Barbi Doll and Sugar Daddy

Barbi Doll and Sugar Daddy

I consider my wife Tina my Barbi doll, and she always seems to like the way I dress her up and show her off. Tina's got the trophy wife look. The head of teased blonde hair that turns men's heads, the sparkling blue eyes, hot red lips, a pair of tits that beg to be fondled, buns that make a man say, "I'll follow you anywhere," and the hottest set of legs imaginable. Put that all together in the sexiest outfits a fella can pick out for his woman and mix it with a woman who is a natural, incorrigible flirt who craves the attention men are only too happy to lavish on her, and you have a picture of Tina.

I love dressing her in outfits the expose a lot of waist. I put her in tight low-riding hip huggers that show fully the little thongs she wears. Tina is always balanced on at least 3-inch heels, which give her legs and ass a deliciously muscular look. Bras are not part of her wardrobe. She is a perfect 36 DD at a cost of about $10K per boob and they stand up with no help from a harness. We switch between tight little clingy shirts that hug every curve or loose fitting blouses that open for great views of cleavage down the front.

Before we go out–on the prowl–to see how many men's heads we can turn, I tease Tina's hair, give her a good dousing of perfume, and make sure her lips are glistening with gloss and her eyes are smokin' with shadow.

Tina loves to tease, and I've always encouraged her. I get a big kick out of watching her wrap men around her pinky. She can basically get just about any man to do anything she asks. She loves the power. We have played a game to see how far she can push it. About a month ago, we took it a bit too far.

Joe is a college kid who mows our lawn and does odd jobs around the house. He is a varsity athlete, a tennis player, so he appreciates the extra money of a job that doesn't require set hours. We represent an interesting age span. I am 50 years old, and am definitely middle aged with my body going soft and the years of working a desk job taking a certain toll on my looks. Tina is 30. She is definitely what is known as a trophy wife, given our age difference and that she is my third wife. She no longer looks like the co-ed cheerleader she used to be. But she has matured in the sexiest way with a curvier body and a self confidence that comes with experience. Joe is 20. He has a chiseled body, but a wide-eyed innocence, a bright smile, a certain puppy dog side.

Joe really brought out Tina's flirtatious side. She found every excuse to touch him, little pats, and always seemed to be brushing by him in ways that maximized contact. She would dress extra specially sexy when Joe was coming over to clean our house. Sometimes she would wear a translucent dress that you can see right through and would only have a thong on underneath. Joe's jobs include mopping our floors, and Tina usually found ways to stand over him when he was on his hands and knees, and Tina usually managed to be close by and would choose those days to do the dusting. She would ask Joe to balance her legs when she would stand on a step stool to dust the corners where the walls meet the ceiling.

Since Joe lives in a dorm, we made a deal that he can do his laundry at our place as long as he does our laundry as well. This requires Joe to handle Tina's worn thongs and other clothes. I picked up on the fact that a bit of a game was going on between Joe and Tina with "mix ups" of each other's laundry. And I could tell from examining some of Tina's panties myself in the laundry hamper that she seemed to perfume them especially for him and would leave the nicest ones on the top of the pile on laundry days.

When Joe did outdoor work like gardening or mowing the lawn, Tina would choose those days to sun bathe in her tiniest "get the most sun" string biknis. One day, I asked Joe to wash and wax my car. Tina decided that she would help. Joe was in his usual muscle shirt and cut-offs. Tina wore a little pair of silky jogging shorts stretched tight and fitting her ass snugly. The jogging shorts were set low on her hips and her thong was visible front and back above the shorts. For her top, she chose a thin, old t-shirt cut just below her breasts. Her breasts jiggled freely under the thin little top with every movement.

I watched the action from my easy chair inside the house, looking out the living room window. In no time at all, Tina had managed to get them both soaking wet. She looked the winner of a wet T-shirt contest. Her nipples were clearly visible, poking at the clingy wet material and looking really tasty. Her shorts were also plastered to her skin. She was laughing and teasing Joe, and he seemed to enjoy the attention she was lavishing on him.

I could see that they were touching each other a lot more than the usual occasional brush by. Tina would stretch herself on top of the hood of the car to clean it and Joe would be directly behind her pressed against her cleaning it with one hand, while the other would caress her.

I just sat there. I was jealous at how turned on they both were and that I was left out, but I also had to admit that I was turned on myself, and sat in my chair playing with myself as I watched them getting more and more physical with each other right there in our front drive way as visible to my neighbors as they were to me. Finally I saw that they might just start fucking right there in our driveway in the middle of the afternoon–that's how turned on they were.

I decided to take action. I went out and said, "Look at you two. You're soaking wet. Come in and get into some dry clothes." They looked at little sheepish as they came in. But then I handed them their dry clothes. For Joe, a pair of thin silk pajama bottoms, no top. For Tina, the matching pajama top, no bottom. The top is held together by a single string. I gave them one plush towel to dry each other off and said I would put their wet clothes in the dryer. I left behind a chilled bottle of wine and two wine glasses, already filled. When I came back the two of them were cuddled on the sofa sipping the wine. Tina's free hand was rubbing Joe's chest and his free hand was resting on her thigh. Joe asked me if I wanted a glass of wine too. I said, "No, I'm not really part of this party. I just want to watch."

Joe gave me a last look, and then turned to Tina, tilted her head, and gave her a warm, deep passionate kiss. They spent the next twenty minutes necking. They played with their tongues, and both necks were slick with saliva and hickey marks. Joe's hands were working Tina's breasts, and after a while his hungry mouth found her nipples and he sucked away. Not to be outdone, Tina slid down Joe's body, pulled down the PJ bottoms and revealed a long, hard cock. Tina slurped and sucked, cooing about how big and gorgeous it was. Joe had great control for such a young man. He was really an exceptional lover.

I was amazed that he didn't just come in her mouth, because Tina was really pumping his long, hard cock and she swirled her tongue around his sensitive cock head alternating with some delicious sucking. After much cock sucking, Joe pulled Tina up and began kissing her neck again. After a while a slick wet trail led from her neck to her boobs, which got such a good sucking that they were red and blotchy and glistening with Joe's saliva. He trailed his tongue down her long muscular torso, stopped to play with her belly piercing and then worked his way down over her completely shaved and smooth vulva.

He positioned Tina so I could watch the spectacular job of pussy licking he gave Tina. I never have read or heard much discussion of men's relative tongue sizes as we are so preoccupied with dick length. But I was amazed as the length and power of Joe's tongue. It looked like it swelled and grew like a cock as he worked it up and down Tina's slick slash. He penetrated her pussy with his tongue, working it in and out like a cock until Tina grabbed his head, then squeezed his head with every last remaining ounce of her strength in the vice grip of her magnificent thighs, and came with a shuddering gasp.

But the party was hardly over. It was now Joe's turn for his pleasure. By now, Tina had the energy of a rag doll, but the most beautiful and sexy rag doll ever conceived.

Joe turned Tina prone. He no longer had the strength to support her wait with her hands for a proper "doggy style" fucking, but Joe had enough strength for two. With one arm around her belly he held her up and with his other hand, he balanced on the floor. He penetrated her from behind, and, again, in no hurry whatsoever, exercising amazing control for a 20-year-old guy, he gave Tina a good, old-fashioned fucking, leaving her completely spent and satisfied.

I paid Joe for doing such a good job on the car, he got his things out of the dryer and went on this way with a big smile on his face.

Tina looked at me with a crooked grin. "So what do you get out of this, baby?" she said. I crawled over to her, parted her legs, and buried my face in the wet, steamy mess that Joe had left behind. I inhaled the musky smell and tongued the sour taste until it was almost sweet. Finally I crawled onto her sweaty body, kissing the hickey marks on her breasts. My cock slipped easily into Tina's slippery, stretched out pussy and I came almost instantly.

As I was starting to fall asleep, Tina said, "You know that guest bedroom we have, honey? I think we could have Joe clean and cook for us all the time, if we let him live here."

Nothing like having live-in help around the house. A win-win set up for every body.

Proudly signed,

Willing Wimp

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