Being the tough guy

Being the tough guy

It was such an awesome day… i just got home from work and i was tired and i wanted to get a few drinks with some buddies so i took a shower and got dressed. it was freezing out but i still wanted to go out anyway. so i went to this cafe and the my buddies and i were chillin and there were two waitresses there who was giving me the eye and smiling and gigiling so i went over there to flirt with them. i started to talk to them and they said they were off by 11 so i said i'l wait and i went back to my buddies and told them i was gonna get it all on tonite i was ready.

so at 11, i drove the ladies to a hotel and we got to a one bedroom and i wanted to get it on rite there but they both wanted to take a shower together and i was so turned on by that so while they were showering together i wanted to jerk off so i got on the bed and took off my jeans i jerked off so hard it hurt and i took the sleeve off my leather coat and i smooth it back and forth of my cock it felt awesome to feel the leather on my dick. i heard that they were coming out so i wanted to look like i was the tough guy between the both of them so i flipped up the collar of my shirt and my leather coat so i'll look like one of those tough guys and they were in this lacey outfit that will be off in a second there hair was all scrunched it was turning me on. One of them said: oh, i love a guy in leather, you bad boy and she started to take off her lacey outfit. The other one said: You're dick is gonna be poppin so much just like you popped ur collar." All i said was "come and get it, ladies."

They started stripping and that turned me on so much that i jammed her tongue down my throat and the other started giving me a hickey on my neck the hickey hurted so much but felt soooo good so they started licking my chest and took off my clothes i put back on my coat even if i was naked cuz the one of them said they love a guy in leather so why not right so they satrted licking every where. And I started sucking their tit and then my pants was off and they were both taking turns sucking my cock and it felt delicious. Hearing those moans made me hornier. I moaned so loud myself, that my throat started to hurt. and i just push both of their heads into my cock and they were deep throating my cock so much it hurt. it kept jamming their heads into my cock and it felt so good i kept on screaming my self so they turned around and showed me their tight asses and it was my turn…..

i jammed my 9 inch cock into one hole so hard she moaned so loud…she moaned like "uhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"hhhh" " they kept on saying "rock it now" "rock it now" "rock it now" One of them said it hurt as I drillled my cock into her pussy and I said it'll feel good real soon. I kept on drilling it into her, i felt so good. Her nice, tight ass got me so horny the other one i took the sleeve of my coat and started spanking her hard and her tight ass got so red that it needed more spanking. it felt so good then an hour later the girls switched and i did it again and then i wanted more oral sex so i made one girl do it and i zipped up my coat so she wouldnt get out until i was done and then the other i sucked her tit and pussy… she kept on saying that my flipped up collar tickeld her and i just kept on doing it for a few hours the other girl was in my coat still sucking it then i was tired and they were all drained out so we fell asleep and they fell asleep in my arms looking all cool and the next moring i felt horny so i did it again for few more hours and i kept on jamiing my cock in her hole my cock was like 9 inches… it felt great… ater that they said thank you and left and i was sitting there so satisfied of an awesome nite and all my buddies ask me where i was and all i said was that my leather coat was in the cleaners now cuz its cover with cum and they all thought i was the shit.

the next night i went back to the cafe and i had my fur coat on and they said they were ready for more and at 11 that night we went back to the hotel and i fucked both of them again and my cock got harder and harder every time. They said it felt so comfy as i let them both fuck me in my fur coat as i put my hands behind my head and just enjoyed the ride. The ride was awesome.

And the next night again i had my leather trench coat on and they said they couldnt wait and lets do it now so i went in my car with both of them and i did it again they moaned so loud like "uhhhhhhhhhhhh" that my ears were piercing from their moans. and when i button up my coat and got them both in them one sucking my cock and the other playing with my balls for two hours i just sat there hands behind my head and they kept on doing it and doing it and then i sucked their tits for a few more hours and it was like that i had a different coat on each day cuz cum kept on geting on it and they loved when i had my jacket just on and the rest of me naked it turned them on so much and they wanted more and more. Another day i looked so cool having a cycle jacket on with sunglasses and my dick smoothing on the leather it felt so delicious and just jacking off before helped me get ready for another nice night it was so awesome and looking all cool made them hornier for me each night.

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