I have more episodes from my very beginnings with several of my office co-workers, but I think you have gotten the idea of how I started my massage career. You are probably getting impatient and are itching to read some of the more treasureable and sexier escapades of a horny massage specialist. I will include the sessions of Liz, Yolanda, Tina, Alice, Jennifer and others form my early days in later stories.

A couple of years have passed and I began a full time practice of massage. Not all massages were of the special type. Most were straight on the up and up massages for the usual; relaxation, stress relief, minor aches and stiff muscles and just plain feel good massages.

But early in my massage career, I did learn of a whole new kind of massage. If you’ve read my ‘beginnings’; it’s the kind of massage that is not mentioned in massage schools. It is the taboo of all Western massage therapy. I began my body work at a coed style health club, then left and took up an office job and massage became my second job for a few years. Everything went ‘by the book’ until I realized, every thing in the book became boring and mundane. Some of my clients hinted at something more; something different. They came to me to relax, but on several occasions they would tell me that they just weren’t relaxed enough and dropped innuendos of something extra to take the edge off their anxieties.

While still working at the spa, a few of my female clients actually said that they wished I might have gone a little further in their sessions. I didn’t think much of their remarks and just passed it off as friendly teasing and meaningless chit chat; although I wouldn’t have minded going a little further with Angela and Judy. They were hot and their bodies firm from working out at the club almost every other day. I told them I would be leaving soon to set up my own practice and I made sure that they got my new address and a gift certificate to come by for an introductory grand opening freebie. Secretly I wanted to see if all their teasing and talking about getting a little extra in their treatment was for real. Time would tell.

Things didn’t work out as well as expected that first year on my own; hence the office job.
After several sessions with my close, young co-workers, I was introduced to an entirely different kind of massage.

I thought a lot about Angela and Judy from the spa; and more so about what they had said about the extras. Every repeat client received something different in each session. I always managed to give my clients something soothing and possibly a bit arousing to think about for their next session. After relieving many of their aches and pains, I would put them in a very relaxed physical state to the point of almost sexual arousal; some more excited than others. With each successive treatment, I tested my skills and ideas upon my female clientele. What Angela and Judy had said was true with every person I have massaged. The parochial school book of massage was a thing of the past. My private practice gradually became more private than I anticipated. Before I get carried away and start telling you about Angela and Judy, I must mention a fond memory about my first session with the most beautiful red haired older woman, Autumn F. was her name.

Back when I first started experimenting with sensual and sexual massages around the fall of ’83.This 29 year old woman (the older woman; I was only 27) was referred to me by another client (most of my business was by word of mouth and basically still is). Autumn was told by her friend from church, Barbara, that I gave the most soothing massage. As a matter of fact Barbara is still telling everyone that Pete is the best. Anyway this young angel from Heaven was under a lot of stress having just gotten a divorce from her drunken, abusive husband. She needed a tender loving touch, something that was missing in her life for many years; especially the last five with her former mate, Dick. (The name fits him.) Barbara gave me a heads up that her friend may be calling me for an appointment.

Not ever having a massage, Autumn was a bit apprehensive. Her friends told her how great they were, and Barbara only added to it by saying Pete was the best. Even with all the encouragement and not having experienced one it's difficult to imagine, and specially difficult having a strange man's hands on you in places that maybe only a spouse or doctor has seen.

She walked into my studio and my eyes fell out of my head and my tongue hit the floor.
This woman was the most beautiful voluptuous 'Miss Universe' I had ever seen. She had the biggest green eyes ever with a knockout body to go with them. I couldn’t imagine what idiot would toss this woman aside. Her bright white smile melted my inner spirit. The tiny freckles added to her beauty. My groin was stirring as I touched her hand to greet her. “This”, I thought, “Is going to be the greatest test of my stamina and restraint.” I almost lost control as she undid the first button on her lacy white blouse. I was nervous and actually shaking as I left the room saying, “I need to warm up some lotions and oils. So get comfortable and I’ll be back in a few minutes.” As I rounded the corner, I grasped my semi rigid staff and spoke silently to it, “Behave yourself today, Big Boy!”

When I returned a few minutes later, thank God she was covered with the sheet I had on the table. After I was calmed down I started my massage the usual way on her back, because a good back massage usually relaxes a person quite rapidly. I turned down the sheet and noticed how warm and soft her back felt. With the warm oils added to her delicate skin it made her more comfortable almost immediately. The old reliable back massage to start things off did the trick. We were now both relaxed. Soon Autumn started with a strange moaning sound almost like purring. “Maybe she was singing herself to sleep. I wasn’t sure at this point. Every one acts differently. I just continued with the massage and when I reached her lower back and rocked her from side to side, she spoke up, “Pete, Barb was right. You do give a very relaxing massage.” Pushing down on her butt while rocking her, I was massaging her clitoris against the table. I guess she thought all massages were like this. I was getting a bit anxious and a bit clumsy while stumbling along.

It had been a while since or if ever I had so much creamy, smooth flesh in my hands. Rocking her butt from side to side had surely been the cause for her pleasant moaning. I had forgotten that this maneuver caused some women’s clits to rub on the table as it was happening to Autumn.
But when she spoke up as I applied more pressure to her lower back it suddenly snapped back into my mind. I felt like a teenager again. My dick was growing from listening to her pleasant sing song moaning. And I assumed her little tender clit was also expanding.

Touching her warm soft skin and now gliding up the back of her closed legs was soothing for her, but increased my tensions. My dick was screaming at my brain for me to spread her long smooth limbs now; ‘Big Boy’ wanted to feel the creamy white softness rubbing against his head.
Autumn was a first time client and after telling her how soothing and relaxing this would be, I didn’t want to blow it; I had to make sure she would return for future sessions. This was one babealicious treat. I had to silently scream back at ‘Big Boy’ and tell him there will be other times.

Finally I had Autumn turn over and she said she was warm from the oil. It does heat up from friction plus Autumn had something else going on too (that nice feeling between her legs). She was cooking inside and I was warming her outside. She asked if I had something a little cooler and I suggested some conditioner I sometimes use for hot days. “It evaporates faster and tends to cool the skin. It’s a lot slipperier but still does a good job.” She said, “That sounds nice.” And without warning, threw the sheet off. Totally relaxed and not embarrassed to show her beauty. She was a woman aware of her sexuality and sensuality.

I started to feel like and idiot. This wasn't supposed to be a sexual massage, but seeing her lying totally nude and freshly shaved (another first for me). Two voluptuous creamy breasts, perfectly shaped, and dotted with tiny pink freckles were paralyzing. Her pink still puffy nipples rising and falling with each deep breath reminded me of several other younger women. Very sensitive but love to be lightly touched.
When excited and perky the slightest stroke would shoot sparks into the nerve endings of their tummies. On a few occasions while massaging Ellen, a former office co-worker and one of my first clients, she would say, “It feels like butterflies flittering in my tummy.” The same thoughts shot through my mind as I stared down at Autumn; totally cock-stiff sexy. I almost lost it right there.
My former semi rigid tool was pulsing and growing. Seminal fluid was flowing like water. I didn’t want to look but I suspected the front of my sweat pants were showing the telltale wet spot. The tip of my bone was sliding in my own slick juices; not helping me one bit.

I took a few deep breaths and began again. As I put the conditioner in my hands it dripped out onto her right breast. I immediately started to wipe it off she started with those sounds again. "God help me I thought". I apologized for my clumsiness and finished wiping it off and then started massaging her stomach and abdomen and as I was doing this I brushed her nipples because when I shifted positions to work on side pulls I noticed her delicate pink nipples were totally aroused and erect. Maybe the conditioner was evaporating too fast and giving her a chill. Naahh! I knew why they were aroused but I innocently asked if she was too hot or too cool now and she just said she was quite comfortable. I was hard; rock hard. I could feel a wet spot growing.

My mind was racing of thoughts of her aroused nipples and her bald pussy. There is something about seeing an adult bald pussy that is so arousing; and doubly exciting to be massaging one with warmed slippery lotion covering your hands and her smooth mound and hot lips. Fortunately my pounding boner was hidden below the edge of the table. I stopped with the top half and went to her feet.

Things should cool down while rubbing her feet; and sure enough things subsided by the feeling of addition slippery juice oozing from the tip of my semi solid mass. Once off the feet I started going up the legs. Apparently this is what she was really waiting for. She was either teasing me or she didn't want just a regular massage. Throughout the massage her feet were together. Just now as I’m sliding my hands along the front of he shins aiming for her knee, Autumn said, “My legs feel hot,” and quickly she raised hers knees and spread her legs wide enough for me to ogle her glistening smooth vulva. Her excitement was evident from the amount of fluid that oozed from her slit and down to her anus. My pulsing cock, stiff and aching, was screaming to escape. It was drooling like a rabid animal, I wanted rip off my sweats and let my thick rock hard cock take a close look at this pristine view of a bare swollen wet pussy. Instead, I kept pushing it into the side of the table to keep it down, but you know all the good that did!

As I was doing her upper legs and thighs she reached up from the edge of the table and grabbed hold of my hand, just missing the large wet spot on the front of me, and moved it to her inner thigh and pulled it up to her mound. I could feel her heat emanating form between her slick lips as my fingers swept along her inner thigh and the right side of her labia. I pulled back and told her this was a relaxation massage and I shouldn't be touching her there. While finishing her thighs and hips she started moving her hips up, down and sideways, more pleasing sounds, more fluid flowed between her labia, more swelling. She opened her legs wide and reached down between her silky thighs and spread her swollen engorged lips to expose her equally swollen clitoris. I couldn't help myself; my mouth was agape as I could see into her welcoming vagina. She was working her vaginal muscles and looked like it was winking at me; all pink and slippery, contracting and releasing, and begging for attention. I was on the verge of cumming in my pants.

I was losing control. I could feel my face getting hot and red, my cock was thrashing madly in my own wetness. The fragrance exuding from Autumn was intoxicating; I was dizzy from the visions and sensations. Though I knew I shouldn’t do what I was just about to do, I couldn’t hold back. I looked up at her wide open emerald green eyes and she let out another pleasure moan.
“That’s it!” I said to myself. I either had to stop now or I would be in big trouble.

I chose the trouble route, and I asked, “Autumn, can you scoot your butt further down on the table?” She hesitated for a few seconds but then obliged, raised her hips and slid her naked butt down over her own wet spot to about a foot and a half from the end. She knew and expected something unusual was about to happen in this massage session. I positioned myself at her feet I and began stroking her legs from her feet to her hips. She automatically spread her legs again displaying a now continued wetness and excitement. Autumn’s bare wet dripping sweet pussy was torturing me. At the last upward stroke I was prepared and willing to accept whatever punishment came my way. Leaning over between her legs, I slowly lowered my face between her thighs and kissed her clit. Autumn uttered a very raspy and grateful acceptance of my perverted behavior and added, “Pete, don’t stop now!”

I continued going down all the way with my mouth open and tongue wagging. I lost control for the first time in my career. Her clitoris was hard; unbelievably swollen. I sucked it and licked it and licked it and sucked it. Her legs were spread like a cheer leader doing a split. I was sucking, she was bucking. I was licking and she was kicking. Then I curled my tongue around like a tube so she could fuck my tongue with her clitoris. I tried and she reacted.

Autumn wrapped her long legs around my neck and shoulders and began fucking my tongue while I applied more suction to her swollen nub. As I sucked her clit in my curled tongue she pumped her hips up and down sliding her clit in and almost out; each cycle sending immense waves of pleasure into her body. After a few minutes she began shaking and then tensed. Her breathing was rapid and irregular. I sucked and licked and couldn’t let go, literally, she held me tight with her legs around my head. I loved it! Autumn stopped pumping but I continued sucking and licking double-time. The whole table was shaking. Autumn was breathing rapidly and then held her breath. She squeezed my back and shoulders and held me tight to her hot pussy as I continued torturing her with a tongue lashing. After four or five minutes and way past the point of no return, Autumn could not hold off any longer. Finally she let out a series of deep satisfying moans of immense pleasure. She shuddered and shook for more than a minute until her contractions decreased.

By now I was completely out of my mind. I was like a young teen touching his first pussy. The old relaxation massage was out the window. While Autumn's clitoris and orgasm were both beginning to subside, I asked if I could try something else as long as I was working in the general area; she said, “Go ahead, Pete. After that licking, do whatever you want.” My woody flinched and another stringy load of slippery fluid drooled down my thigh.

I was still shaking. Autumn was still coming down from a strong orgasm and had released me from the head lock she had on me. She kept her legs up and spread to help cool herself. I could see her vagina still contracting; all pink and juicy. Her clit had slipped back into its sheath. It was the opportune time for it to accept further stimulation. After such a strong climax, her muscles would be relaxed. Her juicy pulsing love hole would be willing to accept anything to add to her pleasure.

Now would be a good time to try the G-spot massage. I had read about this, but had never actually done a G-spot massage. With a G-spot massage, a little extra shaking would probably not be noticed.” This might be my only chance to try this”, I thought this also may have been a mistake. I thought of law suits and the end of my massage career, but passion and a throbbing cock quickly ended those thoughts. Fortunately, this was not the case. Autumn wanted and needed this release of pent up tensions and emotions. Apparently we both needed some release.

I thought it probably wouldn’t hurt to give her some additional light kisses on her clitoris while giving the G-spot treatment. Her clitoris was still very sensitive and I didn’t want her limping out of here. After a couple of minutes of the Grafenberg spot massage her release came without warning, fast and hard. I didn't have time to duck. She closed her legs around my neck and shoulders. As she dug her heels into my back, she lifted her hips, bucked and spasmed so hard I ended up with a bloody nose. She ejaculated all over my hand. I began sucking harder and faster on her clit as she was climaxing. I came in my pants as I was licking her juices. Leaning against the side of the table, I could feel my swollen dick sliding and spurting in my already warm and slippery shorts. I had this beautiful shaved vulva gushing right in my face. I kept licking and sucking and she'd trembled and gush some more. She grabbed my head and held me down on her. My cock kept draining into my pants. I was licking my own blood off her swollen vulva. I couldn't believe what I was doing.

Well, whatever I did it was extremely appreciated (actually by both of us). This autumn special led to many more specials with Autumn and started a very happy life long vocation of giving erotic massages to others. I felt totally embarrassed when Autumn got up off the table and looked at my bloody nose and then looked down at my pants. She knew what she had done. She knew what I had done to myself. I think this made her also feel good about herself. It somehow gave her a certain amount of confidence in her life. She felt in control of her body and her sensuality. She smiled and said thank you for such a pleasurable experience. I told her that my massages are not like that and apologized. She said keep them like that for me and I'll be sure to be back. She left. I didn't sleep for a week wondering if I would ever see her again.

This is probably one of my most enjoyable memories. They say the first time is always remembered.
Ah, the memories.

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