Barbara M. Kept her Promise

Barbara M. Kept her Promise

My faithful and regular client and neighbor had been coming to me for quite some time now and her early shyness has disappeared as if it never existed. She has become too bored with just a regular massage and ever since she realized that there were more than just regular massages available, she preferred the more. For the first few years, my now favorite neighbor, Barbara, was very quiet and shy. She never talked much unless I would start first, and then she would open up. She would talk abut almost any subject I mentioned. We talked about family, her two now teenage daughters, her husband Jim and how hard he worked so that she could stay home and clean the house and do the laundry; and added to that list, the time to enjoy a wonderful massage from Pete at least once a month.

As time went on, Barbara began talking about her lack of sex and boring Puritanical sex at that. Jim did not satisfy her fantasies or even allow her to attempt any kind of sexual dominance. Jim didn‘t even want to hear talk about fantasies. There was no oral or female dominance in her sex world; God forbid even the mention of anything anal or other perverted fantasies. When Jim was ready for sex, which wasn’t too often lately, Jim was strictly straight missionary man as it had been all though the marriage.

This information came out a few massages ago. It all started when Barb mentioned that Jim would not allow oral sex for himself or Barb. Never having known any other man other than Jim, Barb’s sexual experience was very limited. At this stage of her life, she needed something more. She was a curious an adventuring person but was never allowed to have her own opinion or choice in much of what she desired. She had a deep hidden urge to explore and experiment.

While having her hair done a couple of weeks ago by her friend and hair stylist, Marilyn, Barb learned a lot more about her sexuality. Marilyn owns and operates a small salon in town. She purposely schedules her appointments far enough apart to allow her clients the privacy and personal attention they always look forward to. Marilyn is a loyal friend to all. She has that ‘gift of gab’ that makes her clients feel right at home. They think nothing of telling her all their little secrets that probably not even their spouses or doctors know about. They know their secrets will never leave the salon.

Barb and Marilyn have known each other for years and loved to talk about everything, especially personal and private tidbits about themselves. I had no idea that Barb had been to see Marilyn two days before her last session with me. The thoughts and suggestions planted in Barb’s mind were still lingering when she came in for her last appointment.

Barb learned something very important about her lifestyle; sexual lifestyle that is. While talking to Marilyn, one thing led to another until oral sex came up in the conversation. Then Barb became very interested. She was all ears. Marilyn said, “Just about every woman in the world has engaged in oral sex at one time or another.” Then added, “Although it’s been a long time since I’ve been sent to heaven from a good tongue licking; not since Bob left me eight years ago. He could make my toes curl just with his mouth.” Barb felt a twinge of excitement between her legs at hearing this. “Could this be possible,” she thought. “An orgasm from oral sex; I’m going to try again with Jimmy boy tonight.”

Then Barb confessed, “Marilyn. Let me tell you a secret! I’ve never had oral sex receiving or giving. Ever!” “ No way! You have a husband. How could that be?” “I’ve told you what prude Jim is. Well, he just doesn’t believe in oral sex. I’ve never been with anyone else. I fantasize sometimes about how it would feel, but that’s about it.” “You poor girl,” sympathized Marilyn. “Let me tell you what you’ve been missing.”

Marilyn went on and filled Barb’s ear with all sorts of adventures in paradise. Barb’s tummy was already fluttering just thinking of Marilyn’s experiences. Her panties were becoming moist wishing it could have been her with Marilyn’s former fianc?

These thoughts apparently were still on her mind because she told me the whole story when she came in for a massage. After a very relaxing and sensual massage, Barb still felt tense. So right after finishing her massage, I gave Barb what she really wanted but was afraid to ask for. I had her move to the end of the table and I stood between her legs, bent over and placed her soft smooth legs on my shoulders. Barb had been waiting for this moment her whole life. She knew what I was about to do. She closed her eyes and as I leaned my head down between her legs. Her calves and then her thighs slid over and down my back as mouth opened and pressed to her hot waiting pussy. Her heels dug into my lower back and held me tight as I licked and sucked her vulva for all it was worth. It didn’t take very long. Barb was hot, wet and horny as hell in anticipation of her first blow job.

I slowly licked her still swollen lips from her recent massage. I easily slipped my tongue between hers lips and felt her jump as my tongue slapped her clitoris on each up and down stroke. I spread her juicy lips with and planted my lips around her little nub. Gently sucking and licking, I could feel Barb starting to shake and grind her hips.

Before I knew it she was cumming. She tensed her whole body as I sucked and licked faster and harder. I held her hips so my mouth wouldn’t lose contact with her throbbing clit as her ass bucked and rose from the table. Her legs continued to hold me tightly between her until her spasms subsided. She moaned and cursed Jim as I licked and sucked her clitoris to orgasm. Her orgasm was huge. She had never come so hard in her life. This was the first time in her life that anybody had licked and sucked on her down there. She couldn't believe it could feel so good. She thought, “How could Jim deprive me of such pleasure throughout my entire marriage? That bastard! I’ll never doubt Marilyn again, either. This was fucking great!”

She was so thankful and overwhelmed that she wanted to do the same for me. She wanted me to feel the same she just felt. I told her next time. She came back a week later. I thought maybe she forgot. I finished her massage leaving her highly aroused and she still never mentioned a word about performing fellatio. She got off the table and without warning she blurted out, take off your clothes for your special massage. Well, Barb also had other intentions this day also. She sucked on me almost until I reached the point of no return, then stopped and climbed on top of me and lowered herself on my shaft and pumped me and herself almost into a coma. And this is where today starts.

She was back to finish and experience another of her secret sexual fantasies. She wanted to pleasure a man with her mouth just to see what it was like. She wanted to feel and experience the feeling of having a hot load of cum shatter her tonsils. She wanted to taste a man in her mouth; run her tongue up and down and around a hard cock. She wondered if she would swallow or not. She wanted to do it with Pete just like he had done it to her. Too bad for Mr. Puritan, wonderful for Mr. Pete.

I was ready for Barbara. I woke up a little stiffer than normal thinking of today’s massage. By the time I had finished breakfast my anxieties had risen; so much that when I got up to get another cup of coffee before I took a shower, my cock popped out from my robe. The second cup would have to wait. Something else more urgently needed attention. I took a long shower and while fantasizing about Barb’s promise, my hand uncontrollably reached down for just a little touch. It felt tingly. With conditioner still not rinsed from my hair, I reached up and ran my hand through the conditioner and went back down and gently wrapped my slippery fingers around my pounding penis. It had a mind of its own; just a few strokes and my over excited shaft started pulsating and spasming. I was so aroused thinking of Barb’s head on me I almost caught myself wanting swallow my own hot load. I was tempted but because I came so hard, I gave my self a slight headache, and that was enough of a distraction to just rinse off and go for that second cup of coffee and ponder some more. Barb came over on time as usual. She had a new look in her eyes today. I was thinking, “What could she have in mind today?” She was definitely in a playful mood.
Before I could ask, she blurted out, “I’ve been thinking about you all week. It was the only thing on my mind. I got so horny thinking about your cock in my mouth that I even tried to get Jim to let me do him again. As always, he wanted nothing to do with oral sex. I remained frustrated for the rest of the week until today.”

Well, I guess she was ready after telling me that little quip.
I naturally gave her a nice soothing sensual massage, getting her in the mood for more by leaving her very aroused and excited. She didn't really need much arousing. Her fantasy was coming up now. I figured a little extra arousal never hurt. While working on her from the side, I felt Barb slowly slide her hand to the edge of the table hoping to get a quick feel of my semi hard cock. As I was working near her hip, tummy and thigh, I made sure my cock rubbed across the back of her waiting hand. Her hand froze in place as that thick hunk of pulsing meat pinned her hand against the table edge. I think she may have had a mini orgasm, but the big one was yet to be delivered.

She got up and off the table and told me to get naked. I was still semi. She wanted to take me in her mouth to taste me and feel me swell up in her. Barb said as I was standing in front of her in my birthday suit, "Don't get on the table yet." She knelt in front of me. Her naked breasts pushing into my legs as she started to fondle my testicles and penis. While it was semi hard in anticipation of her mouth getting ready to suck it, she noticed that I had gotten a bit excited from her massage. The telltale pre-ejaculate oozing from its tip was a definite clue. She gave a gentle squeeze and licked the sweet nectar as more flowed from my tip. “You taste very sweet, Pete.”

She parted her soft lips and took my head into her hot mouth. She held just the head of my penis in her mouth giving gentle sucks and squeezing the shaft just to feel it grow and swell in her mouth. She gave some rapid licks on the frenulum and it didn't take long before she had to pull her head back. It had shot up bigger than she remembered from last time. All in all she wanted all me. I believe she was practicing at home all week with carrots, bananas, a cuke and maybe her own silicone dildo she had ordered through the mail (that I found out about later). She opened wide and managed several deep strokes before her gag reflex kicked in. She slid her lips off the tip and told me to lie down on the table now. Move about half way toward the end. She came to the side of me and went back to work. She was using her hands and sucking and licking all around my shaft. It was full mast and throbbing with each lick up and down. She lift my balls and gently began sucking and licking them. Barb must have been reading up on fellatio somewhere. This was totally different than her first blow job.

I kept my eyes open watching Barb's head and boobs bobbing up and down. I closed my eyes to keep those thoughts while she sucked. Just then she stopped again and said her back was getting uncomfortable. I told there was a tall hassock over in the corner she could kneel on it. It would be easier on her back. I got up and retrieved it for her. Lost some stiffness in the process, but I didn't think I had to worry. Barbara was going all the way with this fantasy.

I lay back down and watch, Barbara kneeling beside me holding my manhood to her lips as she open and lowered her head on me. Both her breasts with hardened nipples raking my side and my thigh; several sucks and I could feel my self back up again. Then without a sound, Barb climbed on me, but this time kept her mouth on me and lowered her womanhood to my mouth. All the time Barb was sucking me she was playing with her clitoris. When she came down on my face, she was wet and swollen. She was so excited from her fantasy; I could see she was ready for more oral stimulation. We were a perfect fit for each other for an exciting round of 69. I was wondering what kind of books she had been reading lately. I bet it was her friend Marilyn giving her pointers. She'll have to get rewarded for this.

Barb was very excited from my massage, her manual manipulation, and my cock in her hungry mouth. I put my mouth to her and began an oral massage on her swollen lips and clitoris. She was already at the point of no return. She couldn’t stop and wouldn’t no matter what at this point in today’s session. She wouldn't last much longer with me working on her. I wasn't going to last much longer either. Barb was amazing today. She was devouring me. I could see and feel her nectar flowing down to my mouth. The sweet sexual aroma of her delicious pussy was rapidly bringing me to an enormous eruption. She was moving her hips trying to push her clitoris deeper into my mouth. I had it all and was sucking and licking. She had all of me sucking and licking. It was a damn sucking and licking frenzy. I could feel her coming. I could hear her moaning. She was bearing down hard on my face; her legs open so I could lick more of her. I could see her glistening vagina opening contracting. Barb’s sweetness streaming into my mouth. I drank every drop. She was so excited, she had a tremendous orgasm.

Her mouth was like a suction pump. On her second contraction of her climax, she held her breath and sucked hard. Just as she released her suction, I shot hard to the back of her throat. She kept sucking until I stopped pumping hot semen into her mouth. When I stopped, Barb was using her tongue from the base to tip and sucking to help me let go of every drop. She stayed on top of me licking every drop and every half a minute or so she would squeeze me with her hand and lips and suck and lick some more. Another of her fantasies fulfilled and another promise kept.

Barb didn’t spill a drop. She was so hot today; she wanted to drink every bit of me. I remained beneath her giving soft kisses and licking her dry as well. It seemed we lay together for an hour, but when you’re in bliss, a second seems like forever. Barb’s frustrations had been relieved from her week long suffering.
Barbara was making up for lost pleasures and I was fortunate to be the one she shared them with. It seemed every session with Barbara from here on was a new and pleasurable experience. There are many worth writing about, but I wouldn't want to bore my readers with the same people.

In my mind they are all wonderful memories that I will take with me forever. Perhaps some day I will write more about Barb.

I just remembered; you might enjoy the story about the day she noticed my collection of adult sexual aids. Most were a lot more elaborate than her own personal toy. I could see in her eyes that she wanted to play with them some day. Jokingly, I told her that I let clients play with them while waiting for me to start their massage, or sometimes after their massage. “I’ll make a note of that,” she said half laughing and half serious.

Barb thanked me for allowing her to suck me off. I told her there was no need to but she was welcome to do it any time she felt the need. She apologized for mashing her dripping pussy on my face. I told her she can do that any time she feels the need also. Barb was the perfect fit 69 partner and we got together many times for refresher courses.

Look for Barb’s Toy Story in the future. But before I tell you about that, I think you might enjoy reading about Marilyn’s reward for bringing Barb’s sexuality to fruition and allowing me to participate. That kind of experience and pleasure deserves a really big reward

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