At the Office

At the Office

The weekend had been great on the island… and memories of my adventures with Holli were warm tingles that ran down my spine as I pulled into the parking lot. I realized this Monday would be different…

Brett is 6'1" and around 220… a former college athlete and my direct supervisor. We've always had a great relationship at work, very friendly and warm, swapping stories about our lives and adventures… but never crossing a line. Today – I decided I would cross the line. After the staff meeting, I asked Brett if we could meet on some deadlines that were coming up. He told me to wait in his office while he grabbed a cup of coffee for each of us. I went in his office and undid the top three buttons of my blouse and settled into my chair, making sure my skirt rode up just little…

He walked in and looked down, his eyes immediately drawn to the curve of my thigh, then over my exposed cleavage… the coffee cups shook a bit in his hands as e offered me my cup. I caught his eyes and smiled, saying "Thanks, boss, there are few things I rally need to clear with you – can we close the door? I don't want anyone overhearing this, kinda confidential" As Brett spun and closed the door, I stood up behind him… making it impossible for him not to turn right into me as he moved to his desk.

I felt his hand graze my tummy as he turned around, and enjoyed the look in his eyes as he found me so close. I saw some confusion, a little hesitation… and a definite interest. "Look, boss…. I know we get along, and I don't want to ruin that… (my hand was tracing the edge of his lapel as I gazed in his eyes).. but I need to clear the air here, OK? Brett never moved, but his smile spoke volumes. "Whatever you say, Kat – you know nothing gets done here without your help… tell me what you need." As he spoke I felt his hand come to rest on my hip, sending a shiver through me.

"Boss…. I have always wondered about you… and honestly…you make me crazy sometimes…" My hands were unbuckling his belt as I guided him to his chair. "I have had the craziest fantasies about you over the last three years, you know" His startled expression melted into pure lust as I stood and pulled off my blouse.. revealing the lace half cup bra I wore for just this occasion. "So… I thought it was time … to either realize those fantasies… or find a new job!" I unzipped his fly and dropped to my knees between his legs and looked up.

"So… am I fired… or are you going to let me suck your cock?" Brett's answer was simple. He stood up, dropped his pants, and pulled my head toward him. "Jesus, Kat… you have no idea how many times I wanted this" he gasped as my lips kissed the tip of his nicely formed member. About 7 inches and nice and thick… he tasted clean from a morning shower.. and I took him in my mouth slowly working the head until it was slick with my saliva, then sliding his shaft into my mouth. The soft groan I heard let me know my fantasy was becoming reality, and the movement of his hips told me I could have whatever I wanted. I stopped and looked up, waiting for him to open his eyes and look down, stroking his rock hard dick.

"I want you to watch me, Brett… I want to know you see me with this cock of yours in my mouth… can you do that?" He nodded and groaned as my fingers slid down and tickled his balls. Looking right in his eyes, I took him slowly back in my mouth.. letting my tongue slip and twist around the wet shaft as I took all of it in. His eyes looked blurred from the sensations my teeth and tongue were eliciting as I sucked on his dick. My hand slid back between his legs and found his ass… tickling his anus… probing lightly and enjoying how he reacted. I pulled his hips to me and began fucking him with my mouth, hard and fast.. nearly gagging from the force of his thrusts, but loving the feeling of his cock in my throat.

I knew we only had a few minutes before someone would be curious… so i kept working him in and out of my mouth fast… grabbing onto his ass and pushing the pace. I felt his start to tense… and stopped moving, holding his cock deep in my mouth. My tongue took over, running loops over his head and my mouth pulsed against him… until I got what I came for. Brett grabbed my head in his hands and softly groaned as he exploded into my mouth… I felt his cum slide down my throat and leak a little from the edges on my mouth as he unloaded himself in my mouth over and over. Once I had drained that beautiful dick of its last drop, I let him go and stood up. Brett had a big goofy smile on his face as we looked at each other and got ourselves fully dressed again, not speaking.

"Will that be all for now, Kat?" he smirked as the words rolled out of his mouth. I turned as I opened the door and paused. "That will take of it for now, boss… but this is an ongoing project, you know – we've got to work out all of our positions and get the details just right, OK?" His smile told me everything I needed as I walked back to my desk and got to work.

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