Aunt Susan

Aunt Susan

It all happened many summers ago but the memory’s still fresh on my mind.

This is how it all got started: I was 15 going on 16 it was the summer before my junior year at Bicknell High. Things were looking good I was going to be the starting quarterback for the football team there were no seniors vying for that position. Bicknell High is a small high school with 143 kids. It was late July; I went to work out (as usual
I didn’t feel like working out but I wanted to impress the coaches) and then things started to change. First coach Johnson announced new players (new players??) yes, somebody with an infinite amount of wisdom decided to consolidate the county’s schools that meant there’ll be more boys playing football not only that but those farm boys spend their summers working on the farm and it shows because they are built. Coach Johnson also announced a try-out date, last week of August. Needless to say I was pretty bummed out, when I got home (to top it off) my mother told me to get ready (for what??) we’re going to Aunt Susan’s for burgers and hot dogs. I didn’t want to go I wasn’t in the mood to be sociable but on the other hand if I stayed behind mom had a list of things for me to do before dad came home (dad’s a trucker and he comes home every 10 or so days). Aunt Susan is my dad’s sister, she’s in her mid-forties, has five children two are married and gone but the three girls still at home are a bunch of social bees there’s always someone at her house I should say a lot of “someones” because there’s always a crowd of 7 or 8 kids there however this week uncle Howard took the girls to visit relatives in Illinois so aunt Susan was home all by herself.

We went outside on the patio while mom and Aunt Susan were having some beers, although I was reading Sports Illustrated, College Football edition; I was kind of listening to their conversation. As I mentioned it before aunt Susan is in her mid-forties, husky/chubby, dirty blonde hair, and very pale skin. In all of my 15 plus years I don’t recall ever seeing Aunt Susan in anything but jeans and t-shirt. Their conversation was mainly related to work, kids, etc. Then mother asked Aunt Susan well, how does it feel being a bachelorette? It has been great says Aunt Susan, I spent Wednesday and Thursday just reading I finished five books then lowering her voice she tells my mother “I haven’t done any laundry since Howard and the girls left, I’m out of clean undies as a matter of fact I’m not wearing any, I wore my last pair for two days, and both laughed. My little brother was playing in the pool when he asked for some toys to play with, Aunt Susan being the gracious hostess that she is goes to the edge of the pool to hand him a toy it was then while she was bending over that I heard a ripping sound it was aunt Susan’s old jeans they had just ripped for a brief moment my eyes were glued to her fleshy butt now partially uncovered. My mother and aunt Susan both bursted in a loud laughter with Aunt Susan walking past me while attempting to cover her butt I pretended not to notice. After a few minutes Aunt Susan is back wearing one of Uncle Howard’s basketball shorts they go well below her knees. After having a glimpse her butt my teenage horniness took over although I had never thought of Aunt Susan as anything but my aunt but now I was getting a terrible erection while thinking about her ass and I didn’t know what to do. My older sister, Julie kept using the bathroom (yes, that time of the month) it was on her last trip when I mentioned that I needed to use the bathroom, Aunt Susan told me to use her bathroom as I’m walking into the bathroom I noticed a hamper overflowing with dirty clothes after a second look I noticed a pair of yellow panties sitting on top I grabbed them and locked the door and took my hard dick out and brought the panties to my nose to inhale the smell, the scent, the aroma of Aunt Susan’s womanhood and beautiful ass after five or six strokes and I’m spilling my love juice all over the bathroom floor, what an experience!, I couldn’t get over the beautiful smell of her panties. After dinner aunt Susan invites my sister to stay with her she says the house being so quiet is kind of creepy at night. Because of her period my sister declines so I’m next on line to be invited and I eagerly accept I want to get back to her yellow panties one more time.

Mother, sis and little brother left and it’s just Aunt Susan and me. Later that evening as we are watching TV I tell aunt Susan the news about the try out I tell her I want to get in shape and start doing some serious work out and start eating better, she suggests an enema to clean me inside and then go on a sensible diet. An enema? Yes, she assures me it’s the best thing to get rid of toxins in your system and start a new diet clean, as a matter of fact I’m starting a diet tomorrow and I’m going to give myself an enema tonight… well can I help you, auntie? She smiles and says maybe …. While we’re talking and watching TV I’m laying on the floor while aunt Susan is sitting on uncle Howard’s lazy boy chair, now aunt Susan is not used to sit lady-like because she’s always wearing jeans but now with a pair of shorts on she has one leg resting on the arm rest and the other stretched out as I turned around to say something I get a view of her wide-open legs now I don’t get to see anything but her beautiful legs and this gives me a terrific and embarrassing hard-on I rolled over to cover myself with a couch pillow and get up to go lay on the couch but I can’t take my eyes off of her then she asks, what’s the matter? is there something wrong? Because of the way I’m staring at her. I have to think something quick …ohh…uhh well …you look different today, you look younger … oh … I see you’re not wearing a bra … ha, ha, ha. Aunt Susan replies oh that’s so sweet of … you’re not wearing a bra? Why you little brat … and she proceeds to jump on top of me and pins me down… not wearing a bra? ha? I ought to stuff my boobs on your face she says, deep inside I’m thinking pleeeease do it! She then proceeds to get off of me as she does her leg rubs my extremely hard on, she looks at it, but thankfully she doesn’t say anything.
She says come on let’s get started we go into a workout/massage room where she has a nice massage table. But first, she says, I have to go pee and proceeds to the bathroom leaving the door wide open. Although I can only see her legs I hear the splash of her piss and a very soft and long fart needless to say I am very horny by now. She explains what the enema will consist of. First, she says, she’ll lubricate me using her finger to apply Vaseline and then she’ll insert the tube. She says since this is your first time it’ll be best if you lay on your back while I’m inserting my finger. As I lay there my erection does not go away but aunt Susan is very cool about it and doesn’t make any comments or anything but in order to get to my but hole she must move my sack out of the way with her warm hand she proceeds to move my sack and the inserts ever so slowly her finger into my butt hole for a few minutes the only sound I hear is her finger massaging my butt hole and my heavy breathing I am now in heaven I close my eyes and without realizing my hand is caressing her leg she says … that feels good and as my hand travels upward I get to her womanhood and it is soaked she spreads her legs even more to give me a chance to keep exploring then remembering her yellow panties and the beautiful smell my hand proceeds to het butt hole I gently rub my finger around her beautiful butt hole and then bring my finger to my nose and exploded all over her, me, the table, everywhere, with a devilish smiles she asks feeling better? All I can say is Ohhh yeahhh!!! She now proceeds to insert the tube with the warm soapy water and she massages my stomach as the warm water enters me, my erection returns but this time she was ready for it and proceeds to masturbate me … ohh what a delight…her hands are warn and soft before long I’m exploding again. It is now time to expel and she comes with me into the bathroom while I go. After expelling I shower and she brings me a huge pitcher of ice tea so I can drink and clean my bladder also. It is now her turn with a little smile on my face I ask are you going to let me help you? Well, she says, hmm …OK, but I’m going to have to walk you through it, OK? Yes ma’am! Aunt Susan gets on the table and gets on her knees while she rests her head on a small pillow; as I get ready to apply some Vaseline I can’t help but stare at her beautiful fuzzy corn hole and without thinking any further I decided against the Vaseline and used my tongue instead I gently place my tongue on her butt hole I can hear her inhale but not a word is spoken I continue to work her butt hole I am now tongue-fucking her asshole and she’s loving it she’s massaging her clit like there was no tomorrow all she can say is … aahhh…ohhh … this feels so good suddenly she climaxes I can feel her butt hole clamping around my tongue and she’s moaning and fingering herself furiously. She then turns around and lies on her back but instead of asking me to insert the tube she scoots over to the edge of the table and places her legs on my shoulders. The first thing on my mind is does she want me to fuck her? I’m ready to go; instead she grabs my hard-on and proceeds to apply Vaseline (I think it’s kind of funny, she’s very well lubricated) but to my surprise she brings my dick to her butt hole and tells me in a very low raspy voice … put it in gently … with that I proceed to start fucking her in the ass she tells I’m going to walk you through, remember? Yes …yes…yes. Puuusssshhhhhh it in slowly yes just like that … ooohhhh …yyyeeeeaaahhh I can feel you inside me …oh yeah… take it out slooooowwwwly … oh yeah … it feels so good…puuuussshhh it in agaaaaiin oh yeah by now I want to get off my dick hurts and I have to pee like a horse, after drinking all the ice tea, when I tell aunt Susan I have to pee she whispers enemize …meeee, I’m not sure if I heard her right so I ask her enemize you? Now? Yeeeahhh she says and I being the good boy that I am comply and start peeing inside of her she then starts fingering herself again and has an orgasm in no time after I empty my bladder she has to expel but not before I get to shoot my load she says pump me hard … hard … hard … and I scream as my love juice goes deep into her ass. It is time now for her to expel she wants to be there with her as I kneeled between her legs she lets go and oh boy! she really had to go, it is a thunderous discharge coming from her beautiful, beautiful ass.

I didn’t get the quarterback position but I got my beautiful aunt’s ass instead!

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