into the living room and Greg was sitting on the couch where Teresa and I were fucking earlier. Teresa went and sat on his lap and put her arms around his neck. I put on a pair of shorts and sat down in the recliner across from them. He asked us if we really liked that kind of stuff and we said we did. He apologized for leaving us in there, but there was no need for an apology. The DVD was still playing in a loop, but I had stopped it and turned on the TV. Teresa was still naked and focused on still getting Greg to fuck her. Greg was paying her a little attention to keep her occupied and asked if we had any other porn. I said, “We have cable, we have all the porn you want.” So I flipped the channel over to where we could order up some porn and found one that had an oriental flavor to it. Greg has always had a thing for Orientals and I knew turning one of those one would in turn, turn him on.

Once I had found one to his liking that had little hot Oriental girls in it doing everything you could imagine. I remained in the chair for a little bit while Teresa and Greg sat over in the couch. As we were watching it together, it really wasn’t doing anything for me and Greg and Teresa were basically just petting and cuddling together. So I decided to get up and go to bed. It was past 3 in the morning by this point and I was tired. I said good night to both of them and left the room.

I am not sure how long I was in bed for, but I heard moans come from the living room that were not from the TV. They were recognizable moans from my wife that immediately made me hard. So I silently got up and walked over to the door way and looked into a mirror that allowed me to see them on the couch. Unfortunately for me, I could only see in the reflection the back of the couch, the top of Greg’s head and I could tell that Teresa was down on her knees in front of him between his legs. As quietly as I could, hoping that they would both think that I was sleeping, I tried to watch them and masturbate. I grabbed an old dinning room chair that use to belong to a set that we no longer had but sat in the bedroom next to the bed and also made a good bondage chair as I would use it to tie Teresa to, to whip her and tease her. I moved it over to the door way so I remained in the shadows of the room and grabbed a bottle of KY and began to watch them and masturbate.

I was hard as a rock again as I watched them for about five minutes and then Teresa stopped. I wasn’t sure why, but could tell that it was Greg’s initiation to stop. My entertainment went away as I noticed they went back to talking again, whispering actually. I was very disappointed and it showed as my penis softened. I got up from my chair and went back to bed. I could hear Greg and Teresa talking as they were saying their “goodbyes” as I remained awake.

When she came in to the bedroom, she was still naked and she cuddled up to my chest. I asked her if she had a good time tonight, she sighed and said she did, but said she didn’t get the chance to fuck him yet, and then made a comment that Greg felt like I was watching them, which I admittingly was. She grabbed a hold of my dick and gave it a few strokes and noticed that it was still moist from the KY. This made me semi hard again and she asked me if I would like to finish what I started. Without a word, I picked up the KY which was beside the bed and applied some more, while Teresa lay beside me and fondled my balls and pinched on my nipples. I asked her to tell me what they did while I was gone, but she said they mostly talked. However she started to pinch my nipples a little harder now and when she was caressing my balls she would scrape her nails over my anus. She moved the conversation over to asking me how much I would like to see her fuck him and all I can remember saying was, “a lot” before cunning one final time that night and falling asleep.

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