Barbara M. 's Toy Story

Barbara M. 's Toy Story

A month or so after Barbara had fulfilled a couple of her life long fantasies of oral sex with me, she called to make an appointment for another sexual massage. She had to tell me, almost every time she called since her first erotic massage, how bored she was with her Puritanical husband, Jim, and how she needed me to help her to keep her sanity. Our massage sessions had evolved into many different variations, to keep Barb from becoming bored. I was beyond happy to be able to assist her.

She tried on numerous occasions to get her husband to open up, but sex seemed to be the furthest thing on his agenda. What Jim wouldn’t give her, Barb would come to me to give and receive her sexual joys. She had become an adventurous horny wife; it was up to me to help her maintain her now healthy sex life style. I enjoyed trying different things as much as Barb each time we met. Barbara had become totally open about sex, the things she enjoyed, and the things she wanted to try with my help. I was the luckiest guy in town. Most of her free time was now spent at the gym working out or with me. She worked out several times a week; and it was definitely beginning to show.

Her whole outlook on life, and sex, had completely changed since coming to me to help her relieve her early aches and tensions. A simple massage was all she needed; or so I thought. As time passed, her reasons for massage became apparent. Now her aches were usually from over extending it at the gym, and tensions were from having to put up with her husband’s total neglect of her other needs. I am overwhelmed and grateful to be able to accommodate her. Barbara also helped me to relieve my own tensions as well. Barbara was no longer the shy introverted person I met several years ago. She had become fully aware or her sexuality and wasn’t afraid or timid about asking for what she desired.

On this particular afternoon of her massage, I had just received a new shipment of some of the latest sexual aids and toys. Barb had noticed some of my toys from her last visit and said that I had a very colorful and intriguing assortment. This new lot added several more colors and shapes. Some were dildos, some penis replicas, some vibrating, twisting and thrusting. Some would squirt into you for the added effect of an ejaculating cock. Several had vibrating clitoral stimulators; there were anal plugs, clitoral vibrators, suckers and lickers. It was like a candy store full of sexual treats. Barb mentioned her interest in them and I explained that some of my clients wanted me to use some of those devices on them.

Others wanted to try them before their massage, but more times after their massage if they still needed extra stimulation. They were there for their pleasure. Barb had told me that she had ordered a plain silicone dildo several years ago for times when she was home alone and needed some fantasy probing of herself. It brought her some necessary relief when she wasn't able to see me. She mentioned her interest about my collection with all the added attractions; vibrating, pulsing, twisting, ejaculating, and the new anal assortments.

In addition to clitoral and vaginal stimulation, Barbara was one of a few clients who also loved anal massages. After seeing some of the small toys for anal pleasure, she was secretly drooling
to try some of these also. She picked up a couple and studied them for a longer time than should be necessary just to check them out; a positive sign that she had been attracted to those two.

Barbara arrived very early for her session today. She had that bouncy step in her walk like someone who works out a gym regularly. Her hair recently done, more than likely by her old friend Marilyn, her face was all smiles as she stepped into my office. I was still unpacking my toy box and installing batteries where needed. Barbara couldn't help to notice. After all everything was displayed in front of her. “I sure would like to play with some of those, Pete!” I said, “You are very early today and I still have a half hour or more to get things straightened out. Why not! You can play with them now if you’d like” I offered her an assortment of everything and said, “Take your pick. You can use my special massage room and table. There’s also a floor mat folded against the wall if you prefer. It’ll give you more freedom to move and spread yourself out. There is a whole bottle of Astroglide in the bottle warmer for you to use.”

Next to the lubricant was a bowl full of condoms to cover any of the toys she would use. I told her that even though I keep all my toys and tools of the trade clean, I do not want my clients to take any unnecessary chances. I told her I would not disturb her until she called for me. She thanked me and went off to play. She hadn't closed the door completely. As I walked by to put other supplies away, her 5’6” perfect form was standing naked with a varied display of toys in front of her. She was holding one up to the light inspecting it as she applied Astroglide all over the shaft and mini rabbit ears. It was one of the older favorites I had on the shelf; the one with the label that promised to satisfy any pussy within minutes.

I just had to stop for a few seconds longer to watch as she lay down on my floor mat. She liberally applied more warm Astroglide to her anxiously awaiting vulva. I stood too long. Lying on her back with her knees up and spread wide; her close trimmed light brown furry mound begging to be parted. I didn't really want to see her lay back and slip that tool all the way into her vagina, but the scene was hypnotizing. My eyes were fixed on the event about to commence. Barb was adjusting the slide controls for vibration speed. It was a very quiet tool and she held it to her ear and cheek to feel its speed. My raging boner told me to stay a little longer, even though I knew I shouldn’t.

It was quick and slick. Barbara was answering to the begging and screaming of her pussy. She spread her sweet awaiting lips and slid the slippery dildo section of the rabbit up and down over her clit. It was all the encouragement her hot slippery vulva needed. One slight adjustment and Barb had it angled it for immediate insertion. My thick cock throbbing visciously as I watched the dildo smoothly disappear between her creamy spread thighs. She let out a slight ‘ooh’ from the shock of the clitoral vibrator hitting dead center. She laid there thrusting slowly in and out several times and then held it in without moving to enjoy the clitoral shaking at 3000 strokes a minute. Her eyes closed and she began a journey to a quieter heavenly place. I forced myself to leave before I ended up reaching into my own pants.

Barb was indeed hot, horny, and sexy; and to see her firm middle aged nakedness throttling herself was definitely causing my cock to swell. She kept her body in peak condition with her sessions at the gym; she felt it was a necessity for optimum sexual awakening. I couldn’t argue with that. A couple of minutes later, still suffering from a pounding woody, while putting my supplies away, I heard her from the other room, moaning and cumming, hard and fast. I went back to the waiting room for Barb to call me. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer; I still needed some extra cooling off time.

It had been about forty five minutes and I still had not heard Barb calling for her massage. I decided to go take a look to see if she was O.K.
Not to disturb her just in case she was still massaging herself, I quietly approached her room. She was still playing. She was on her side now with one leg resting up against the side of my massage table. Both her hands up past her wrists were drenched with Astroglide and some of her own slippery fluids. She had one of my new toys that imitated a licking tongue with added suction. She had it planted directly over her clitoris. With her other hand she was working one of my new anal probes. She had it thoroughly greased and was slowly gliding it in and out of her. She was
mewing softly and rocking herself back and forth on the mat. I was about to turn and walk away until she was ready for me when I heard let out that familiar sound of a large orgasmic release. She took her leg down from the side of my table and held them tightly together.

Moaning louder and increasing the thrusting of her anal reamer, she lay on her side with her smooth white legs locked straight. She began pumping and rocking her tight butt and 36” hips back and forth.
A totally new sensation of licking, sucking and anus pleasuring was driving her to an unbelievable climax. I am not a Peeping Tom, but this was much too exciting even for me to take my eyes away. Her right leg separated and returned to the side of my table as she continued to rock herself, slower now, in and out with her butt plug. Again she brought her legs together and stiffened and stopped her rocking. I could sense it coming.

Her toes curled tightly as her hips pumped (or perhaps I should say violently spasmed to be more accurate} rapidly out of control. She removed the plug but kept the sucking lips on her clit until she came once more. Finally, Barb had enough for now. I could see that I was really going to have to work extra special on her today to top that. I also had to get away from the door before I unloaded my testicles all over the hallway and left a trail to the waiting room. My dick was throbbing in my pants. It took all my reserve energy to keep from touching myself. I survived, barely; but at a cost. My shorts had become wet and slippery. Precum was pouring from the tip of my pussy starved cock.

Barbara finally called after an hour of playtime. She said she was ready for her massage now.
I told her I'd be right in, in a few minutes. I had to go to the bathroom to wipe myself off. My penis was flooding my shorts. I wipe and squeezed any remaining fluid from my cock and then headed for the massage table. Barb was already on the table face down. She had folded my mat and put it back against the wall. I then noticed eight different toys all glistening from Astroglide and parts of Barbara's own drippings laying on the shelf beside their appropriate boxes. No wonder she was here for an hour.

I gave Barb a nice soothing body massage; more of a connecting massage. After what she'd just been through, it was too soon to get any kind of a sexual arousal from her. Her massage today was more of a clean-up after her sexual adventure of multiple releases. I gently stroked her tummy and breasts. My cock was pressed hard against the edge of the table screaming for release. I could hear it, “At least you could do, Pete, is wrap your lips around those perky tan nipples and suck on them while you massage her tummy.” I obeyed my pounding cock and lowered my mouth to Barb’s taught nipples and sucked and licked. She didn’t mind in the slightest. I continued until my hands reached her sopping furry triangle. Her pussy was covered with an abundance of lube so I got a warm wet cloth and soothingly wiped between her thighs and her vulva sending little afterglow shimmers of pleasure through her body. She was still moaning from her fantastic ordeal that no matter what I did was just added pleasure and bliss to this afternoon’s session.

She was dozing after her massage. I figured she was spent for today, so I let her stay and relax on my table. She woke minutes later and said how wonderful she felt. She said as usual I had given her the best massage she'd had in a while. She wanted to come back tomorrow for more, but for the first time I had to turn her down. I was tied up for the whole day and couldn't possibly see her until the day after. She settled for that, and came over ready to play again.

With her new found playground, Barb arrived too early again for her scheduled appointment. I told her I would be finished with another client in about half an hour. I said she could wait in the waiting room of if she preferred she could use the play room. It was not a difficult decision. She was already removing her clothes in the waiting room as she strolled down the corridor toward the play room. I told her to make herself comfortable and reminded her there was plenty of warmed Astroglide in the warmer if she needed it.

I was finishing up on a new client, Alice, another recommendation from Marilyn. This was only her first session and we hadn't even got near to approaching the thought of a sexual massage; yet! She was totally satisfied with just a soft soothing, relaxing massage. With her tensions drained, she thanked me and booked another appointment for next month. I was already looking forward to our next meeting. Alice was hot, a young, dark haired athletic woman of 23 and not quite 5 feet tall. She didn’t even weigh 100 pounds, but had everything well proportioned and all in the right places. She took to me from my first touch and while I massaged her, she dropped several hints and sexual innuendos about future massages with me. I told her it might be quite possible that I may take her up on some of her suggestions. “Maybe next time,” I said. I left the room to allow Alice to get dressed and went to see if Barb was O.K. I knocked on the partially ajar door and entered. Barb was on her side on my table with a sheet covering her. I told her, “I am closing the door because my other client will be walking by. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Alice thanked me for a wonderful massage and booked another before leaving. I returned to Barbara. She was still on her side, no sheet and facing me. I noticed several wet and slippery toys on the shelf. I asked if she was ready for me to start her back. She said yes, but she had a special request. She said she needed extra work on her butt. I said it was not a problem. I would be delighted to service her request. As she turned on her tummy for me to begin her back, I saw what she meant when she said her back needed more work. She still had a long thin Astroglide covered probe in her anus. She said she just got started with it when I came in. It was starting to stir her insides and wanted me to maneuver it while doing her backside. I was thinking, this was the same slick probe she used the day before yesterday along with the clitoris licking and sucking device. She came delightfully with that combo. But today I noticed she hadn't taken the licker out of its box. Knowing the way Barb thinks, I believed I was going to be in for a treat today also.

I continued her back and all the while sliding and reaming her ass. Along with light tickling strokes over her buttocks, I slowly withdrew and plunged the 5" anal tool in and out of her thoroughly slippery hole. She had a small orgasm just from that. Before I asked her to turn over, she said she wanted to try the larger probe. Her anal sphincter was totally relaxed. I lubed up the larger plug and worked it into her. With all the lube, her anus easily stretched and accepted this larger diameter plug. It had large bulges at one inch intervals to keep it from slipping in or out. The sphincter would close around each lesser diameter. She wanted me to jiggle it and twist it as I inserted it into her. She liked when I tugged on it to pull it out. She liked it and tightened her muscle around to keep it in her. I mentioned that I didn't want her front to cool off too much, and she allowed me to remove the pole from her butt with little plops at each notch along the probe, she oohed and aahed.

The front massage progressed almost normally. Barb asked for extra attention to be applied to her breasts and nipples. I spent a half hour soothing her supple breasts. Toying with her areolas and medium tan nipples was causing her to become aroused once again. It didn’t do much to keep my cock from swelling. While tugging and twisting those little erect nubs, I could sense and feel she was about to cum. I immediately clamped my mouth to her left nipple and sucked and nibbled. My left hand kept tweaking her right bud and my right hand slid down her tummy and lightly played with the hair on her love mound. She had a pleasant orgasm hard and quick. I was now allowed me to pursue her lower half. My penis was dripping. Barb was receptive to my warm soothing hands. Before I reached her lower abdomen, she had her legs spread, waiting for me to continue sliding my hands down between legs. She loved when my hands and fingers combed her sensitive bushy mound and the hidden clit between her lips.

I went to her feet and was back at her vulva before I knew it. I could see she was still very excited and was soon to find the reason for all her unusual excitement today. I had just finished massaging her outer and inner lips; gliding pinching and tugging while she moaned with pleasure; her clitoris proudly protruding from its sheath. I was thinking to myself, “How nice that swollen clit would taste right about now!” I caught myself licking my lips. My rod was pulsing and leaking fresh precum down my leg.

I was about to start the vaginal clock massage when Barb said to wait. She sat up and scooted her butt to the end of the table. She had that big happy grin on her face. I knew what that meant; but today with a different twist. She grabbed the long thin anal probe and asked me if I would use it on her again while I sucked and licked her. She must have read my mind, as I was thinking her clit could certainly use a professional sucking and licking.

After what she did the other day with the toy tongue and anal probe, I think she wanted to compare the differences with a real hot tongue and better suction. She didn't know I saw her playing and cumming. I began, using her same rhythm she seemed to prefer. My tongue didn't wag as fast, but with the added suction and me working the probe, all she had to do was lay back and enjoy the ride. She rode my tongue and probe like she was on a bucking bronco.
Dripping with hot wet slipperiness, she had a violent orgasm. My table was shaking and bouncing up off the floor, I thought it was about to come apart.

My dick was hurting as my swollen log strained against my shorts. I needed some release badly. As Barbara got up off the table, she couldn’t help to notice my cock straining to come out. “Oh, Pete, my friend, what have I done to you?” “Like she didn’t know,” I thought. She reached over and slowly unzipped me. With a sly grin and an adept flick of her fingers, she had unbuttoned the waistband and tugged my pants to release my straining member. With a determined look, she wrapped her petite hand around my shaft and knelt in front of me. She stared for several seconds before she opened her mouth and placed my cock to her lips. Her hot tongue licked my sweet nectar while her hand slowly milked the rest from my shaft.

I wanted her to take more of my throbbing tool. I wanted to explode right then and there. Barb must have sensed my feelings and pulled away. “Not yet, Pete; hold off for a few minutes.” She got up and went over to my lube rack and returned with the Astroglide. She smothered my still dripping and throbbing wand then turned around and leaned over the side of my table. She spread her glistening cheeks to show me that her equally slippery butt. I saw her plan. Her lube cover butt hole was calling my pulsing tool. It wanted me.

She said, "Pete, I've always dreamed of Jim taking me this way; it will never happen so I want you to fuck my puckering asshole! You are much bigger than him, so please go slow.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I squirted more Astroglide on me and her, almost cumming in the process; I paused for several seconds admiring that beautiful smooth round butt before me. Barb still had both hands holding her cheeks waiting for me. I approached her slick and slippery anus. I had never done this to anyone, but heard other guys talking about how tight it felt. I was a virgin when it came to anal fucking.

She was tight for my large tool; I pressed hard and felt the softer part of my massive cockhead enter into the unknown. It seemed to please her to have continually larger probes in her ass. The tip of my rod was twitching between her cheeks as I gradually pressed myself further. I placed my hands on her hips and pushed harder as I firmly pulled her hips to me. I was in about an inch and a half as I withdrew and pulled her ass to me again and drove deeper into her tight butt. I couldn’t believe it; on the third brutal thrust my cock was more than half way in, past the thickest part. Barb was moaning with pleasure with each slow thrust. She took her hands off her butt and reached under to rub her clit as I continued to drive my pole. I was amazed at how easily she stretched for me as I slid slowly into her butt. Each inch was a totally new feeling. Her sphincter was tight around my shaft. The tightness and slipperiness gave my dick no mercy. I held her hips tightly as I gradually thrust myself all the way into her. I felt her hand rubbing her clit as my balls slapped against it. I couldn’t believe she took it all. I stood behind her buried motionless. I could feel my dick throbbing and twitching in her rectum as her hand vibrated against my sac.

I was afraid to move. Gradually her sphincter loosened its grip on my shaft and I began to slowly and deliberately glide in and out. I felt like I would cum on one stroke. I almost made it to 100 strokes before I became semi-conscious from the pleasure. Barbara pushed hard against me and crushed my cock with her sphincter muscles. She was bucking and rubbing; less than three minutes and I blasted a powerful load from my hammering cock. I held on to her hips tightly as I sank deeply into her and pulsed load after load into her ass. As I began to pull out, her tight anal sphincter easily milked me every inch of the way. It felt unbelievably good. I had to continue slowly drilling her until she squeezed every drop. My tool was totally drained into Barb. I was in heaven today. I finally pulled my semi-hard cock from her and as did I pulled quite a load of hot semen with it. Drooling down between her slit and continuing to the floor in one large sticky string.

She straightened up only to catch my hot load dripping now down her legs. As she got up to reach for the cloth, I had used earlier, to wipe herself, she saw my total satisfaction.

She was also totally sated as well, except for one more thing she had to do before calling it a day. She put her arms around me and gave me a huge hug and a kiss. Her hot sweaty nakedness meshing with mine was all she and I needed for the rest of the day. The aroma of multiple orgasms filled my brain. I thought I felt my dick twitch again, but no, it must have been my imagination.
It was a good thing Barb was my last client of the day. I was useless for twenty four hours. I couldn't revive my dick, even if my life depended on it.

Barbara has always been one for surprises, and today was the best. After knowing her for over a decade, I am thrilled to still have her as a good friend and close neighbor. She still amazes me at every session.
Even today, Barb still manages to keep things interesting. She's still married to Jim but sex is no longer an issue. Barb knows how to spell relief; P.E.T.E

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