Being whipped all night

Being whipped all night

It was one of our high school crew weekend parties. We would chill out at our ususal spot: this club's back room and we would just fuck away. No one bothered us, they knew we were high school jocks just looking to fuck. Anyone who stumbled in the back room would see our varsity jackets on and turn around and leave.

We would drink, smoke, get fucked up, and fuck around. My crew and a couple of hot chicks were all around just smoking and drinking and getting so fuckin high, we couldn't even see each other. A couple of my boys from my crew was fucking around, dancing with a couple of chicks. I had this chick in my arms, her tits were comin out of her shirt as she was fucked out of her mind. She whispered in my ear: "Dave, I wanna suck your cock, now" I was so drunk and fucked up, I just put my finger up her mini skirt and finger fucked her. She moaned and started to stroke my cock. We started to make out as others around me were fucking too. My main crew and their chicks came around and sat on the couch where I was and started to smoke and drink.

My main crew Bryan, Sean, Ant, Scott, Justin and Drew were all high school jocks had these hot college sluts around their arms. Drew was rubbing his hand under slut's skirt. Drew would do anything to have anything around his dick. Bryan, my main man, he's my boy… always having my back.. And Scott, justin and drew were cool… but sean he was like my boy toy. he owes me a hsitload of money from gambeling and i can make him do anything i want. So we all started to fuck around and then my chick fell over and spilled all the beer bottles over. Everyone laughed becuase they were fucking high and my chick was about to get up and get new ones outside but Bryan told me to let Sean do it. He'll do anything he said. I told sean to get it and he said yea sure, real smoothly. Sean is like my bitch, so to speak cuz he owes me money and he always says he's gonna get it but he's bull shit. He came back with the drinks and started eyeing my chick and me and bryan saw that so we wanted to have fun with him. Bryan got up and slammed his drink down and said its shit… he told Sean to get him another one but sean said fuck off. Bryan got angry and told me: dave, your bitch aint listenin to you. Sean said "he aint my bitch" i gave him a look and said wut u said. Bryan said dude, you're whipped by dave, if he told u to suck his cock, you would drop to your knees and suck his cock all night long" Sean said: No, i wouldn't…. i was surprised and asked him: u wouldn't? Sean gave me the eye telling to stop joking around but i felt horny and i wanted to have fun so i told him suck it now. Everyone cracked up. Sean face got red and said :dave, dude come on." I told him to suck my cock now" i really wanted him to suck it have a different side to it. I was serious as i told sean to drop to your knees and suck my cock or we're gonna fuck your ass. he started to tremble as i told bryan and drew to help me out.

They took him by the arm and made him drop down to his knees. All the girls went over to the ohter couch to watch. I unbuttoned my varsity jacket flipped up the collar and unbuckled and unzipped my jeans. My cock was already bulging from my boxers from before from my slut. I revelaed a nine inch dick hard and getting harder. I told sean to suck it and i told him if he bites it or doesnt do a good job, bryan and drew will shove their cocks up his ass. his face got red as he said dude come one. I told him: dude you owe me. his face was two inches away from my cock and he didnt do anything. I slapped him with my dick as bryan and drew cracked up in the bakc and started to unbuckle their jeans. I saw the bulge of the bulge under drew's zipped leather jacket. I took sean's mouth and froced it open and placed my cock in his warm brathed mouth. I grabbed his neck and forced mouth to deep throat my cock. he yelped and i fucked his mouth and went back and forth with it hard. I started to precum and it was dribbling from the corner of his mouth and i took his flipped up collar on his leather jacket and wiped it. I took his head and fuked his mouth again and my eyes rolled back as his tongue was smoothing up and down my cock. I took my cock out and made him look up at me and asked him about the money and he said he didnt have it so i said well, then you're gonna pay up now.

As i got up and bryan held him against the couch. My cock was hangng out of my jeans hard and about 14 inches now. I took sean's leather jacket of him and i then took off his jeans. he was lying face down on the edge of the couch and his ass was facing me as i took the sleeve of the jacket and whipped him hard. The leather sleeve made the spanking noise as he yelped loudly. I told him to shut up but he kept on yelling more. So i took the leather sleeve wiped my cock with it after jacking off with it hard. I love the feeling of warm leather covering my dick while i was jacking off. so i took the jacket which was covered with cum and shoved the sleeve in his mouth as the jacket was hanging out of his mouth. I then told him the fun just began as I spread his butt cheek and shoved my cock in it hard. I slid my 14 inch cock in his small ass hole and he yelped in pain. bryan stepped on his balls to shut him up as I fucked him hard. then bryan unbutton his varsity jacket and fucked his hole hard. Then drew unzipped his leather jacket and fucked his ass hard. He moaned as his dick slid in and out of his dick. He then made sean suck his cock as he zippered his head in his jacket so sean had no way out of his jacket and had to suck it for a long time. By the time he was done, all of us fucked him two times. all the girls on the other side was fucking each other because they were so turned on.

I went over to sean and said: had fun. he looked at me and told me to fuck off . I punched him and squeezed his balls and cock. I then told one of the girls to come over and fuck him and suck his cock to make him feel better. I then went over to my girl who looked exhausted after fucking with the other girl and i pulled her over to the next couch. I told her you ready. Im ready, are you? she said. I flipped up the collar of my varsity jacket and i jammed my cock into her cunt. I looked over at sean and i saw his eyes rollled back and moaning as his slut was under his cum-covered leather jacket sucking his cock. I told you: I have my boys back always, no matter what!!!

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